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The Shippers Info Center

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Kiori, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. Kiori

    Kiori ♥Tea for Two♥

    Some F.A.Q.s

    What are Shipper and Shipping?

    Shipping: Comes from the word relationship. It is when any, at least, two characters, whether it's from games, books, movies, etc, is paired up by a fan and/or the writer.

    Shipper: Just someone who supports shipping(s).

    What are canon and fandom?

    Canon: When a ship becomes a couple in the anime, book, manga, etc.

    Fandom: When a ship does not become true in the anime, book, manga, etc.

    Shippers Rules

    1.) Follow the main site rules. You know where they are.

    2.) NO CHARACTER OR SHIP BASHING. We don't care what you think about certain characters, and we tolerate no bashing stuffs on these forums. If you don't like someone, that's fine; you can say it as long as you justify your opinion somehow with something more meaningful than "he/she sucks". Use common sense; don't say it in such a way that you know you're gonna get flamed for it. Just be considerate of others' opinions.

    3.) NO SPAM. That's one of the main site rules but is worth a mention here as well. A certain amount of one-line posts are fine and sometimes they are all that's needed, but don't get into the habit of only making one-line posts. Put some thought into what you type. And making a reply immediately after you already made one is spam as well, there's an edit button for a reason. Speaking of which, here's a very descriptive information about SPAM:

    NOTE: There are those I know who don't need to read this. So if you are one of them who choose to read this part, I'm sorry if it sounds offensive to you.

    SPAM is:


    The posts that contain: "Because I am a(an) <Insert a type of shipping here>, I cannot support this ship.", are SPAMs. I am sure to tell you this that any post that contains this in most of his/her posts that they posted on any thread that do not relate to the ship at any way... will. Get. Deleted. This is not a joke. Want to know why that counts as a SPAM?

    One, it is not replying to the topic of the thread itself, which by all means counts as a SPAM. Give reasons that ARE acceptable such as to why you don't think the couple won't work by their personality. Or you can elaborate further without giving most of your post all about the ship that you support or else it's SPAM.

    A MUCH Better advice.. is to NOT post it AT ALL.

    It's not like people are assuming you like this ship as much as those fans likes it. You do know that you have the freedom to support more than 1 ship that involves the same character. People doesn't want the "Because I am a(an) <Insert a type of shipping here>, I cannot support this ship" as the reason why you don't like it. Some people likes to read why certain people doesn't like a certain ship (or, in real life, a certain choice) on WHY you don't like it - such as their personalities and such that can be discussed. And by the way, MOST people won't even bother with it, since it is completely pointless.

    And one more thing (it's not going to be a rule.. just an advice here). If you're planning to make a thread about a shipping that you support, but you only see them as friends, please don't say that. People tend to get confused about that. (A future advice)

    4.) Speaking of SPAM, NO SHIPPING LISTS unless it's approved. They're just an excuse for SPAM, because people keep putting random characters together and the pairing itself is the only content of their posts. Feel free to discuss obscure ships in their own threads, as long as the posts abide by the spam rules. Think of some type of scenario to get your chosen couple together, ask for suggestions relating to a fanfic about them, something like that. This does include posts in shipping polls. You MUST explain why you like them, even though we know it's tiring. Long list, explain them. No exceptions, unless the thread itself was approved to be made a shipping list thread. The Poll part of the "no shipping list" begins at the time this was posted.

    5.) Shipping fanarts are allowed here. You can make a thread for it here, but only if it's going to be updated frequently. Use common sense. Identifying the ship/s your fanfic/art is recommended. No porn are allowed in them. Most posters here aren't old enough for that anyway, and even some that are, are repulsed by it. Also, shipping fanarts are not an excuse for SPAM. Posting what you thought of a fic or picture is fine, but post the reasons why you liked it, or post some constructive criticism as to how it can be improved. Just posting stuff like "that was a good fanart! I liked it! Please draw more!" is SPAM, and it will lead to consequences if it's kept up. This is your only warning. But feel free to go ahead with the intelligent and constructive reviews.

    Speaking of which, Murg has kindly given us the rules for posting fanarts that are already created:

    From this point on, all posts containing unattributed fanart will be deleted. If you drew it, say so. If a friend drew it and you have permission to post it, say so. If you got it from a site that has a written policy allowing reposting, or if you wrote to the artist to get permission, say so and tell us what site. If you don't know where it came from, or if it's on a site that does not specifically allow reposting, don't post it.
    And woe betide anyone who is caught falsely claiming to have permission.

    6.) No Elite speak. You guys know what it is. "OMG P1kach00 is teh l337!" and crap like that. A tiny bit of it is ok as a joke or to make some sort of point, but if all of your posts are like it or most of the thread is like it, there will be consequences. You've all been to English class. TYPE PROPERLY.

    7.) Please don't, don't, don't ever reply to posts that are dead - had received no posts - for over 30 days old. If you don't think you can manage that, then please adjust your display option of the forum, so you will only view threads that have received posts somewhere within the 30 days range. Or, you can face the consequence(s).

    Some of you are fine with the rules. Just go ahead with your intelligent and creative posts. :)

    Shippers' Debate Rules

    1.) You MUST follow all the rules that are listed here. We, the mod team, should not repeat the rules that were already written down already in here, as you guys have just read them.

    2.) You CANNOT bash OR flame.

    3.) Lost in the thread. If you, by any chance, are lost in a thread, then PM someone to get the info or simply read all the posts that you've missed. No exceptions.

    4.) Picking on someone. Don't pick on them, unless you have an eligible reason to and/or if they're alright with it.

    5.) Cussing/Cursing. Because some may have questions about cussing . . . They're alright as long as you're not using them more than you need to. (Besides, a mature debate is better off without swear words, imo.)

    6.) Please don't have some idiotic debate about some shipping that do not need a debate. For example, a never-met ship vs. a canon ship. You are allowed to have a debate about hints, too, as long as you respect the others' opinions. Still, don't flame or bash the characters, ships, people, hints, etc.

    If we see any debate threads that violated one or more of the rules listed above, it will be closed or deleted.

    Anymore things anyone feel that should be added to this thread, send one of us a PM, and we'll consider it. Thanks and please do follow this 100% of the time.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2005
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