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The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!! (936)


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The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!!

Team Flare's plan is coming to fruition. Ash has been captured by Lysandre and Squishy has transformed into its 50% Forme in order to try and help Z2. Serena, having bumped into Mairin, goes to help Mairin recover her Chespin from Team Flare while Bonnie goes to follow Squishy. However, Team Flare are still nearby and have their eyes set on Squishy. Will they be able to stop Team Flare?

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Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Time for a recap!! :D

- Ash tries to talk some sense into Alan... not sure if this is working yet.
- Team Rocket are in a chopper doing live coverage!
- Zygarde's are duking it out!
- Green and Orange Flare are attacking the group consisting of Clemont, Serena, Bonnie, Blaziken Mask! But Sycamore and Manon arrive and Mega Garchomp with the save!

Opening. Ikuze! :D

- Side note: I'm loving the redness of the sky.
- Bonnie is sensing the dread between the Zygarde.
- Green Flare attacks Mega Blaziken with her Liepard.
- Bunnelby, Chespin, Luxray and Heliolisk are all attacking Green and Orange now! Clemont, Blaziken Mask and Clemont putting in work vs. that Liepard and Druddigon!
- Manon tells Serena she worries for Ash, but wants to look for Chespie. Sycamore will accompany them.
- Clemonts says that he's got this.
- Green isn't willing to let Serena and Manon go, but Clemont steps up yet again! He's the gym leader! xD
- Meanwhile, Lysandre is telling Alan how he used him everytime he fought a Mega Evolution and collected energy..
- Alan falls to his knees.. Punches the floor.. I can't blame him.. The shots are beautiful.
- Ash feels sorry for Alan.. He hears a voice, but I don't know if he's imagining it.
- Lysandre is a mean bastard.. xD
- Serena, Manon and Sycamore are stopped by TR. They're offering their chopper.
- Zygarde vs. Zygarde, and Bonnie looks on from a distance. The shots are AMAZING. Holy BALLS.
- Diantha and Mega Gardevoir get assisted by the Secondary Group (Tierno, Trevor, Shauna and Sawyer) in aiding the civilians.
- More Zygarde vs. Zygarde! The destruction is real, and it seems as if Squishy is losing. He gets caught in Z2's plants.
- Xerosic is smiling about this.
- Lysandre is talking about Ash-Greninja's special energy.
- And... There we have his Technobugs zapping Ash and Greninja out of their energy.
- The rest of the team looks on in horror! Alan wants Lysandre to stop!
- Pikachu's screams reaches Ash and he snaps out of it!
- Lysandre monologues for a bit!
- Ash monologues that he'll never give in! And that Alan shouldn't either!
- Ash synchronizes with Greninja even when being zapped by the Technobugs!
- A huge vortex of watery energy appears atop the Lumiose Tower (seen from afar).

BREAK!!!! The shots in this episode are unreal!

- The music is starting! The two synchronize!
- This is some Dragonball Z hype!
- Ash and Ash-Greninja broke loose!
- Alan catches Ash before he falls to the knees due to the exertion!
- Alan is on Ash's side!
- There's Lizardon breaking Ash's team free!
- Lysandre is.. unimpressed..
- Alan makes a bold statement, and Lysandre is still unimpressed.
- Lysandre puts on some fancy gear.
- Green and Orange are still fighting against Clemont, Clembot. But the good guys are winning! Orange and Green are caught by Clembot!
- Bonnie is getting way too close to the Zygardes.
- Xerosic fires the beam! It hits Squishy! The plants intensify! It turns red! HOLY MOTHER!
- Bonnie is saved by Blaziken Mask!
- Bonnie hears Squishy's screams in her head! Both Zygarde's are now in Team Flare's control!
- Lysandre gets the note that Squishy has been succesfully hit with the beam.
- A bit of bit of exposítion of Lysandre's true plans. Everybody is horrified.
- Here are Pyroar and Mega Shiny Gyarados!
- Alan Mega Evolves Charizard! Well.. I didn't expect him to anymore, but I guess...
- Serena, Manon in the chopper are heading somewhere..
- Blue and Purple Flare are about to come into the fore.
- Clemont and Clembot are trying to gain access to the Prism tower.
- The fight starts!
- Goodra and Pikachu are the first to clash! They take on Pyroar and Mega Shiny Gyarados' Flamethrower and Hyperbeam (I think)!
- Here comes Ash-Greninja! With the water cut!
- Then Noivern!
- Now MC-X with the Dragon Claw!
- Gyarados uses Stone Edge!
- Noivern and Hawlucha get sent in!
- Pikachu with the Thunderbolt! Knocks out Pyroar!
- The voice over starts!
- The destruction with the Zygarde's is real!
- Lysandre recalls Pyroar!
- Ash claims that they'll stop him no matter what.
- Lumiose City starts turning red..

Awesomeness continues! Perfect pacing and amazing shots! Perfect two episodes. We're getting the villain-arc we always wanted!!!
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You know, Ash and Alain have only battled 3 times. Ash has fought Sawyer 4 times. Would be weird if the stronger rival gets a battle less than the weaker one. Also, more XYZ pls during battles.


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Alright. There we go.

Meyer, Clembot and Clemont fight side by side. Bunnelby, Chespin, Heliolisk, Luxray and Mega Blaziken on the field.

Lysandre confirms Alain cheated by telling him it was the Mega Energy he collected that allowed him to defeat Greninja.
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alright. There we go.

Meyer, clembot and clemont fight side by side. Bunnelby, chespin, heliolisk, luxray and mega blaziken on the field.

lysandre confirms alain cheated by telling him it was the mega energy he collected that allowed him to defeat greninja.



Amazing episode so far. I am impressed.


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Need more confirmation first thoughh...so i might come off jerk but i just think you a liar nickdt. Sorry. Until more confirmation. But then let's pretend this is true. If this is really happened, then that changes EVERYTHING.


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What the heck. Ash just Mega Evolved.

Nope, just looked like it. But it seems this is Greninja's true power.

Alain joins Ash.
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Although i don't like things to be rushed, this mini arc feels like it has the pace of DBZ, with events being spread over a very long minutes.

EDIT: Just forget what I said. This episode was awesome and the battle against Lysandre was amazing. Did Talonflame fight as well? Didn't see it battle.
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Ash literally becoming Greninja. Glorious revelations.


Lysandre confirms Alain cheated by telling him it was the Mega Energy he collected that allowed him to defeat Greninja.

Are you sure? Because that may chance everything.




Lysandre essentially told Alain that all the Mega Evo he has collected has helped them in their evil plans such as controlling Zygarde.


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Lysandre essentially told Alain that all the Mega Evo he has collected has helped them in their evil plans such as controlling Zygarde.
Oh well. This does it. There's no way TF dopes Charizard, this is the perfect time to reveals whether he has been doped, but it hasn't.


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Missed the episode post-opening because the electricity in the area died. Kill me. At least I get to watch it in glorious HD later today.