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The Shiny Pokemon Club

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Swampert Trainer
I think im going insane with this Rayquaza. Im already at 4500 SR.

I hate all those people who get shinies after 100 SR.

and Kratos, I hate you the most!!


Fellow Espeon Lover!
Thanks everyone and congrats on the Koromori, Dracidius!

Well, as I promised: Monmen pics!





Sorry for the crappy pics, I used my DSi Camera.


he will be mine
why megaton because of the wurmple? XD

still no luck with the gastly hunt and that monmen is awesome


← currently hunting
I think im going insane with this Rayquaza. Im already at 4500 SR.

I hate all those people who get shinies after 100 SR.

and Kratos, I hate you the most!!

Please don't even start with that. Nearly every single one of my hunts these days exceeds 10,000 resets. I'm currently at 15,000 resets for Ho-oh, it took me 23,000 resets to find my charmander, 25,000 resets to find my lugia, 60,000 resets to find my mudkip, and I've done over 220,000 resets for rotom and he still has yet to shine.

On another note, I understand your feelings towards the incredibly lucky people who almost always find their target in 3,000 resets or less. That's disgusting unfair. But that's how shiny hunting works.

No shinies for me, probably won't be for a while.

I ordered Pokemon Black version from PlayAsia on the 9 days ago and it has not yet arrived. Which annoys me since they said that it would get here in 5-10 days.

Good luck everyone.


Newest Shiny~
Wow, it's been nearly 2 years since my last post here o_o

I see a lot of people have joined the club since then, which is great.
Sad to see a few other good hunters have left, though.

So yeah, I don't have a main reason for my "come back", I just remembered about this place some time ago and decided to post every now and then.

First off; Congrats to everyone who got a shiny lately!

As for me; After getting Torchic back in 2008, I took a long break of hunting.
Early 2010, however, I started hunting again and got quite a few shinies since then. I won't post pictures of them, but all of them are on my YT channel (link in signature).

Shuckle is my most recent shiny, after that, I was waiting for the release of B/W so I could start hunting there. Now that I got White; I'm hunting like crazy to get my first 5th gen. shiny ^^

I'm hunting on Route 5, hoping for Yuniran (Rankurusu's first form).
I wouldn't mind to get the garbage bag pokemon though, as I like his shiny form.
I love the new wild double battles, it makes hunting more fun.
I'm not counting my encounters, but based upon the hours I spent here, I can say I'm past 8000 encounters for sure, so I hope something decides to shine soon.


That was a kinda big post xD
Ah well, it's been 2 years, so it's actually a small summary of those years =p

Good luck to everyone on their hunts!
Also, I hope the 5th gen. will be an awesome new shiny adventure for all of us ^_^

EDIT: @Megatron; Act normal o_O
The chance of finding a shiny is 1/8192, so 4500 isn't THAT much.
My Gastly took me almost 30,000 encounters to get, do you hear me complaining?
If you're going insane with 4500 SRs, then let me tell you this: Get a different hobby .__.
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Dragon Goddess Flyder
You think you have it bad with shiny Rayquaza Megatron? I'll have you know that a shiny Rayquaza beat my team in Ruby a year and a half ago. Most of the people here will remember that.

Good luck though, and never lose sight of the dream!!

Good luck and congrats to everyone!!!


Well-Known Member
*sigh*Seems i wont be doing any hunting for a bit, my old DS has finaly died meaning unless i can get one later i cant do anything Shiney Hunt-wise at all which to be quite honest freaking sucks D= seems im out of business for a while
Got a Shiny. Just not a Treecko. YUS I found a shiny Poochyena, at 4544 Approx SR's a Shiny Poochyena appeared.

This isn't fair T_T
However, I will get a Shiny Treecko. Hope it happens before 5000 SR's =/
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<-Miss Latias, shine
Loveable Monmen Espeonatic!

And Megaton, don't take it that serious. Instead, you should be happy for other people. You should be proud you have the courage to go on.

Oh, and reposting questions =3

I've been wondering, with shiny hunting Lati@s with the enigma stone event (haven't started yet because of this); Before battle, you see his sprite waiting for you. Does that sprite has to be shiny? And is this the same for other legendary/"waiting" pokemon?

Oh, and about the shiny Pichu/Spiky eared Pichu event, if you'd trade over the shiny Pichu, restart your game and later send it back, will it still be possible to activate the vent (for the first time)?

And what should be the best nature for Latias? Timid or Modest?

I'm currently trying to catch abras with all natures w/ synchronize. Actually hoping a shiny one will appear =3

GL on your hunts guys!^^


<- You´ll be mine!
Thanks again everyone. Nothing new here yet, still searching for a shiny Kibago.

@Espeonatic : Thanks, I was so surpised it appeared the same day ^^ Very cool Monmen there! Will you EV train/evolve it?

@Maartje: Nope, the Pokemon´s overworld sprite is always the same. You have to battle it to see if it´s a shiny. Dunno about the Pichu or the best nature, maybe someone else can help you with that. Good luck on your further hunt ;)

Also good luck to everyone else!

The King of Ho-oh's

<---- Newest Shiny
Well I'm breaking down. I'm going to import White. Can someone answer this guestion for me though? Are the 5th Gen Japanese games compatible with English 4th gen games? If not I assume a 5th Gen English and Japanese games
will be compatible...

Anyway. I'm doing shiny double Random Encounters in the Wayward cave.
I'm hoping for anything but Geodude. I'm also still SRing for Spiritomb. Good Luck everyone! :D


Queen of Charizards!
NO luck finding shinies in Black yet. Maybe i'll get lucky soon

I'm still hatching charmanders to get a shiny one. I might run into some wild shinies as i raise some more pokemon. I'm aiming for a shiny RAlts or Kirlia in PLatinum, and male so i can get gallade (i already have a shiny GArdevoir)


he will be mine
well im up for 303 RE for a shiny gastly at the old chateau im hoping to do more in this hunt but i was busy with homework.

if i leave the place im hunting in and come back do i still have the chances of finding the shiny?
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no luck with any shinys yet im going to get a ditto in firered to migrate to platinum to breed some salemance eggs hopefully the shiny bagon will show his face. Congrats to all the people who got shinies. ( I dont really post to much but everyday I read the posts
since I joined.)


New Shiny Hunter
Today, I got an iPod touch. I am posting from it. Anyway, I beat the elite 4 and got a lugia. I am at the beginning of the kanto region. By the way I have a question. What was your favorite pokemon that is shiny? Please reply


it shone! ^_^



... Ah-hem. As you can see, my shiny Mijumaru appeared. Right while I was in the middle of watching the football (Tottenham won 4-1! Yay! lol), on the eight day of SR'ing, after a total of 4169 SR, on the 69th SR of a new file... it appeared!!

Shall update in a while with a video of it.

EDIT: Here you go: Shiny Mijumaru video

First shiny Mijumaru of the club, I believe (I don't think it's the first shiny 5th gen starter of the club though; didn't someone here already find a shiny Tsutaja, or am I imagining things?)

EDIT 2: Shiny Mijumaru profile pic. You can see the colour difference better in this; and the 'shiny' star. n.n
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Completing The Trio
Wow, congrats Helio, shone pretty quickly too, so congrats. Can't wait for the video, as its pretty difficult to tell its shiny from the backsprite.

I'm currently Dual SRing for Shiny Victini. I managed to get the masterball today in Pokemon Black, which was my last step before i started the DualSRing.

I've managed around 180SR's so far on both games. I don't expect it to be a quick hunt, but i'd sure love it to be.

I'm hoping it chooses to appear on Pokemon Black, as then i stand a chance of capturing it in something other than a MasterBall, because i have a SuperFang/Hypnosis Miruhoggu on that game.

Good luck everyone, hope to see some more 5th gen shinies appear soon, and hopefully some of those 4th gen targets you are all hunting will appear as well. :D
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Newest Shiny~

As for me, 9000+ encounters on Route 5 (White), still nothing.
Come on 5th gen, show a little love XD


Fellow Espeon Lover!
Thanks, Maartje! I wish you luck on the Latias hunt! I hope your DS doesn't freeze like mine did (Yeah, I shook it like a retard, but that's just a detail *shifty*)

Dracidius: I already evolved it, but no EV training. I have no patience and I don't really like competitive battles.

And congrats to Heliotrope! I really need to start SR for that Tsutaja. I'm so lazy. >_<

Now, a new target after Monmen, which to choose? Argh, such cool shinies! Would be Zorua, if I had one to breed. Tabunne? Moguryuu? Got it! Re on Dual Grass on the route outside Yaguruma Forest or RE's on the Desert. Or RE's on Electric Rock Cave! YEah. That's my new target. Electric Rock Cave.

Corroded Arceus

Shiny Hunter
Major congrats, Helio! You're lucky you got the little guy so early. I have a question for you: When Mijumaru appears out of it's pokeball, is it evident straight away that it's shiny? Like, is it obvious? I want to sr for him when Black comes to Australia, but I'm slightly colourblind (especially with the colour blue) and I'm scared I'll sr over it. I also sr with the sound off because Im usually watching TV as I do it. So yeah.

Good luck with the Victini, Kirk. It's a really nice shiny and one that I can't wait to sr for as well.

Good luck and congrats to the rest of you, as well.

What was your favorite pokemon that is shiny?

I'd have to say Fearow. Not because I like the colours, but because it's the first random encounter shiny I ever caught. I was over the moon, and still love Tweatle (The shiny) to death.
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