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the shop of dreams


play since red/blue
I hav a flawless hydreigon ill trade u for ur shiny zorua


Well-Known Member
I can trade a leftovers for a Cafe DW Poliwag.


this shop lies, if it was really the shop of dreams it would have megan fox naked.
haha jk, I have spare leftovers and some life orbs from spamming the subway. I am looking for general interesting egg move/shinies. I'm not sure what you'd be willing to trade so give me a PM :)
for the treeko comp, the number your thinking of is 69.9. obviously.

cheers broo.
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Squirel Princess

Goldenrod City
rayquazza, latias, manaphy, and arceus for my 3 GAMESTP shiny dogs and 1 TRU ash's pikachu. all are legit and will expect trade back if suspected hacked


New Member
Interested in Latias and Shaymin.

I have a Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Cresselia if you're interested.


Gallade Lover ♥
My Latios for your Arceus and a leftovers for your Mew?


I'm legally blind
Hi i'm interested in your shiny mewtwo, giratina, and regice. I can give you a shiny Thundurus, a shiny Landurus and a shiny Lugia.


New Member
ignore this

monsters: 20
cyber magician 2x
rush rhino 3x M
warwolf 3x
striker 3x M
glow-up bulb 1x
doppelwarrior 2x
junk synchron 2x
elder of the six samurai 1x
card trooper 1x
level eater 1x
sangan 1x M
unknown synchron 1x M

spells: 10
one for one 1x
MST 1x
dark hole 1x M
monster reborn 1x
giant trunade 1x
pot of avarice 2x M
RoTA 1x M
foolish burial 1x

traps: 10
mischief of the yokai 1x
trap stun 1x M
bottomless 2x
torrental tribute 1x
TG1-EM1 2x
TGX3-DX2 2x
mirror force 1x

extra deck: 15
halberd cannon 1x
wonder magician 1x
recipro dragonfly 1x
blade blaster 2x
stardust 1x
shi-en 1x
formula synchron 2x
hyper librian 2x
scrap dragon 1x
catastor 1x
black rose dragon 1x
shooting star dragon 1x
shooting quasar dragon 1x ( when it comes out )
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Master Apprentice
could i get a DW whismur and murkrow? i can offer evolutionary stones, leftovers, and i have pokemon with 31 IVs in 1-3 stats or we could work something else out.


Trick Room User
I'm Looking for a
Brave nature
w/ Drain Punch & Mach Punch
with 31/31/31/0/31/0 iv spread.
I'm offering. A Japanese Ditto with Max def iv, max attack Tyranitar, Rhyperior, max def iv, and Hp cofagrigus, Dusknoir, Shiny Beldum, max sp def, Hp,30. Def Ferrothorn, max sp ark magnezone, Max atk, Hp, and 29 def Escavalier


New Member
monsters: 18
gaint rat 3x
exile force 2x
wild heart 2x
injection fairy lily 2x
grand mole 1x
reborn tengu 3x
cyber dragon 3x
d.d. warrior lady 1x
sangan 1x

spells: 12
MST 1x
monster reborn 1x
smashing ground 3x
creature swap 2x
dark hole 1x
giant trunade 1x
brain control 1x
enemy controller 2x

trap: 10
bottomless trap hole 2x
D prison 3x
compulsory 2x
scrapiron scarecrow 1x
torrential tribute 1x
mirror force 1x
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