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The Shiny Hunter's Club

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Pokerealm, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. Profile

    Profile >w<

    Uh, you're not a member of this club. Go read the first post, okay?

    anchor, yes, you are allowed to talk about Rumble shinies, since it's assumed they share the same odds of appearing as a regular shiny ingame. However, please refrain from posting a sentence a line, ok?

    redpixie, sorry, you are a member of this club! PokeRealm just hasn't updated the member's list yet. I'm sure he will soon.

    Don't be surprised if you go over 1000 eggs when MMing something. Even though the odds of getting a shiny are better, it still might take a long time to get one. It tooks me over 3000 eggs TOTAL for my first shiny, cause I was constantly jumping from target to target. 2900 of those were from Petilil.
  2. The Z

    The Z Talking to the Moon~

    I've done the SR for Virizion! but I can't show you the pics because i lost my camera :'( now do the SR for Terrakion, MM for Bulbasaur and still not got a Beldum egg!
    Congrats for all of your shiny and good luck for the next hunt!
  3. ShyniHunter

    ShyniHunter Active Member

    Hi guys! Congrats to everyone how got lately a shiny! ^^
    I really got a quick shiny, yesteday evening after 187 a Shiny Mareep!
    Here below the pictures, IV's and video.




    Nature: Adamant (+Att, - Sp.Att)
    HP: 8
    Att: 31 (!!!)
    Def: 27(!!)
    Speed: 26 (!!)
    Sp.Att: 0 (XD)
    Sp.Def: 26 (!!)


  4. ShinyFufu

    ShinyFufu Arriving glacially.

    Well I now have 5626 SRs for Tepig...been hunting the sizzled bacon for two months now. Just sayin'. I wonder if it'll take longer than S_D's shiny Oshawott did?

    I also have 13,450 encounters for Gible on Platinum. In addition to this, I've begun random encountering for shiny Tailow on both Ruby and Sapphire, and I've resumed my hunt for Paras on FR and LG. I have 100 and 23,100 encounters for those targets respectively.

    I haven't had much homework lately, but man, I've been busy. Between basketball and after school activities, life's a little hectic. Boy I can't wait for those summer days where I can spend 10+ hours hunting...

    Good luck to everyone!

    Edit: Oh yeah, my dedication to Tepig SRing has given me a newfound desire to pick up my hunt for Piplup on Platinum again. Last I remember, I think I had 2000 SRs. Too bad I don't have a Platinum on which I can SR for Piplup anymore...
    Last edited: May 6, 2011
  5. Jessara

    Jessara Shiny Hunter

    Yippee, I can't believe it, I just got a new shiny! :D I've been hunting in Pinwheel Forest for a Sewaddle or Petilil since I got my shiny Blitzle. Up until yesterday I was only encountering in the normal grass but a friend suggested that I should encounter in the double grass instead, so I moved there. It looks like it paid off! After 2212 random encounters, this beautiful purple shiny appeared which is now named Nocturna :)


    I'll train her up real soon and start work on a new target, already planning on choosing a higher level area to hunt so Zabre (my Zebstrika) can level up more. I will return to hunting Petilil and Sewaddle at some point but for now I'm sick of Pinwheel Forest. Have fun hunting everyone and congrats to all who have gotten new shinies recently :)


    OMG! I just lost a freaking shiny! :( Encountered a shiny Tranquill outside of Dragonspire Tower and lost him due to hitting the RUN button instead of BAG.....so angry for messing that up. I did managed to take a pic and film a tiny bit.


    Last edited: May 7, 2011
  6. ShinyFufu

    ShinyFufu Arriving glacially.


    SHINY TEPIG!!!!!


    Reading posts about other people's hunts on a different website...then, at 8:22 AM, I heard the stars....


    Edit: It's the 5,664th, and it was the 12th Tepig of the day!!!

    Edit2: I'm sorry, but I won't be able to take any photos because my parents went to my cousin's graduation, and they took the camera with them. :( But seriously, you guys have got to believe me. I wouldn't it **** around about getting Tepig after hunting it for over two months!!! And I just checked, I got Tepig on my White version. It's also Male (surprise, surprise?)
    Last edited: May 7, 2011
  7. Ampharos_Spark

    Ampharos_Spark Gen 6 = <3

    Congrats to:
    Zabi on your awesome shiny Ho-oh and completing a leg in the circuit.
    ArcanineTrainer on your shiny Timburr and Cobalion.
    Time_2_Shine on your shiny Zorua.
    Charizardmaster#1 on your shiny Bidoof.
    Keruso on your shiny Palkia. Tympole, Patrat, Patrat, Lilipup, and Dialga. I am very jealous of that Dialga.
    Pokerealm on your shiny Archen.
    SoulDew on your shiny Blitzle.
    Jolteon Jordan on your shiny Throh and Rufflet finally.
    Completely Insanity on your shiny Rufflet.
    Nakashima on your shiny Totodile.
    Pucca_ness on your shiny Suicune.
    Pamizard on your shiny Pawniard and Axew.
    Heliotrope on your shiny Archen and Kabuto.
    Missingno. Master on your shiny Rufflet.
    ShyniHunter on your shiny Chikorita and Mareep.
    NinjaJesus on your shiny Cyndaquil.
    Profile on your Rumble shiny Venusaur.
    Burou on your shiny Solosis.
    Marvs on your shiny Cottonee.
    Ivyon on your shiny Minccino.
    ShinyDoug on your shiny Lilipup.
    Latios99 on your shiny Patrat.
    Comprehension on your shiny Terrakion.
    -Totodile-on your shiny Snivy.
    Pipes on your shiny Weepinbell and Rufflet.
    shadow000 on your shiny Tepig.
    LordSemaj on your shiny Treecko.
    Kyrie on your shiny Patrat.
    SphealsFTW on your shiny Petilil.
    Betulina on your shiny Kyogre.
    ShinyFufu on your shiny Tepig finally.
    Jessara on your shiny Whirlipede.
    Also congrats to any and all other shinies I missed since my last post.

    I haven't been posting since I haven’t really been hunting much. I’ve been busy working on my 5th Gen Wifi/Battle Subway team. I may however end up getting a shiny Cottonee in the future though since I got a nice IV Japanese one off of the GTS and will be using it to try and make a good IV Whimsicott. So when I’m breeding for IVs I might end up with a shiny one too. I'm also focusing on Dialga while my friend is here since I can keep my focus on egg hatching. Usually my DS is on and just sits there while we end up playing Brawl... for like 8 hours. So I think SRing will be easier while we do other things since it doesn't require as much attention as egg hatching. Plus I really want Dialga to shine.

    My main reason for posting is that I wanted show my Art Contest entry among a few other art things.

    I was going to draw one of my shiny legendaries but, I assumed a lot of other entries would be of shiny legendaries (Well they’re usually pretty awesome when shiny). SO then I decided to draw a shiny that could be someone’s first shiny whether they are trying for a shiny or just starting the game. I couldn’t decide which of the Hoenn starters I wanted to draw so I just drew them all. I was originally just going to replace the starter and not the Poochyena or time of day. I was kind of going for a story book or child like style. It's fully drawn with my tablet instead of being sketched then scanned in. I'm not sure if we can have multiple shiny pokemon in the picture or not. Also my main concern is that I drew the Shiny Uncatchable Poochyena. I'm not sure if it's okay to be there since we are only supposed to have shinies that we own. The picture does feature my shiny Hoenn starters and the Shiny Uncatchable Poochyena is just there to round out the normal poochyena in and the Zigzagoon. I didn't even think that the SU-Poochyena could be a problem until just now.

    I also drew this because I was bored. I haven't uploaded either of these picture to my DeviantArt yet. I was also hoping that if the above entry isn't allowed, I could use this as a back up entry.

    I said I would eventually upload some pictures of the clay shiny pokemon I have made and so here’s a Clay figure that I made for my friend.
    She loves shiny Hydreigon and is really going to try and hunt for one via MM after she beats the main story. I haven’t glazed this one yet. I also made her shiny Clefairy, Cubone, Marowak, Raticate, Epeon and Medicham. This Hydreigon has it’s necks, tail and wings supported by wire/paperclips built in under the clay. This way the clay wouldn’t droop when I baked it. It’s body is being supported by a base so it can actually stand up on it’s own and the base is actually removable too. This is the first time I have ever made a Hydreigon out of clay so it’s not perfect and has a lot of flaws. One example is that the inside of it's mouth is the wrong color.

    Here are some of my shinies made into little clay figures. These are some of the better ones and I need to fix Shinx’s eyes. The “white” clay I was using actually turned out to be transparent at the time and it didn’t show until after I baked it. Mudkip and Slugma are glazed and look really sparkly while Shuckle is Glazed but isn't sparkly due to the difference in the lay I was using. Duskull's "eyes" are only one eye just placed between it's eye sockets but it came out looking like it had two eyes.
    Good luck to everyone on your hunts especially those really long hunts.
  8. BS2211

    BS2211 Rookie Shiny Hunter

    Hey ppl :D First off, congrats to anyone who has gotten a shiny within the last week or so!

    Last time I posted, I was doing SR's for a shiny Johto starter, but after ~3260 SR's and a wave of paranoia I decided to put that hunt on hold. I saw in one person's signature about hunting at Dragonspiral Tower from the 6th to the 8th, and figured what the heck, count me in! I mindlessly ran around there for many hours and after only 1,470 encounters:


    Shiny Golett! Probably less than 100 encounters into the day, I wasn't paying much attention and I got thrown completely off guard when I heard the sparkles! Feels great to get my first 5th gen shiny. Anyway, here's it's IV's and ability and so on:

    ABILITY: Iron Fist
    NATURE: Calm
    IV's: 9-11 (HP)
    30 (Attack)
    20-23 (Defense)
    4-6 (Sp.Atk.)
    8 (Sp. Def)
    20-22 (Speed)
    I don't know how good this would be competitively, but since I don't do those battles, it doesn't matter, lol.

    Now for my next hunt. I'm currently SRing for Sudowoodo on Heart Gold, I'll probably just keep going with that.

    Good luck to anyone and everyone on your hunts!
  9. WishIhadaManafi5

    WishIhadaManafi5 To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before. Staff Member Moderator

    I WishIHadAManafi5 hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

    What made you start shiny hunting?

    I wanted to see if I could even have half a chance to run into one.

    What is your favorite method of hunting?

    Mainly random or via soft reset.

    What is your favorite shiny you own?

    I have two: A shiny Rayquaza that took around 70 sr's to get on my Emerald version and a shiny Suicune that took around 50 sr's to get in my Soul Silver.

    What is your least favorite shiny and why?

    Good question. It would probably be Blastoise, since the shiny coloring is a little too dark.

    What is the shiny you would like to own?

    A shiny Dratini :).

    What's your best shiny story?

    I remember catching my first one back on Silver version, it was a shiny Pidgey (female). It completely caught me off guard. And I still have it to this day, her name is Penny :).

    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?

    A shiny Weezing. Almost had it, ran into it out of nowhere in the Safari Zone of all places. Wasn't even hunting for anything either.

    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?

    Again, Blastoise, since the army green color that it is... just doesn't look good on it.

    What do you guys think of our mascot nominations?

    Awesome. Good picks.

    What was your very first shiny Pokemon?

    A shiny Pidgey.

    What is your favorite Bug type shiny?

    Probably Scizor.

    What is your favorite Dark type shiny?

    Hands down, Umbreon.

    What is your favorite Dragon type shiny?

    A tie between Dratini and Rayquaza.

    What is your favorite Electric type shiny?


    What is your favorite Fight type shiny?

    Meinshao, that blue color on it looks great.

    What is your favorite Fire type shiny?


    What is your favorite Flying type shiny?


    What is your favorite Ghost type shiny?


    What is your favorite Grass type shiny?


    What is your favorite Ground type shiny?


    What is your favorite Ice type shiny?

    A tie between Cryogonal and Lapras

    What is your favorite Normal type shiny?


    What is your favorite Poison type shiny?


    What is your favorite Psychic type shiny?


    What is your favorite Rock type shiny?


    What is your favorite Steel type shiny?


    What is your favorite Water type shiny?


    Are you guys going to Sr for a Shiny Starter or play through?

    I played through.

    Do you guys have any special targets your going to hunt for in B/W?

    Dratini, since the odds for it are better than they have been in games

    If Gamefreak/Nintendo decided that they won't be having shiny versions of new Pokemon anymore, would you still buy the games?

    Yea just for the heck of it

    Do you use shinies traded to you?

    Yep. Got a shiny Tepig via the GTS, that I trained up to an Emboar and it's pretty good fighting wise

    Do you 'hunt' on the GTS? Or do you use the shinies as inspiration?

    Not really, I'm glad when I run into one on there.

    When you obtain a Shiny, do you immediately train and evolve it, or do you keep it as a souvenir of sorts?

    I train and evolve it.

    Have Shiny Pokemon Shown In Dreams?

  10. ryodragonite

    ryodragonite Aura Fist

    Congrats to all shinies that I missed while gone and I hope everythings ok Zabi. I know it can be hard. I went through the same thing.

    Really nice pics Ampahros Sparks my favorite is the shiny clay Shinx. He looks so cool!

    So far Ive hatched around 180 eggs for buizel. I thought I was gonna get it soon but wow! Something1212 1000 eggs?! And I thought I was frustrated with these things. You would think that this method would be faster which I know it really is. Im also going for a shiny Rufflet(Brivarys pre evo). Hehehe wanna race ArceusVictini?!
  11. Vast

    Vast Snivy is Epic too!

    I Vast White Reshiram, have read all of the Forum and Club rules and promise to follow every single one of them. I also agree that breaking a rule, no matter which one, will give me a strike. I have a lot of shinies and hope to get more. I have about 30 shinies and I got them in the last two months. I suck at Pokeradar and have never got any shinies from them. I am not very good at RNGing either
  12. raichu>pikachu95

    raichu>pikachu95 pokemon master

    I Raichu>pikachu95, have read all of the Forum and Club rules and promise to follow every single one of them. I also agree that breaking a rule, no matter which one, will give me a strike.
    What made you start shiny hunting?
    I'm a beginner, and only have a few.
    What is your favorite method of hunting?
    I like to use the egg hatching method:3 But i also like random encounters.
    What is your favorite shiny you own?
    My shiny Pikachu(now a raichu) because it was my first shiny, and it was a random encounter while trying to find a light ball.
    What is your least favorite shiny and why?
    Swampert, because its colors scare me>.>
    What is the shiny you would like to own?
    I would like to own a shiny Scrafty b/c its mai favorite pokemon at the moment.
    What's your best shiny story?
    i was looking for a pikachu holding a light ball, and, Presto! a shiny pikachu.
    It's all happened - What shiny got away from you?
    None, yet, and hopefully never:]
    If you could change the color of one shiny, which one would it be?
    Gengar. His color doesnt really change.
    What do you guys think of our mascot nominations?
    They are pretty nice,and I like them.
    What was your very first shiny Pokemon?
    My first was a Pikachu
  13. Mr.Breloom

    Mr.Breloom Pearl Escapades

    The great Pearl expedition!

    I haven't been active here for a little bit so I thought I might as well post my new project. Before I do that though I just want to say congrats on all the new shinies.

    Now about the project... I plan to start a new game on my Pearl and attempt to get ever single member of my team shiny, and every legendary/SRable Pokemon. I will be starting for a shiny Turtwig, hopefully this project will be fairly quick. I haven't exactly planned out my team either, I figured I'll figure it out as I go along.

    That's about it. Good luck on all the hunts and wish me luck. See ya later.
  14. JDS'S DarkHoundoom

    JDS'S DarkHoundoom Shiny Hunter

    Hunting Update

    Well hello everybody I’m posting another update on my Current hunts but just want to say congratulations to ShyniHunter, Jessara, ShinyFufu,The Z, Zabi and good luck to ArceusVictini and Ryodragonite.
    As for me My SRing for a Shiny Mudkip is going badly. After 1706 I found a shiny poochyena, After 2237 I found another and today after 5467 I found yet another. I won’t give up but I may put it on hold. Other pursuits have also started on Black 3 to be exact. Firstly I Got a Japanese Ditto on the GTS so I started trying to breed shiny Zorua. Secondly I started Random encountering on Route 14 hoping for a shiny Mienshao or Drifblim hoping for anything on that route except Jigglypuff. Finally I started the Friday Musharna shiny SRing hunt. I managed a mere 175 resets on Friday but my DS’s L button is broken due to my idiotic brother. I want any of these shinies sooner rather than later. Wish Me Luck
  15. crap4263661

    crap4263661 New Member

    OMG GUYS!!!
    So today, I woke up and made my mom her mother's day breakfast and I decided to double sr for tepig and torchic a little before I go to my soccer game. And I was thinking to myself how awesome it would be if I got a shiny today. And bam a shiny torchic comes out of the pokeball. I was freaking out. Even though, I wanted shiny tepig to shine more than torchic, I'm still happy. :D
    Now, I'm gonna concentrate on getting shiny tepi (currently at 5013srs) and probably some cool targets in ruby :D good luck to you all!!
  16. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Just been looking over the first page, and I realized there were new questions I never answered.

    When you obtain a Shiny, do you immediately train and evolve it, or do you keep it as a souvenir of sorts?
    I train and evolve my shinies eventually. I don't always evolve them all the way (like two of the Pikachu, plus Rhydon, although I'm now considering evolving Rhydon). But I always get around to training them. Unless they're legendaries, though. I don't train legendaries.

    Do you use shinies traded to you?
    As trade fodder.

    Do you 'hunt' on the GTS? Or do you use the shinies as inspiration?
    If I seek out shinies on the GTS, it's only to use them as trade fodder. I don't deal with shinies that I don't catch, hatch, SR, or recieve myself.

    My shinies, do I use them or keep them as trophies?
    A little of both, to be honest. I'll use a shiny or two on my team in Random matchup on occasion, but generally my non-shinies have better stats. If anyone here's faced someone with a shiny Tailwind-using Braviary over random wifi this month, it'll probably have been me.

    Have Shiny Pokemon Shown In Dreams?
    Several times. Once I dreamt that I was in my room (IRL, not in a game), and a shiny Slugma was going all over the room melting all my stuff. It was too hot to get close to, so I took a Poké Ball out of nowhere, threw it at the Slugma... And then I woke up. Another time I dreamt I found a shiny Spinda in Emerald, but without any spots. And yet another time, I dreamt I was on that route in Pearl where the Ruin Maniac Cave is, and I found and caught a shiny Shinx. And then, right after the battle, I encountered an Ariados with Huntail's cry, but it did some strange dance in lieu of its usual animation.

    Yeah, I'm a weirdo.

    Anyway, haven't been doing much in the way of any shiny hunting lately, but I do have an idea for something. I'm considering training up my Illuminate Staryu against wild Pokemon and using that as an excuse to do some random encountering. It'll take me pretty much all across the Unova region, so there's no telling what I'll find in the way of a shiny, or even if I'll find anything. And of course, due to the unpredictability of this hunt, I'll make sure I'm prepared for anything. I'll be packing a Parasect with Spore and False Swipe. And if all else fails, I've already accumulated six Master Balls, so I can always turn to those. Wish me luck!
  17. ShinyDoug

    ShinyDoug Shine?

    First off, congrats on all new shinies! Especially Fufu's Tepig and Zabi's Ho-Oh. Golden Bacon FTW!

    Second, I think I'll update on my hunts.

    White: Badge Quest #2: Dreamyard: Patrat or Munna, but Purloin is cool too. ~550 RE's
    Black: Masuda Hunt: Secret Target! 60 eggs hatched, 60 more boxed.
    HG: Starters: Chickorita (not too focused on this one for now)
    Platinum: Sunyshore City: Wingull, but I picked it cause if I don't get Wingull or Peliper I will reclaim my lost Tentacruel from when I found one by accident with only 1 Great Ball which failed capture.
    Ruby: Starters: I have been SRing Mudkip and Torchic sporatically when I am motivated for either one.

    I have been working on up to 4 of these hunts at once, but ATM I'm only dual hunting Black and White. I often Quad though.

    Lastly: Good Luck and Happy Hunting!
  18. redpixie

    redpixie *Pink Shiny Hunter*

    For the first time in my shiny hunting career i am DUAL HUNTING! Having been able to borrow a DS off my housemate since he never uses it, I am now hunting both for shiny Sudowoodo on my soulsilver, and now back to an older target of mine on my Pearl which is shiny Drifloon! I'm still not counting the amount of Sr's I do anymore because I think it makes hunts more tedious. So lets just say, I'm on day 6? I think for Sudowoodo, and day 3 (+the previous SR's I had done) for drifloon. So hoping these hunts arn't as long as what my last (and only) non chained hunt was...
  19. DarkLatios

    DarkLatios SHINE GET




    I wasn't even hunting this thing seriously, and then suddenly, it popped up out of nowhere and startled me! :)


    This was also the shiny I wanted from the route, so my luck seems to be turning for the better!! To add on to that, it has a lovely nature (Careful) and also the better ability (Run Away, which will eventually turn into Illuminate once it evolves), meaning I really hit the jackpot on this thing!


    I could type so much more, but damn, I'M JUST SO EXCITED!! :D What a brilliant way to end the week! Unfortunately though, I won't be able to hunt much over the next few weeks due to my GCSEs, so this will be the last post you'll see from me in a while. Oh well~

    Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhYvE50tjDs
    Last edited: May 8, 2011
  20. Terra Force

    Terra Force <-- Current Hunt

    Congrats to: Darklatios on Patrat, crap4263661 on Torchic, Shinyfufu on Tepig, BS2211 on Golett, Jessara on Whirlipede, ShyniHunter on Mareep, and The Z on Virizion.

    Anyways I just wanted to update saying that I started my first SR hunt ever on Saturday. So far I have 1000 SRs. I restarted my HG to SR for a shiny starter. I kinda want a shiny Chikorita so that I can have a half shiny team. I could have shiny Meganium as a grass, Shiny Gyarados(LoR) as a water, and I was considering SRing for shiny Ho-oh as my fire type. But I have to get a shiny starter first of course:)

    Good luck on shiny hunts everyone!
    Last edited: May 9, 2011
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