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The Shippers Confessional Thread - 3.0 (Updated: September 23rd, 2020)


Demon Child
♥~♥~♥ The Shippers Confessional Thread ♥~♥~♥
It's been a while since we've had one of these so I'm bringing it back.
Are there any things you have done, shipping wise, that you are not proud of? Have you ever bashed a rival ship?
Well, here you can confess your previous sins, anonymously if you wish.

  • All SPPF rules apply!
  • Absolutely NO Bashing or Flaming! I don't want any of you to get the wrong idea. Yes, this is a confessional thread but bashing or flaming other members or pairings will not be tolerated!
  • Be Respectful to one another! This goes without saying though, doesn't it?
  • If you want your confession to be anonymous, PM either Meowth City, myself, or a helper and we will post them for you.
  • Be patient! Many of us have responsibilities outside of SPPF. We will add your confession when we can.
  • If you have gotten your name changed, PM either Meowth City or myself and let us know.

The List


Got any questions or concerns? Contact either Meowth City or xEryChan.

Otherwise, enjoy!​
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Mizz Nikki

Operations Director
I think I'll get this party started then.

  • I confess that I'm so indecisive when it comes to shipping. I never stick to a ship because another will come along and something about that pairing will catch my eye.
  • I confess that I did participate in shipping debates on YouTube, which is something that I am definitely not proud of today.
  • I confess that I don't see the appeal in Pokeshipping one bit. Yes, it's clear to see that Ash and Misty did care for each other but I just can't see them as anything else other then friends.
  • I confess that I absolutely despise Ikarishipping and I still, to this day, cannot understand how people can actually support it. While I usually do love opposites attract pairings, they hardly had any interactions.
  • I confess that I used to hate Contestshipping back when I was a Cavalier/Advanceshipper but I have warmed up to it, a lot.
  • I confess that it really bothers me when I see Pokeshippers say they have to support MangaPokeshipping because of Pokeshipping, even though that nothing in the manga is relevant to the anime and vice versa. Plus, Red and Ash are not the same person.
  • I confess that I hate some Pokeshippers with every fiber of my being, due to a bad experience with one a few years ago. I wanted to punch the girl in the face so bad.
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High School DxD Fanatic
I love doing these:

* I used to hate Pokeshipping to the fullest and even got into debates when I mainly supported Pearlshipping. Now I support it just as much as any Ash shipping
* I felt like Ikarishipping was the Twilight verison of Pokemon shipping. I always wonder why people love it so much.
*I used to read a Ikarishipping fanfic and review it saying Pearlshipping was better when I started out in the shipping fandom.
*I used to hate NaruSaku in the past but now I support it to this day.
*It bother me wondering why people support Yaoi pairings.

Victorian Rush

Weather Manipulator
Forgive me for this but yes, I have a few things to confess myself:
  • I used to hate Pokeshipping way back in the day when I only supported Pearlshipping and although I'm a lot more open-minded towards other rival ships than I used to be, my view on Pokeshipping has not changed much, if at all. I just don’t see it between Ash and Misty, I never have and I probably never will either.
  • At first, I did not care for Amourshiping in the slightest, but I have warmed up to it quite a bit.
  • I used to participate in debates, which is something I am, most definitely not proud of today.
  • I don’t usually hate ships but I absolutely despise Ikarishipping and FlavescentShipping. They are two of the most implausible ships ever and have nothing going for them sorry not sorry
  • Yes, I am a Pearlshipper but it's not my OTP, Agencyshipping is. I love that ship so much.
  • I get so annoyed whenever I see Ikarishippers claim that Paul being less harsh towards Dawn is a sign that he loves her. No, Ikarishippers, it's not a hint so stop reaching.
  • I seriously think some people on here who shall remain nameless need to chill when it comes to supporting their OTP. If you don't like a pairing, okay fine. No one is telling you that you have to but is it necessary to put down the ship and tell people that supporting it is a waste of their time? I mean really?
  • Some Amourshippers need to wake up and smell the coffee. Whether you want to admit it or not, Serena is going to leave at the end of the XY saga, and Ash is going to go to Alola. It is going to happen, if you do not want to admit that, that's your problem.
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shy shipper
-Don't really care for Pokeshipping that much, just mostly neutral for it.
- Never understood & still don't understand the appeal and/or popularity of BurningLeafShipping & Ikarishipping.
- I dislike Gymshipping & Rocketshipping (anime version. Haven't even got to them in the manga & probably won't anytime soon).
- I usually don't care for protag x protag ships. The only ones I like are HoennShipping & KalosShipping a bit.
- For het ships with Ash, I prefer him with side characters (Angie & Anabel) than the girls he traveled with.
-I just can't get into AmourShipping atm. I kinda do wanna like it, since it kinda reminds me of NaruHina, but I just can't.
-While I'm not a huge fan of it, I find Negaishipping extremely underrated and mostly like it better than pokeshipping.
-Most female companions I like with other people other than Ash. The two I can't ship anyone with is Serena and Iris.
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New Member
-While I don't really participate in debates as to which shipping is better, I can't help but see the negatives first before moving on to what makes them great to me. I do adore Franticshipping and SoulSilvershipping, however.

-I mainly support in-game ships. Not really Anime. I feel that Ash is <strike>asexual</strike> not really meant to be with anybody. Like a lot of the other male protagonists this gen... *sigh* For example:

-Pokeshipping, I have mixed feelings about. Sure, it's clear Misty likes Ash, but I feel that she treats him badly enough for me to not really support it.

-Amourshipping... ehh... it's in the beginning of the series right now, so i feel there's time for Serena to develop other than the 'girl who has a puppy-love crush' to follow the protagonist. But right now, it's not really working for me. The relationship is waaaay too one-sided.

-Ikarishipping? I never understand why fangirls insist 'they hate each other, (okay, so they're not really hating each other but I feel Paul isn't exactly fond of her), so they must be in love.' NO.


8000 MMR
Yes! A thread to let all the negativity out of me! Here we go (no offence BTW):

-I don't really hate Pokeshipping. What I hate about it is, Kasumi is much older than Satoshi. That kinda breaks my 'not going to date someone older' rule.
-I just... @%$* Contestshipping. I'm an Advanceshipper myself, but when I realized Haruka has a canon crush on Shu, I thought my life was over. Nonetheless, I do think they look cute together, but still... I'm an Advanceshipper man!
-Pearlshipping. They do look cute together, but I can't help but think they're just good friends with all those high-fives. I'll change my mind if it is instead hugs.
-Ikarishipping came to my mind after the DP series. I kinda despise it before, but now I'm warming up to it, since they're the opposite of one another, there is a posibility that they will be attracted to each other, like magnets.
-Negaishipping.... no comment


Yusarin >_<
Eh let me do mine (only very few xd)
- I used to say that Naruto was a kids show without watching then I feel defeated after watching even just one episode
- I don't find myself shipping pokemon characters in the past , but knowing that is fun to do so is what makes me to ride with it
- I never seem to like Gary & Paul in the past and it probably it has to do with our same personality
- I used to support Yuri pairings a lot, even from this day on because I find two girls cute when tag or paired with one another


- I really hate to see many people saying that ContestShipping is canon, really, because it isn't
- I can't understand why everyone loves OldrivalShipping, it's so hintless that hurts
- I used to hate PokéShipping, but now is one of my OTPs
- I don't like when people say that AgencyShipping and ChessShipping are the same thing, because they aren't
- AdvanceShipping is my childhood OTP and i still love it
- NaruHina is my anime OTP, nothing will change that <3
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Misty Come Back!
-I confess that I am not actually a "shipper" however I enjoy reading and discussing Pokeshipping as it is undeniably something that was introduced and built upon in the actual show. I love discussing character and plots and the relationship between Misty and Ash was so fantastic!

-I confess I enjoy poking fun at Advanced Shippers because their "hints" from the show are such desperate attempts at forming a relationship between May and Ash where one does not exist. If anything, May and Brock were hinted at more by the show.

-I confess that the shipping between Prof. Oak and Ash's Mom is my absolute favorite ship, and it's a very sexual ship as well.

-I confess that I only look into ships that I find relevant to things introduced in the show, so when I don't see an ACTUAL relationship forming between two characters I don't know anything about their "ship"

-I confess that May's dad and Nurse Joy is my second favorite ship!

-I confess that I believe anyone who bothers doubting Pokeshipping is obviously hurt that Pokeshipping had more evidence that their personal favorite ship and NEED to start looking at things with an open mind.

-I confess that I truly never mean to troll or invade other discussions that conflict or go against my own opinions. Like I said, I live discussions the shows and characters, however I express my love for the character Misty quite openly and others judge my opinions on my love for Misty and therefore believe I can only be a Pokeshipper and have no say in other ships.

I confess I one time shipped a package to the wrong address.
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Let's go to the beach, each.
Here's my confessions:

  • Even though I support AmourShipping, I don't think it'll ever be fully canon. I just think that it's a fun pairing and I don't take it too seriously.
  • I used to be a PearlShipper, but these days I don't see the appeal in it anymore. It seems like a strange ship to me, personally.
  • Even though I'm a part-time PokeShipper, there was a phase that I went through in AG where I was against the ship.
  • IkariShipping seems like the most random ship to me given Paul and Dawn's limited interactions. I can't get into it at all despite trying once.

Pokegirl Fan~

-I don't really ship anyone seriously, I just do it for fun and I do it for the character interactions.
-I found it fun to start and contribute to shipping wars lol.
-I don't care much for Pokeshipping even though I support it.
-I like riling up Pokeshippers because they easily get mad.
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I am who I am...because of them.
- I don't ship things super seriously and fanatically.
- I'm not invested into non Ash X Main Girl ships.
- I don't care about PokeShipping despite supporting it.
- I find it funny to rile up PokeShippers since they're so easy to get mad, plus they hate on my shippings and think they're immune to hate.
- Brock X Flying Fan is funny.
- I hate PokeShippers who say "oh if you hate on our ship you're just desperate that your ship is stupid" but say "I like to rile up non-PokeShippers because my ship is better than yours' and I'm a total jerk". They just seem so full of themselves!


Demon Child
Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, I am posting here. I do have some things to get off my chest.

Pokemon Ships
  • Pearlshipping is the first ship I ever supported so it's always going to hold a special place in my heart but otherwise, I really could not care less about it now.
  • While it's true that I do support Pokeshipping, I always thought Ash and Misty had more of a brother/sister bond than a romantic one.
  • I can’t ship Dawn with anyone else other than Ash. I just never saw the appeal in other ships involving her. I do not like Penguinshipping at all whatsoever, Appeal does not do it for me, and while I am okay with TwinLeaf and Cavalier, I mostly tolerate them. I’m not a supporter of them.
  • I have no comments on Ikarishipping. It is one of the most illogical, hintless ships there are. It baffles me how some people can claim that Paul being less harsh towards Dawn means that he loves her. He never even gave her the time of day, people. I mean, come on. No, just not :/
  • I feel like I'm probably the only person who doesn't like MangaQuestshipping. I just can't seem to get into it, no matter how hard I try. I honestly think that Gold would be better off with Silver instead of Crystal.
  • I do not see the appeal in FerrisWheelShipping and I don’t know why everyone seems to love it. I'm normally am a sucker for heroine/villian ships but FerrisWheel just doesn't do it for me. I prefer Unovashipping over FerrisWheel.
  • I've never understood why some people get so worked up when it comes to supporting their favorite ship. Shipping is just meant to be fun, it's not meant to be taken so seriously. If you don't like a specific pairing, cool. Good for you. You don't need to point that out every time you post. Just ship and let others ship, what is so hard about that?
Non Pokemon Ships
  • I am a supporter of Taiora (Digimon), Dakari (Digimon), LingFan (FMA), Royai (FMA), CluClu (Code Geass), LawLu (One Piece) and ZoSan (One Piece)
  • I’ve been a Tai/Sora supporter since I was a kid and I, still to this day, cannot understand why the writers decided to have Sora get with Matt instead of Tai.
  • Having Ken and Yolei married at the end of 02 was the only thing that the epilogue did right.
  • I probably am never going to get over the fact that Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye did not get together at the end of Brotherhood.
  • My FMA headcanon is that when Ling becomes emperor of Xing, he changed Xing so it is no longer the way it is and he could finally settle down with Lan Fan, who was head over heels for her lord.
  • It’s probably just me but I’m not a big EdWin supporter. Yes, they are childhood friends and Ed has said multiple times that he considers her to be his sister. It made sense for Ed to end up with Winry but I just never got invested into their relationship, not like Royai and LingFan.
  • I’m a sucker for Parental!RoyEd. I have always been fond of the idea of Ed seeing Roy as a father figure since his actual father was MIA.
  • CluClu is, by far, my favorite CG pairing and I’m so glad they made it canon at the end of Lelouch of the Re;surrection.
  • I’m a sucker for LawLu (Trafalgar Law x Luffy) from One Piece, though I do ship Luffy with Nami as well just not to same extent as LawLu


Active Member
I never really shared my opinions about shipping,so here it goes.
-Even though I ship ,I can't seriously ship because of the fact characters, are well... fictional.
-Pokeshipping and Negaishipping don't make sense to me because I don't see the appeal of shipping characters who argue.
-Ikarishipping doesn't appeal to me because of the lack of interaction and the fact Paul is near unshippable to me.
-Pearlshipping and advanceshipping seem more like strong friendships than actual shippings. I do like May and Dawn as characters though.
-I Contestship even though I think Drew is a total pushover.
-I wince everytime I ship something that has to do with Ash because the chances of coming even near canon are 0.01%.
Wow, I feel good for getting that off my chest because nobody I know ships Pokemon.

Mudkip Oshawott Piplup

Krazy KrazyShipper
1) I used to believe you had to ship all the canon ships.
2) My two favorite types of ships are yaoi and Pokemon x Pokemon, and I especially love ships that meet both qualifications like Krazy (Ash's Pikachu and TR Meowth) and Kyoudai (Iris' Axew and Ash's Scraggy).
3) I feel like CommonerShipping will collapse soon under the popularity of HaughtyShipping.
4) Most of my shipping with a human involve Ash. Funnily enough most of my Pokemon x Pokemon ships involve Pikachu.
5) GymShipping was my first Pokémon OTP and I don't get why it's overlooked. And people say the age difference is too big, but they go and support ElderShipping with no problem! Come on, Misty is 10-12 and Brock is a teenager! Plus we've had some pretty good hints over the years, and no, not all of them are ear pulling.
6) I used to hate PokéShipping with a passion, now it's alright despite being one of my biggest rival ships to so many of my OTPs.
7) NegaiShipping is severly underrated and it's not a PokéShipping clone just because of Iris' character, every Ash ship is unique in its own way.
8) You don't want to see a list of all my OTPs unless you're prepared for boredom because that list is too long.
9) I hate when ContestShippers just pick on AdvanceShipping and act like we don't know what Contest even is. I'm not saying all ContestShippers are like that (one of my fellow RPers from the PokéAni RP ships it and is one of the nicest people I've met), but they don't understand we don't have a reason to be picked on just for shipping a rival ship.
10) I can't stand when ships like FranticShipping, CommonerShipping, AgencyShipping, and BurningLeaf are mistaken for their counterpart shippings.
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Misty <3
Pokemon confessions:

- I confess that I've always been a Pokeshipper since I was 10 years old.
- I confess that I'm a shipping addict and I get too emotionally attached to my OTP
- I confess that I don't see the appeal in any other Ash shipping cause I find them too OOC and weird for my taste.
- I confess that I liked ContestShipping, but I don't care about it now
- i confess that I never liked any Dawn ships.
- I confess that I do get annoyed when people support a ship that has no chemistry/development.

Non-Pokemon confessions:

- I confess that I used to ship NaruHina to the point where I was obsessed by it. That's because I was an anime watcher only. I blame fillers.
- I confess that I tried to like SasuSaku but failed. Terrible ship.
- I confess that I spent a while deciding what's my favourite Naruto pairing.
- I confess that when I reread the manga, I've experienced many beautiful things which got me into supporting NaruSaku. Their hints are so beautifully developed.
- I confess that I believe NaruSaku had more evidence/chemistry/development than any other ship, and anyone who's doubting it is hurt. :p
- I confess that I ship SasuKarin, Edwin, NaLu, IchiRuki, LuNa as well.
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I've...bashed Pokeshipping before. :| Back when I was a seriously hardcore Advanceshipper. I would always bash Pokeshipping because I felt I was in the minority...I did it to make myself feel better haha.

I am ashamed.


Radio - On Air!
  • When I started to seriously ship in Pokemon, I told myself I'd only really support like 2-3 ships to save my sanity... I now need to keep a list to know which ships I am currently shipping. xD
  • From what I ship, I gues I'm mostly a nevermet/cross-gen shipper.
  • Jasmine has become my female shipping bicycle before I knew it. I don't think I have a consistent male shipping bicycle, but it's either Morty or Volkner. xD
  • I multiship characters the most in the Pokemon fandom than I do in any other fandom I am active in.
  • To go with the previous point, I also ship more threesomes/moresomes in the Pokemon fandom than I do in my other fandoms.
  • It bothers me so much when people don't use the right ship name for the right counterpart. It's LeafGreenShipping for Gary/Leaf, people, not OldRivalShipping.
  • I become a sad panda when I really adore a ship, but the official ship name for it isn't my cup of tea... I like to be consistent, so if I tag with ship names, I want to continue tagging with ship names.
  • Rarely, if the ship name bothers me that much, I will be too embarrassed to say I ship it. Sometimes the name will even cause me to abandon ship (which I am ashamed of).
  • If I have no opinion on a ship, but see/read really awesome fanart/fanfic on said ship, I will be influenced into liking that ship.
  • I am guilty of sometimes shippings characters based on appearance...and then make up headcanon for them down the line.
  • I have multiple headcanon/alternate universes for how characters meet/fall in love/breakup/etc.
    [*]I get emotionally attached to my favorite ships, which I feel might be a bad thing.

Scarlet Tactician

Lazy, But Here
*It annoys me when people bash fans of ships. I have NOTPs, but I would never bash the fans.
*Similarly, while I have no issue with people having NOTPs, it annoys me when people never stop complaining about their existence, especially if they aren't canon.
*I don't like shipping wars.
*I find a lot of rabid anti-certain-ships worse than the rabid fans of said ship.
*I actually love Ferriswheelshipping.*pelted by tomatoes*
*I don't mind- and sometimes even like- age gap pairings as long as the younger party is 18+ (or ambiguously aged in canon so you can say that if you wish).
*My first ship was actually probably Ash x Ritchie. Also, I thought Ritchie was a girl for some reason. I still kind of like it, actually.
*It bugs me when people bash a ship for being popular. Give more attention to your obscure ships to get them to be popular, too. Also, as a fan of some weirder ships, it sort of makes me feel bad for said ships because then it looks like people only support them because they aren't popular instead of on the ships' merits.
*I don't hate slash, but for some reason, I have a much easier time getting interested in femslash pairings than slash... And I'm female. Usually I see the opposite.
*I am so thankful the Kalos games' shipping wars aren't as rabid as the Unova ones. They were so bad I actually had to step away from the shipping fandom for a while.
*I usually prefer the Lyra version of a ship to the Kris one, but for some reason, Red is the exception. I like both girls and their ships, that's just how I usually feel.
*I still don't have a Serena game OTP. DetectiveDuo is close, but we need more Looker in the inevitable third game.
*My OTPs tend to change a lot, but I think my current OTP (which even changed a day or two after I mentioned my last one) is male Morgan x Cynthia from Fire Emblem:Awakening. In terms of Pokémon, there isn't any I'm really fangirling over right now, but I have a feeling something will happen with OR/AS. My favorite two are Flag and NewRival (which is funny since I was a Hoennshipper in the original games).
*It annoys me in fandoms where you choose between a male and female character when someone who supports a ship with one bashes the opposite gender version of the same ship as rabidly as possible. I'm not saying you have to like both (there are plenty where I love one but am meh towards the other), but it's just kind of obnoxious, especially when the words "fangirl" or "self-insertion" are thrown around as an insult at the other party. It's especially infuriating when both characters have basically the same dialogue and story no matter who you choose.

I'm sure I'll have more, but that's the gist of it.

Confession: I loathe when people use the term fangirl to bash shippers of certain popular ships and accuse women of ruining their favorite franchises and accuse all fans of a particular ship of just wanting to ship themselves with <insert hot guy here>, even though many shippers of those ships genuinely like them and don't go around yelling at other pairings and the anti-shippers are sometimes even worse and fanboys can be just as terrible.
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