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can I please get a mixed Sandshrew/pichu with Sandshrew's colours except for the tail and ears make them white please (colour is spelled with a U! I am Canadien!) and an oddish poke-ball (But please make the poke-ball green and the grass red) and a cubone egg any colour you want.(if you can make eggs) . pm me with the link
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I don't suppose you could WBG this animation for me, if you can't just say and i'll give you the cells used for it, because i like the movement, but not the white background



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Mew-100 said:
Even Shiny cards? If so:

Pokemon: Minun (Great Ball), Zubat line (Great ball), Elektrike (Great ball), Oddish (Safari Ball), Gyrados (Silver sprite, Poke Ball), Mew (Master ball), Magikarp (Great ball), Poochyena (2, Both great ball), Gulpin (Ultra ball).
Did you see this on page 156?

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Banner please
text:swift silence
background:can it be raining like in chrono's sig please.Can you look at chrono's sig to under stand what I mean

I do not mind who does it.I have waited over 1 week now,IF THERE ANY REASON WHY YOU CAN NOT DO IT


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can i have an abattle scene ?heres how it goes:(same beggining as your example up till the point a ppokemon comes out) the pokemon who comes out is a shiny mew at lv 100 the pokemon hes versing pikachu lv100. it says on the bottom "mew used clone!" and then two other mews come up beside him and one uses flamethrower the other hydro pump and the last pokemon hyper beam. the pikachu faints the pikachus trainer comes out and says "hey no fainr you used a clone which is wrong!" then the mews attack him and the trainer falls like a pokemon would if it fainted. and then the scene goes away and a screen the same size shows up that says join the Pro Cloning Club and the whole thing repeats and please make it go slower than your example
thanks, MJOLNIR
did anyone see this?
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