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The Shocking Zygarde VS Zygarde! The Breaking World!! (936)


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Wow my palms were sweating the whole time.
I wasn't expecting them to create a backstory for TF, although i've to wait for the subs to understand what happened to them.


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**** man how can I stay mad at this arc when it keeps delivering us ****ing quality episodes like this?

The atmosphere here was so on point as well as the animation, the predominantly red lighting really gives a great sense of danger and direness, they really put a lot of work into this, and the shading on the characters were A++. It all comes together and sets the sinister mood perfectly imo.

Serena and Clemont were especially in top form today, Clemont finally asserts his gym leader title once again and with Clembot’s help (his creation so technically it’s all him) he’s able to take out TWO Flare Admins, that’s pretty badass and major props to him for that, it was also nice seeing the Luxray the Swift Machine finally pull out another electric attack. Serena taking the initiative to help Manon rescue Hari-san because she knows how precious she is to her was great, im glad to see how far she’s come and hopefully her and Manon will be kicking Flare *** next week.

Man poor Bonnie though, given her newfound psychic link with Zygarde it must really hurt to see her Puni being in the state it’s in, I dont want to see her suffer like this :(. And dont think I didnt notice Blaziken Mask letting a little of his dad-self through when he was scolding Bonnie for putting herself in harms way :p

To bad the Diantha is still not doing much other then protecting the citizens (which ill admit is a very champion-like thing to do) and generally being separated from the actual major events of the arc, once again her thunder will be stolen by Steven lol, I hope we get SOME interaction between the two because I really want to see a badass Champion duo fighting together at least once.

But the real meat of this episode is what’s really great, Alan finally comes around to the side of good when Ash convinces him with a soul stirring speech, and frankly im good with that, tbh I wanted Ash to have some signifigant effect on Alan and this is as it will probably get, I wish I could say more but I need them subs, I will say Alan’s transition was handled well overall though, and the Ash Greninja scene was especially ****ing cool, can’t keep the frog boy chained!

And now we have the entire #squad fighting Lysandre at the end and oh my god it’s so good, please let us have more of this next week! Goodra and Noivern especially need redemption here. Speaking of Lysandre, he’s shaping up to be my favorite villian in the anime with how well he’s being handled, again though, need them subs to get the full context ;P

Amazing episode, next week is looking to keep up that momentum! Steven Stone is finally here <333333


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A few weeks ago, I lashed out at the writers for one of the worst leagues in the series.

Now I'm here praising them for an amazing villainous team arc, where EVERYONE in the main cast is doing something.

Bonnie? Going after Squishy and hopefully snapping him out of it.

Serena? Going to Lysandre Labs to have Chespie with Mairin, Sycamore, and Team Rocket.

Clemont? Going to save his gym from Team Flare's clutches.

Ash? Going to be the hero who beats Lysandre and helps save Kalos!

This arc is amazingly written and structured in every which way. The animation looked very intense, and things are starting to look bleak for our heroes. TWO ZYGARDES?! Even when Ash and Alain beat Lysandre, they're still in a bad position with the two Zygardes under Flare's control.

Side Notes:

-Yay! Sawyer and the gang are gonna help!
-Brilliant showing of Alain's breaking down scene. Would've appreciate a few tears of dismay, but that's just me.
-Lysandre, you are so evil, and I LOVE IT!

Hype train is not dead. Not by a freakin' longshot.


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First and foremost I'm very pleased that the vs TF Theme was actually used during the Aliana/Byrony battle. Been waiting for that... moar plz.

Secondly I'm impressed with the start to this arc. This episode was just plain awesome. Loved seeing Serena take it upon herself to go get Chespie for Mairin. Equally enjoyed Clemont stepping up and taking control of the situation to let them run off, was great seeing him, Meyer and Clembot all teaming up. It's like a family effort, awww. Too bad Clembot's gonna die soon. :O Zygarde vs Zygarde looked absolutely fantastic BUT my only gripe is that Squishy literally just used Extreme Speed and Bluni-chan was just spamming his vine tentacles everywhere. Y u no Dragon Pulse? Ah who cares because we got that bonkers scene with Bonnie that reminded me of when Ash was shown to synchronise with Greninja's senses in Episode 9. That's totally what's going to un-mind-control Squishy, isn't it? I mean, I expect the Squishy Song to play a part too. Not bad... Additionally it's nice to have XY trio + Sawyer helping out Diantha now.

And then the scenes on top of Prism Tower, that was wild. Alain's breakdown was pretty dramatic. Ash was all "****ayouuuuu Lysandre", the transformation was pretty cool with the giant tower of water. Got an insight into why Lysandre decided to go all psychopath on us, interesting flashback to a time where the Scientists weren't all Geordie LaForge from Star Trek, lol. His ME device thing makes him fly? HUH?! And it has some AI control system to even fly to him in the first place. The battle we've seen so far has been great with all of Ash's Pokemon (bar Talonflame lol) doing work. Pyroar got destroyed. Mega Gyarados must be an absolute monster if it can take on all 7 of them at once because I don't see Lysandre being defeated so early on. Maybe he sends out someone else? Mienshao/Honchkrow? He might not but I'll settle for the giant fat shrimp blasting people. Btw Charizard got hit from the side by Stone Edge so I don't blame it for getting tossed back. And yeah he didn't say Alain cheated because the ring absorbed the energy.

I assume TRio are all in to kick Team Flare's *** but they were definitely acting weird like they normally would. Eh, at least they're helping. That's great.
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- Continuity (Red Gyarados, the Quiz showing Infernape and Charizard)
- Everyone doing something. Absolutely loved TR actually really being in the good side.
- Clemont stepping up big time.
- Good balance between pure darkness and keeping it a kids show, for example when Sawyer et al where talking to Diantha I got the feeling they were asking for her permission to help her out.
- Bonnie. Enough said. That kid is going places and should be revisited in some next season.
- Giving some context to Team Flare and Lysandre.
And much more. No flaws whatsoever, perfect 10.


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Still, despite my bias for wanting to see more of Pyroar, this was a super solid episode just like the whole arc has been shaping up so far. Team Flare really took Team Galactic's baton as the best presented evil team in the Anime. Lysandre is an amazing villain.

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Is it just me, or is this episode getting WAY too much praise...?

- Pacing wasn't great. It wasn't terrible, but some scenes took way longer than it should have with unnecessary dialogue with some of it repeating itself / stating the obvious.
- Alain's redemption felt a little forced IMO.
- Ash breaking though felt like writer's convenience. Ash states the obvious then breaks free with the power of... bonds? Not my taste, that's for sure.
- Too much jumping from scene to scene, resulting in some unnecessary stare-down fest.
- Zygarde vs Zygarde felt very underwhelming.
- More IKUZE!. Please, isn't there other musics to use?

This episode was pretty good, don't get me wrong, but most people here thinks it's perfect or near it...

Maybe it's me just being cynical as usual and having an outrageous expectation, but that's my take on this episode. Remember, we had to sack the league to get this.


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I just realized, besides this episode being amazing and this arc being amazing, the ash and co haven't used their phones clemont gave to them yet.

Does this mean things are going to get crazier to a point where they need to communicate from different points? They're separated now so i wonder if it's when monster zygarde appears, whatever the heck that is.


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I havent seen such consistent priase for an episode since the Olympia gym battle holy cow


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I just realized, besides this episode being amazing and this arc being amazing, the ash and co haven't used their phones clemont gave to them yet.

Does this mean things are going to get crazier to a point where they need to communicate from different points? They're separated now so i wonder if it's when monster zygarde appears, whatever the heck that is.

More than likely it was designed for this situation, although they could've tried to contact Ash at some point and gone "hey he's not answering something's up..."


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I didn't notice it the first time, but they finally use the part from the opening with the water. Unless they used it previously and I missed it.

The amount of water though, holy crap. Ash said he was fighting at full power at the League. Calling BS on that one.

Lol'd at the fact that Lysandre was just grinning. I guess he wasn't that worried about things going badly, since we saw how we did well in a 2 vs 7.

Why would a Gyarados know Stone Edge? I know it's the Anime, but I just looked around for the more competitive stuff with no mention of Stone Edge. Yeah, it's a strong move, but against what would Gyarados need it? Also, that thing is really strong.

Alright. There has to be a 4th battle between Ash and Alain. With the amount of water surrounding Greninja as he broke free and with it going all into the Shuriken, you'd think he has grown in strength once again. It was clearly more than we have ever seen before. Plus, Alain was actually shocked, far more than he was at the stronger Shuriken. Alain would most likely request another battle with Ash, because Ash has been outdoing Alain in every way except strength since they met. Alain's respect for Ash has certainly grown, since he seems to take his words to heart.

Is Greninja's power limitless? He just keeps growing stronger and stronger.

What were those beams that hit Ash?

Really want to know what was said once the transformation happened. Lysandre clearly came to some conclusion and Ash and Alain had the talk.


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As i thought, if they don't make the Team Flare arc's justice after how they hype it up since...the half of Kalos(?) and rush the league for, I would be disappointed.

Why do I get the DB vibe on A-Greninja? The more they fight, the more stronger they become! It almost feels like A-Greninja's potential is unlimited.


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best part of this episode for me was the pokemon quiz. Showing charizard and infernape alongside greninja. Writers havent forgotten his power houses :O

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Amazing episode. Finally, after 19 years, a villainous team finally gets some backstory of its origins. I'm thrilled.

Definitely the best villain arc in the whole Pokémon anime for me. And it's not over yet! Marvelous!

Looks like Lysandre did some foul play in the league.

I wish that was real, but apparently no, it's not true. Though it's still unclear how Alain's Mega Ring works exactly.
Another really well made episode, for the standards of this anime anyway.

I absolutely adore Team Rocket throughout this episode, they should really change professions to anything that isn't related to stealing. The scenes with Clemont fighting alongside his mommy and daddy were also really cool, much better compared to the underwhelming Zygarde VS Zygarde showdown.

So, Alain's Mega Ring has been working as the Exp. Share all along, which explains how the ones that aren't OP Zard in his team got strong as well.

Ash looked like a total bad*** once he understood Alain's motivations and said his "this World is cool" discourse plus the pseudo-Blaze Synchronization. I still get a little chuckle when I remember those comments that actually wanted Mr. Blank Face to replace him for the main series.

While everything in the lower levels still holds an appropriate atmosphere, there's a serious lack of tension on the top of the tower because Lysandre used only two Pokémon and one of them already got overwhelmed and KOed with little effort. If that Shiny Gyarados isn't level 45 thousand it'll get destroyed by Xard, Ash-Greninja, Pikachu and the Ultimates.

Oreo McFlurry/10.


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The Team Flare arc is looking real cool right now. I'm enjoying it so far. Still doesn't makes up for Ash's loss though.


So, Alain's Mega Ring has been working as the Exp. Share all along, which explains how the ones that aren't OP Zard in his team got strong as well..
The Mega Evolution energy didn't power up any of Alain's Pokemon.

This episode was pretty good, don't get me wrong, but most people here thinks it's perfect or near it... [/S]
I'm confused, you say you thought the episode was pretty good but then you simply list the things that annoyed you?
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