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The Shiny NEW Club Directory - Advertise your Clubs here!

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by VampirateMace, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    * The Shiny NEW Club Directory *

    Want to find a new club to join? Are you a club owner with a club you want to let others know about? This is the place to do both. This is also the only place other than your signature, that you are allowed to advertise your club.

    In order to have you club listed you will need to fill out the following form and post it here:

    The Advertisement is a new feature to the Directory, you can use up to 25 words to describe your club and convince people to join. If you post your form with an Advertisement longer than 25 words, your club's Advertisement space will be left blank. - However you may include a longer advertisement in your post for other members to read, just make sure it's visibly separate from the form.

    * You will need to update the form if your user-name changes, or you make a new thread for the club.
    * You may change your advertisement once every other month by re-posting the form.
    * If I (or another mod) mess up your Club Name, the Link, or your Advertisement; please just politely let me know and I'll get it fixed.

    Club Directory

    General Pokemon Clubs:
    (General Pokemon Themed Clubs: Type, Season, Region, Team)

    Pokemon Character Clubs:
    (Anime/Manga Character FanClubs)

    Manga/Anime Clubs:
    (Any Manga/Anime FanClubs outside of Pokemon)

    Yugioh Club
    I hope to have my club grow more, its for fans of the Yugioh series and the card game :)

    TV Series Clubs:
    (FanClubs for TV Series other than Anime)

    Video Game Clubs:
    (Any Non-Pokemon Game Clubs)

    Metroid Club
    Come Join other Metroid Series Fans!

    Other Interests & Hobbies:
    (Clubs about other Interest and Hobbies)

    Support Clubs:
    (Clubs and Alliances for Help, Comradery, and Emotional Support)
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2018
  2. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    Club Name:Sailor Moon Club
    Club Owner: FairyWitch
    Link to Club: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?634375-Sailor-Moon-Club&highlight=
    Advertisement:I want to say this club is made for people that love the old and new series of sailor moon.Come Come Join please!

    Im not sure if its okay but i have two clubs

    Club Name: Yugioh Club
    Club Owner: FairyWitch
    Link to Club: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?517966-Yugioh-Club
    Advertisement: I hope to have my club grow more its for fans of the Yugioh series and the card came :)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2014
  3. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    It's added, though your club is about expired. Also, I took the liberty of making a couple small edits to your ad.
  4. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    yeah i know it is i just hope this helps thanks for adding it though :)
  5. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    A month is admittedly a slightly vague guideline since they vary 28-31 days, but since this is day 31, I can only give you a day or two, and if no one posts but you want to keep the club, you'll have to re-submit it (make a new thread), and after it's approved post the new link here.
  6. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    alright one of my members was just asking about it she wanted to post but she though it may be a bad bump if she posted in the thread sense its been a month....Ill do that if it continues to be inactive an sorry again for spamming up your thread here this will be my last.

    edit: also i added my yugioh club as well to the list not sure if you noticed above ;)
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2014
  7. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Okay, I'll add your YuGiOh Club.
  8. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Goth lady!

  9. Kuvario

    Kuvario I am who I am...because of them.

  10. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Alright, I've added both your clubs. Dawn+Serena Fan, I took the liberty of capitalizing 'Anyone'.
  11. xEryChan

    xEryChan Arch Wizard Staff Member Moderator

    Last edited: Sep 27, 2014
  12. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Alright, I've added it.
  13. cryuel

    cryuel Well-Known Member

  14. Mizz Nikki

    Mizz Nikki Black Diamond

  15. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Okay, both your clubs have been added to the list!
  16. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

  17. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Okay, re-added it!
  18. V

    V Shiny Hunter

  19. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Alright, it's been added
  20. TheCharredDragon

    TheCharredDragon Blue Frog Ninja Gal

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