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The Shippers Review of 2009

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Vycksta, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. ArcanineOod

    ArcanineOod Peace, perfect peace

    Oh my goodness, 2009.

    1) CookieShipping is still my OTP. I still aaabsolutely ADORE it.
    (Harley x May, don’tchaknow…)

    2) PMD. Oh my goodness, PMD.
    Before this year, I was all ‘FRIENDSHIPPING FRIENDSHIPPING FRIENDSHIPPING’ but now I’ve kinda gone off it. I still ship it, but not as avidly. I’ve found a new PMD couple I adore even more: Bidoof x Hero. I mean, Hero x Partner is practically canon, but I just prefer the idea of the Hero and Bidoof falling for each other and the Partner just being the bestest friend ever. After all, the Partner seems a little immature when it comes to actually being in love. Meh, I dunno.
    I’m still big on GuildShipping (Chatot x Wigglytuff). Absolutely adorabibble, in my opinion. =3

    3) I still ship Brock with Misty avidly. Yup yup. =3
    4) I still hate AdvanceShipping.

    5) Discovered Shugo Chara! and its shippyness.
    I prefer Amu x Tadase to Amu x Ikuto. I think I’m the only one that does.
    Rima x Nagihiko. Oh yes. =3

    6) Fallen even more head over heels in love with Rouge the Bat x Big the Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog. Oh my goodness, they are adorable together. I loved them last year and this year is no different. They are my Sonic OTP.

    Well, those are the major things. Shippy shippy. =3

    Ooh ooh! By the way, I'm female, so the Hero in my PMD games is female. Just in case anyone was looking at FriendShipping and Hero x Bidoof and wondering what on earth was going through my mind. =3
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2010
  2. junpearl63

    junpearl63 their rooms

    I recently got into Palletshipping and SoulSilvershipping after playing Soul Silver. Especially seeing the part when Siver rip off Kotone's uniform xD too bad she still have clothes inside. I'm still the same kid, obsessed with Twinleafshipping and NewRivalshipping. Didn't change my habit, to ship Rival and player.
    I'm also obsessed with PMD hero x partner shipping. Why can't they make partner always opposite gender with you anyway? So male player can also enjoy the couple :p Gotta love Pokemon x Pokemon shipping.
    I don't watch anime anymore, but I still in love with Contestshipping, and Pearlshipping. Whenever Gary or May made a come back, I've never miss an episode.
    Well, that's it for Pokemon I guess. I watched those old Digimon anime again, and the more I watch, the more I love Ken x Miyako ship. It's the first couple I've shipped in my life after all. Oh yeah, and then there was this thing about PukuPuku and a lot of anime /manga that related to animals....
  3. FlameRose

    FlameRose Well-Known Member

    1.) I fell in love with Kotone and how shippable she is. My current favorite is SoulSilvershipping, since they just look adorable together. Also fell in love with Kansasshipping, after seeing some posts supporting it, and fell for it.

    2.) Paul. Oh my god, Paul. I ship him with pretty much everyone and anyone now, especially after this awesome RP I'm in. Current favorite is him with Chermaine, aka the oldest masked chick from PokeSpe.

    3.) Started to love Human/pokemon this year. Current favorite is manga! Pryce/Lapras, but I also love Falkner/Ho-Oh, Silver/Sneasel, and Paul/Ho-oh. With half of those being based off the same RP I mentioned, oi.

    4.) Silver/Blue. Still my baby. Still my OTP. Probanly won't change. =)

    Yeah...2009 was quite an interesting year for me. -nods-
  4. Bryony

    Bryony /laughing

    1) Spread my wings in Hetalia shipping. I used to be all for just two pairings and now I can ship all of the characters off freely. But those aforementioned two will forever be the top two.

    2) I ship a lot more Pokemon crack thanks to a roleplay that a certain couple of others have mentioned. Assessment, Ensemble, Godisnowhere, ArceusxHo-Oh, Influence, Folklore and a ton of others.

    3) I ship Raikou a lot. As with the Hoenn legendaries.

    4) GRECIANSHIPPING. Blame the one with a Strategistshipping avatar/icon. I swear that woman is a terrible little influence.
  5. Witchan

    Witchan Shauntal, FTW!

    Well, my 2009 wasn't really that special with my shippings, although some of them were special to me. Here's a list of various stuff to see what I mean.

    - I've been adding various shippings of Argenta, Dahlia, Maylene, and Fantina and they're pretty awesome in my opinioin. And Fightingarcadedancingstarshipping fits between the four girls, despite it's long name, and I had a naughty dream that four girls might possibly confront each other in the anime, even though it won't happen.

    - My other shipping that involves Delia and J means no harm because I just love to picture the two together. Deathorcareshipping sounds kinda strange because I knew it'd affect the anime's future, and I don't really care since most people are altering the amine due to their fanart, fanfiction, etc.

    - And here's another shipping that makes me so hyper. Spoilgothshipping. It would be fantastic if I'd see Caitlin and Marley sitting/standing right next to each other again and again on a fanart pic, I'd be amazed if they'd meet each other in the anime.

    - My last review that should've happened in the anime is this. Mixstylehairshiping. Jupiter and Zoey does really look cute together, IMO, and the writers should've had their chance to picture themselves in one scene or whatever, even though I haven't watched the anime since last year. Still, it would've been interresting to see.

    And here's a list of shippings I've been adding in 2009:
    Hotfierymoonshipping- Flannery & Liza (Hoenn)
    Fightingstarshipping- Maylene & Argenta
    GothicDJshipping- Karen & DJ Mary
    Braverypowershipping- Cynthia & Leaf
    Dancingroulettefightershipping- Fantina, Maylene, & Dahlia
    FightingandDancingstarshipping- Argenta, Maylene, & Fantina
    Fightingroulettestarshipping- Maylene, Argenta, & Dahlia
    Controversialteamshipping- Phoebe, Glacia, Argenta, Dahlia, Maylene, & Fantina
    SpecialInstitutionshipping- Cheryl & Mira
    AngryGothstableshipping- Lorelei, Clair, Gardenia, Candice, Marley, & Caitlin
    Swiftystyleshipping- Kidd Summers & Bianca
    Slightyapocalypseshipping- Sheena (movie) & Allegra
    BubblyShipping - Candice & Mira
    AirheadShipping - Gardenia, Cheryl & Candice
    LeiaShipping - Kidd Summers, Allegra, Sheena, Alice, Melody & Bianca
    AstralPlaneShipping - Kidd Summers, Alice, Melody & Bianca
    QueueShipping - Cheryl, Candice & Mira
    InstitutionShipping - Gardenia, Cheryl & Mira
    BlitheShipping - Gardenia, Cheryl, Candice & Mira
    Wrinkledstarshipping: Fantina & Argenta
    Hyperfightershipping: Maylene & Dahlia
    Youngwomenshipping: Maylene, Dahlia, & Phoebe
    Dancingroulettestarshipping: Fantina, Dahlia, & Argenta
    Danceandfightshipping: Fantina & Maylene
    Middleagedshipping: Glacia, Fantina, & Argenta
    Controversialshipping: Phoebe & Glacia

    Yeah, it happens. :)
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