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The Shiny Pokemon Club

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Queen of Charizards!
I have Pokemon black but I have not run int any shiny yet. Hopefully i do ^_^ wish me luck
Wow i can't beleive we're not allowed any new stuff up on the site yet we can see these lovely shiny sprites! xD

My favourite one in general is the chandelier but i do not like the shiny atall =/
My fiance and i were hoping gear and it's evolutions would be brass coloured so he could call it steampunk =P But alas it is different colours.

Some are a plain dissapointment some are really cool i will definately be hunting Kibago as i love it's final evo's shiny colours!

As for my own hunts...

I've hatched 250 + Dratini eggs in SS
Postponed Squirtle and Suicune hunt for now, i am adamant i get a shiny Dratini as i have wanted one for so very long now.

I have decided to get 200 eggs, store them, hatch them then get another 200.

It seems to make it a bit quicker in terms of obtaining and hatching for some reason.

Oh if anyone is interested here's a link from the offical 5th gen pokemon discussion with the same shiny sprites but they are all separate graphics i think.


Dunno if it will be an automatic link you may have to copypasta.

EDIT: I just realised that they tweaked Lugia's sprite... WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR FACE! It has dented beak now.
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PokeProject - GO!
I wanted to get into blogging so I thought I would start a Shiny Pokemon Project to start getting used to blogging by updating my progress.

I ended up starting three projects.

I hatched a Masuda Method Charamander today, and it took only 164 Eggs!


Shiny Circuit time!
Ugh... I so wish that I could read japanese. then maybe I could have ordered the game from Japan! oh well... i dont want to wait so long, but I guess i'll have to. All complaining aside... I personally love almost all of the shiny forms for the new pokemon! I have big plans for when spring comes around... hehe :D That fire pig will be mine!


+1 cookie for troll
I'm proud to announce that I'm the first member of the club to recieve a shiny on a solid Black/White cartridge (or any version of the game for that matter)!

I only recieved my copy through the mail today! I've been playing White on my R4 for the past few days, but the first day playing my solid cartridge, I find this beauty...
EDIT: @Pucca_ness Heck yes! Definitely using her on my team! Though I won't EV train her until much later, can't be bothered staying back to do that.


I was training Ashura, my Mijumaru, since the first gym is a real toughie with type disadvantages. I was webcamming with Shephard922 and joking about how cool it would be if I found a shiny, while hoping to encounter a Tabunne to handle Yanappu's attacks. Obviously I was crappin' bricks when I saw blue instead of purple!


I caught her in a Dusk Ball (the only one I had), and she is Gentle nature. Named Scarlet, for her evolution's shiny colours. :)

Video of her in battle, sparkling.

Unfortunately it just shows the battle and capture. I was freaking out something terrible and couldn't think of a nickname, so I might make a video of her in battle another time!

Hopefully this will be inspirational to anyone hunting for a shiny in Gen V. The sparkles are so amazing on this game!
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Congratulations LSA xD I quite like that pokemon and it's shiny evolution =]

Are you going to use it in your team? I can't beleive you found it so quickly.

I just found out the version exclusives are different, the eagles have been swapped with the vultures. This means i can possibly fins a shiny Wargle on white now but i feel bad because it is my fiance's favourite gen V pokemon and he is getting black.

Still no luck with Dratini's, I've been too busy finding out info for the new games xD I hope i can hatch one soon and then get back to Suicune.
CONGRATZ LSA XD Once i'm gonna get black, i'm gonna sr for pokabu :p lsa, can you please post a small vid of the bw sparkles?

no luck on my shroomish hunt yet, i hope silcoon won't shine....again :p


Swampert Trainer
LSA, can you upload an image of it?


Not really here.
LSA, can you upload an image of it?

Did you not read the entire post? And no one liners.

Congrats LSA! I knew somebody would probably find a random encounter shiny while training.

I'm currently in the forest that has Monmen(one of my favorite Pokemon), Fushide, Kurumiru and some other awesome Pokemon. I'm hunting in it while Ivyon can catch up to me. (Me, him, and the member Profile are all going to play the game together)

I know I'm not expecting anything, but its helping catch up on some levels nonetheless. I also downloaded the ticket but I haven't reached Hiun City yet.

Good luck everyone and congrats on all new shinies!
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Rise and shiny

< Hunting the shiny
Still no news on Shiny Tsujara.
Congrats to LSA, it's great to see someone with a random Gen V shiny already.
Also, congrats to BlueEew. One day it'll be an awesome shiny Charizard. (assuming youre going to evolve it.)


← currently hunting
Hello everyone!

Major congrats to LSA on capturing one of the first Black/White shinies ever, and not a bad one at that!

I ordered Black version the other day from Play-Asia and I plan on resetting for Pokabu because it's final evo is one of the cooler shinies of this generation. Speaking of that, I have to say that this generation's pokemon and their shiny forms do not disappoint. I am very pleased with both. I am not pleased, however, that they crammed all the good version exclusives into White version and left Black with almost nothing.

I'm at around 13,000 resets for this pesky ho-oh, and maybe 9,000 for rotom (not including previous resets). Also, for anyone interested, I updated my shiny banner in my sig, you should check it out. ^^

Good luck everyone!
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New Member
Hey, can i be part of the club...im a new shiny hunter but ive caught a shiny bagon, shinx and spoink. I just got a copy of pokemon black and im sring for a shiny mijumaru, ill keep u guys updated w my results


820 eggs so far
Hey, can i be part of the club...im a new shiny hunter but ive caught a shiny bagon, shinx and spoink. I just got a copy of pokemon black and im sring for a shiny mijumaru, ill keep u guys updated w my results

Just go read the first post in it's entirety first please, there's something in it you need before you can be admitted.

Trying to tear myself away from white so i can reset for pokabu on pokemon black, these games are so addictive

The King of Ho-oh's

<---- Newest Shiny
Well today (the 21st) was the single greatest shiny hunting day I've had! :D
Despite a dry spell that reaches almost as far back as the release of HG/SS I've (in less than 24hrs) encountered two 1/8192(?) shinies!

The first was on my Pearl Version. I was doing double random encounters (at 4 am this morning) in Eterna Forest when this sweet baby popped up:




Battle went like this: KOed her Chansy with one Mach Punch, then KOed the Cascoon with ember, swapped to Budew and paralyzed it. Caught in the first
priemer ball :) I did a total of 2,000 ecounters (which equals 4,000 pokemon seen).

Later (at 8 pm) I went to try a little SRing in my HG. Which landed me not only my first ever shiny Legendary, but also my first HG shiny! Could she be any more fitting to me?




I orginally ran from my Ho-oh on this play through of HG. So I have found
out that you CAN SR for the version mascot AFTER the E4 :D She didn't
want to stay in any ball I chucked at her, so after a fight of 30mins I just
Master Balled her. I had done a total of 5k resets for a Ho-oh before the E4.
Then today I went to see if you can SR for it after the E4 and within 40 SRs
she popped out! I can't believe that not only my favorite pokemon, but my
favorite shiny is MINE! :D :D :D

Congrats on the 5th gen shiny LoneStarAkira! Also congrats on any other
shinies I may have missed! Good luck everyone and may you be just as lucky
as I was tomorrow! ;)


Well-Known Member
*wipes dust off of self*man nearly been 2 years since i did anything on here, firstly congradulations on all new shines since i have been away, and lucky LSA getting the shiny choroneko<spelling might be wrong, shoot me>, i do believe i will be SRing for Victini since you can actualy do that with this awesome pokemon, and good luck to all those currently hunting


it shone! ^_^
Welcome to the club, zawesome. Could you please delete your double post?

My copy of Pokemon Black has just arrived. Yay! n__n

Now I can start hunting for a shiny starter. But first I'm going to SR, as I always do, for an interesting ID number.

Good luck everyone. Congrats on new shinies.


tic tock
Congratulations LSA and King Of Ho-ohs! I'm dying for my copies of Black and White to arrive (White shipped the slow way and Black the fast) and still trying for a shiny Mewtwo in SoulSilver. Reading all the times you guys SR and encounter Pokemon is really keeping me motivated! I don't count the times I SR but I've been at Mewtwo for 4 days, roughly 4-5 hours a day.

I am positively in love with some of the new Pokemon, namely Meraruba and Urugamosu. If I give up on SRing for a shiny Pokabu or Tsutaaja, I will not give up on Meraruba. I'm fairly sure if you save before getting the egg you can SR for it, right? Because that yellow moth would just be delicious.

Anyone else scoped out a favorite shiny from the 5th gen? (save for the starters)


Bird trainer
Are we meant to be spoilering BW stuff still or what?

Birds first: Mamepato line changes colours a lot. o_O Shinpora is kinda cool looking, Aaken/Aakeosu look really nice. Swanna and it's pre-evo is boring, Wargle is bright but not sure if I like it, its pre-evo is plain but ok. Vultures are alright.

Starters: Grass starts off nice, but dulls as it evolves. Fire has some nice shades of blue in the later stages. Water doesn't change much, though I really like the turquoise of the second stage.

Legends: Victini is awesome. I like the first event one and aybe the pink one out of the first trio. All the others are kinda meh.

Everything else: First stage water monkey is a nice colour. Mushurna is really pretty (and reminds me of Cresselia). The rocks on Gigaisu are a lovely colour. First stage turtle is neat. Zorua looks really odd. The mirror thing is still weird as hell but looks good. Nothing else really stands out to me.

There seems to be a ton of turquoise on these new shinies. o_O Which I'm not complaining about, but on something like Zorua it does seem very random.

Target-wise, Aaken is obvious, probably Victini, maybe the pink legend and the first event one if it's possible. As for everything else....with no PokeRadar listed on the Items page, most of them will be stuff I admire from a distance. If the Masuda Method (or similar) returns, I might try and hatch for a shiny from each bird line but I'll wait and see.

(And yes, I cannot be bothered to learn the Japanese names of most of them.)

I haven't been hunting recently. I've been going through Soul Silver again, currently at Goldenrod with about 8 hours playing time. ._. Not raising six L1's from the beginning again. Would like a random shiny but not epecting it.

Congrats on new shinies, welcome to new members and good luck on the hunts.


tic tock
I spoiled it mostly because that Pokemon is received as an egg. Just in case.

I agree that Zoroark looks weird... and yeah, Mamenpato's line is pretty awesome. Heh, I'm scrambling for the names even if I always nickname mine. In any case, I'm going to be hunting for a lot of shinies once my game arrives.

Decided to start SRing for a Chikorita in my other SS and another Treecko in Ruby since I really need to take a break from Mewtwo, here's hoping!
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