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The Shiny Pokemon Club

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Hi, nothing new for me. Hatched 478 Ponita Eggs and still nothing.

But I found something interesting on GTS. Maybe this is good for someone here, I have no Mew under Lv. 10. Someone in Spain has a Shiny for trade on GTS. Good luck for the first, who find this one and can get it.




it shone! ^_^
Oh, man. A little while ago, on the 4th June, a shiny Golbat appeared in SoulSilver's Ice Path after 11,615 encounters. Since I really wanted a shiny Delibird/Swinub I decided to continue hunting.

And now, after 13,783 encounters...

... another bloody shiny Golbat has just appeared! >_< This one is also female (but Relaxed natured).

It's great to get two 1/8192 shinies in one day, but why couldn't it have been a shiny Delibird or Swinub (who even has a higher encounter rate at 40%) or better yet, a shiny Cresselia?

Sigh. I took a picture of it anyway:


I will keep hunting in the Ice Path. I'm detirmined to actually get a shiny ice Pokemon from it one day.

Oh well, at least I'm up to three shinies in the Johto Tour; two Golbat's and a Kakuna.

Good luck everyone.

Edit: I took some profile pics of my new shinies.

Shiny Kakuna
Shiny Golbat number two
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Arriving glacially.
What the FACK!!!

Helio...I think the shiny Gods are smiling on both of us today...

I say that because I'm currently battling a shiny TRAPINCH on my Ruby version!!!! It appeared after 7,406 encounters...

Gonna catch it now. :)


gotcha! :D
Congratulations Heliotrope on your second Golbat! and Shiny Fufu on your Trapinch (shiny Flygon is one of my favorites :])

And so I come bearing good news guys! I hope some of you took notice of the fact that I've been dual SRing for Kyogre and for a starter to compensate for my corrupted soulsilver, which i found a shiny cyndaquil on..

so last night, at my cousins house, i decided to do a few SR and .. I FOUND A SHINY CYNDAQUIL!! :] I named him Tomato like my old one and the void has officially been filled. :] pictures later x] ive been too excited and playing like crazy since last night ahhh x] hopefully Kyogre will shine soon as well.


Bird trainer
Thanks for the congrats on Lugia. :)

I've done about four hours resetting for Kyogre so far, all the while training my SS team for the Elite. Just beat them and will probably be abandoning my games for a few days while I read The Shining.

Has anyone here ever met a shiny Pokemon random?

Ten of my shinies were random encounters.

Swellow (caught as a Taillow), Illumise, Crobat (Golbat) and Whismur came from the same Ruby file. Golbat and Whismur were caught within 24 hours of each other.

Dusclops came from a newer Ruby file.

Mightyena came from Emerald.

Fearow, Weepinbell and Hippowdon came from Diamond.

Rattata came from Heart Gold.

Favourite shiny you own?
Either Murkrow or Ho-oh, because they both just look gorgeous.

The pigeon is awesome, as is the electric zebra. The chinchilla is cute, and the crocodile is nice, though not really my kind of Pokemon. The pink blob is eh, ad the fire-gorilla thing is ugly as sin.

Congrats on new shinies, welcome to new members and good luck on the hunts.


3891 EGSS!!!!
Wow theres loads of luck going on around this month, but unfortunately i don't get any of it D< it sucks but im gonna keep going with my BCC before continuing my soulsilver starter hunt, I've been getting loads of motivation from the recent shinies that have been caught so its inspiring to me lol.

Also i watched your video helio xD, when you caught a shot of your cat i was like "omg a shiny cat, i so want one" xD but anyway a little humor for myself to drown out the fact nothing's shining for me x.x big congrats to you and fufu on the new shiny kakuna and trapinch.
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I...I Did It!
Well I've still haven't been hunting...because I got loaded with more work...I'll catch up soon. Oh, I do have one thing to post though -


COMON' ENGLAND! This is it America...let's see who makes it.
Good Luck guys!


Shiny Pokemon Hunter
Hey All! I've reached 1800 RE in the BCC. Really want something to shine before 2000 because I'm going to start a new hunt on another game, so I don't become bored.








Man Fufu, you seem to be sure getting a lot of fire type shinies lately :)
Thanks for the inspiration Heliotrope. Seeing you get a BCC shiny makes me want to keep hunting for one.

So, maybe my Shaymin hunt will finally start on Platinum. Shiny Darkrai really needs a shiny partner.

Good Luck Everyone, wherever in the world you may be.
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Completing The Trio
Wow, i had to go back two whole pages to see who had caught any shinies recently.

Congrats to hitoshura0 on the Shiny Rapidash, fantastic shiny, love the silver shinies.

Congrats to ChaoticInverse on the Shiny Gligar & TkoH on the Shiny Tyrogue.

Congrats Cell on the Shiny Totodile.

Congrats Minhimalism on the Shiny Cyndaquil


Huge congrats go out to Helio(Kakuna & Golbat) & ShinyFufu(Slugma & Trapinch) for their double delightful shiny success today. Fabulous shinies, the both of you, June is definitely a hot month for shinies.


What was your favorite Shiny Pokemon you got?

I honestly couldn't pick. On one hand i could say Larvitar or Nidoran♀, but on the other getting a Shiny Beedrill in the BCC was epic for me, so it really adds to my liking of the Shiny.

But after saying that, theres my Shiny Shaymin, who just looks adorable. Theres just too many to choose. :p


I've done 17 completions of the BCC since i caught Shiny Beedrill. Nothing has appeared just yet though. I plan on getting at least 2 more done tonight, maybe more. I'm crossing my fingers for a good water route swarm tomorrow, specifically Relicanth or Clamperl.

Good luck everyone. :)
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Latest Shiny !!!
Congrats to hitoshura0 on the Shiny Rapidash => Very nice shiny colors gonna need to get a ponyta/rapidash sometime soon.
Congrats to ChaoticInverse on the Shiny Gligar
TkoH on Shiny Tyrogue
Congrats Cell on Shiny Totodile.
Congrats Minhimalism for Cyndaquil
Major congrats to Helio on the kakuna and Goldbat hope the next one is not another goldbat :)
Also major congrats to Fufu on the Slugma and Trapinch.

Well i've just hit 5065 encounters for my route 47 hunt. So i'm prolly gonna get started on my poliwag hunt in pearl soon (double hunt). I'm going to try and get to 5100 before i get some rest. And then get a few more srings in for eevee on my leafgreen game.

I'm also thinking of starting an Shiny Adventure in ruby going as i'm already sring for torchic (on hold for the HG/SS tour) prolly gonna pick that up and go on this adventure. I actually dont have to many shiny's in ruby/sapphire games (beldum/mudkip) prolly this is going to start when i get the torchic to shine and that might also take some time as Black or White is also coming soon.

What was your favorite Shiny Pokemon you got?

Definitely without a doubt my mudkip. Why i really like it, at it's my longest hunt ever. I sringed 6 months for the damned thing and i was glad that hunt was over. I also like my charmander very much as this is the one who really started my shiny hunting career.

Anyways back to a few more encounters then to bed. Tomorrow i need to go to vote for Political party (our contry is a compulsory suffrage country) this prolly gonna take a while i hope i can get my 700-1000 encounters in for the day.


<--31,000 incounting
I didn't think I'd be back so quickly but I am.

After I got the Gligar yesterday I decided to hunt for something in Eterna Forest--either a Buneary or a budew as I like both of there shiny forms. And now today I've gotten another one, on a chain of three I've just caught a shiny budew, and the patch wasn't even shiny. So does that mean it was a chain shiny or a random one? either way I'm pretty excited, my luck has finally risen to an all time high!

I wonder if this means I'll catch that shiny Swellow soon? Congrats on all the new shinies.


Arriving glacially.





I took this picture again because the other one isn't very good.

And here's a video for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry it took me so long to post, guys. I wanted to wait until the video was finished uploading. Shortly after that, I had to go out and run some errands...and in about five minutes I have to go out again. =/

Thanks for all the congratulations, and good luck to everyone else as well. I should probably try and get a shiny for the HG/SS tour, lol...
I am having a bit of trouble and I was wondering if some of you may be able to answer some questions for me.

First, the questions are about RNG abuse in Platinum. I do not want to hear about how awful it is, how it ruins shinies, etc. I don't care, and those comments do not help anyone.

Okay, on to the questions.

I'm attempting to hatch shiny Pokemon, so I I'm wondering, when catching a lvl50+ Pokemon, does it have to be the very first Pokemon I see? IE: Can I run into a level 47 and keep encountering until I see a level 50? I use Sweet Scent to do this.

If not, can I use a repel with a level 50 Pokemon in the front of my party, move around in the same spot, until I encounter a level 50?

Once I'm done with the Coin Flip app, can I switch away or should I keep it there?


Not really here.
Hey guys, congrats on all the new recent shinies!
I see June is a very big month for shinies, so many recently!

Well, I just reached Ecruteak in my Soul Silver, so, I met Bill. I went back to go try to find a shiny Eevee. I want an Eeveelution for my team, so, why not have a shiny one for my team to go with my Croconaw? I only just started an hour or two ago, and, I'm not expecting anything.
Like Totodile, if it takes to long, I am just going to continue on with the game and come back at a different time, and just use something else for my team.

Good luck everyone! And I would like to say good luck to Dark_Steelix. Don't worry, you'll get a shiny soon!
After several days of messing around with RNG shiny breeding experimentation, I have managed to breed my very first(And hopefully very useful) RNG shiny.

Any guesses at what it might be?

Well have a look!

Its a Timid Magnemite! I've wanted one for very long time(Among many others). Unfortunately it has Sturdy instead of Magnet Pull, but that isn't really a very big deal.

I saved before I got the egg, so I am going to reset until it has a Mischievous characteristic.

Here are the pictures:

(These were taken with my phone, so I apologize for the quality.)



And here it is in my party lso you get to see my HM slaves Bonnie and Clyde. Although, Bonnie is a male xD


Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
Well, I was wrong about Ho-Oh shining last night, but I did happen across a rather lucky trade last night. All I had to do was RNG a shiny Trapinch (ironic, considering Fufu's shiny) and a Riolu, and I got a legit shiny darkrai in return. I'm pretty impressed, because I would never be able to get a shiny Darkrai otherwise.



y hallo thar ms. houndour i are shiny darkrai

Now let's just hope that bloody Ho-Oh shines soon.

Congrats and good luck to the rest of you.


← currently hunting
Hello everyone! Thank you all for the congrats on my darkrai, it feels incredible reclaiming a shiny, and in such short amount of time! Upon closer inspection I'm even more disappointed that the sync didn't work because instead of getting a timid nature, I got a brave nature. That is literally the worst possible nature for it as it does the complete oppisite that timid nature does. Isn't that irony though, I guess 1/25 beat 50/50 for once. Seriously too bad, but still worth the shiny. ;)

Congrats on the usual load of shinies here; Heliotrope on kakuna and the 2nd golbat, Cell on totodile, ShinyFufu on both the slugma and trapinch! (Flygon is one of you dream shinies, correct?), as well as the nice RNG and GTS/trade finds. I apologize if I missed anyone, there are so many shinies these days that it's very difficult to keep up. ^^'

As for my hunts, quad resetting is really working out for me so I think I'm continue with that, or at least triple. Lugia, now at 21,000 resets is starting to seem like a hopeless hunt, it'll be ending soon whether it shines or not because I cannot wait any longer to proceed in my game, it's a real shame that this had to take so long. Rotom is at around 53,000 resets, honestly hopeless, I'm quite confident that it will never shine. And because of that I decided that I'd put my recently lucky platinum version, the one where I found both darkrais ;), to good use and double hunt for rotom. I'm at nearly 1,000 horsea encounters in firered.

That's it for now. Good luck everyone!


Completing The Trio
Congrats ChaoticInverse on the Shiny Budew, and again so early on in a chain.

Well today I've finally got good water type swarms. One is Whiscash(JP SS) & the other is Clamperl(JP HG).

No guesses for which one i'm after, as its Shiny Clamperl, all the way.

Hopefully i'll be able to find something today, and with a 60% encounter rate, i'm crossing my fingers that its Shiny Clamperl.

Good luck everyone.
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