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>>>~**The Shuam Shop of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING**~<<<

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Shuam, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Vinni


  2. Sandchu

    Sandchu Well-Known Member

    can I please get a mixed Sandshrew/pichu with Sandshrew's colours except for the tail and ears make them white please (colour is spelled with a U! I am Canadien!) and an oddish poke-ball (But please make the poke-ball green and the grass red) and a cubone egg any colour you want.(if you can make eggs) . pm me with the link
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2007
  3. rune the 1st

    rune the 1st Whatever...

    can i have a WBG of this im pretty sure you guys should already have this
  4. Midnight Pulse

    Midnight Pulse Well-Known Member

    can you do evolution animations?
    if so,can i have a Scyther evolving into a Scizor?
  5. .Person.

    .Person. No avatard plz

    Sorry I wasn't here. Are there any banners for me?
  6. Rixo

    Rixo Musical Trainer

    Can you WBG jpgs? Or only pngs?
  7. The jolly kingdra

    The jolly kingdra Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Feb 6, 2007
  8. tori845

    tori845 ¤°´·.¸¸Tori¸¸.·? ?°¤

    Only PNGs, JPG and JPEG is a no-go zone.
  9. yougirasu

    yougirasu Patience? Virtue?

    I don't suppose you could WBG this animation for me, if you can't just say and i'll give you the cells used for it, because i like the movement, but not the white background

  10. DarkKyogre11

    DarkKyogre11 Blehehehe...BLECK.

    Yep, my order's at the top of page 165. :)
  11. [aka]

    [aka] Well-Known Member

    hey, could someone WBG this for me
  12. Mew-100

    Mew-100 Future Scriptwriter!

  13. Stormplayer27

    Stormplayer27 pokemon is boring

    can someone please animate these



  14. The jolly kingdra

    The jolly kingdra Well-Known Member

    Banner please
    text:swift silence
    background:can it be raining like in chrono's sig please.Can you look at chrono's sig to under stand what I mean

    I do not mind who does it.I have waited over 1 week now,IF THERE ANY REASON WHY YOU CAN NOT DO IT

    MJOLNIR < cool

    did anyone see this?
  16. Zero X

    Zero X Magikarp Master

    has anyone gotten to my order i asked 3 times and every time said plz
  17. rune the 1st

    rune the 1st Whatever...

    well this hop is going nowhere can anyone tell me how to WBG?
  18. Shuam

    Shuam righteous


    probably if you give me the frames

    i only know how on GIMP
  19. [aka]

    [aka] Well-Known Member

    10 char
  20. Munchlax2.0

    Munchlax2.0 RoboLax

    Can someone wave this for me?
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