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The Shiny Pokemon Club

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Shiny Hunter
I'm so happy, a few days ago I finally caught a small target shiny(floatzel)..and I caught not only one but two of them, one is jolly and other bold. =D

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O.O congrads, the jolly one is a good nature I believe. :D

Chain of 40 voltorbs for me and I lost it :(

Oh well


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I'm so happy, a few days ago I finally caught a small target shiny(floatzel)..and I caught not only one but two of them, one is jolly and other bold. =D
I apologise if I'm wrong, but I can't recall you as a member. If you're not a member, you need to read the front page and follow the requirements of joining. Congratulations on the chained Floatzels, though. c:

I've traded my shiny Wooper over to Diamond for EV training while I fish in Route 47 for a shiny Chinchou, Shellder, Lanturn or Tentacruel. I'm guessing either Chinchou or Shellder would most likely be shiny, though, due to Tentacruel and Lanturn having very low encounter rates.

I'm at 200 encounters for that so far. It takes a while for the actual encounter to happen due to fishing, but my Sticky Hold up front helps the fishing go faster. <: I've also put in some SRs for Charmander. Not many just yet, but I'm gonna build that up soon.

Good luck on any hunts, guys, and congratulations on the shiny Heracross, too! Awesome that you caught that sparkle. : D


Arriving glacially.
Wait, does Sticky Hold help in hooking a shiny? I thought it just increased the Capture Rate of shinies that you fished? If that's so, fishing in D/P is actually worth looking in to...

Congrats on the shiny Heracross, SC7. You've really inspired me to hurry up and finish my own Heracross hunt!


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Sticky Hold and Suction Cups makes bites appear quicker. Most of the time, it takes less than a second for a bite to occur, as opposed to going without, which can take up to three seconds, or not bite at all. Since I've been using Sticky Hold, I haven't not had a bite yet, so it works for sure. Perfect for shiny hunting. <:

Oh man, I've got Estpolis working on my DS, it looks like shiny hunting is going to wait until later tonight. *w* I'm gonna work on my Route 47 later over Charmander, but I might double-hunt both of them later if I can. I tried lastnight and I found it a bit difficult keeping up...

Is it best to stick to two SRing or two REs over one of each when double hunting?


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2-3 New Shinys. Already got a Kadabra, but male. Now I have a female one. Also 2 great new ones from my favourites.
Kadabra (Female), Onix & Psyduck







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Congrats on the Nidoran F, Heracross, Wooper, Sudowoodo, Floatzels, and assorted Rumble shinies.

I haven't posted here in a while, so I figured I would talk about the status of my Tentacool hunt. I did two batches of eggs via the Masuda Method, and I'm getting kind of sick of it. So I figured it was wild in Sapphire when I caught it, so what better way to "reclaim" him then find out he followed me to Sinnoh. So now I'm surfing in that little patch of water on Route 219 just before the sandbar with the little kids. Granted, there are 3 other types there, but my shiny Linoone isn't 100 yet, my Rare Candy stock is horribly depleted, and Tentacool is the most common there. Hopefully Tentacool/cruel will shine, but I wouldn't mind a shiny Wingull line.


Bird trainer
On the subject of Arceus, Plymouth is the closest to me, but if I do go, it'll be to Bristol, seeing as I could go see my parents as well as picking up my imaginary monster. But eurgh, Cabot Circus.

I'm not sure how many Piplup I'm up to now. Hatched a lot Wednesday evening, then not much Thursday and Friday. Nearly got two boxes filled; I should get my usual three done, then I'll go check my total. Or maybe I'll have hatched my shiny by then.

Congrats on new shinies and good luck on the hunts! :)


I...I Did It!
I live in the UK too! (And it's the worst country ever by far and one day I'm moving to America!) And I can't find the Arceus news anywhere! Could someone post the link to where I can see it? On another note my Shiny Venonat vid is up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3O-_5UE5Lw and now I'm gonna do more SRing for Charmander! Good Luck people! Oh and, Major congrats to SC7 on the Heracross, Mudkip_Zink on the second Floatzel and Matty on the Kadabra, Onix and Psyduck!


2months of SRing
Congrats on the shiny wooper, sudwoodo, nidoran F and heracross and others that I didnt mentioned

I stopped SRing for torchic on sapphire after 14000 SR without seeing a shiny,
now I started on ruby and I did 2500 SR so far, hope it 'll shine soon.

Good luck everyone


it shone! ^_^
Congrats on all the new shinies, guys.

I loaded up HG ealier, and the Lapras was still there; so I guess it must stick around until you leav the area (like with Drifloon). But I've decided to go back to my route 36 hunt before I start shiny Lapras hunting.

Yesterday I got a reply from Nintendo about Aurora Tickets; apparently they are still giving them out, so I might send off FR/LG/E and have more Aurora Tickets added. Lot's like I'll be able to SR for yet another shiny Deoxys. n.n

In the e-mail it says that if I want the Aurora Tickets added I have to phone them up to "book in" my games. I didn't have to do that last time...

Oh, well... right now I'm hatching some more Riolu eggs in Platinum. Good luck everyone.
I Happy Happiny hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

I am happy happiny and i would like to join this club because I am amazed by shines and how rare they are.


I...I Did It!
It seems no one has seen my request...let's try again -
I can't find the UK Arceus news anywhere! Could someone post the link to where I can see it? *Thankyou*

Anyway, Welcome to the club Happy Happiny! Do you have any shinies? If you do what was your first? EPIC congrats to The M on Rayquaza! I hope I find a Shiny Rayquaza as quick as everyone else when HG/SS comes out! Good Luck everyone!


Completing The Trio
It seems no one has seen my request...let's try again -
[SIZE=*7]I can't find the UK Arceus news anywhere! Could someone post the link to where I can see it?[/SIZE] *Thankyou*

Anyway, Welcome to the club Happy Happiny! Do you have any shinies? If you do what was your first? EPIC congrats to The M on Rayquaza! I hope I find a Shiny Rayquaza as quick as everyone else when HG/SS comes out! Good Luck everyone!

Congrats S_D and LSA on the two new shinies. I'm really loving the shiny Sudowoodo, but not as much as that Wooper. I can still vaguely remember the cry it made in the anime, "oopa". :p

Good luck with your hunts everyone, i'm off to continue my route 36 hunt. :)

Also, don't know if we have any UK members, but the dates for the UK Arceus event(in-store) are up on the main site now.

When i posted the news i told everyone where to look for the news, on the main site, i figured that might have have been indicative of where to look.


Its still right there, just scroll down the page. Its only the second news story so its not hard to miss, it has a clear title - Friday: UK Arceus Event to show what its about.

Or check the General Discussion thread located here;


The thread is still on the first page and has over 4 pages already, and is hard to miss with the title "UK Arceus Events: The thread";

These are obvious places to look for such info, and quite frankly i refuse to believe that someone who has been a member for 6 months wouldn't think to look in these two places first.

You get a strike for yelling.

I'll make myself clear, the strike is not for failure to read my post.

The strike is for the unnecessary size 7 font used to try to make a point that no one had heard you or answered you in the 8 Hours you decided was long enough to wait.

As a word of advice its best to wait at least a day/maybe longer if its a weekend(as not everyone is going to be reading the posts/even be here on a weekend to answer you) and then ask again. If no one answers, then VM/PM someone.

You could've sent me a message in some form(VM/PM) to ask me where i had read the news, since i was the person to post about it here.

Chances are you would have gotten a reply before tomorrow.

I myself have been busy all day, REing/SRing, watching the Chelsea match :) / England rugby :( / watching Arsenal match now :), and am only just now logging on for the first time today.


No new shinies for me, been really busy as i said.

I did manage a good 40-50 minutes of SRing for Shiny Lapras, and also completed two run throughs of the BCC.

I may choose to make Monday my day for Sudowoodo SRing on a weekly basis(this will be in SoulSilver), as its a spare day so to speak.
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<- awesome
hey guys

I have been kinda busy lately. congratz on the shiny onix kadabra and psyduck. congratz to sc7 on the shiny heracross. congratz to pokeglitch on the shiny venonat. and congratz to s_d on the shiny sudodow. and congratz to fufu on the shiny darkrai. you really deserved it. and any others i missed.

I have been sring for charmander for the race me and poke-glitch are in. I am at 328 sr's. I am not a very fast SRer. i am buying abras at the gamecorner on firered. i am buying 50 at a time. so far i have bought 200.

Just to make sure you can't SR for a shiny jirachi threw the north american event at gamestop can you?

good luck to everybody
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Shadow Stalker
Okay I know I am not the best chainer so I always just hope for random encounters. Well today I tried to go for a Swablu chain to get a shiny. I had just finished Platinum and needed something to do so I decided to go up near Celestic Town and chain.

I went into the grass and hit the radar. The first thing that pops up I went into (No max repels were activated) had a Machoke. I ko'd it and went on. I thought a chain of Machoke wouldn't be bad but I'd rather do something else. So in hopes of killing the chain I went into the patch right above me and to the right (My right).

A little Chingling comes across the screen. I was all right with the chain breaking I figured I'd run and set the radar again. But no. It was Shiny. I only had level 55-67's in my party so I threw a quick ball. Immediately it went in and stayed. My first shiny of the year, and I was glad it was something that deviates from the original's color scheme (Chimecho's). So yeah I am pretty happy right now. I saved 3 times to ensure it wouldn't be lost.

Congrats to everyone's shinnies (From my last post to here and to the future). I now have 5 Shinnies.


I’m Back...
Congrats on all the recent shinys.The hunt for Trecko is currently up to about 40 for that Trecko.I hope that my shiny drought would end before Feburary ends.Well,Good look to everyone one shiny pokemon and wish me luck for the shiny Trecko.


† Budding RNGer†
I've finished PBR and decided im gonna start breeding for a shiny pikachu, and hope i pass on surf from the one from PBR!


Dragon Goddess Flyder
I dont think you can. Always nice to try though. In my news, i'm hunting Heracross in LG. Maybe I should've gotten my FS Marowak(which I haven't actually used, just sittin' there, wasting its life away...). Atm I just have my normal Hera to help out.
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