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The Shiny Pokemon Club

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Arriving glacially.


There is no way I can explain this without going absolutely buckwild. It just doesn't make sense at all.

Okay, so yesterday I bought a second SS. I planned on using it to soft reset for a second shiny starter. I started yesterday, getting in only a measly 120 SRs before I grew bored for the day. So today, I began SRing again with a bit more determination. Surprisingly, at about 7:57 PM, after a whopping 482 soft resets, this beauty graced my screen.





I also recorded a six minute video, which is still uploading. Because I'm part of a shiny hunting contest at another forum, I figured I could get some hunting in while I wait fore the video to upload to YouTube. I decided to SR for Heatran on Pearl while I double encountered for Ponyta/Rapidash/Magmar on FR and LG. I didn't start right away, however, because I was busy helping around the house with other stuff and posting about my recently obtained shiny Totodile.

Thus, I didn't actually begin triple hunting until about 10 PM. At around 10:15 PM, I was doing the 12,816th soft reset for Heatran on Pearl, and I was encountering the 29th and 30th Pokemon of the day on my LG and FR respectively. However, something was different about the Pokemon on my FR...

IT WAS ****IN' SHINY!!!!!

I was able to bring up the Help Menu RIGHT before the initial stars appeared. I don't know how I even had the mind to do that, considering how badly I'm shaking just typing this message out right now. I don't even understand why I'm having such incredible luck right now, I've done nothing in particular to deserve such fortune...despite this, there is a downside. I have been sitting here for the past twenty minutes, unable to commence the capture of my newest shiny because I'm still waiting for the video of my shiny Totodile to upload! Talk about your a ultimate quandary. =/ Do I terminate the video uploading so that I can record this shiny capture? Or do I just wait and hope that nothing horrible happens? There's still 37 minutes left for the YouTube video to upload, so I think I'll just wait it out...

Now finally, you're probably wondering: "ShinyFufu, what shiny did you run into?" Well...there's no way I'm telling just yet! I want you guys to be just as surprised as I was when I ran into this shiny, so you'll have to wait to find out!

Seriously, good luck to absolutely EVERYONE but me! I feel so bad right now, it's not even funny :(

Oh, and for those that are tl;dr, I basically got two shinies within a three hour/40 encounter span, lol

Edit2: Shiny Totodile Vid

Okay, so I've recorded the videos (it's a two-parter!) of my newest shiny, but my camera's battery is running low. The video of it will have to wait until tomorrow, but there is still enough juice left to upload the photos, so I'll do that.

Thanks to those of you that congratulated me already. :D
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Shiny Ahab
haha well congrats everyone recently, on the shiny dogs and such, and the sudo, and to LSA on reclaiming your phanpy.

but i also just wanted to congrats fufu on that stupid crazy luck!
I was actually worried, because i couldn't tell if you were happy or angry by reading the beginning of your post, i automatically thought you found a shiny and lost it somehow or something :p, but im gladto see thats not the case.

just really sring for lugia on HG right now, so i can SR for latios in less than a month.
so good luck all!
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Well-Known Member
Fufu, I predict that you got a shiny Machop.
Whatever Pokémon it is, congrats on the two shinies within 3 hours.
I resumed my Shiny Ho-oh hunt from around April this year, I'm currently at 580 SR. I hope it shines quickly, but by the looks of things it won't. My English Heartgold has never given me a shiny so.. yeah, I have doubts. Also when I was hunting for shiny Rayquaza it took forever.

Anyway congrats on all the new shinies, extra congrats to ShinyFufu for finding two shinies in a day.


SR for Palkia now.
Yo whats up everybody. Congrats on all new shinies.
Congrats MattyXB on your two shinies.
Congratulations Chibi Muffin for your shiny.
Happy Birthday Dark Steelix. (couple days late)
Congrats mrrrrr Kennedy on shiny sudowudo.
Congrats LucarioMan101 on shiny Tododile.
Shinyfufu on your shinies.
And any other shinies I might have missed.

As for me I havent obtained any new shinies yet. I was trying to hunt for a shiny Mareep of Flaffy on SS but after a week I got tired of it then continued with the adventure and now Im soft resetting for a shiny lugia. Im still soft resetting for a shiny charmander on FR, its been a while since I started but now Im not soft resetting as often anymore.
Again Congrats on all new shinies.


Latest Shiny !!!
Congrats shinyfufu on your totodile and on your secret shiny we cant know yet :)

OK i have some news. After all this time sring for it. I started somewhere march 2009 for this. Trying to chain it. And then trying to sring for it on and of. I finally have one of my dream shiny's.

Behold the shiny evolution pokémon:



Possible iv's: Eevee - #133 (Relaxed): 10 - 13 / 22 - 25 / 16 - 19 / 14 - 17 / 10 - 13 / 26 - 29

Speed and attack looks good the rest is meh.

It happend "yesterday" evening (it was actually already today after 00:00 hours. I went to bed and as always i sring for my eevee. It was my 10-15th sring of the evening and there it was. My shiny eevee. Finally. I have done alot of srings for it i dont know how many but alot.

On my other hunt (route 102) i'm at 10036 atm and will be doing some more in a few moments.
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Wow congrats to Fufu and Redostrike and all the others.

Fufu i'm really interested in seeing this new shiny, i'm guessing it must be something quite uncommon on that location. I was also thinking something had went wrong haha!

I myself have yet to pick up the squirtle hatching after my Absol capture and i have nothing new to report from my Bagon hunt in Platinum as i have been training my new Absol who i named Katastrofa.

Also not started any more SR hunts as i am pondering whether or not i should be making a good battle tower team or entering the pokeathlon. My fiance and i also want to make a good team to try and beat David (Ash guy) at the next UK event if he is there.


+1 cookie for troll
Congratulations to Fufu's TWO shinies and Redo's gorgeous shiny Eevee! It's nice to see people still SRing for them on FRLG alongside the Game Corner in HGSS. There's something about that fluro blue frame that makes it so awesome. ;3

I've passed 17,000 soft resets. I've also announced my hunt to YouTube, as it's just a pain keeping it quiet now. I kept it a secret from here for a while also, mainly because I wanted to wow people with an awesome secret target that was actually secret, but he's kinda taking too long. xD

No other hunts as of yet. My second Ruby cartridge's (the one that popped up Pokerus randomly, my other Ruby spat out three shiny Zigzagoon in just over a week) internal battery has ran dry so I can't use it for hunting anymore, so I'm making the most of my Zigzagoon-Ruby and racing through as fast as I can so I can get my Rayquaza hunt over and done with. I just hope he won't take as long to shine as this stubborn Ho-Oh is. :c

Good luck to everyones' hunts. There's been some nice shiny luck around the place lately.

Edit: Whoops! Almost forgot, I uploaded the photo of my reclaimed chained Donphan I lost when SoulSilver corrupted. The original was a part of my core party along with Morty, so it's cool that I've reclaimed the two shinies I needed to recreate my main party again. Now I just need to buy a SoulSilver cart and away I go. ^_^
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Completing The Trio
Congrats on the Shiny Totodile SF, and on this new shiny of yours, hope it something great. :)

Congrats to mken on the Shiny Sudowoodo, awesome.

Congrats LSA on reclaiming Alex, shame it wasn't another early patch shiny, but its great that you reclaimed it nonetheless.

Congrats Redo on the Shiny Eevee, looks awesome, do you plan on evolving it, or are you gonna keep it as it is.

Congrats also to any new shinies i've overlooked. :D


Still SRing with no luck for my 2nd Shiny Cyndaquil. I'm going to make it my priority to get one before the 31st July, as i really want to stop then and play through SS so i can DualSR for a Shiny Latias.


Just a heads up guys/gals, playasia is taking pre-orders for Pokemon Black & White(thanks Storm for posting the update via youtube). I've placed my order for both already, now just the long 2 month 13 day wait. :p


HGSS ftw!!!!!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Soooooooooooooooooooo, I decided that my goal would be to have an entire shiny team on my japanese heartgold through both random encounters and also SRing, and that I would also SR for whatever I could. I have a list of targets and my first was getting one in the bug catching contest. But, it wasn't the right time for it so while I was waiting for it to open, I random encountered for the only thing there, hoothoot. So I did that for like 1 1/2 hours and then it finally turned midnight and I started doing the bug catching contest. 30 minutes into it I got one of the CUTEST SHINIES EVER!!!! (See Spoiler)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

This is just really amazing! All the shinies I've gotten before this have been months apart (darkrai on Christmas, Lugia in April, Totodile Fourth of July) AND THIS ONE WAS THE NEXT DAY! :D awesome!!!! And once again, it appeared super fast. I don't think I did 100 encounters in the contest itself before it appeared. :D My next target will be Sudowoodo, though it won't be on my team, just for collection.

Also, I've decided to keep all the shinies I get on this game in whatever stage I catch them in, so I've kept totodile as totodile and will do the same for this shiny.

And I haven't decided if im going to go and get a Crown Entei because it'll end up costing me another ten dollars to get another ticket....but on the other hand, I don't know if I can stand not having the trio completed. :/

Also, congrats to everyone else's shinies! I hope all our luck persists :).

Oh and one more thing, does anyone know if the spearow and shuckle that are given as gifts in the game can be shiny? I'm not sure because their natures, names, and ID's are set.

Hope to have to post soon! ;)


it shone! ^_^
Congrats on the shiny Venonat, LucarioMan. It looks great. ^_^

Just a heads up guys/gals, playasia is taking pre-orders for Pokemon Black & White(thanks Storm for posting the update via youtube). I've placed my order for both already, now just the long 2 month 13 day wait.

Oooh, really? Awesome. I've been checking PlayAsia every couple of days, hoping they'd be up for preorder soon.

Now I just have to decide which one to buy... I don't really feel like buying both of them (especially since I'll probably end up getting both in English anyway).

Hmm... decisions, decisions...

Good luck on your shiny hunts, by the way. I haven't found any new ones yet. I wish a shiny Swinub/Delibird woul just hurry up and appear...

Edit: I made my decision - I just preordered Pokemon Black. n_n
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Arriving glacially.
What the **** what the **** what the **** what the ****kkkk

Right now, at this VERY MOMENT, I'm battling a shiny on my Ruby version.


Oh my god, I'm ****ing shaking, trembling, convulsing even. What the hell is this? Okay, so I was looking at the comments of the video of my newest shiny and answering them as I saw fit. In fact, I had JUST copied the link for the video because I was going to post about it here and reveal what the new shiny was to you guys.

While I was doing this, I was SRing for a shiny Heatran while secretly encountering for a shiny in Meteor Falls. I never really told anyone that I was hunting in this place because I didn't want people copying me and getting the very shiny I wanted to get first. Unfortunately, my reticence was pointless because affter only 115 encounters a shiny Solrock appeared on my game about 15 minutes ago. I didn't recognize it as it was scrolling across the screen; however, the shiny noise sounded alerted me as to what had just happened. I literally screamed "What the ****!", and I haven't touched my game for about 15 minutes. I've taken two pictures, and I will proceed to capturing it now.


Oh, and before I forget, here are the other pictures/video links

Part 2




For future reference, the shiny Solrock appeared at exactly 3:00 PM (EST).


Latest Shiny !!!
Congrats on regaining your Donphan LSA
Also congrats to you Lucarioman on getting the awesome shiny venonat.

Oh and shinyfufu, it's awesome to have such a lucky streak. Congrats on the shiny solrock :)

Within 24 hours of my eevee hunt (technically on the same day as my eevee but still i slept between these two) my route 102 hunt has ended. One of those shined i am not saying which one atm. Just try and guess and then open up the spoiler.


Shiny zigzagoon everyone. And it has the pickup abillity.

This one apeared after 10327 encounters. Which took a while but i'm happy that it did. I've had some major luck last month so i think this hunt took some time and some amount of fair encounters. Here is the dex info. The vid is uploading soon after my shiny adventure update vid is uploaded.


Zigzagoon - #263 (Mild): 24 - 25 / 27 / 2 / 23 / 11 / 30

Next hunt for my shiny adventure is Route 116. But i'm thinking of picking up on uxie for a while now. I might do some encounters in my ruby game but not too many. Maybe i'm going back to soulsilver and hunt something for the shiny tour again.

EDIT: I've also pre-orded pokémon Black from Play-asia. Oh and for anyone still going to use google to find a play-asia coupon (5$ off 50$).
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← currently hunting

You guys never cease to amaze me. Major congrats to Fufu and Redostrike!!

Seriously though, I wish I could have of that luck for once. Right now I'm at 57,000 resets for rotom in diamond, 5,000 resets for rotom in platinum, and 4,000 resets for ho-oh in Soul Silver, and 500 resets for my secret hunt in platinum.

I need some of that luck!!!

Jolteon Jordan

As Fast As a Star...
Hey guys, just got a new plan.

So, I decided yesterday afternoon that I'm just gonna focus on Cyndaquil. Why? Well, so I can get the Mystery Gifts. Ruby doesn't need anything like that, so right now I think getting a shiny starter in my US HeartGold should be my first priority.

Also, I've decided to change my IDs every 500 SRs. I didn't start counting my SRs until today, and I feel I did an estimate of around 300 SRs yesterday, so I'm gonna go with that and count from there. I did 501 SRs on my first account with the ID 37114, then I made a second file with the ID 29254, but forgot to save so I had to make a third file with the ID 00326, and so far I've done 9 SRs. So 511 SRs and 1,533 starters. Gah, I hope its Cyndaquil that shinies, and that it shinies soon. I got a fortune that says "Your goal will be reached very soon." I'm hoping that's shiny Cyndaquil, and I hope it's very soon, as in like in a few days. So for now, Mudkip is on hold. Hope for some good luck.

Major congrats on Shinyfufu's shiny madness, Redostrike's Zigzagoon and Eevee and LSA's reclaimed Phanpy! Hope Ho-Oh shines soon for you. I know how you feel.


Arriving glacially.
Hello everyone. Thank you for the congratulations. Here are pictures of my shiny Solrock.







Sorry I haven't been congratulating people specifically on their newest shinies. I am so busy with this shiny competition and real life things that I really don't have the time...normally I EV-train my shinies as soon as I get them, but I haven't really had the chance to do that lately! But yeah, congrats on all the shinies, and good luck to all.

Metal Mania1321

Stick em' up
Holy Shizznit FuFu all 3 of ur shinies are dream shinies of mine I need some of ur luck -_-congrats...u lucky *******.
congrats to Redostrike on Eevee and zigzagoon.
Congrats to LSA on reclaiming Marty, now all you have left is Lotus, Maurice, and Garland, good luck ^_^
Congrats to LucarioMan101 for Bugsy and good luck with Sudowoodo.
Hope some of u guys luck rubs off on me, like LSA i've been on my own reclaim quest starting with pidgey, i've been chaining for one for about a week with no luck :(. wish me luck.

Twilit Dragoon

*omnious thunderstorm*
Congrats on all the new shinies guys(especially Fufu, dang 3 shinies in 2 days o_O).

Well, I have been trying to avenge the 2 shiny Totodile I SRd over in SS, so I spent some time SRing for it. I did 500+ SRs on the ID before and on a whim, I decided to change it again. Funny thing I did, because only 5 SRs on that ID:


This shiny Chikorita appeared. I was really hoping to get a shiny Totodile to avenge the ones I SRd over, but this is still pretty awesome. The thing that makes it awesome: it is FEMALE :D.

More pics:

Closeup of first pic
Shiny FEMALE Chikorita, Lonely
Trainer ID
Shiny Chikorita and AJ

Going to play through the game so I can trade her to a different game. Once that is done, I can then go back to my shiny Totodile hunt and hope it shines this time.

I am also SRing for a shiny Treecko in Ruby as well as hunting another target(secret) in Sapphire 2(which I've been hunting since I caught my shiny Kyogre in HG, effectively abandoning that hunt in this Sapphire). It seems like my 3rd gen games don't want to give me shinies. I'll keep at it and pray I get a third gen shiny soon.
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Hey for those of you who ordered Japanese Black or White off playasia.com, do they accept coupons with pre-orders?
I'm just asking because I have a coupon that expires on July 8th and I am contemplating ordering one of the games to shiny hunt before the english ones come out.

In other boring news... 660 SR into my Ho-oh hunt, I'm definately lacking enthusiasm, funny enough I seem enthusiastic enough to SR for another Johto starter even though I have them all..

Congrats on all the new shinies, feel free to share your luck with me ^_^


Well-Known Member
I have a 5$ off coupon for Play-Asia.
It expired June 27th, though.
But there wasn't anything I wanted to buy that costed $50 US or more...

Thankfully I was wrong, Fufu, and you got one of the shinies you wanted. :)
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