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The Shiny Pokemon Lovers Club

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I love shinys, I got a shiny, Deoxy, Latias, lugia, mewtwo, kyogre, dustox, beautifly, gyrados, meditite, Belossom, Pelipper, Skorupi, Kriketune, oddish, ralts (male), geodude, Linoone, vibrava, crobat, Spinx, Salamance, melotic and about 10 more I cant remember

all legit only one im not sure about is kyogre cos its jap



The Teal Mask
Hah, got a shiny ditto


Well-Known Member
As i might have said, i have been on vacation this whole time. Congrats to everyone who got a shiny using the poke radar, i see (from reading all of those pages) that some people even got 2 or 3 :D I hope I have some luck soon, i only can get up to a chain of 27 with Bidoof. Also, thanks Shuko(sp? sorry :p ) for the poke radar guide, i think it will really help me :) !!! GL everyone else also.


P.S. I am going to be going to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom tomorrow so i wont be on at all. I will post again Sunday morning, but then i have to drive back home.(Chicago, IL)


It's Mime Time!
I am currently resetting for a shiny Spirtomb.

So am I. =)
I wonder who will get it first? =p

Anyways, no new Shinies in Pearl still, but I did finally manage to successfully soft-reset for a Shiny Articuno in LeafGreen this morning! ^_^
I'm so glad this I've been hunting this thing on and off for about two years now. =/
Anyways, it's stats are:

Nature: Docile
HP: 159
Attack: 91
Defense: 106
Sp.Attack: 100
Sp.Defense: 137
Speed: 103
Ball: Timer Ball

Shiny Articuno is the third Shiny Legendary I've managed to catch now.
With that done, I'm going to try soft-resetting for a Shiny Moltres now.
Hopefully it won't take me another 2 years... =/

mrrrrrrr KENNEDY

Latest (SR)
Well hi all and congrats to NBM and Afriscot

I started hunting for Driftloon yesterday and im racing Fufu he deserves it more than me though.

Im also going for a torchic on my lucky sapphire but i have all ready out-lasted the hunting time for treecko lol

Good luck in all your hunts.


820 eggs so far
Allow me to be the first to launch pre-emtive congrats to shinyfufu for his finding and capture of shiny drifloon, and hopefully many more to come.

I can start hatching for shiny buneary now, so whenever you're ready BoF.


Arriving glacially.
Pre-emptive congrats aren't cool, VenomX. ;)

Well, since I don't feel like typing out what I just typed in the Fourth Gen shiny thread, and since I can't Copy and Paste posts on this hotel's computer, I'm going to link to my post.

Damn. Didn't work. =/ Basically, I got a shiny Drifloon at the most unexpected time. My cousin, the one who soft reset my younger brother's shiny Ninetales, basically said I would catch a shiny during the car ride. Turns out his usually incorrect predictions were right this time. I caught it with a Quick Ball. It has a Jolly nature, but it's now a level 38 Drifblim. I still have a couple of levels of training to go, but I feel like going for a quick swim. Good luck, everyone.


Frankly I don't care
My current diamond shinies are:

(Yet to go for other two)
Torterra (8th try)

(I also ran into a shiny geodude, but had no pokeballs to catch with.)


It's Mime Time!
Well, this is just strange... o_O
The "PokeGods" of LeafGreen must be smiling down on me today, because late this evening I managed to SR for a Shiny Moltres now in LeafGreen.
That's two SRetting successes in the same game in one day! o_O
Anyways, it's stats are:

Nature: Bashful
HP: 164
Attack: 111
Defense: 99
Sp.Attack: 135
Sp.Defense: 97
Speed: 95
Ball: Great Ball

With Moltres conquered now, I'm going to try to finally go for a Shiny Zapdos.
I've never tried to SR for a Shiny Zapdos before (unlike with Articuno and Moltres), but If this luck continues I wouldn't be surprised if I were able to encounter one by the end of this week.
If only I had this kind of luck in Pearl... =/

King Wulfharth

Divine Wonder...
just evolving my shinies and finally managed to get a cherubi my friend might trade me his shiny Clamperl

what should i evolve it too a huntail or gorebyss?


Still Dirrty
I got new shinys including shiny Chimchar and shiny Gastly
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