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The Shop of Your (pokemon's) Dreams

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by davidchu, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    Welcome to my trade shop!
    This was created as an extension of my signature, so you won't be seeing a lot of wanted pokemon.​

    1. Every single rule in the trade shop rules sticky.
    2. Legendaries are only offered for legendaries, unless your pokemon are EV trained or have 31 IV in the stats I specify.
    3. That's it actually. Tell me if I violated any rules myself, because I do NOT want this post deleted.
    (4. And no, I'm not a happy large picture user. Sorry. Get used to it.)
    5. I really care about natures. So don't give me an adamant Latias. I have one already =n=
    6. Gimme what ever you think is good. And no, unlike some people, I don't see the point in shinies.
    7. Please check the pokemon's IV you want trade me by using Pokecheck. I do not want pokemon who has 20- IV in their primary attack stat.

    Natures consideration list:
    1. I WILL NOT trade; hindering attack/special of pokemon that use that stat. Ex: Adamant Latias
    2. I'll consider it; adding attack/special of pokemon that doesn't use that stat. Ex: Naughty Latias
    3. Maybe; hindering defense, spe.def, or speed of any pokemon but adds something good. Ex: Impish Latias
    4. DEFINITELY; hindering the attack/special of pokemon that doesn't use that stat. Ex: Timid Latias

    IVs consideration list:
    1. Will only trade for pokemon with more than 20 IVs in speed unless specified; same thing for main method of attack
    2. Will trade 2 pokemon for one if that one has 31 IVs in speed and its main method of attack


    (anything that you think is good and I agree on is fine really)

    Any Event Mew
    Any Event Celebi
    Event or In-game Darkrai with Modest or Timid with the move DARK PULSE
    Event Arceus with Modest or Timid
    Event V-Create Victini
    Latias or Latios with Modest, Timid, Bold or Calm (don't give me gen 3 ones)
    Any Rayquaza
    Any Groudon
    Kyogre with Modest or Timid
    Any Event Deoxys
    Uxie with Bold or Calm
    Any Dialga, Palkia or Giratina

    Male Bagon with Outrage and Dragon Dance

    will trade 3 for 1 for everything on this list

    Justified Jolly Gallade (or male Ralts) 31/31/31/x/31/31

    Staravia, Careful with Tailwind
    Smeargle, Jolly with Captivate
    Rhyhorn, Calm
    Mareep, Docile
    Tangela, Jolly or Calm with Leech Seed
    Croagunk, Hasty
    Stantler, Docile with Hypnosis
    Ponyta, Hasty
    Makuhita, Adamant
    Skorupi, Naive
    Scyther, Brave with Baton Pass
    Poliwag, Quiet or Docile with Sleep Talk
    Skarmory, Sassy
    Elekid, Docile with Cross Chop
    Gastly, Timid
    Tyrogue, Naive with Mach Punch
    Bronzor, Mild
    Gligar, Quirky with Tailwind
    Misdreavus, Bashful with Inferno
    Surskit, Lax with Hydro Pump
    Absol, Bold with Megahorn
    Meditite, Timid with Drain Punch
    Snubbull, Jolly with Close Combat
    Slugma, Bashful with Heat Wave
    Anorith, Sassy with Stealth Rock

    TRAINED (not EV)
    Lucario, Naughty
    Dratini, Careful
    Mamoswine EVENT, Bold
    Espeon, Magic Bounce
    Lapras, Quiet
    Houndoom, Timid with Dark Pulse

    BRED (no natures, it doesn't matter)

    *Special thanks to QuoteMaster for increasing this list!

    Hippopotas, Rash with Superpower
    Bellsprout, Lonely with Seed Bomb
    Banette, Rash with Cotton Guard
    Lickitung, Sassy with Sleep Talk
    Duskull, Brave with Pain Split

    Reshiram, Sassy
    Zekrom, Hardy
    Event Zekrom, Naive
    Kyurem, Hardy
    Tornadus, Hardy, Brave, Quirky
    Landorus, Bashful
    Cobalion, Lonely, Relaxed
    Virizon, Lax, Naive
    Terrakion, Docile
    Phione, Bred (I don't care if you don't think it counts)
    Darkrai, Naughty
    Event Arceus, Careful
    Volcarona (Yes, it's here), Quirky, Bashful

    Scrafty, Relaxed
    Escavalier, Adamant (untrained)
    Darmanitan, Sassy, Zen Mode (untrained)
    Reuniclus, Quiet
    Sigilyph, Brave
    Seadra, Quirky (Dragon Scale)
    Graveler, Serious
    Feebas, Rash (Prism Scale)
    Snorlax, Lonely
    Starmie, Docile

    EV trained

    Ferrothorn, Lonely, 252 EVs in HP and ATK
    Mienshao, Jolly, (Inner Focus unfortunately), 252 EVS in ATK and Speed
    Kingdra, Naive, (Sniper), 252 EVs in Spe.atk and Speed (i'll have to check though)

    All starters

    AND... That's it folks!
    But to celebrate the opening of this shop, I'll give a free male dream world Eevee for every trade! You can request some natures if I have it. (And you might want me to change the eevee's name, because they were named out of frustration 0.0)
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2012
  2. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    and i push
  3. vasu98

    vasu98 New Member

    Can I have one Nincada? I've been looking for it long time
    Check my shop for pokemon:)
    And I don't need your DW ability Eevee I have female itself:)
  4. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    If i can I want either your DW Arceus or your Movie14 Victini
    if not... well then we'll talk -.-
  5. Superpro

    Superpro New Member

    I was wondering if you'd trade a DW female Bagon for a DW female Kangaskhan?
  6. I am interested in a DWF spiritomb I will trade it for a modest dialga I sent over from my japanese diamond version or some DWF you don't have like carvanha or tangela. If you are interested PM me I will set them aside for you because I will be too busy to trade until May 13th. -.- sorry.
  7. hari2000haran

    hari2000haran New Member

    i have a event mew, a event v create victini, a diagla and palkia. pm me if interested .
  8. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    and I PUSH
  9. Zorua?!

    Zorua?! CANNED

    My Groudon for either a female DW eevee or Tornadus?
  10. Arach

    Arach Pkmn Breeder

    Interested in you darkrai naught i can offer UT palkia
  11. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    It's a deal! Want a DW male Eevee to go with it (can request nature if I have it)?
  12. Zorua?!

    Zorua?! CANNED

    Continuing on with this, I've also Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, which I'm will to give 2 of them for your event Arceus, or all 4 (including Groudon) for DW eevee, tornadus, and arceus. So... how about it?
  13. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    Dialga and Giratina for Arceus. Because the person on top is already giving me a Palkia. OK?
  14. Zorua?!

    Zorua?! CANNED

    Great, how about groudon for eeve or tornadus then?

    im assuming the FC you want me to add is the one in your Sig?
  15. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    Groudon for Tornadus please. Last time I had to breed A WHOLE BOX to get a DW female Eevee (that's why I'm giving away males =_=")
    Yeah the FC is in my sig
  16. Poke Trainer J

    Poke Trainer J Well-Known Member

    Interested in your DWF Bagon, could possibly trade my Timid UT 2012MAY Darkrai for it. Unfortunately it doesn't have Dark Pulse though I'm willing to throw in other stuff but unfortunately they aren't on your Wants List. :/

    I have a Lv. 100 Celebi but it's EV Trained and Touched as well as a Jirachi with Rash Nature, Lv. 100 EV Trained Magnezone, 100 EV Trained Donphan and Aerodactyl as well too. I also have a Timid Lv. 100 Lugia that's been sitting in my box for a long while.
    Last edited: May 15, 2012
  17. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    can you use http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=user to check the IVs of all the pokemon you're offering me? Thanks.
  18. Zorua?!

    Zorua?! CANNED

    White FC: 1593 0421 8060

    Arceus and Tornadus for Groudon, Dialga, and Giratina.
  19. davidchu

    davidchu Your WORST nightmare

    YUP. tomorrow 4~6:30 PM US eastern coast time. Good?
  20. Zorua?!

    Zorua?! CANNED

    Problem: I live on the West Coast (PST) and dont get back from school til about 4pm (7pm EST)

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