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The Share Your Buddies Thread

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JX Valentine

Self explanatory, folks! Who's your buddy now? Show off your screenshots, your trainers, your Pokémon, and your questionably excellent choices in nicknames here!

To start things off, my own profile, complete with my starter and buddy:


(I ... I named it Aqua in honor of my very first Squirtle. Honestly.)
Fun idea! I don't have a particularly strong connection to Seel - it's just been one of the hardest Pokémon for me to find (even by the ocean.) :p

It's a cutie, though, and I've always liked the one at the Cerulean Gym in the anime. Looking forward to mine evolving like that one too! (As long as it doesn't require me participating in an underwater ballet...)



Metroid Hunter
here is my buddy :3 I choose gloom because I personally loved grass types and fire types equally for a long time before fairy types came out which made grass second favorite following fire types. I really love vileplume which I need one she got nice ivs for gym battles so I need to get her ready to fight to defend team valor's gym honor :3 I named her Valarie because I just found it fitting for a vileplume name ^_^

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Really and truly

I've mostly been walking with my starter Pokemon, Firestarter the Charmander (I don't usually name Pokemon after Stephen King books I haven't read, but hey), though Slingshot also deserves many walks - she's been one of my strongest for awhile despite her poor IVs. <3



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My buddy is PikaBAM! I've met way too many Pikachu that ran away.. I need the candy, and the easter egg with it sitting on my shoulder is quite cute.

I don't know how to do screenshots of my phone. But I use the same screenname as I do on here, am part of Team Valor, and am 20% into Level 22, sitting on enough Pidgey/Weedle-candy to make it to Level 23..

Here's me and my Squirtle Shellshock. Soon enough he will be a Blastoise.

Nice! I assume you have a team consisting of only Water-type pokémon?

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
Nice! I assume you have a team consisting of only Water-type pokémon?

Thanks! My team is actually mixed when it comes to types. I really like Water-type Pokemon, though! My strongest Pokemon right now is my Snorlax. Blastoise is a must get for me no matter what lol. Blastoise is my favorite Pokemon.
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