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The Shiny Pokemon Club

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Shiny Hunter
Congrats to
Keruso- Zubat
Romanticide- Shuppet
Johny7197- Torchic

@Pamizard please read the first post to learn how to join properly.

I have been dual SRing for Deoxys and Latias and last night Latias decided to shine after 11,184 SRs on SoulSilver.


This completes my Lati set. She is Lax nature (timid synch failed) with the following IVs:
HP 10-12
Att 10-12
Def 8-9
SpA 25-27
SpD 3-7
Speed 30-31

Speed and SpA are awesome, but the rest aren't so great.


Bad Username
Thanks for responding so quickly BrryanN! 90 larvitar eggs so far and nothing has shined yet. Also, do you guys know if there's a way for me to post pictures without using another website? I just want to know so I can if I run into a shiny.


← currently hunting
Hello everyone, just checking in here! ^_^

Major congrats to everyone who has had such great luck in finding a shiny recently, which seems to be everyone! Needless to say I have not found anything in my absence. My luck is worse than ever and because of that I can no longer consider myself a veteran hunter. I'm not really sure what I mean that by that, but basically I'm pretty aggravated that I can't seem to find shinies anymore.

Ho-oh is my current main hunt and I'm at around 9,000 resets. I'm hoping that it will shine soon so that I can gain a bit of confidence and return to hardcore resetting when my schedule permits.

Good luck everyone!


it shone! ^_^
Pamizard, please read the first post for details on how to join the club.

Hello everyone. The club seems pretty quiet lately; hopefully that'll change once Black/White are out. I haven't found any new shinies since Latias, but I'm still hunting away.

My current shiny target totals are:

Omanyte - 8149 SR (so it's taken longer than my other shiny fossil, Aerodactyl, who shone at 7798 SR)
Phione - 1726 eggs hatched
Raikou/Entei - 240 SR
Sudowoodo - day 57 of SR'ing

I'm hoping that at least one will shine before my copy of Pokemon Black arrives, as I'd like to focus m attention on getting a shiny starter.

Good luck guys. Congrats on new shinies.

Edit: Welcome to the club, Pamizard. ^_^

Seeing as the 5th gen is almost upon us, I have a question for everyone: Are you planning on SR'ing for a shiny starter in Black/White? If so, which one are you going to hunt for?

I most certainly shall be after a shiny starter (unless it takes an age to recieve it like in D/P/P...)

If it ends up being like HG/SS (where you can see if the starter is shiny before you pick it) then I'll choose whichever one shines first. If not, I plan on hunting for a shiny Mijumaru.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the starters' shiny forms look like.
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Queen of Charizards!
OH i realized i forgot to say one thing i apologize I was in a rush to leave for class and such

I Pamizard hereby acknowledge that I have read all of the Forum and Club rules and agree to abide by them.


The Pig Overlod
Hi all! I haven't posted here in a while, mostly due to being away all summer and not having found and shinies recently, but I finally have! After a long drought of no shinies, I finally completed my first set of starters, by getting a totodile to appear last night, after only a few hundred SRs. It caught me so off guard it was, it was so exciting! Anyway, here is a pic.


I now have a shiny Chikorita (currently a meganium), a shiny Cyndaquil (currently a Quilava) and now my new shiny Totodile! (Easily the coolest looking of the three in shiny form imo)

Congratz to all other recent shinies!!
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+1 cookie for troll
Congratulations on the two shiny Totodile, two Latias, Zubat, two Torchic, Sandshrew, Heatran and Shuppet. Sorry if I forgot anyone. x:

Right now I'm jumping from one game to another. Training on HeartGold, Pokedex filling on Platinum, playing through Ruby so I can use the Eon Ticket that Shephard922 sent me through the mail (thanks, bud! ;D), and also playing through Silver and Crystal (since he also sent me his Gold and Silver games omg BOTH WORK).

So busy busy with games for me, but very little actual hunting. I have, however, taken up a hunt which I know I'll go through with, but I'd like to keep it secret to most people, just because it's a shiny that means alot to me, and the way I'm getting it is rather unique compared to how most people get it. :)

I'm at 555 SRs for it so far. I stopped my hunt to reclaim Lotus for the time being. Hunting three shiny starters in a row without a break made me get sick of it pretty quickly, so I'll hunt again when I feel ready.

Good luck to everyones' hunts. You have some nice ones going right now, Helio. O:

Rise and shiny

< Hunting the shiny
You might notice my change in signature, I was getting sidetracked and if I'm honest, I haven't SR'd in weeks. So I decided I needed a new hunt to inspire me, as I go back to school on friday. I havent given up on my old hunts but they're being pushed aside for a while. =]

I'm SRing for a Shiny Extremespeed Dratini from the Dragons Den. Wish me luck. =]

King of Pichus

The digital monster
I need a new shiny hunt that i can find interesting, and yes i will Sr till i get the shiny grass type Black/White Starter, I bet it will be Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And as i said before congrats to al in the favor of shiny lady luck


Well-Known Member
Hey everyone! Just thought I'de stop by here and update on my Latias hunt. I believe it's been close to 4 weeks since I started, but it still refuses to shine. School has been SO busy lately, so I don't have as much time as I like to SR during the week, but this is a 3-day weekend for labor day, so hopefully I can make up for some lost time. I REFUSE to give up on this one. It WILL shine eventually!!!!

Congratulations to everyone on their recent shinies, and good luck to everyone on their current hunts!


PokeProject - GO!
Well I haven't posted here in a while. :(

I was EV training the other day in Route 207 for Machops. I was using the PokeRadar to chain Machops to make it quick. However I went into my first none shiny grass chan Pokemon number one I encountered a Geodude.

And it was Shiny, I was like OMG. :)

The two days after I was EV training another Pokemon but chaining Geodudes for the defence, first Pokemon in none shiny grass, shiny Machop.

How lucky was I?

Only if a shiny Larvitar showed up next. :)


Arriving glacially.



hahahahahahahaha...yes!!!! I'VE DONE IT!

On this fateful day, September 5th, 2010....I've completed perhaps the most important hunt of my shiny hunting career...

Okay, okay, so I owe everyone an explanation. Because I'll be running a 10k with my mother tomorrow morning, this morning she and I decided to go running on a trail. After walking/running for 5.5 miles, we came back home to get ready for church. Now, I really don't like running all that much, and I had to wake up super early, so I'm already pretty peeved at this point. I decided that I might as well get my SR total for Entei/Raikou from 386 (where I left off last night) to 390 for the day; then I would focus on SRing for Lugia.

So, I powered up my computer, started watching a video about someone RNGing for a shiny Lugia, and began SRing for Entei and Raikou mindlessly. I usually run into Raikou first, and today it wasn't any different: Normal Raikou? Run away and search for Entei. Normal Entei? Soft reset. You know, the usual.

So it looked a little something like this: Normal Raikou, run away, go between routes 36 and 37... normal Entei, soft reset...normal Raikou, run away, alternate between routes 36 and 37, normal Entei, soft reset...normal Raikou, run away...crap, Entei is all the way on Route 32. Ah well, this is the 389th SR, so I'll just take a detour through the Ruins of Alph to get this over with.

And so that's exactly what I do. I get on to Route 36, go through the passage way that leads to the Ruins of Alph, and emerge on the Route 32 side of it, and apply a Super Repel.

I enter the grass.

I notice the light brown fur, the blue-gray star-thingy on Entei's face.

My heart skips a beat. All sensation in my hands and feet are lost. Am I dreaming? Hallucinating?

Well, no, I can't be. Because a flurry a stars just went around that oddly colored shiny Entei...and this time, it was on MY blue DS!

That's right people...after a measly 389 soft resets or 778 Pokemon seen in total...

Shiny Entei....on my SoulSilver version.

There's so much more that I want to type, but I simply can't do it at the moment because I have to get ready for church...but all I can say is thanks to everyone who wished me luck (even if you just said "Good luck everyone", I know it reached me), and you all can DEFINITELY expect a video of it's capture! Now that I know the Entei is shiny, I plan on playing through the rest of the game until I have eight badges so that I may trade over my fleeing shiny catching squad and hopefully catch Entei in a nicely matching ball.

And I just wanted to say something else that's important to me. I began SRing for Entei and Raikou back in like...July I think. And the whole time, my brother kept saying things like "Why are you soft resetting for them? You'll never get them. You're wasting your time." When I first started hunting, I simply ignored him, but after a few weeks, his words infected my will to hunt. I began to think he was right, and I truly believed that I would never obtain a shiny Entei. But something inside me told me to stick with it...and I was rewarded for my determination. Sure, 389 soft resets isn't a lot; heck, it's practically nothing. However, the fact that I continued to reset despite my self-doubt and my brother's hopeless attitude is something that I just noticed, and honestly, the words "Never give up" have never meant more to me than they do now. I'm just so supremely overjoyed at the moment, I can't even put it into words...other than Piplup, this is perhaps that the most difficult hunt I'll ever do, and I really can't be more content than I am right now. :D

So yeah, good luck to everyone, and sorry for making such a long post. ^_^
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Metal Mania1321

Stick em' up
Atta boy FuFu, major congrats on Shiny Entei! Can I have some of your luck, please? Congrats to everyone else too. I don't really have any hunts right now, I'm just playing through Soul Silver, FireRed, and Emerald maybe I will see a random Shiny :). When I beat SoulSilver I'm going to go for my 1st SR'ed Shiny, Suicune. After that it's either Ho-oh, Lugia, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, or Azelf. Wish me luck and again congrats FuFu.


Active Member
Major congrats on Shiny Entei ShinyFuFu! ='D At the moment I'm hunting on a Shiny Latias in my Soul Silver version. I'm doing this, because I have to wait until the contest starts and I can hunt on Shiny Torchic and Shiny Cyndaquil. Also congrats on the Shiny Geodude and goog luck everyone!


it shone! ^_^
That's awesome, Fufu! It's always great to see someone catch a running shiny. And it didn't take that many SR either. n_n

I'm looking forward to seeing some inspiring shiny Entei pictures. ... you've kind of made me want to go off and do some more SR'ing for my own shiny Entei/Raikou.

In shiny news... I haven't found anymore shinies yet. But here are my current shiny hunting totals:

Omanyte - 10,176 SR
Phione - 1910 eggs hatched
Raikou/Entei - 246 SR
Sudowoodo - day 60 of SR'ing

Edit: Now I am doing so more Entei/Raikou SR... and on the 1st SR I stupidly SR once I saw the Entei wasn't shiny, before checking to see if Raikou was shiny. I hate it when I do that... >_>
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King of Pichus

The digital monster
I need help deciding on which pokemon to hunt for!!!! any one got a sugestion????Preferbly a psychic type!!any one? at all?, well good luck to everyone and, congrats on that awsome Entei Shinyfufu!!! I really need some luck and a hunt to use that luck!!!!!


Active Member
I need help deciding on which pokemon to hunt for!!!! any one got a sugestion????Preferbly a psychic type!!any one? at all?, well good luck to everyone and, congrats on that awsome Entei Shinyfufu!!! I really need some luck and a hunt to use that luck!!!!!

Maybe the GameCorner in FR/LG, you can hunt on a Shiny Abra. Or you can hunt on the Hypno in the Berry Forest in FR/LG, just two suggestions.


Bird trainer
Mega congratulations on the Entei, Fufu! And congrats on all the other new shinies.

I do have a new shiny, no pictures because I wasn't going to post it yet, but after getting Totodile onto Heart Gold, I reset and started SR'ing for another starter. Two hours later, I scrolled round and found myself staring at a shiny Cyndaquil! :)

Because I got two so quickly, I decided to be greedy and go for a third. Needless to say, my game must have known I was being greedy and so is giving me the finger, (early) luck-wise. I'm not keeping track, but definitely over ten hours so far, plus a few hours leveling on Heart Gold at the same time (shiny Latios is now L100). When I stop being lazy, I'll trade Suicune over and start to level him. I'm kind-of hoping Totodile will shine, but I'm not bothered if it doesn't.

Welcome to new members and good luck on the hunts. :)


Arriving glacially.
Thanks for the congratulations, everyone. I now return...with pictures! They're in spoilers because: 1) They're gigantic, as usual 2) I'm too busy to do that cool direct link thingie.






Like I said earlier, I'm not going to catch Entei right away; I'm trying to get all eight badges first, so I'm playing through SS at the moment. While I do that, I'm SRing for Lugia on my HG.

Also uploading a video right now, so I'll edit that into this post some time.

Good luck again, everyone, and thanks for the congrats!


Shiny Hunter
Wow Fufu that is amazing big congrats and to everyone else also!!

Well heatran hunt is on hold for me now that i have crossed 31000 resets for some chaining. Picked up a shiny gligar on friday but wrong nature so won't upload pics. I plan on chaining for both a shiny gligar and shiny pineco for a battling team. Will upload pics when i get correct nature gligar however. So in the mean time the first gligar i got has been adopted my girlfriend.

Hoping these two shine soon. Really want to finish this heatran hunt. I am almost considering RNG ing it :(

Good luck all and have a fantastic day!!
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