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The Shiny Pokemon Club

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I...I Did It!
So, last night, I was playing LeafGreen. I had just helped Celio with the Network Machine, and I was on the hunt for Suicune, in the vain hope that it might be shiny. Now, curious thing about the legendary gerbils is, even when you're hunting for them, the suddenly different battle music, even if it's just a higher-pitched version of the regular Kanto battle music, can be startling. So I had the volume all the way down. I also covered the screen with my hand so the sight of a Suicune wouldn't give me a heart attack. I shifted one finger so I could see the bottom of my backsprite and the leftmost portion of the text box. This way, I could also tell if I ran into a shiny; with non-shinies, the "Wild POKEMON appeared!" text appears as soon as your backsprite locks into place. With shinies, the text doesn't go until the Pokemon does its cry and the shiny animation. I had headed west from Saffron City, and decided to see if Suicune was waiting for me. Two encounters in, no Suicune, but what really caused my heart to skip a beat was that THE TEXT DIDN"T APPEAR UNTIL A FEW SECONDS AFTER MY BACKSPRITE LOCKED INTO PLACE! Quickly I uncovered the screen. It was no Suicune, but it was.....


Netted the little guy in one Ultra Ball. Never did find Suicune yet, BTW.

Now, I apologize for the crappiness of the above picture. Obviously it was meant to show that no cheating devices were used in the encountering or capturing of this shiny. I'm getting a digital camera for Christmas (FINALLY!), and that should be able to take better pictures than a DSi. In case you were wondering about the Pokemon plushes in the background, they're Pikachu (right), Sableye (left), and I was also trying to get a Drifloon plush into the background. But I had to reposition my GBA SP so the camera would take the picture as desired. And it's hard to tell from that picture that the Meowth is shiny, but you CAN tell.

EDIT: even easier to tell when the forum enlarges the picture like that. And yes, I, unlike my rival, kept my Raticate. Actually served me well. 2hKOed Lance's Dragonite with Ice Beam. Decimated my rival's Pidgeot. Actually, except for the first battle at Professor Oak's, and the last battle at the Pokemon League, the only Pokemon I used against my rival was my Rattata/Raticate. The last battle was spectacular, like something out of the anime- I actually defeated Blastoise with Charizard when we were both down to our last Pokemon. But I digress.

Oh, and profile pic.

It's Rash, which is good. I'm gonna Pal Park it to Platinum and evolve it, hoping that the ability changes to Technician. Already got the moveset in my mind: Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Water Pulse, Swift.
Very weldone! Great shiny! Though I can't really tell it's shiny in the first pic...but the blue border and gold star tells me otherwise! Now you've got to update your banner! I'm almost at 300 eggs for Paras now...gotta hatch more! Good luck!

Missingno. Master

Poison-type Trainer
Very weldone! Great shiny! Though I can't really tell it's shiny in the first pic...but the blue border and gold star tells me otherwise! Now you've got to update your banner! I'm almost at 300 eggs for Paras now...gotta hatch more! Good luck!

Just updated it! I had to in any case, forgot to add Togekiss. Got that from my cousin. It's actually still a Togetic, but I plan to evolve it. Same with my new shiny Meowth. Actually, still gotta Pal Park that sucker.

Good luck to everyone here, and in case I find myself unable to come here later, Merry Christmas!

OFFTOPIC: Have any of you lately looked at PC boxes at the Global Terminal and found one named JOY2WRLD, with a bunch of Unown spelling "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!", and two Kingler, one shiny, one not, a Delibird, and a Stantler on the bottom? That was mine.


it shone! ^_^
Happy Christmas eve everybody. And welcome to all the new members.

I have a horrible sore throat/cough. Sigh... I always seem to get sick around Christmas. U_U

Congrats on the shiny Beldum and shiny Meowth. Shiny Meowth is so cute! I'm hunting for one of those in FR/LG right now (currently at just over 2316 encounters). I'm also at 890 SR for shiny Cresselia in Diamond. I'd love a Christmas day shiny, but I bet I won't get one. lol

Good luck everyone.


I’m Back...
Welcome to the club everbody who has just joined.Congrats on that Shiny Meowth Missingno Master.I`m still trying to catch that Shiny Fearow.When I encountered one the last time,I didn`t know much about shineys and I was training one of my pokemon (viva EXP.Share).Anyhow,I will have my eyes set to catch a shiny for Christmas.Today,I will try to catch a shiny on Platinum or FireRed.Have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Kwanza.


<- awesome
Hey guys

Congratz on the beldum fufu, as soon as you said 3 years of hunting paid off i knew you had gotten a shiny beldum. Congratz on the Meowth Missingno. Master

I am still sring for treecko but I also decided to continue my hunt for trapinch via MM. I have decided to fill up All of the extra boxes with trapinch eggs and then just hatch when I feel like it. I am up to 11,000 SR for treecko so far.

Good luck to everyone.

Dan The Poke Man

Wassup yall? Torkoal is still being retarded at me as he will not show up... ;_;

Time for my story of failure:
On my Platinum, I wanted a Head Smash Aron, so I decide to breed with my Rampardos. So I go to Fuego Ironworks, spent like, half an hour (Yes. It really tok that long), and finally found it. So now, with my many rare candies, I start to get my Cranidos to Lv.43 which took forever. But then I thought, "Wait, isn't Head Smash Aron HGSS only?" So I checked Serebii.net... only to discover it was true... but I got an egg anyway :p

More news! I finally beat Flannery on Emerald, and got the Claw Fossil! I'm going to SR that thing. Also, while in the tower, I caught 2 Trapinch so I can breed an get a shiny!

But I've heard there is something wrong with Emerald and shinies, can someone tell me what that is?


Hey everybody: I RECLAIMED SHINY TANGELA!! This is my 3rd shiny Tangela ever found, second one I accidentally KO'd (it used poisonpowder on my shiny Alakazam, then synchronize killed Tangela). This one took 3450 encounters.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX7BpUMQ2XQ

Bold nature, IV's mostly below 10 except 30-31 special defense and speed.

^________^ Only 3 days after losing my shiny Tangela, I got it back!


Were it so easy.
Although I've already congratulated a few of you, congrats on the new shinies! Beldum was well deserved, Meowth is a great random encounter, and two Tangelas days apart...

I started tallying my encounters yesterday, (even for each pokemon in Mount Moon) and I did 572 last night. I'm hunting right now, but I have to work today from 1:30 to 9. I know that's sort of off topic, but it's gonna suck working at a grocery store on Christmas Eve instead of playing Pokemon... I'll try hunting for a lucky Christmas shiny tomorrow. Good luck and Merry Christmas (Eve)!


Completing The Trio
Congrats SF on the shiny beldum, well deserved after all those years of hunting :D

Missingno. Master, congrats on being the second person to get a kanto tour shiny. Shiny Meowth may not have too much of a difference template wise, but its still a great shiny.

sc7, that is just great news. I was reading of your luck lately in one of you other videos descriptions, something like 3 or 4 random encounters in a month. Plus you've avenged a shiny in what has to be the quickest time ever. Congrats :)

P.S. i loved the random aspect of you filming your cat whilst you were focusing on move selection. shame the cat had no idea though, totally missed his/her 15 seconds of fame :p

no news here on shinies, but great to see we're still getting a good influx of shinies this close to christmas :)

Autumn Pachirisu

Lover of fire
But I've heard there is something wrong with Emerald and shinies, can someone tell me what that is?

I'm very curious about this as well.... seeing as I haven't gotten an Emerald shiny since that Poochyena 3 or 4 years ago when I just started playing.

Also, congratulations on the shiny Meowth, sincerely! I have two of them from a chain; I would have had one, but the first was female. :p

On the long trip towards skiing yesterday, I worked hard on Articuno resets, bringing my total up to 327. But I only felt motivated to hatch 5 Nidoran eggs, although I won't train my Milotic (not shiny) until I hatch a shiny Nidoran. On the way back, I was much too tired to soft reset anymore without being worried about losing count, so I didn't do very many.

In addition, congratulations for the shiny Beldum! My sister has one too, but that was for the chain, and I once encountered one but it Struggled itself to death before I could catch it. :( *insert applause here*


Shiny total 16
I have decided to egg hunt for a Shiny Sableye. He is one of my favorite pokemon, and I hope to hatch one! Just have to get one first...

Congrats on all the new shiny pokemon guys!


I...I Did It!
Oh, I didn't realise Shinyfufu got a shiny Beldum...(because it was in a spoiler...and I couldn't be bothered to open it...) Major congrats! 3 years?!? ouch. At least it paid off! To answer all those questions on Emerald...I shall explain -

Emerald has a 'broken' RNG...

Walk into the grass with a sweet scent pokemon in your party, save and SR. Encounter a pokemon (with sweet scent), catch it and check it's stats...nature ect. If you then SR again...and SR in the exact same time as your last SR....when you encounter a pokemon it will be the EXACT same pokemon you encountered before...This is because of Emerald's broken RNG...Every time you SR...The game just lets you encounter the same pokemon again...that's why it's either really hard to get a shiny in Emerald...or damn easy! Say that when you SR the pokemon you encounter was a shiny (with sweet scent), Then if you SR...and hit the right moment...you'll just get another shiny...and another...and you can just keep repeating this! That's why people are delighted when they find a shiny in Emerald...cos if they want...they could go and get a shiny anything! EVEN A LEGENDARY! And it'll be real! But we call them RNG clones...and not many shiny hunters like RNG clones...Hope this helps! SC7! Good job on avenging a shiny! Nice!


Arriving glacially.
Thank you for the congrats, everyone. They are truly appreciated, believe me... For some reason, the video isn't uploading to YouTube correctly, so I'll just post all the pictures I took of my shiny Beldum. They're huge, though.


Congratulations on the shiny Meowth, M.M...you got the second shiny for the Kanto Tour! Good job on avenging your shiny Tangela, too, SC7...you've gotten so many shinies this month! Why don't you share your luck with the everyone else? :p

I migrated my shiny Beldum over to Platinum, but I haven't EV-trained it yet; I need to get my 40th 1/8192 shiny first. As such, I've been SRing for Darkrai. However, all these recent acquisitions of random encounter shinies are making me want to hunt for Heracross in FR/LG...I wonder if I can get it before Christmas is over? I sure hope so. ^_^

Good luck everyone! Well, at least to those who need it. ;)

Dan The Poke Man

Thanks Poke-Glitch, that helped.

Nice Beldum Fufu, I was planning on SRing that once I beat Emerald.

Just hatched 9 more Trapinch eggs, which brings me up to 12 eggs. Hopefully I'll get it soo so I dodn't have to release them so I can have a Flygon army.

Good luck!


Well-Known Member
OH MY GOD! Christmas Present much :D

I restarted Leaf Green a few days ago, and Ive just got to Cerulean. Now, I was training up my pokemon, going through the trainers on Nugget Bridge, and my Clefairy ALMOST levelled up. Because I have the game on Set, not Shift, I decided to go face a wild something to level it up. Went to the route West of Cerulean, levelled up Clefairy, and then set Paras to the front of the party. Moved one step, and was in another encounter - with a Spearow. I beat it (just), moved another step and ANOTHER encounter started up. By this time I was like "Arrrg", so didnt look at the screen. A minute later I looked down at the screen to see a GOLD Spearow :D. Caught it, saved several times, and went to check it. Lvl 12 Male Hardy Spearow :D

Thats now my 6th Random Shiny Ive caught (And my 3rd Random Shiny Normal/Flying Bird) - Staravia, Spinda, Unown ?, Zubat, Hoothoot and now Spearow. I love this game deciding to give me an early Christmas present.

Happy Christmas everyone, and I hope everyone has similar Festive Luck :D


I’m Back...
Congrats on that Shiny Beledum,ShinyFufu.No luck yet.But Hopfully,I will hunt for a Shiny for CHRISTMAS.I will look on the web for tips,and test them.By the way,I will catch a shiny Pokemon again.I`m just waiting till I get my hands on HeartGold and SoulSilver.If I don`t get a shiny for Christmas,I might try to get one by my 13th Birthday.


Well-Known Member
Oh man, oh man, guess what!
I've decided on wich shinies I'm gonna hunt on HG.
I'm gonna hunt for Ho-oh, Lugia and Suicune.

I'm gonna nickname them all! :D
First time nicknaming a Pokémon.

Ho-oh --> ゴールド
Lugia --> シルバー
Suicune --> クリスタル

Or do you think I should nickname them きん, ぎん and すいしょう?
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+1 cookie for troll
Just hatched 9 more Trapinch eggs, which brings me up to 12 eggs. Hopefully I'll get it soo so I dodn't have to release them so I can have a Flygon army.
Not meaning to offend, hun, but you'll need to hatch alot more eggs more frequently if you want a good chance of hatching a shiny. o:
Unless you get crazy-lucky like with my Chimchar...

I got a really nice secondhand digital camera for Christmas, so I'll be able to take really good quality photos of all my shinies without worrying about using up all of mum's battery. c:

Shiny Chimchar's being EV trained. I'm surprised that I actually got a high-ish chain on Pearl as I was EV training. Too bad it broke before 30, though. :c I might try again and get myself a chained Christmas shiny! Last year I got several Shinxes on Christmas Day, and thanks to that I don't want to chain them ever again... ._____.

Congrats on the Meowth, Beldum, third-Tangela and Spearow! Sorry if I've missed out on one or two others who've succeeded in catching a shiny. I'm hoping that I'll find myself a lucky 1/8192 shiny for this Christmas.

Happy Holidays~

Edit: Pingouin, if you're going to nickname your Pokes, I personally think you should go for more original names than Gold, Silver and Crystal. Be creative with nicknames; it really makes them unique.
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Well-Known Member
Oh, talking about EV training... ^_^'

I EV trained my Blaziken in Attack and Speed some time ago, throwing in 6 EV in HP for a little bonus. Everything went well there.

However, today, when I EV trained my Beedrill, and... I accidentally put 255 EV in Attack.
Oops, I guess!

Since I wanted to add in 6 EV's in HP at the end to have a small bonus, I used a Kelpsy berry and KO'd 15 more Machops with Power Bracer and one more without.
Then I beat that guy with 6 Magikarp on Route 205 several times and got Speed up to 252.
Since I didn't want to bother rebattling that Bird Keeper on Route 211, I just bought an HP Up from the Dept. Store to get the remaining 6 EV's in HP.

Right now, I'm just leveling him up on Route 229.
This route is great, since every wild Pokémon there is weak to Flying except Pidgey, in wich case I'll use Poison Jab.
I use Aerial Ace on these wild Pokémon, if you're wondering.

I have given him both Gorgeous and Royal ribbon, just like my Blaziken. I'm gonna do a rich-people defeating spree to get $999 999 twice and get Gorgeous Royal Ribbon on both.
Gonna be EV training my Bellossom, Chimecho and Roserade in Sp. Atk and Speed later, and all will eventually end up with Gorgeous, Royal and Gorgeous Royal ribbon.

That's how much I care about them (The ribbons.)

LSA, the reason why I would want to nickname them Gold, Silver and Crystal is because they are the mascots of these three games.
I think these names are pretty, anyway.
(And while we're at it, would you mind linking me again to that website you use to do transparency on images?
I deleted the PM in wich you gave me the link without really thinking about it...)
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