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>>>~**The Shuam Shop of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING**~<<<

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Shuam, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. aquasuicune

    aquasuicune Well-Known Member

    Could I please get a DP sprite Raikou in roughly the same colors as the electric neopets?
  2. Sandchu

    Sandchu Well-Known Member

    Dude I've been waiting for about three days (yes that's a lot) are you checking the old posts or what! Seriosly I've been checking everyday and no response. Sheesh! All I ask for is a mix beetween Sandshrew and Pichu with Sandshrew's colours except for the tail and ears make them white, an oddish poke-ball (make the poke-ball green and the grass red) and a cubone egg any colour you want.(if you can make eggs) and to pm me with the link. is that too much!!! Arrrgh! If you need me to say please here it is "please"!!!
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2007
  3. Brettt

    Brettt satirist

    hey shuamdom, this is lucarioso, can i have a abbner, i know you do great work, like on BMF!

    well, could i get any size that won't be banned
    IMAGES: roselia and lucario, on either side of the banner
    TeXT: Rocario, in about the middle
    background, text color, and anything else: you can choose, but can you make it amazing, i'd really like Shuamdom to make this himself, no ofence to other workers, but its personal

    thank you!!! its okay if this won't be finished for a while, but the sooner the better!, i won't get mad like the above poster, and can you PM me it, cuz i don't really check much threads
  4. Umm, I said please, and your work's awesome, but this is taking sorta long...
  5. lordzangoose

    lordzangoose walk like anEgyptian

    Sorta long? The service is horrendous. They barely answer any requests.
  6. Well, he did say this to me "I probably could but I'm going out now." So, he is doing my requests probably, but he's not doing a lot at a time.
  7. Shuam

    Shuam righteous

    To all people that have liked this shop or the work of it in anyway, i am sorry to say this, but i am going to ask a moderator to close this shop.
    I hate to do this, but currently, i just dont have enough time to fill out the thousands of requests here, and even with the workers, most of them dont even come here o_O...

    so if you do want a banner or something, you can PM me here for it or you can go to the shuam shop at 3 other locations, 1 of which located in my sig..

    I am truly and sincerely sorry for this, all of my fans..
    but im afraid this is the end of the shuam shop @ SPPF.

    but do not worry, i might make a return.
    thank you all.
    if you have any concerns regarding what has been spoken in this post, please feel free to PM me with your comments.
    thank you.

    ~shuamdom67. ;400;
  8. Manafi's Dream

    Manafi's Dream フェアリータイプタイム

    Hi, may I have the example banner only this time, could you make it smaller cause the last one was too big.
  9. Shuam

    Shuam righteous

  10. But will you please ever get to do mine?
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