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The shop of Rachiedash!

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Rachiedash, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member

    Updated on 10/8/13: REALLY looking for EV'd pokemon right now. But again, I'll look at pretty much anything. Also, I realize I haven't been good at responding; I kind of forget about this shop from time to time...I'm really sorry about that. If I end up not responding to you, don't take it personally, I'm just kind of absent-minded.

    Opening the shop again now that I'm back in a trading mood. Added some stuff and took away some stuff...hopefully you'll find something you like! By the way, I clone; I don't use my action replay for anything else, though.
    No hacks, please!
    Some of this stuff will have to be transferred from earlier games, so please be patient with me. I appreciate it.

    What I have to offer:

    Shinies (includes EV trained and flawless shinies):
    Manaphy (Timid, UT, Flawless)
    Charmander (Serious, UT, Flawless)
    Mienshao (Adamant, EV trained, Level 50)
    Houndoom (Timid, Ev'd, level 100)
    Squirtle (Bold, UT, Flawless)
    Sableye (Relaxed, EV'd, Level 50)
    Rotom (Modest, EV'd, Level 50)
    Yanmega (Modest, EV'd, Level 50)
    Flygon (Adamant, EV'd, Level 100)
    Japanese Ampharos (Calm)
    Scizor (EV'd, Adamant, Level 100)
    Magmortar (Adamant)
    Golurk (Brave, EV'd?, Level 100)
    Conkeldurr (Ev'd, Adamant, Level 100)
    Cyndaquil (Modest, UT)
    Leafeon (EV'd, Level 100, Jolly)
    Darkrai (Timid, UT)
    Hitmontop (Adamant, Flawless, UT?)
    Volcarona (Bold, Ev'd, Level 100)
    Gengar (Timid, EV'd, Level 100)
    Whismur (Quirky, UT)

    WISHMKR Jirachi (I currently have two of them, but I can restart my ruby game as many times as I want in order to get more, and to try to get different natures, so ask for what nature you want)
    WIN2013 Keldeo (Impish)
    SMR2012 Keldeo (Jolly)
    GAMESTP Shiny Pichu (Jolly)
    SPR2013 Meloetta (Bold)
    TRU Arceus (UT, Naughty)
    SUM2013 Shiny Palkia (Adamant, UT)
    Plasma Deoxys (Calm, UT)
    SUM2013 Shiny Giratina (Lonely, UT)
    SUM2013 Shiny Dialga (Quiet, UT)
    Plasma Genesect (Jolly, UT)

    EV Trained:
    Excadrill (Adamant, Level 50)
    Tyranitar (Jolly, level 55)
    Blaziken (Adamant, Level 50, Speed Boost)
    Vaporeon (Modest, Level 50)
    Japanese Darmanitan (Adamant, Level 100)
    Donphan (Adamant, Level 50)
    Espeon (Modest, level 50)
    Japanese Kingdra (Adamant, Level 100)
    Kabutops (Adamant, Level 50)

    Various Pokemon from Colosseum/XD:
    Modest UT Lapras
    Modest Touched Zangoose
    Jolly UT Rhydon
    Adamant Touched Rapidash
    Hasty Touched Electabuzz (It evolved from the Elekid in XD, I believe)
    Modest Touched Shiftry (evolved)
    Gentle Touched Swellow
    Lax UT Moltres
    Hardy UT Articuno
    Jolly UT Tauros
    Impish UT Exeggutor
    Serious Touched Starmie
    Modest Touched Lugia
    Jolly UT Salamence

    IMPORTANT! I MIGHT be mistaken on a few pokemon as far as them actually being EV'd trained, untouched, or even simply legit. To my KNOWLEDGE they are all legit and labeled correctly, but if I turn out to be wrong, don't hesitate to tell me or ask for a "refund" so I can give back what you traded and fix my list. Thank you.

    EV trained pokemon (especially if they are also shiny)

    I'll look at all offers though as long as they are fair. :)

    My FC (Black 2): 3826 6364 9621
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2013
  2. hugokyremrayquaza

    hugokyremrayquaza Event Hunter

    thundurus and shiny cresselia for shiny event pichu but only if the pichu is ut
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2011
  3. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    shiny palkia, shiny thundurus, shiny darkrai and oblivia deoxys for:

    gamestop pichu
    shiny cofagrigus
    shiny Uxie
    and relaxed manaphy.

    also, i would like it if you cloned for me.

    also, palkia and deoxys need to be cloned
  4. Is yur WIN2011 celebi used 4 da event?
  5. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member

    woah. Lotta responses so quickly! xD I'll answer in order:

    hugo: The pichu IS UT. Just pm me when you're on.

    babyjoe: sure, I'd be fine to clone for you c: again, pm me when you're on.

    lucario: yes, I've used celebi for the event in my own game(s).
  6. rwhite84

    rwhite84 Banned

    Are interested in a tru event arceus with shadow force, roar of time, and spaciel rend
  7. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member

    I'm sorry, I already have the TRU arceus. See? *points*
  8. xXxDarkSigmaxXx

    xXxDarkSigmaxXx Dark Void Negater

    I have to offer:

    Shiny Rayquaza UT Impish
    Shiny Typhlosion EV'd Mild
    Shiny Feraligatr EV'd Adamant w/ Dragon Dance
    Shiny Sandslash UT Relaxed Rare Candied to lvl 40
    Shiny Empoleon EV'd Quiet
    lvl 1 Tepig
    Flawless lvl 1 Timid Palkia

    I'm interested in shiny Uxie, TRU Arceus and WIN2011 Celebi.
  9. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member

    DarkSigma: Deal; and If I had to pick just 3 from that list, I'd choose the Feraligatr, Typhlosion, and Sandslash if that's ok...(I'd love the tepig, empoleon, and palkia too but that wouldn't be too fair, i guess)
  10. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member

    So I guess you'll have to PM me for FCs and stuff, right? c:
  11. D.Dusk

    D.Dusk Member

    Would you trade your UT Brave Regirock for my UT Lv40 Thundurus?
  12. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member

    D.Dusk: sure. PM me?
  13. -Shadow!

    -Shadow! Dragon & Steel-type!

    Yo, I'm interested in your EV'd Blissey and Froslass. I can give you a Shiny Flawless Cresselia and Shiny Flawless EV'd Emboar in exchange. What do you say?
  14. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member

    Yo, I'm interested in your EV'd Blissey and Froslass. I can give you a Shiny Flawless Cresselia and Shiny Flawless EV'd Emboar in exchange. What do you say?
    Sure! My FC is in my first post now, but you'll have to wait for me to clone 'em first and complete this other trade. So PM me?
  15. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member

    I made this thread a while back, but now I'm getting back into trading, so the Rachiedash shop is once again open for buisness! With more pokemon to trade, of course. :D
  16. PoweofWind

    PoweofWind retired

    i am interesting in your regirock i can offer shiny drapion
  17. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member


    Sorry, I already have a shiny Drapion.
  18. PoweofWind

    PoweofWind retired

    maybe for celebi?
  19. Rachiedash

    Rachiedash New Member

    Are you offering a REGULAR celebi or a shiny celebi?
  20. ~Selene~

    ~Selene~ I Collect Shaymin

    could you see my thread

    Level 91 pickup aipom
    Cresselia, Calm
    Giratina, Lonely
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