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The Shiny Pokemon Club

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it shone! ^_^
I've finished PBR and decided im gonna start breeding for a shiny pikachu, and hope i pass on surf from the one from PBR!

It won't pass on surf; it isn't one of its egg moves. And besides which, isn't the PBR Pikachu female (so it can't pass on moves anyway)?

Nothing shining for me. I'm doing some more shiny hunting in mt.pyre at the moment. I'm currently at just over 2800 encounters.

Good luck everyone.


I...I Did It!
When i posted the news i told everyone where to look for the news, on the main site, i figured that might have have been indicative of where to look.
Believe it or not but I actually didn't know what you meant by main site!

These are obvious places to look for such info, and quite frankly i refuse to believe that someone who has been a member for 6 months wouldn't think to look in these two places first.
Well to be honest...the only reason I joined Serebii was to join this club! I never look at the main part of this site! I just come straight here!

You get a strike for yelling.

I'll make myself clear, the strike is not for failure to read my post.

The strike is for the unnecessary size 7 font used to try to make a point that no one had heard you or answered you in the 8 Hours you decided was long enough to wait.

That's a shame...I wasn't yelling, I just thought that if I had the question that big, people would see it! (As I was really desperate to know about the Arceus event!) And the reason I posted the question again after 8 hours was because Helio (Who's from the UK), didn't reply to it...so I thought she didn't see it, which made me think no one would see it, which made me think if I posted in font 7...they'll definitely see it!

As a word of advice its best to wait at least a day/maybe longer if its a weekend(as not everyone is going to be reading the posts/even be here on a weekend to answer you) and then ask again.
OK, thanks for the advice!

If no one answers, then VM/PM someone.
You could've sent me a message in some form(VM/PM) to ask me where i had read the news, since i was the person to post about it here.
I probably should of done that, just didn't think about it. Sorry if what I did was wrong, I just thought it was a good idea.

maxelle! That's wicked! I've always wondered if anyone has had their chain broken by a Shiny pokemon! Congrats! You may be the first in the world! Well, that's it from me! Good Luck everyone!


2months of SRing
Hey everyone,
I stopped SR on sapphire for a shiny torchic and started on ruby and about 3500 SR later a shiny torchic appeared. I'm so happy.
it hasn't got a good nature(sassy) but I don't care, a shiny is a shiny.

Good luck everyone


I’m Back...
Well,The trecko hunt is up to 61 Soft Resets.I hope that shiny Trecko comes out soon.Congrats on all the recent shiny shiny`s and wish me luck.


<~ Yo quiero!!
Congrats LoneStarAkira on the very quick wooper! Heh wish I had had that sort of luck hunting onix. 2000 encounters on 2 games and still squat. With all the giga luck going around, me and some others are due for a shiny soon right?...


Shadow Stalker
Thanks Poke-Glitch, it actually happened to me before with my Shiny Floatzel. I was chaining some other pokemon and all of the sudden pops up a shiny Floatzel. LoneStarAkira told me she had a chain of hers broken by a shiny Geodude so I don't think I am the only one in the world. I think it was blind luck. (But also the Second time that on the second time the patches reset I got a shiny pokemon, happened with Abra too). I mostly get mine on luck not skill. But I'm training it right now. She's at 36. (Friendship evolutions always make me mad). Thanks again.

By the way hope you get your Arceus. I was MIA with pokemon during the event (School, after school stuff, homework, etc). I will resume training. Bye.


+1 cookie for troll
Well to be honest...the only reason I joined Serebii was to join this club! I never look at the main part of this site! I just come straight here!
I can't find the UK Arceus news anywhere! Could someone post the link to where I can see it?
So you completely ignore the rest of the entire forum and impatiently ask on this club for a link to something that you'll find immediatly after clicking on General Pokemon Discussion? Don't expect us to give you links to things when you "can't be bothered" looking for yourself, not to mention asking again in less than a day after you first asked, when most of us would've been asleep/at school/away during that time. Be patient, and try looking for yourself. :I

LoneStarAkira told me she had a chain of hers broken by a shiny Geodude so I don't think I am the only one in the world. I think it was blind luck. (But also the Second time that on the second time the patches reset I got a shiny pokemon, happened with Abra too).
Shiny chain breakers are most definitely 1/8192. c: I was unsure for a couple of days after I found my Geodude, until I found out that the shiny patches guarentee an advance in your chain (unless it can't generate any more patches, eg. being against a tree or edge of grass), so it would've been a shiny Ponyta if I walked in a shiny patch.
Did you see a shiny patch with your Abra? If you walked into a normal patch with the Abra, it's 1/8192 as well.

Lucky people getting the Events. Australia gets 'em, but never New Zealand. .__.

Well,The trecko hunt is up to 61 Soft Resets.I hope that shiny Trecko comes out soon.Congrats on all the recent shiny shiny`s and wish me luck.
My first shiny Mudkip didn't appear until at least 1000 SRs, and even then, that was super lucky. The shiny Mudkip I didn't SR over took around 6000 SRs, heck, maybe even more than that, so be patient. c:

My Route 47 hunt's gone slow again. I think it's because I jumped into a hunt too soon after finding my shiny Wooper, and all I really want to do right now is EV train and regularly train up my other shinies (Wooper, Chikorita and Totodile), but I guess I can hold that off for a while, at least until I reach 1000 encounters, then I might take a break. SRing for Charmander is going slow, too. I don't think I'm ready for SRing a Kanto starter just yet, so I might just play through for now and come up with a future hunt when I'm done.

I hope Onix shines for you, Dark_Steelix. : D
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1525 Eggs!!
Well I just broke 2,000 eggs on my Masuda Method Shiny Eevee hunt, and well once I fill up the rest of my boxes, which will be in about 100 more eggs, I'm going to transfer this hunt to Diamond for two reasons.

1. I'm going to start breeding Eevees with egg moves, and doing it on Diamond is a good change of pace.

2. Since I'm hatching the Eevees on Platinum, I don't have anything to do with them, at least if I start hatching on Diamond, then I can transfer all those Eevees to Ranch, where they will actually count for something!

Good luck on shiny hunts everyone!
Man, why is the time around March (hopin for that march madness contest people have been talkin about) always a hotspot when it comes to shiny success. Congratulations to everyone, I really like your Wooper LSA, Iv wanted one of those pinkies for some time now C:

Done some SRs for Kyogre and stuff.. boooring. Ive spent most of my time (yep, you guessed it) Masuda Methoding for that Cranidos. Ive done over 600 eggs, not a lot for the time Ive been hatching (about a week), but Im still making much more progress than the Kyogre. Oh, and I kinda dropped the Poliwhirl hunt(Random encounters get too boring.)

Only a few days until March, I really wanna get a shiny before It comes, so im crossin my fingers for a red Jolly Cranidos.



Okay, I just said I wanted a Jolly shiny Cranidos Before March... well... here It is



I was at about 650 eggs when this lil red dino appeared. She is a wonderfull Jolly nature (Best nature that I could ever ask for!). Here are the IVs:


Not bad, but coupled with its destructiv nature, She will be a force to be reckoned with. The Attack stat will be 410+! Ill definately charish this one. I wonder what to name it.

Good luck to everyone on there Hunts

Peace out.

P.S. If anyone has any Ideas for a Nickname for my new shiny Cranidos, please VM me.
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<- awesome
hey guys congratz on the shiny cranidos bluUmbreon. And congratz on the broken chain maxelle (he he) And congratz to any other shinys that were in the month of february

Well I have been getting more trapinch eggs to hatch. I am at 750 eggs.
I am still Sring for Abra at the Game corner. i am at 750 abras bought, it is goning really fast.

Only 14 more days until heartgold and soulsilver come out in north americas. I can't wait. Does anybody know if when picking one of the starters from kanto and hoen if you can see if their shiny before you pick them? Like with the johto starters?

Goodluck to everybody.


New Member
Congratulation on all Shinys.
After only a bit stronger double Shiny Bellsprout I got a new Shiny Pidgey.
3-4 more and I have my 100 Shinys in Rumble.



Well-Known Member
Okay guys I found my first shiny of the year. I was feeling down as I just found out my grandmother passed. So I decided to play some Ruby get my mind off of things. After 5 or 7 mins this baby comes across my screen.

Shiny Cacnea

Edit: The video it's my first and the quality is lacking.
Shiny Cacnea
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Were it so easy.
Dang, Dragonking, I saw that shiny Cacnea and it made me want to hunt in the desert right on the spot, but then I remembered I don't have my DS with me. Sorry about your grandmother, though.

@eveelution23, no, that only works for the Johto starters.

Congratulations on the Cranidos, BluUmbreon. Looks good in red. Also congratulations to Shinymon on the Torchic, if you post pictures, it will stand out and people will notice it. I don't think anybody really saw your post.

I'll be in March Madness, but I highly doubt I'll win or anything. We'll see. I've got enough hunts for it, though.

Route 102, Route 47, Route 111's desert, Ho-oh, Unown...


Well-Known Member
Man, I really need to get on with hatching Charmander and Cyndaquil...
It's just that I have so many games I want to play...

I'll start with Charmander.
Probably gonna start tomorrow, I guess.

I know! This Wednesday, I'm supposed to go to my friend's house.
I'm gonna continuously hatch Charmander until Wednesday.

I'll have to go to his house at like 7:15 AM since it's the only time my mom can drive me there.
My friend told me to just enter quietly and wake him up at like 8:45 AM

I can hatch eggs there while waiting, too.
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Arriving glacially.
BluUmbreon, it's so ironic how you basically called out the nature of your shiny Cranidos...and it hatched shortly after your post, too! Talk about a coincidence. o__O

Anyways, I just thought I'd drop by to tell you all that March Madness begins tomorrow! Basically, we have a huge race to see who can get the most 1/8192 shinies in the month of March. Good luck, everyone!

Also, yeah, HG/SS is being released in exactly two weeks, and I'm pumped! Hopefully I can get at least one shiny before the games are released. *looks at shiny Heracross hiding in the bushes*


Dragon Goddess Flyder
Hey Fufu, i'll race you for Hera. I'm running around Pattern Bush right now in fact. I have a False Swipe Marowak, which has a decent Def, so it can and will take hits. And my front pokemon is a level 15(duh...) normal Hera.

How about it?

I also see you're hunting Gible. Wow. Scary, so am I...


Toasty Trainer
I, Toastman, hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.

Okay, on to business. I'm trying to get a Shiny Feebas. I'm going for the Musada Method using a Feebas a received in a trade from an Asian continent, not sure which one actually, and my own Ditto. I've gone through about 20 eggs now and nothing yet. Has anybody had any luck with this method before?


GOTCHA!! ^_^
Lucky people getting the Events. Australia gets 'em, but never New Zealand. .__.

Not really. They only happen if you live in the metropolitan area/near one of the stores that actually host the event. Unfortunately, I don't and the only event thats happened near where I live is Manaphy eggs being given out >.<

Congrats to:
Dragonking for your shiny cacnea!
BluUmbreon for your Cranidos! (nice nature !)
MattyXB on your rumble shinies.

I think there were a few before this (Sudowoodo and Wooper?) that I missed, so congrats to you guys as well!
Well, I've finally fully prepared both my FR and LG cartridges, having an Illuminate pokemon (Staryu and Volbeat) + White flute + Bike in my party to duel hunt in Viridian Forest.
Shinyhunter from Youtube just got a shiny weedle after about 10,000 encounters, and I'm only up to 5000 encounters at the moment, due to school and other stuff. Luckily, I think I've got the weekend free this week, so hopefully I can get to 10,000 encounters by then.
As expected, the encounter rate in my game has gone up really significantly, and I'm encountering a pokemon in less than 6 steps o_O.


Youtube: Blair13579
Fufu and Pink Lapras, we could do a 3-way race, seeing as i'm also hunting Heracross. I'm hunting in the pattern bush on LeafGreen, and hatching eggs at the same time, so we'll see if anything come up.
Congratulations on all the recent shinies guys, it's giving me a lot of motivation to keep up with my hunts.
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