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The Shape of Family: Poipole's Feelings! (1027)

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
Oh thanks for the info.
Cheers. This episode just had more than what we expected and it wasn't just limited to art. It was nice to see Team Skull draw their own Pokémon and it was funny to see Tupp's amazingly bad drawing of his Salandit.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
I think I saw Magmar photobombing guy in Mina Picture
Hiker David? He might be the one you are referring to. I also like the Primarina painting too and Popplio and Lana took an interest to it. That could foreshadow Popplio's evolution.


Evolve me please
Yeah and because of the Jigglypuff episode I think they are going to make an episode about it soon

Deleted member 384931

I watched the episode and indeed many things are gonna happen like Poipole evolve and returning to its world. I think he will be released.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
But then I believe there was more focus on the Poipole/Naganadel foreshadowing due to Poipole being the focus of this episode. So I believe there will be more things happening to Poipole.


Call me Robert guys
So Popplio really seemed to like the pic of Primarina. Idk if it was forshadowing or they are trying to pull a Kibago in BW again but it seemed promising.

Also can we please talk about how badass Rowlet looked in the battle with Torracat?? Seriously the little guy is a beast and we need to see him battle again soon <3!!!

Also this episode actually made me like Poipole for the first time, especially now that he is battling for once.


Life doesn’t end, …it changes.
Poipole's drawings are so detailed. It's quite the artist!!

We don't know why it's sad (maybe due to it's evolution being dead?) or it missing it's Poipole species over there but it's dream was super scary. What a nightmare!

I laughed at the parts where Team Skull were drawing their Pokémon partners and how ridiculous they drew them! :p They just had to get pissy about it! Congrats on Poipole winning it's first battle and Ash commanding it! Training looked like so much fun that Poipole had to get a piece of that action! Another part I liked during the episode was everyone recalling Ash, Kukui, Burnet, and the rest as Ash's Alola family! As well as the past events being drawn out by Mina that reflected emotionally in some way. That was really sweet. Ash and Poipole hugging teared me up, it was satisfying to see Ash comfort one of his Pokémon. Poipole is so endearing, we must protect it!

Satisfying episode, Mina had a great role here. She helped hint at future events to come.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
Also can we please talk about how badass Rowlet looked in the battle with Torracat?? Seriously the little guy is a beast and we need to see him battle again soon <3!!!
Well it definitely looked like they're on the same level. Surprised at how Rowlet can take this but things are definitely looking great for it!


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"If you feel lost, and on your own,
and far from home, you're never alone you know,
Just think of your friends, the ones who care,
They all will be waiting there,
With love to share,
and your heart will lead you home..."

I didn't exactly have high hopes for this episode, but it pleasantly surprised me. A fair bit of substance in this one little slice of life episode.

The training sequence at the start was pretty cool, all the Pokemon taking part (Rowlet also getting his character check, managing to hold ground against Torracat, a type weakness). Also Ash finally seeing Poipole battling and taking interest....before realising he's assaulting Lycanroc. :p

Mina appears, seems to have a likeable mellow personality. Her and Ribbombee didn't exceptionally stick out, also no sign of Fairium Z, though I'm guessing this won't be her last appearance.

Poipole's background looked into slightly, and Ash having to comfort his unhappy Pokemon. I like this recurring factor of Ash actually having to know his Pokemon on a rather depthful level, their past and inner thoughts, as we last seen with Ash acknowledging Rowlet's Pikipek family. He knows they are people with feelings and backgrounds. I also love the recurring emphasis on Pokemon teams and homes being like adoptive families.

Team Skull make their token appearance, pretty funny. I also liked their Pokemon showing signs of personality and getting in on the silly antics like TR's. Liked Poipole being commanded by Ash, as expected it was a barebones curb stomp, but I'll be fair, it wasn't an interruption or climax, just a quick bit of padding within the main development. Hopefully it's a sign of upgrades and he won't get stuck in the same limbo like Steenee and Popplio did. Now Ash is keen on Poipole battling, I hope he'll consider it for more key battles like the trials.

And we end with a foreshadowing to the upcoming big arc.

Not bad at all, Poipole is definitely more than the new Togepi/Nebby, getting a more fully fledged personality and background and hopefully, from this point on, more involvement.
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Dawn & Chloe by ddangbi
Poipole is a good artist, and it's very passionate about art seeing from its reactions to Mina's painting.

It would be cool if Mina can show us her battling capabilities, but I guess they wanted to focus more on Poipole for being its episode.

It seems that some Pokemon like Salandit being depressed by Tupp bad drawing. I usually praise people's creativty/ability regardless of their skill levels and I thought that Team Skull art mocking was mean. Then again, they were bullies in the 1st place.

I see that Poipole got bad memories about its world and Naganadel. They probably put more depth about these in the future episodes.

It's been a while we saw Ash's train each other, and I'm glad Poipole got to fight outside of its playful habits.

Ok episode. I thought the art stuffs were dragging a bit.


Auto-Memories Doll
Poipole's memory of its own world with the Naganadel and all the other Poipole was the most intriguing part of the episode without doubt, something that fills the episode with intrigue and leaves viewers wonder what originally did happen to Poipole and what was its true backstory. I still wonder what really happened there and whether Ultra Necrozma really had something to do with it TBH. Poipole did draw Ultra Necrozma's picture by its own way at the end, but was it really because of Ultra Necrozma that Poipole suffered and got lost from its original homeland or rather just because it knows Ultra Necrozma someway and has some other connection to it? I'm not really sure TBH.

Poipole's interactions with Mina in the painting/artistic aspects looked cute.....it just was that both loved to paint, that's why they did interact with each other so much here. Team Skull.....meh they were legitimately punching bags/fodder and annoying as always and the skirmish with them was also really cheap, but I'm glad that Poipole finally got to battle and use a move.

Overall, a good but not spectacular episode. 7/10.


Lover of underrated characters
So just like with Acerola, we don't see Mina's specialist crystal. Somebody else getting Fairy's crystal then? Acerola at least has a chance of showing off Ghost's still, since we're likely seeing her again soon. Can't wait

Popplio appears to want to evolve, which is great. At least she's likely going to evolve once, and not at all unlike most Pokemon who wanted to evolve. Looking at you Totodile and Axew.

Team Skull's Pokemon

Which is not a really impressive win, it's Team Skull...
Hopefully they let Poipole get in a big battle soon so we can see his true strength


Saiyan Jedi
Its nice that Poipole finally got to battle, I guess I can stop calling Nebby 2.0 since it actually got to do something, I won't go into any further detail on that.

I noticed that some people predict that the Naganadel that's its leader will die fighting Ultra Necrozma resulting in Poipole evolving and taking its place, personally I hope that's not the case.

Granted I applaud the Alola arc for dealing with the subject of death, and not bringing those that died back from the dead, but honestly I'd rather have Poipole/Naganadel stay as a permanent member I'd rather not have another Ash-Greninja scenario where the writer's get rid of it to prevent Ash from being too powerful even though he always leaves his Pokemon behind (besides Pikarat, I mean Pikachu) everytime he goes to a new region


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I do love the design of Poipole's home. It's super cool to see it since we never get to see where the USUM Ultra Beasts actually live (not counting the Megaopolis itself, of course, since that's not actually stated to be where you can find Poipole, it's just on the same planet).

The wasp nest design is so fitting given it's a weird alien dragon wasp hybrid thing. Hopefully once Necrozma's defeated, we get to see it in color.


Careful? Where's the fun in that?
Pretty touching episode, if not at least important to plot progression. Poipole's world sure looks darn depressing, family or no family, that's not exactly something I'd like to return to. Wonder if Ultra Necrozma's redeeming arc is returning light to that world to give Poipole/Naganadel a happy send off? As for Fury Attack... not at all exciting, but grants Poipole access to Normalium Z if Ash so ever chooses to use the poor thing in an actual battle.

PS. What the heck is the point of Lycanroc knowing Rock Throw and Stone Edge? Even if the attack animations are vastly different, both are still long range moves that send rocks at the opponent. Great job writers/animators, you have a redundancy fetish

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
I would have expected Poipole to learn a Poison-type move but Fury Attack is a good start. It also seems Poipole is starting to take an interest in battles so that could also foreshadow something.