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The Shop of No Return

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Wig, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. Wig

    Wig Out of a crazy mind.

    ....Ignore the evil Caterpee....

  2. Expert Socky

    Expert Socky Now Squeeks.

  3. Lishus13

    Lishus13 Poli-Spriter!

    Ooh, I cannot wait for the next request! Shazam~
  4. Aero Sceptile

    Aero Sceptile Saint Gryphon

    Hello =D May I please have a Trainer Card?

    Name: Gryphon
    Backround: http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/4805/lighttc9nr.png
    ID: 8188180
    Color Scheme: Red/Gold
    Sprite Set: Emerald
    Badge Set: Kanto
    Trainer: Gold Male Trainer
    Pokemon: Sceptile, Raichu, Dragonite, Pidgeot, Shiny Charizard, Feraligatr
    Pokemon Beside Trainer: None

    Thanks Alot You Guys Are Real Pals!!! =D

    Hey Listen... If You Can't Do The Shiny Charizard I Understand and that is OK but I would really appreciate one THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
  5. Your-CLONE

    Your-CLONE <---- Thats me!

    a provided template! I'll do it!
    It'll be done tomorow..
  6. Lishus13

    Lishus13 Poli-Spriter!


    I cannot wait for the next request! But I do have a present for a certain user that I see often around the boards, I want to give him a little sprite I made in a private message, I hope he likes it! :D
  7. Wig

    Wig Out of a crazy mind.

    What are the odds of that?! I sent a PM to a friend today giving her a present. =D

  8. Lishus13

    Lishus13 Poli-Spriter!

    Wow, who was yours to? Let me send mine then I'll tell you mine
  9. Wig

    Wig Out of a crazy mind.

    Mine was to my twin. =D I sent it as soon as I got done with it.

  10. ~Flareon~

    ~Flareon~ Coal Trainer

    Thanks, -Jolt-. I liked my trainer card. I will give you credits.
  11. Lishus13

    Lishus13 Poli-Spriter!

    That Evil Caterpie is kinda sweet
  12. UltaFlame

    UltaFlame I'm weird accept it

    can i plz have a trainer card

    Form for the TC...OF LEMONS
    Name:Shadow Lance
    ID No.:742369
    Color Scheme: (one or two colors) dark blue and lavendar
    Background(OPTIONAL): (describe or provide an image)a wintry day with snow and a snowman
    Number of Pokemon: (3 or 6)6
    Badge Set: (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn)Johto
    Sprite Set: (Emerald, FRLG)Emerald
    Trainer: (provide if custom; if not, just say the trainer)[​IMG]
    Pokemon accompanying trainer: (sprites from Pokesho): Dragonite

    btw the lance was made by coronis then color editted bye me
  13. Sneasel Master

    Sneasel Master Beginning Trainer

    I'll make this one^^
    Edit: Here it is^^
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2006
  14. UltaFlame

    UltaFlame I'm weird accept it

    ok can't wait for it when it's up i'll know but if you want pm me or something

    EDIT: it's incredible exactly as i thought it would be your good!
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2006
  15. Gaaradon Of The Dessert

    Gaaradon Of The Dessert <Salamence is green!

    Can i work for your shop?

    Can i work for your shop? i do the following:
    I also do decolors and trainer cards, but the site i get trainer card template and badge and other stuff from is down rite now so i need a site then ill show u my example for trainer cards, so does anyone know i good site 2 get that stuff?
    So wat do u think? ;383;
  16. Dark Master

    Dark Master R.I.P N347 FR34K

    I'm sorry -Jolt- but I must quite because my shcool starts in 3 days and I have soccer camp until school starts. If my school work isn't very bad could I come back and work here again?
  17. Wig

    Wig Out of a crazy mind.

    ;-;It's okay. Your place won't be taken. Don't you have weekends?
    I'm sorry, but we already have 6 workers. ;-;

  18. Dark Master

    Dark Master R.I.P N347 FR34K

    Well yeah but I'm going to have soccer games on weekends so I'm going to be busy a lot of the time.
  19. Wig

    Wig Out of a crazy mind.

    Okays. There's always winter/spring/fall break. ;)

  20. Dark Master

    Dark Master R.I.P N347 FR34K

    Yup and if my work isn't very bad I can come back to work.
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