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The shipping confessional; Pour your heart out

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Sonic Boom, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    If this goes against any rule that is either a) something I overlooked or b) not to be spoken of to the community here, then feel free to close it.

    I used to check Bulbagarden from time to time a few months back, and one thread I found particularly interesting was the Shipping Sin Thread. It's gone down by the wayside there, but I thought I could revitalize it here.

    Basically put, is there anything that you have done shipping-wise that you now regret today? Ever wrote a horrible OOC drabble or ever lashed out against a shipping that you now support or is even your OTP, or vice versa: supported a ship you now loathe? Do you have any other sins you just want to let out?

    Shipping Comm. Rules still apply.

    I think I'll start off. There are two things I now regret:

    1) Bashing Advanceshipping for all of its worth back in the days of Advanced Generation; yes, I was one of those hard-core Pokeshippers. I used to loathe the Advanceshippers in every sense of the word, and avoided AS fics at all costs. I've mellowed out somewhat now, but the feeling I had back then remains inside me.

    2) Making the terrifyingly epic (for all of the wrong reasons) post in the Pearlshipping Thread; I do believe I killed the thread with what I said, and for that I apologize. Granted, I am not a Pearlshipper by any means, but I still feel bad for what I did in there.

    EDIT: You know what, after thinking it over, I have come back to the conclusion that I was right in what I said in that post. You can thank Sweetpikachu and ccangelopearl1362 for giving me a change of heart. Thanks guys, you rock!


    Well, it feels good to let that out of me; I really do feel better. So, without further ado:


    Let us know your troubled past. We will be glad to hear it. :)
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
  2. Pokewiz

    Pokewiz Good bye :)

    Wow, um, I don't know...

    I guess one thing I used to be ashamed of was the fact that I never really associated with non-contestshippers. I mean, I thought Pokeshippers were okay, but I hated Advanceshippers with a passion. And I stayed away from then too. Until, of course, one of my friends "became" an advanceshipper

    Funny, though, how now most of the people I still stay in contact with are Advanceshippers :p
  3. sweetpikachu

    sweetpikachu PYT. ♥ (:

    My situation is kind of like the one Pokewiz said. When I first joined Serebii, I would never talk to non-Pearlshippers. I was a strict Pearlshipper and HATED
    all other Ash/Dawn shipppings. I feel kind of bad about that now, because now I support Advanceshipping, Ikarishipping and Pikashipping.
  4. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    What I regret as a shipper over the years is the way I used to limit myself to such mainstream ships, especially ones that just included the main characters. I missed out on a lot of interesting ships that way. Now I tend to support ships with little or no fanbase, which isn't much better at all, but many do fall sort of in-between, and those ones are the best because they give me something more interesting (in my opinion) to talk with others about.
  5. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Great thread idea, SB.

    Let's see. Well, back when I was thirteen, really stupid, and a n00b here at this forum, I thought I knew everything about Pokeshipping and defended it with my life against Alfonso, LOL. That was probably the worst idea ever, haha. Though in the end, I learned a lot more about Pokeshipping, so yeah. I guess it wasn't all that bad.

    For the longest time, I thought Drew's name was Brendan, and I kept confusing Contestshipping with Hoennshipping. I posted something like, "Can I join? I love how Brendan gives May roses!" in the Hoennshipping thread, and the Hoennshippers were all like wth? and then explained to me that I was talking about Drew, not Brendan, lol.

    I "supported" Advanceshipping for like a month because I was bored with Pokeshipping. Palletshipping, too, but for a little over a month. Rofl, I just went through most of the Ash shippings, but stuck with Pokeshipping in the end.

    I pretty much lashed on some people in the Advanceshipping/Contestshipping Debate Thread. Lmao I seriously could not control my anger. It was pretty bad. I sounded so insane in some of my posts in there.

    Uh I think that's about it. I might add more if I think of anything...these are the main things, though.
  6. YoungKat

    YoungKat Well-Known Member

    This is a great idea of a thread!
    I am a very dedicated pearlshipper and I used to (and still do sometimes) stay away from anyone who supported a different Ash/Dawn ship but now I try not to think that each person supports a different ship instead that we're all part of one massive shipping community.
  7. Tadashi

    Tadashi kiss my greens

    Speaking for the here and now, I wish I had a brilliant idea to save this place from extinction.

    Other than that, I regret having such a long hiatus from when I first joined. It was just about 3 years, I believe, and I regret not checking out this community back then. It sucks, not being able to recall any possible people/events/threads from the olden days compare to what I see today, though by join date alone I should be considered a vet.
  8. ^I agree with Tadashi about not checking out this community earlier... I lurked around here for what felt like forever, but, tbh, was too afraid to actually sign up. ^^;; And by the time I joined up, I missed out on all the threads that I had been hanging around (InfraRed and HeatTag are some examples) and there was less of a sense of community, as some people have been saying...

    Oh, and writing crappy Contestshipping fics, but that's another story...
  9. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    While I didn't lurk before I joined, it seems like that's all I've done since then. I'm regretting not posting here more, especially sinceso many of the ships that I enjoy have threads I could be posting in.

    Also, I have a tendancy to bash ships I don't like, without even trying to see the other side. I'm getting better though...

    I don't like Pearlshipping. Even before all the drama with the Pearl thread. Shoot me now, but I can't make myself like it.

    And finally, even though I say my favourite characters are Paul and Riley, I secretly have a huge crush on James. XD
  10. MyCurrentObsession

    MyCurrentObsession Cool Loser

    Well, really, having been a fan of Pokemon for years, what don't I regret? :)

    Let's see... first off, I regret the fact that, long long ago, I shallowly liked OldRivalshipping (from the manga, which I hadn't yet read). I thought, Hey, those two are so cute together in the game, there's no way I'll dislike 'em in the manga! Three books in, I realized that OldRivalshipping was never going to happen for me, because a) Green was nothing like the rival in the game. Instead of being pushy and obnoxious (though still totally endearing), he was quiet and... well, still a bit rude, but more sublte about it. And b) Blue also had her own personality now, instead of the nothing she got in the game. I discovered that her sneaky, flirty attitude was too... I don't know... yin to his yang. Sometimes, the theory that 'opposites attract' works, but those too are just too different, you know? So, I'm now an avid Luckyshipper instead, as it actually had some potential.

    I once liked Egoshipping *shot by Egoshippers*. I'm not saying it's a bad pairing, per se, it's just that I don't see it happening, and... honestly, I don't remember why I liked it in the first place. The two, if together, would be comical, as their differences would have them always arguing, but at the same time, it means thier relationship would be doomed from the start. Egoshipping was just some kind of phase to me, I guess. I still like it if it's written really well.

    I once hated all Yaoi/Yuri pairings. There was a time when the mere thought of such couples sent me into convulsions, I was so repulsed, but now some of my OTP's are, in fact, of that very type (PreciousMetal, Pallet, and Comashipping, to name a few). I just couldn't envision same-sex couples. It seemed so... wrong to my innocent mind. Still, eventually, I began to notice certain undeniable romantic moments between men and such, and started to see the light. I don't like just any gay couple. I like the ones well developed.

    I regret the fact that no one in my life outside of the internet shares my love for Pokemon. The idiots think it's childish, but it's not true. Pokemon has taught me to be more open-minded and opinionated. :D
  11. Yeti

    Yeti Banned

    I regret nothing except that I ever bothered to click into some of the threads in here.
    And uh... wow I forgot what my actual thing was LOL

    I must confess I do like FantinaxMaylene, and it's even better if they are mother/daughter 8(
    And Tucker/Trannabel ohoho wat nao m8s.

    I'm sort of sad I didn't sign up earlier and join in some of the old deb8s... I would have crushed every idiot on the opposite side as me. 8(

    I used to support BrockxMay until I was bored one day and watched the Hoenn anime again and saw Drew boning her senseless. Then I saw the error of my ways 8/

    rofl @ how everyone else has some srs so srs stuff pent up LOL

    I don't take back my rageful post in the Pearlshipping thread either. I stand behind what I said on the massive levels of brain-cell destroying discussion they had, which seems to have shaped up since they got e-smacked by a train.
  12. riolulu

    riolulu <riolulu_sppf.exe>

    b-but I'm jewish! :c

    *ahem* anywayyy

    I tried to write a comashipping lemon one day. Let me just say it was fail to the intensity. I'm so upset with myself...oh and that terrible songfic that was on my FF for a few days. Oh my godd!!!!!!!

    Also when I was younger, back before I knew about serebii, I was the most diehard advanceshipper. I hated contestshippers and....*whispers*drew*whispers*. Now I'm actually not too into Advance, although I still support it, and I love Drew with a passion. :3

    ah, how we change over the years!

  13. Uzamaki Hinata

    Uzamaki Hinata Bye bye!

    That's okay, I don't do this thing either :(

    But, yeah, lol! Boi, do I have a ton of stuff to say? :D

    Let's see...

    • I literally bashed pokeshippers whenever I could

    • I bashed in my fanfics

    • I bashed in my reviews

    • And, even though I spent most of my time bashing, I took it super seriously whenever someone bashed my beloved Advanceshipping :mad:

    And that is not all, folks!

    • My fanfics were the worst things ever

    • I often advertised my fanfics in my reviews.
      • And.. oh? You want an example? Mmkay.

      • My ego was waaaay too big
      • I only posted in places where I was noticed
      • I made friends by simply saying: Hi, I like you, can I be your friend? *smiles* It's okay if you don't wanna though. I understand :(

      Back to shipping, hmm?
      • I treated my shipping like, well, a religion. I was seriously devoted to it and yeah, I was pretty "racist" to people who weren't of mah shipping
      • I worshipped shipping mods and always went: OH EM GEEE, I'M SO SAWRRY FOR COMING SO CLOSE TO BREAKING ____ RULE! btwplzmakemeamawd,kthnxbai
      • I also worshipped whoever was the "big" person of the shipping thread.

      I could probably go on and on and on about my n00b-y days, but you'd all get tired of reading or maybe your eyes would fall out before you even finished. Who knows?

      I regret this all, of course, but now that I look back at it, I laugh. It's kind of pathetic how people can act when they first go on to the internet, ya know? XD
  14. Katsu Koneko

    Katsu Koneko 明日がある

    Back when Advanced Generation first aired, I too was a diehard Pokeshipper. Hard to believe huh? Well I used to avoid Advanceshipping and focus on Pokeshipping.

    Though I learned that 4kids did stuff and soo my interest of Pokeshipping dimmed...

    I also hated May...^^; Though I'm alright with her now.
  15. Mel-Girl

    Mel-Girl left. right.

    I used to have the crackiest dreams ever about my shippings. Then I'd wake up and be like, "HOLY CRAP I DREAMED ABOUT SOME RANDOM SHET I'D FIND IN LEMON FICS!" ...Then I'd tell my friends about them, mostly because it was like, "What the hell was that? What the hell was that?" Plus it was uber fun watching their reactions as I went into detail about how far they went... 8DDDD




    Yeah okay, I lied.

    If you believed the above until I said that I lied, type *raises hand* at the start of your post. *shot*

    Not to mention, the *~* and 0o0 thingies make me think of a sandwich, wtf.

    Okay, um, let's see my list of shipping sins:

    - I'm a fandom wh*re. I'll spaz about any pairing. In fact, I invent many polyships. Especially for Naruto. Tobi is my Shipping Object in Naruto. XD But yes, I multiship like crazy and there's no end to it. And a small fraction of the pairings are taken seriously or at keast, more seriously than others.

    - I am also a shipping object. I have been paired with anyone from my friends, my online friends, fictional characters, no lie. Just for the heck of it, members I have been shipped with include (some I think I've been shipped with, not overly sure, some definitely XD): buster_wolf, C.Gholy, Chelc, CyberBlastoise, Darato, Gazmof, Hunter_RuLE, Igottapoo, kirby8933083, mew801, Sonic Boom, Tadashi, Uzamaki Hinata, ~Mist~, the list goes on. XD

    Though the main people I seem to be shipped with are Darato and Tadashi. Wow, apparently I'm biseuxal on these forums. That makes me LOL cuz I'ms traight in real life. But hey, what the heck. XD is this even a sin?

    - Whenever someone lists a pairing I don't like, I have a tendency to immediately be all, "Ah no offense but I really don't like that pairing! >_>" I feel like such a mood killer every time I do that but I can't help it. Though if it helps for future reference for anybody, I can't stand KibaHina, ShikaTema, Againstshipping and ChouIno. Wow, I hate on Naruto pairings yet Naruto is like my pairing wh*re fandom... Well, that's fun. XD

    - I suck at posting in shipping threads. I am so lazy. I feel sorry for the Cavaliershippers too. I'm so bad at this. ;_; Might get someone to restart the thread too. I'll nominate someone. There, done. XD

    - I make plans for shipping fics that I ahrdly ever follow through with. I practically never ever finish shipping fics (unless they're oneshots, duh). The one fic I think I can definitely finish for the time being is 'Except Me', so uh, please keep supporting that guys, help me out?

    - I advertised my fic on this thread. Shoot me now.

    - I liked loved Sonic Boom and Yeti's posts in the Pearlshipping thread. I'm sorry. I do like Pearlshipping but I really wanted those posts to come along and was even thinking of making a post myself telling them off. But then when I saw that SB and Yeti had already done the job for me, I was quite relieved.

    - YETI 4 MOD.


    - CHELC 4 MOD. wait she already is one


    - Yeah, yeah, I'm bored and so I decided to post here. Anyway... because I'm lazy, I'm going to quote sins that have already been said that apply to me.

    I had something similar, only replace Advanceshipping with Pearlshipping, Pokeshipping with Ikarishipping, Palletshipping with Penguinshipping, only longer for a month, add 15 other Hikari ships and still no conclusion. Yeah. XD

    I have something similar, only it was more like, I joined in December 2006, msotly posted in the anime section cuz at the time, I didn't have such a huge shipping interest, not to mention, my brother doesn't like shipping and complained to me about it, so I was kinda disheartened from it and eventually, I stopped posting from like, February 2007, even though I only got up to the Giovanni rank there.

    Then sometime in 2008, around July I think, I suddenly started to post again cuz I thought, 'Let's give it another try!' and by then, my shipping in shipping had increased, mostly thanks to the AG saga with all its Contestshipping and then I got hooked on Hikari's character and then I got hooked on Hikari shippings and what do you know, I'm apparently one of the decent posters around here or something and by the end of 2009, I am apparently going to be a veteran. Wow. XD

    I mostly regret that hiatus. I could've been part of that stage of SPPF where shipping popularity was booming and the communtiy was more alive and hell, I wanted to attempt kicking some *** at debating too! 8DDD

    Wanna join the Gen x Shinji bandwagon plz plz plz? It comes with a side dish of Mel-Girl and Tadashi!

    Same until I suddenly thought, '...Kiba and Shikamaru look damn fine together!' and then I became a fandom wh*re and I love tons of Naruto yaoi. I have no life. XD

    Mine weren't great either, especially back in the day. Oh, my shipping fics were generic as hell. They probably still are generic though.


    *changes font size so it doesn't seem so annoyingly long*
  16. Shadow-saur

    Shadow-saur Monkeyshipping, ftw!

    Ok, so I remembered more shipping sins I've commited.

    I don't like Yuri or Yaoi either. *shot* I'm a firm believer in heterosexual relations. (and big words ^^)

    As long as I can enjoy them seperately. But I'll take the side dish. XD

    Ditto. And since Sonic Boom kept showing me every single post that annoyed him, I was well-informed of what went on there. But second chances are always availible from me, so no hard feelings. :)
  17. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    I myself use to be a one-track shipper (someone who only had one ship per character). Later on, I met quite a few multishippers who taught me that it was okay to multi-ship, because they were fictional characters anyways. I even remember my first multishipped character, James. Later on, I became a PearlShipper as well as staying a PokeShipper. I still am not an AdvanceShipper though.

    Another thing was that I always flamed in my head different ships that I now support, like PearlShipping. Another one that I didn't like was LagomorphShipping and IcebeamShipping. Now, though, I love all these ships and still support them to this day.
  18. Muffindisorder

    Muffindisorder Panophobic

    God, I hate confessional...>x<

    I remember one time I had 5 GB worth of shipping pictures on my iPod ^^; But I like, deleted them all once I discovered some good music. I was obsessed, to say the least...and uh, oh, I used to think Pokemon shipping was the intense love of a certain imported/exported Pokemon co. merchandise item (you know, like UPS store kind of shipping) and I loved Pokemon cards so I actually identified myself as a "Pokecardshipper". Yeah, it's a stupid story, but true. I was never a n00b in the forums though. All my n00b days were on Youtube (thankfully)
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
  19. PKLegendHeroe

    PKLegendHeroe Well-Known Member

    I really have to confess

    well before Pearlshipping, I was a advanceshipper and I really was bad at debating against contestshippers, I should apologize to chelc since I was being bad.

    After me being a Pearlshipper, I was playing for the first time Twilight Princess and midnaxlink was first thing in my mind before pearlshipping. MidnaXlink tried to drag me away from pearlshipping:D

    although I must say that Advanceshipping was my first ship in pokemon. I still like it as much as I still like pearlshipping.
  20. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter


    If I had known what the other religions used for confession, if they did confession, I would have made mention of it ^_^;

    For the record, I'm typing with one hand.

    Aside from the fact that a committed a sin of the basic rules of capitalization in the thread title, I do have some more frustrations I need to let out.

    Forgive me shipping lords, for I have sinned:

    1) I cannot, for the life of me, understand the spark of Orangeshipping. I just can't. Nothing about Misty's and Tracey's relationship just screams "ROMANCE" to me. I can honestly say that I would start supporting Novelshipping if Pokeshipping was ultimately declared "impossible." Sorry to all Orangeshippers out there, but this is what I believe.

    2) I have given Tom Nook the wrong address to my location, and have sent him to Africa via airplane in an attempt to hide myself from his Orangeshipping wrath.

    3) Every time I listen to a new song, I automatically ask myself "Can this be shippy in anyway? What ships can this song apply to?" Seriously, it has gotten to the point where I can take songs from Thrice, Disturbed, Linkin Park, among others, and turn it into something shippy. I'm a disgrace to all heavy metal and rock lovers everywhere. Shoot, I can see every mainstream ship represented by every song in the Sonic R Soundtrack, excluding the main theme itself. Someone help me from this obsession!

    Request 4 Sticky? We may actually get some good laughs and good fun out of this XD
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2009
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