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The Shadowwood Resort (RP thread) Rated-R

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    SU Thread: Here
    Discussion: Is on my discord, ask if you need a link.

    About the Rating:
    This RP is Rated-R; to accommodated violence/gore, victimization, drug/alcohol use (or paranormal parallels of such), and cursing (both verbal and magical). As usual, if your chars are going to get jiggy, fade to black.

    1. Follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
    2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players. I don't care if it's here or on discord, just don't do it, be mature.
    3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission, unless they've literally disappeared.
    - If you fight another player, you do not get to decide if you hit them. But I'm not really expecting player vs player violence in this.
    4. Your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent. Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't, teleport, or otherwise god-mode.
    5. Put your name and location (if known) at the top of your post. Inventory is not required for this RP.
    6. For those of you with attendants, familiars, and pets, make it very clear WHO is doing WHAT. It's also helpful to name them as well at the top of your post.
    7. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules, okay? <3

    1) VampirateMace ~ (Titus, Energy Vampire, Activities Director)
    2) Schade ~ (Ghorgos, Necromancer, Bellhop)
    3) Vern ~ (Ann, Specter, Secretary)
    4) GoldenHouou ~ (Vivi, Skinwalker, Security Guard)
    5) Sketchie *RESERVED*

    Additional Staff:
    1) Grandfather/Godfather (Warlock, Owner)
    2) Valerie (Faerie, Desk Clerk/Receptionist)
    3) Juan (Poltergeist, Cook)
    4) Carol (Witch, Spa Gift Shop Cashier)
    5) Dustin (Werewolf, Masseuse)
    6) Gunther (Ghoul, Tow Truck Driver)

    Current Guests
    1) Third Floor - Family: mom, dad, son (Billy)
    2) Third Floor - Family: mom, dad, son, daughter, son

    3) Fourth Floor - Businessmen: man, man
    4) Fourth Floor - empty

    5) Fifth Floor - young couple: man, woman
    6) Fifth Floor - empty

    7) Campground - Teens: boy, boy, girl, girl, dog
    8) Campground - empty
    9) Campground - empty

    10) Honeymoon Cabin - empty

    Let's get this party started. . .

    Early Morning
    (Second Floor > Third Floor > First Floor, Lobby > Restaurant Entrance) Main House

    A chime filled the room, repetitive and high pitched, and annoying. Titus groaned, then sat up and tapped off the alarm. He staggered around the room, gathering some fresh clothes and his work vest. He glanced in the mirror as he dressed, the faint shadows under his eyes were still present even when he'd managed to sleep just fine. It was probably the thing he liked least about his appearance, considering he only looked to be in his early thirties and had a full head of hair without any grey.

    Yawning he fussed his super curly hair, then bushed his teeth. He looked over his reflection again straightening his vest; looking your best is an important part of making a good impression. He topped everything off with a few spritzes of cologne, then grabbed his clipboard and megaphone as he left the room.
    He headed for the stairs, making his way up to the third floor. He was ready for breakfast, and luckily there were some exhausted parents with young kids waking them up early. It wasn't exactly disappointment since they knew it would happen, but irritation was almost as satisfying. It also wasn't as satisfying as being in the same room as his victim, but he could hear the conversations through the walls, and sense the ambient emotion. Kids were insisting it was time to get up and parents were telling them to go back to bed or just play quietly. He leaned up against a wall and listened with a smirk as Billy roared like a dinosaur and his dad told him repeatedly that he was not playing quietly.

    After a couple minutes, Titus turned and headed back downstairs, passing the second floor and making his way down to the lobby. No one was down here yet, except the receptionist, but there would be guests coming downstairs soon enough. He flipped through the sheets on his clipboard. The canoe race scheduled for this morning had just a few names on it, but he could probably boost that number before it started raining. That wasn't in the weather reports. Titus had just talked one of the water spirits in the lake into it, and it had only cost a couple of raw steaks. Then there was trivia in the afternoon. He wouldn't even need to interfere with that to cause disappointment. And finally there was a wine tasting that evening. There were a lot of ways that could go wrong, if he was still peckish.

    He let the pages fall back and continued walking, making his way over to the entrance of the resort's bar and restaurant (which took up the portions of the first floor not occupied by the lobby and offices). He could hear Juan clanking around inside, setting up a breakfast buffet for the guests. That of course made it the perfect position from which to get more signatures on the race form. Most guests would be coming through here, for coffee if nothing else. Plus, he had a good view of the lobby and front door, so even if they didn't come this way, he could spot them and go to them.

    The front door creaked open and a couple of tired looking teenage girls wandered in. He recognized them as a couple of the campers that were staying by the lake. He turned on the artificial cheer as they headed his way, “Morning ladies! Are you guys excited about the race?”

    “Huugh, morning,” grumbled one grumpily, while the other replied, “Oh. . . hey. . . yeah, the boys both think they're going to win.” Then she scoffed, “heh, yet neither of them could be bothered to get their own coffee.”

    Titus smiled, it was a nice mix of emotions, “Oh well, I'm sure they appreciate it!”
  2. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou aberrant

    Viviana "Vivi" Hayes
    Second Floor > Restaurant Entrance

    Light poured past half-closed curtains, illuminating the sleeping form of a brunette girl.

    Vivi let out a toothy yawn, stretched her arms as far up as they would go - and then pulled the covers over her head and rolled onto her side. Nope. She was not getting up yet. She’d just been about to catch a big juicy prey in her dream, and was intent on going back to finish the job.

    Unfortunately for her, it was not meant to be. She’d barely managed a few more minutes of shut eye when the distant shouts of human brats rattled her back awake. Someone was jumping up and down in the room directly above her, and judging by the loud stomping noises that followed, the kid’s father was trying to catch them in vain. Vivi narrowed her eyes up at the ceiling, then glanced at the clock. Damn... it wasn’t quite early enough to get the kids in any serious trouble for the noise. She’d have to have a word with Grandfather, to see if the quiet hours could be extended a little - preferably without any sort of notice, so she’d be more likely to get her next meal.

    Either way, there was no going back to sleep now. Defeated, Vivi slid off her bed and made for the bathroom.

    She hated being awake this early. Mornings were always so... uneventful. Most guests were either still asleep or just stirring, which meant they were unlikely to get into trouble. And while Vivi found genuine enjoyment from interacting with her fellow monsters, there was nothing to be gained from interacting with humans. It was like talking to a dead fish, right before you ate it. Why bother?

    Once her morning routine was done and she was dressed for the day, Vivi spun around in front of the mirror. Her long braided ponytail swirled with her, and the hem of her frilly dress fluttered with the motion. She combed a few loose strands to the side to ensure her right eye wasn’t covered by her bangs, then flashed a smile. There! All cute.

    As she made her way downstairs, Vivi tried to recall their current guests. There were two families occupying the fourth floor, and a couple of businessmen above them. Then there was the couple, and a bunch of teens camping outside. Of those, she found the latter the most intriguing. The businessmen were unlikely to break any rules, and the young couple.... well, it depended on what they were like. She’d need to meet them to be sure. But from what she knew of teens, they were magnets for trouble - especially when in a group and if given a little push. Vivi giggled. She’d eat well tonight.

    For now, she should probably go have a word with Valerie. She would probably know more about the guests - and, well, they were good friends; she didn’t exactly need a reason to go talk to a friend, right?

    Speaking of, had Ann woken yet? Did specters even sleep? Hmm...

    Before Vivi had reached the receptionist’s desk, she spotted Titus conversing with two of the teenage girls. She stopped in her tracks, peeking curiously in their direction. The girls looked tired. Did they stay up late? Tut tut, they better not have been wandering around the premises, some areas were closed off at night - for a reason. Bad things happened to people in the dead of the night, after all.

    “Morning girls!” She chirped upon approach, giving a little wave, “Any plans for the day? I heard you’re joining the canoe race! Titus here has been talking my ear off about it, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time.”

    Vivi stopped next to Titus, nodding towards him as she mentioned his name. Though she couldn’t be sure, she had an inkling that he had quite a disappointment in store for the event - so she figured she’d contribute to the hype a little. The higher the spirits, the bigger the fall, after all.
  3. Schade

    Schade Ya Steel-Clad Boi

    Lord Ghorgos
    Staff quarters -> Resort entrance

    His alarm rang. He should be used to this by now, but an alarm is an alarm. in his half-asleep daze, he sighed, forcing his body to rise up from the comfortable embrace of the supernatural amount of blankets he had on his bed. Actually managing to not knock his phone down form the bedstand this time, he swiftly muted the alarm, before slumping back down on the bed. Having turned on the bedstand lamp, he sighed yet again. He hated having to wake up early, regardless of his otherwordly responsibilities, waking up at 5 am was still waking up at 5 am. Letting out yet another sigh, effective enough to wake the corpse in the corner, he stood up and clumsily put on his bellhop uniform. Yet another day of guiding people to their further destinations at the front desk, as well as carrying their luggage... "Uuuhhghghgnnghjadvsdhj", said th corpse in the corner. "Relax, Cassie, get a hold of yourself already." Ghorgos said as he somehow managed to cobine a loud yawn into putting o his uniform.

    "No worries, im ready." Cassie said, as the ghost appeared, giving Ghorgos a Thumbs up before inhabiting the crumbling corpse in the corner. The corpse in question, which used to be Ghorgos' best friend, Caspar, rose up in a dramatic way looking like that vampire form the famous movie raising from his tomb. It qas equally funny and sad, as Ghorgos hated forcing his best friend around.

    "So what's on today's agenda?" Said cursed best friend ghost said as the corpse was standing, looking as prestine as it did in real life... ish. Yawning loudly, Ghorgos looked over his schedule. as always, it was about helping people get their luggage in at the right time, something about a banquet, and then a text from his dad remembering him to do his laundry. Regardless, Ghorgos knew his position and his job. While he was very much unmotivated to do literally anything, he knew his crew were awaiting his arisal.

    Getting his jush in order, Ghorgos managed to get out of his quartes, making his way towards the main entrance. Casshie was still with him, in spectral form, while his own body was lagging behind, looking as if he'd stubbed his toe on something. He noticed a lot of the current guests having fun at the "All you can eat" breakfast bouffèt. The sight of the irrationally wide variety of foods were enough to get him quiver in disgust. The guests might appreaicte the food, but he who worked there knew better. Lucky for him he was ont that "You work here so you don't get a say in this" diet. Decent enough ofa breakfast, he managed to gulp it all down relatively quickly, allowing him to get into position well before his shift started.

    He knew there were an abundance of guests at the resort already; A couple businessmen, some teenage girls camping out in the woods, because that always worked out well in every movie ever made, as well as a few others. Regardless, Ghorgos' work placed him out in front, hanging aroud by the resorts entrance, welcoming newcomers. It wasn't always very exciting standing outside, waiting for people to come up to the resort, as the resort itself was very secluded, leaving very few people to entering it on the daily, if any at all.

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