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The Sims Club

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I hate the loner trait. Whenever my Sim went to work he would come home in a really bad mood because there were too many people at work.

Stupid Sim.....

Guys heres a thread where you vote for different memebers to get awards. Ie. I voted Honsy most likely to become a mod ^_^
So check it out. Theres a bit to vote for your favourite club...hint, hint, hint I also gave a couple of nominations to people from the club.
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I shot my eye out.
May I rejoin? I now have the Sims 3 and am addicted to it. ._.

It's more or less alright. Just wish I can add custom hair/clothing. ><


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Welcome back Luppi BE ACTIVE PLEASE ^_^
I don't want this club to die.

Yeah The Sims 3 isn't as amazing as they made it out to be but I think thats because we had a giant leap from TS1 to the TS2 so a smaller leap from TS2 to TS3 was pretty disappointing but I still think the game is awesome.

Make 2 characters from Super Mario. Any two. It can even be Bowser but in human form. You post a picture of them and state there traits & life time wish or state there personality points & aspiration. This is for The Sims 3 and The Sims 2. Entries must be in by 5th July 2009.

If nobody enters but me again I will be sad.

surfer treecko

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Yah, I just got sims3, so why not come back to this thread?
Hopefully, I can join after leaving, right?

So anyways, I'd like to join if you haven't guessed.


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What on earth is wrong with you?
Well you've never had an infraction...thats better than me!
Nah. I'm good. I barely play Sims any more. The loading times still piss me off.
Pllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee! I need people to join in! Come on Honsy its only two Sims ):

Welcome back surfer-treecko please be active this time. Will you be joining in with the contest please say yes

I've also updated the first page so tell me what you think!


I shot my eye out.
Well, contests are not my thing....>.<

Some of my sims 3 sims are stupid too.

I've had a sim drown on my lot (my Ukitake sim. XD) and we had an urn for him. He'd usually come out at night and I made my Tosen sim befriend the ghost. Eventually Tosen recieved a call from the Landgraab Science Facility asking if they would like to revive Ukitake, so of course Tosen took the oppertunity...

So he took the urn with him to the science lab and restored Ukitake...as a playable GHOST. >.< I didn't know you could do this..

What makes him stupid is that...he's afraid of other ghosts/the graveyards. >.<

It's annoying when the ghosts talk because it's a series of moaning and howling, but I'm happy to accept him as a member of my household because he doesn't make puddles anywhere like in the sims 2.






I'm always so happy for my sims when they get their lifetime wishes completed. my Kyoraku became CEO without the help of boolprop. >8D

I'm also glad when the children still play with the dollhoouse, they make the man beat the woman. XDDD hilarious to watch but I'm like woah.

and look at my itty bitty SWORDFISH. XD


I also am curious as to why when I switch households and I made my current sim go into town and they run into another sim, and it's as if they got a promotion. Example:

I've made a household (called the Luisenbarn household) and had 4 adult sims. 3 got a job (latrine cleaner, organ donor, and fan) and 1 was unemployed.

So I've made a second household in the same town (the household with the ghost. The Tosen household.) and I've been playing as them since. So, I made my CEO-Kyoraku go into town, and he ran into one of the Luisenbarns...and he's dressed as a general. But when I switch households again, he's back to latrine cleaner. -_-

I hate the male hair. >.<


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My competition entries!!!


Emporer or Evil is his LTW
His traits are:
Mean Spirited


Heartbreaker is her LTW
Her traits are:
Absent Minded
Commitment Issues (shes been leading Mario on for years but still no commitment!!)


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Princess Peach

I don't know much about any of the Mario characters, so I guessed most of this...
Pleasure Aspiration
Sloppy/Neat: 5 bars
Shy/Outgoing: 2 bars
Lazy/Active: 4 bars
Serious/Playful: 7 bars
Grouchy/Nice: 7 bars
Meh, I don't know.
Second Entry (Yes they look the same -.-' )
Princess Daisy (Why Mario people -.-)

And yes another guess
Pleasure Aspiration
Sloppy/Neat: 3 Bars
Shy/Outgoing: 4 bars
Lazy/Active: 5 bars
Serious/Playful: 7 bars
Grounchy/Nice: 6 Bars
Sims 2 + expansions w/o CC clothing isn't very good -.-
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Well....people might as well vote now. AceTrainerTim or mangaeyes? You decide!

new topic: Favourite skill from ANY Sims games (includes life skills) ?
I liked the fire safety life skill from TS2 because for once my Sim didn't run to the fire and die, he would be calm and move AWAY from the fire >_>


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Favourite skill from ANY Sims games (includes life skills)?

Guitar skill. My Astronaught Sim is famous, so he played to a lot of people at his wedding. He also plays at autograph signings, too. His wife just waits there. I love that you can take the guitar with you around town.


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Wow, everybody must been busy playing the sims 3, or doing homework >.<

Favourite skill from ANY Sims games (includes life skills)

Lol, not sure, I like the fire safety skills, as, they don't dance around the fire, chanting crazy words.... lol


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I got a new computer!

I've finally been able to play The Sims 3. (Well, I've created a character and started to build a house. That's it. Haven't had much time to.)

Also with the voting, what do we do? PM the vote to someone, or just post here in the thread?


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Just vote here on the thread Honsy. Do you like the Sims 3? I've heard that many, many, many people (including myself) have been having problems with the story progression feature (the thing where yourneighbours get old or get married etc. without you playing them) because, for example, I will make a single Sim and put them in a house and forget about them for some time. I will come back to them and they will be exactly the same....only they will have a baby...or two babies....or three...

Many people have experienced this. Any of you?

As many of you know, I am a Harry Potter nerd. On TS3 I made Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin (the 4 hogwarts founders)

Godric - Brave
Rowena - Genius
Helga - Friendly
Salazar - Ambitious

What do you think? Havng only one trait for a Sim is wierd but kinda fun.


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Just vote here on the thread Honsy.
Okay, Mangaeyes gets my vote.

Do you like the Sims 3?
Yeah, it's alright. Missing some stuff though.

I haven't had any trouble with the story progression...Although, I noticed that one of my neighbours have been pregnant for a very, very long time, but...eh. I haven't been playing recently anyways, Been playing Empire Total War and Dawn of War II.

I am a Harry Potter nerd

There's something wrong with you.


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Yeah its not like Harry Potters popular or anything...I'm the only fan!

I was more referring to the fact you created the Hogwarts founders.

Favourite Pre-made Sim Ever?
Er...I'd say Bella Goth, mainly because she's the only pre-made sim I really know.


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Oh well. I bet your computer runs really quickly now.

SIMS3 NEWS: I died. My self-sim died of old age a few days ago and my wife died of old age last night. My wife made her dream goal of beng leader of the free world...sadly my self-sim was ONE skill point away from achieving his lifetime goal and then he croaked it...

My daughter got married is now an adult. Her name is Violet and she married Marc Clavell (the automatic child of a pre-made sim) and they have a toddler together called April.


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Yay, Mangaeyes wins for the contest, by Honsy's vote.

I've installed The Sims Castaway Stories, so its laptop friendly :)

So I've completed the main story and have one child, named Kyle.

But hopefully I'll get a new laptop for my birthday in October or in christmas...
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