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>>>~**The Shuam Shop of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING**~<<<

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Shuam, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Latias74

    Latias74 Well-Known Member

    Can I work here? I can do the following:
    TC Form:
    Trainer Sprite (helpful if you put it here but if you can't, tell me which sprite):
    What badges, Hoenn, Johto or Kanto. I can only do 1 set:
    Six pokemon (Bold if shiny):
    Backround: Pick from Here
    Game you want your sprites from:
    Pokemon behind trainer (optional):
    ID number:

    Example: [​IMG]

    Recolor form:
    Color Changed too (pick another pokemon):
    Examples: [​IMG] and [​IMG]

    Mix 1:
    example: [​IMG] and [​IMG]

    Head transplants:
    Body (Give link if you can):
    Head (Give link if you can):
    Example: [​IMG]

    Custom made trainers:
    Original trainer:
    New appearences:
    Example: [​IMG]

    Example: [​IMG]

    Pokemon Sprite:
    Example: [​IMG]

    Expression Changing:
    Base Pokemon:
    Example: [​IMG]

    Color of glow:
    example: [​IMG]

    Examples: [​IMG] and [​IMG]

    Pokemon Eggs:
    Pokemon Sprite:
    Example: [​IMG]

    Town Maps:
    Number of Towns:
    Number of Impotant places:
    Number of Imortant places visited:
    Number of Towns with Important places:
    Number of Towns with Important places visited:
    Example: [​IMG]

    Siamese Pokemon:
    Sprite you want combined:
    Example: [​IMG] and [​IMG]

    Pokemon Trophies:
    Is ot 1st, 2nd or 3rd?:
    Example: [​IMG]
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2007

    MJOLNIR < cool

    the more you post the more its spam and because your rushin him he might not even do it at all

    MJOLNIR < cool

    can i have an abattle scene ?heres how it goes:(same beggining as your example up till the point a ppokemon comes out) the pokemon who comes out is a shiny mew at lv 100 the pokemon hes versing pikachu lv100. it says on the bottom "mew used clone!" and then two other mews come up beside him and one uses flamethrower the other hydro pump and the last pokemon hyper beam. the pikachu faints the pikachus trainer comes out and says "hey no fainr you used a clone which is wrong!" then the mews attack him and the trainer falls like a pokemon would if it fainted. and then the scene goes away and a screen the same size shows up that says join the Pro Cloning Club and the whole thing repeats and please make it go slower than your example
    thanks, MJOLNIR
  4. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    I'm here. Please do not double post, it is annoying and considered that all you want to do is go to the next level in ranks.

    Shuamdom will not do any work if there is swearing telling us to hurry up.

    Monochras(sp) your request was

    Be nicer in future:
  5. Monochras

    Monochras Remi|X|ing Time

    well u all desrve to be cursed at, cauz if this is how ur gonna treat waiting costumers, than ur shop should be closed... and it actually made u notice me didnt it, cauz if i hadnt cursed i wouldve been ignored again, so now ppl noe what to do if their being ignored...
  6. .Person.

    .Person. No avatard plz

  7. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    Well, I'm very sorry to hear you were ignored. People ignore me all the time at school when I try and make new friends, and they just don't give.

    I will try your request, but it will be hard seeing as I'm only just new to fakemon, and besides; there's no colour on the second link.
  8. Charidude14

    Charidude14 April 22nd: Pearl!!!

    Can i have an avatar please? Do you know MapleStory? I'd like the leaf please the link to the site is http://Nexon.net Tnx in advance!

    *EDIT* I forgot to mention, you can only view it in internet explorer, heh
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2007
  9. Monochras

    Monochras Remi|X|ing Time

    color doesnt matter, i could add that, im just bad at the outlines.

    and i'm sorry i cursed at ur shop, i should be more respectable towards it, i just have a bad temper, which i hate about me...LOL
  10. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    It's really quite annoying with shading, you know.

    Are there any other requests for me to do once I finish these?
  11. Flaming Nidoking

    Flaming Nidoking Graphic Desighner

    Could i have a Cybernetic Rukario?

    MJOLNIR < cool

    do you have mine?
  13. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    Okay, I don't do cybernetic Pokemon; that's Shuamdom and I think Dragotar911.
    I also don't do battle scenes. soz about that.

    I make other things like user bars and stuff... go to page like 26 or something. It's near the bottom...
    Anything else after the scratch which I accidently stuffed and have to do all over again xD
  14. any updates on these?
  15. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

  16. Koriinku

    Koriinku Shinx <3

    Just remembering my request.
  17. Flaming Nidoking

    Flaming Nidoking Graphic Desighner

    Could anyone do a Cybernetic Rukario?
  18. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    Does that answer your question?
  19. Flaming Nidoking

    Flaming Nidoking Graphic Desighner

    no, i think Shaum is on, and i think he does it.
  20. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    And I say again for the 3rd time;
    Any more requests?
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