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The Shiny Emporium

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by noahdaboa, Jul 29, 2011.


Do you think the trade template is a good idea?

Poll closed Aug 5, 2011.
  1. No, its a waste of time

    2 vote(s)
  2. Yes, its pretty helpful

    11 vote(s)
  3. It doesn't really effect me

    3 vote(s)
  1. noahdaboa

    noahdaboa Banned

    Welcome to The Shiny Emporium!
    This shop is Co-owned by Noahdaboa and Hokoku
    Check out our brother trade shop: Black Haxorus Trade Shop
    1.) Normal SPPF rules apply
    2.) We will not accept Hacks, however cloning is fine
    3.) If we trade you a hack, give us proof and we will trade back
    4.) We are looking for fair trades only (no means no, but we can be flexible)
    5.) Please be patient with us
    6.) Do not hold long conversations on the thread, post your offer and if you have questions PM
    me or Hokoku
    7.) We do not except pokemon that are trained or nicknamed unless they are ev trained (we have trained and nicknamed pokemon and they are noted)
    8.) When offering copy and paste the trade template below

    Trade Template:
    [B]Pokemon you want:[/B]
    [B]Pokemon you're offering (include level and nature):[/B]
    [B]Your Friend code (if not in your sig):[/B]
    [B]Additional comments:[/B]

    Trade Code:
    - UT = Untouched
    - BT = Barely Touched (still hasnt gained a level)
    - T = Touched
    - NN'D = Nicknamed
    - JAP = Japanese name

    Trade Ratio:
    - Shiny for a Shiny / Event
    - Shiny Legendaries For 2 Shinys / 1 Shiny Legendary / 1 EV trained Shiny
    - 2-3 of our Legendaries For 1 Shiny / Event
    - 1 Event For 1 Shiny / 1 Event
    - 1 of our Shiny Events for 2 shinies / 2 events / 1 flawless fhiny/ 1 shiny event

    Strike System
    3 strikes = 1 week ban
    You get 1 strike each time you:
    - PM me your offer without posting it on the thread first
    - Don't use the template

    Note: Pokemon with a * next to them means they need to be cloned (so trade may take a little longer)

    Our Offers

    Sandslash: (Relaxed, Lv 41) - BT
    Nidoqueen: (Sassy, Lv 100) - T
    Nidoking: (Naughty, Lv 100) - T
    *Tentacool (Lax, 35) UT
    Rapidash: (Quirky, Lv 49) - UT
    * Dragonite: NN'D "DRAGONKING" - T

    Cyndaquil: (Mild, Lv 1) - UT
    *Gligar: (Modest, Lv 1) - UT
    *Steelix: (Serious, Lv 100) - T
    Espeon: (Calm, Lv 100) - T

    Mudkip (Careful, Lv 1) - UT
    Beldum: (Gentle, Lv 1) - UT
    Bagon: (Naughty, Lv.1) - UT
    Absol: (Adamant, Lv 10)
    *Blaziken (Hardy, Lv 46) - T

    *Gible: (Jolly, Lv 1) - UT
    *Flawless Croagunk (Jolly, Lv 1) w/Fakout/dynamic punch/bullet punch/cross chop - UT
    Shinx: (Lax, Lv 4) NN'D "Geldio" - UT
    *Staravia: (Naughty, Lv 16) - UT
    *Floatzel: (Adamant, Lv 28) JAP - BT
    Lucario: (Modest, Lv 31) - T
    Flawless Infernape (Naughty, lv 100) NN'D "shofu" - T

    *Flawless Rufflet (Jolly, lv 1) - UT
    *Zorua: (Modest, Lv 1) - UT
    *Pidove: (Rash, Lv 12) - UT
    Cinccino: (Modest, Lv 23) - UT
    Haxorus: (Relaxed, Lv 100) - T
    Zoruark: (Hardy, Lv 100) - T

    *Gliscor: (Impish, Lv 100) - T
    Reuniclus: (Bold, Lv 100) JAP - T
    * "zen mode" Darmanitan (Adamant, Lv 100), 255 EV's in attack and speed - T
    *Volcarona (Timid, Lv 100), 255 EV's in special attack and speed - T
    *Nidoking (Timid, Lv 100) - 255 EV's in special attack and speed

    Latias: (Calm, lv 35) - BT
    Moltres: (Timid, lv 60) JAP - UT
    Kyurem: (Relaxed, lv 75) - UT
    Lugia: (Quiet, Lv 98) JAP - T
    Latios: (Relaxed, lv 98) JAP - T
    *FlawlessMewtwo: (Modest, Lv 100) - T
    Flawless Cobalion: (Modest, Lv 100) - T
    *Groudon: T
    *Kyogre: T
    *Dialga : T
    *Cresellia: T
    *Darkrai: T
    *Regigigas: UT
    *Terrakion: UT
    *Landorus: UT

    *Movie 11 Golurk: (Brave, Lv 70) JAP - UT
    *Movie 11 Hydreigon: (Modest, Lv 70) JAP - UT
    Sinjoh Ruins Giratina: (Timid, Lv 1) JAP - UT
    Sinjoh Ruins Palkia: (Lax, Lv 1) - UT
    Ageto Celebi: (Lax, Lv 10) JAP - UT
    *Faraway Island Mew: (Bold, Lv 43) - T

    *Movie 11 Zekrom (Adamant, Lv 100) JAP - UT
    *Movie 11 Reshiram (Modest, Lv 100) JAP - UT
    *Tru Arceus: (Calm Lv, 100) - UT
    Alamos Darkrai: (Timid, Lv 50) - UT
    *Sinnoh Event Manaphy: (Mild Lv 36) - T
    *WIN2011 Celebi - Used: (Relaxed, Lv 50) JAP - UT
    *Event Zorua: (Adamant, Lv 10) - UT
    *Event Zoroark: (Hasty, Lv 25) - UT
    *MYSTRY Mew: (Rash, Lv 10) - BT
    FAL2010 Mew: (Lax, Lv 5) - UT
    WISHMKR Jirachi: (Rash, Lv 5) - BT
    *SMR2010 Jirachi - Knows Draco Meteor: (Lax, Lv 5) - UT
    *PKTOPIA Magmorter: (Modest, Lv 50) - UT
    *PKTOPIA Electravire: (Adamant, Lv 100) - T
    *Sinjoh Ruins Dialga: (Serious, Lv 1) JAP - UT
    *Liberty Pass Victini: (Mild, Lv 100) - T
    Movie 11 Victini: (Adamant, Lv 50) JAP - UT
    *Gamestop Suicune - Unused: (Relaxed, Lv 30) - UT
    *Crown Suicune - Unused: (Relaxed, Lv 30) JAP - UT
    *Crown Entei - Unused: (Adamant, Lv 30) JAP - UT
    *Crown Raikou - Unused: (Adamant, Lv 30) JAP - UT
    *ANA Pikachu - (Naive, Lv 50) JAP - UT
    Ash's Pikachu - (Naughty, Lv 50) - UT
    *SPR2010 Pichu: (Jolly, Lv 36) - T
    *10th Anniversery Ho-Oh: (Calm, Lv 70) - UT
    *10th Anniversery Celebi - Unused: (Relaxed, Lv 50) - UT
    *Space-C Deoxys: (Rash, Lv 75) - T
    *Japanese Event Deoxys: (Naïve, Lv 100) - T
    *Japanese Event Deoxys: (Sassy, Lv 30) - BT
    Japanese Event Jirachi: (Modest, Lv 5) - UT
    *Japanese Event Regigigas: (Gentle, Lv 100) - UT
    *Fateful Encounter Shaymin: (Quiet, Lv 100) - T
    *Wi-Fi Gift Porygon-Z: (Bold, Lv 100) - UT
    *WORLD08 Lucario: (Adamant, Lv 100) - T
    *WORLD10 Crobat: (Timid, Lv 30) - UT
    *PokeSmash!! Cubchoo: (Bold, Lv 15) - UT
    Birthday Charmander: (Naughty, Lv 40) - UT
    We have em' all :D
    Virizion: (Hasty, Lv 42) - UT
    Cobalion: (Naive, Lv 42) - UT
    Terrakion: (Lax, Lv 42) - UT
    Thundurus: (Modest, Lv 40) - UT
    Tornadus: (Calm, Lv 40) - BT
    Zekrom: (Lonely, Lv 51) - T
    Kyurem: (Quiet, Lv 75) - UT

    (Will soon add more levels, natures, etc.)
    Our Wants
    Shiny UT pokemon we don't have
    Any Event pokemon we don't have
    Flawless Shiny Pokemon
    Shiny EV trained pokemon
    Do not offer us pokemon we already have unless it would be replacing a touched, Japanese named, or nicknamed pokemon, or they have better natures
    All must be male unless said otherwise

    Shiny Rhyperior w/ adamant nature
    Shiny Electrivire w/ adamant nature
    Shiny Salamence w/ adamant or jolly natures
    Shiny Tyrannitar w/ adamant nature
    Shiny Scizor w/ adamant nature, technician ability
    Shiny Machamp w/ adamant nature
    Shiny Krookodile w/adamant or jolly natures
    Shiny Bisharp w/ adamant nature
    Shiny Gigalith w/ adamant nature
    Shiny Arcanine w/ adamant nature, intimidate ability
    Shiny Excadrill w/ adamant nature or jolly natures, sand force ability
    Shiny Luxray w/ rash or adamant natures
    Shiny Hippowdon w/ impish or careful natures
    We have masterballs and power items!

    We do clone - It could take from 10-30 minutes for your clone to be ready after it is given to us.
    Our price is one copy of the clone.
    If you would like to organize for your pokes to be cloned contact Hokuko (click on the name for link)

    Additional Notes
    -We are new to the trade shop business so helpful criticism is appreciated
    -If I haven't responded to you in atleast one day you may pm me
    -I am busy on the weekends but I will try to respond to you
    -I will agree to your offer on the thread and will pm you when im ready for the trade
    -If you have any questions or concerns PM me or Hokoku (this doesn't mean pm us your offers)
    -This is my current time!!!!! Please take notice!!!
    -Credit to Mew_ for the banner and userbars
    Thanks For Checking out our shop!

    Shop Status: OPEN
    Pending Trades
    Name: Their pokemon --> Our pokemon

    2000b2: shiny golbat, shiny raticate --> Shiny movie 11 Golurk
    Kevin315: shiny male combee --> alamos darkrai
    climb: shiny electrike --> alamos darkrai
    shiel: shiny diglett --> shiny absol
    PokeTrainerJay GAMESTP Deoxys --> japanese event jirachi
    UltimateVictini --> shiny patrat, shiny jellicent, beartric, arceus --> 2 movie 11 victini, movie 11 zekrom, movie 11 reshiram
    Satisfied Customers
    Strikes - 3 and your banned from the shop
    Kark - 1 strike for not using the trade template
    Voncasey223 - 1 strike for not using the trade template
    Sevrah - 2 strikes for PMing me before posting on the thread and not using the trade template
    benlo7 - 1 for not using the trade template
    Grim Magma - 1 strike for PMing me before posting on the thread
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2011
  2. Hokoku

    Hokoku VM For Cloneing

  3. TM0verlord

    TM0verlord PSN ID is on sig

    Hey there, I'm interested in your Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Giratina, Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Palkia and Sinjoh Ruins Dialga. In return I'll trade you an EV Trained Flawless Shiny Cobalion, an EV trained Flawless Shiny DW Gliscor, and a Flawless Movie 11 Victini with V-Create,
  4. Tavo_Zx

    Tavo_Zx The Iron Man

    Hey are you interested in a UT shiny adamant riolu, and if you are would you please trade it for the event manaphy?
  5. noahdaboa

    noahdaboa Banned

    Sounds good your pokemon will be ready soon i will pm you when they are
  6. noahdaboa

    noahdaboa Banned

    Sounds good! i'll pm you when im ready
  7. Kansas_Rocks!

    Kansas_Rocks! Awesomeness Trainer

    I am also interested in the shiny sinjoh ruins giratina and palkia. I can offer a flawless shiny EVed reuniclus, shiny EVed Mewtwo, and a shiny near flawless UT Timid thundurus with HP Ice
  8. Tavo_Zx

    Tavo_Zx The Iron Man

    OK thakns!
  9. noahdaboa

    noahdaboa Banned

    I will take the reuniclus and mewtwo
    Im trading, ill right now pm you when im ready
  10. Kansas_Rocks!

    Kansas_Rocks! Awesomeness Trainer

    Awesome! Thanks! It might have to be delayed, though. My sister is using the ds.
  11. Tavo_Zx

    Tavo_Zx The Iron Man

    thanks for the trade :p
  12. KuroiMawile

    KuroiMawile Well-Known Member

    I have a FAL2010 mew, BT along with used GameStop Raikou and WIN2011 Celebii. You have a japanese ones, so I'm not sure if the Raikou or Celebii would mean anything.
    Anyway the Mew for the Beldum you have. [what level and nature is the Beldum?]
  13. noahdaboa

    noahdaboa Banned

    Its lvl 1 i dont know the nature off hand. But i'll find out and pm you the details
  14. Tarro57

    Tarro57 RNGer, haters hate.

    I'm interested in you're UT Shiny Cyndaquil. I will trade you a Lv. 4 Shiny Shinx (Geldio) Lax Natured (Bad?).
  15. noahdaboa

    noahdaboa Banned

    Sounds good
  16. 2000b2

    2000b2 basketball star

    hey how many shinies you want for the shiny movie golurk
  17. noahdaboa

    noahdaboa Banned

    it depends on the shinies your offering
  18. Tarro57

    Tarro57 RNGer, haters hate.

    Thankyou for it, it's AWESOME!!!
  19. RasenShuriken6

    RasenShuriken6 Well-Known Member

    i'll trade you a UT lvl 1 shiny gligar for your shiny pidove
  20. 2000b2

    2000b2 basketball star

    what about a lv 20 female raticate and a lv 100 duscull ? Both shiny.

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