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The Sinnoh League Predictions Thread

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Torpoleon, May 21, 2010.

  1. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    Alright, there have been several Sinnoh League threads, so the mods might get annoyed with yet another one. We are approximately two months away from the Sinnoh League. It is confirmed to air in July 2010 in Japan. If a mod feels like this thread should be closed for whatever reason, be my guest. If this thread stays alive until July, this thread can be closed once all the Sinnoh League Episode Titles have been revealed.

    Alright, so we do know a few things about the Sinnoh League so here you can post any predictions you have. Don't post the same thing. You can make a new post for any changes along the way. Here's a run-down of what we know:

    The Sinnoh League will commence in July 2010 in Japan. We also know that Ash, Paul, Barry, Nando & Conway are participating in the Sinnoh League.

    What I think:
    I think that the Sinnoh League should commence the week after Movie 13: Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Phantom Champion Zoroark, meaning the Sinnoh League would start on Jul. 15, 2010 then. I also think it should be 10 episodes, or generally more than the Hoenn League, which was 7 episodes.
    I also think that this "Legendary Pokemon Trainer will be Buck with Heatran or someone else with a Generation V Legendary.

    DP184- Opening Ceremonies: Jul. 15, 2010
    Lighting the torch and everyone comes: Ash, Paul, Barry, Nando, Conway & Legendary Pokemon Trainer/Buck.

    DP185- Preliminary Rounds Part 1: Jul. 22, 2010
    Everyone advances through a portion of the Preliminary Rounds of the Sinnoh League.

    DP186- Preliminary Rounds Part 2: Jul. 22, 2010
    Everyone advances the remainder of the Preliminary Rounds of the Sinnoh League.

    DP187- Ash VS Conway: Aug. 5, 2010
    Ash beats Conway in the Top 16 of the Sinnoh League.

    DP188- Ash VS Nando: Aug. 12, 2010
    Ash beats Nando in the Top 8 of the Sinnoh League.

    DP189- Paul VS Barry Part 1: Aug. 19, 2010
    Paul & Barry begin their battle in the Top 8 of the Sinnoh League.

    DP190- Paul VS Barry Part 2: Aug, 26, 2010
    Paul beats Barry in the Top 8 of the Sinnoh League.

    DP191- Ash VS Paul Part 1: Sept. 2, 2010
    Ash & Paul begin their battle in the Top 4 of the Sinnoh League.

    DP192- Ash VS Paul Part 2: Sept. 2, 2010
    Ash & Paul continue their battle in the Top 4 of the Sinnoh League.

    DP193- Ash VS Paul Part 3: Sept. 16, 2010
    Ash beats Paul in the Top 4 of the Sinnoh League.

    DP194- Ash VS Buck/Unnamed Legendary Pokemon Trainer: Sept. 23, 2010
    Buck/Unnamed Legendary Pokemon Trainer beats Ash in the Top 2 of the Sinnoh League. This is also closure for Ash's rivals.

    So, that's what I think. That's technically 11 episodes, but that's fine. Remember, only talk about what you think for the SINNOH LEAGUE. I'll go more indepth for some of the battles later on in life.
  2. Lily Nadesico

    Lily Nadesico Active Member

    Pretty much this, except I would like Ash to actually win this tournament. The anime has pulled my leg a few times too many with this...
  3. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    I'd like ash to win it, but I don't think he will. If he does, they might make pokemon's main character different for isshu.
  4. wildheart90

    wildheart90 Awesome

    if ash wins, i would love to see the writers explanation as to why ash doesnt take on the elite 4 (face it, there is no time).

    which is a shame cause i would have loved to see Ash vs Cynthia
  5. Typhlosion Trainer

    Typhlosion Trainer Fire Trainer

    I think Ash will get to the top 4 or top 2. I will go more in depth on everything later on.
  6. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    I agree with the little time there is between the end of DP and the beginning of the BW series. Its giving me insight to see if Ash loses this League, and at least higher than the Top 8. Top 4 or 2 would sound good to me. And I'd assume Paul might take on the Elite Four maybe, but that's all I got so far. Its all possibilities right now.
  7. BlueDragonfangirl

    BlueDragonfangirl Well-Known Member

    I think Ash will at least get to the top 2 this time.
    Loosing to the new character or whoever has the legandary Pokemon.
    Ash V.S Paul I see as a big battle. I can't wait for that one.
    Ash V.S Conway=Dawn again LOLz.
    Ash V.S Barry=Over Barry's idea on idol.
    Ash V.S New guy with Legandary Pokemon=Ash loosing.
  8. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    Here's how I see it. Top 16 will consist of the 6 we know of, Ash, Paul, Barry, Conway Nando and the legendary trainer (/Buck), plus 10 random people. Likely the line-ups are, each of the 6 battling randoms. Then we move on to Top 8. I suspect it will be
    Ash vs random: Pikachu wins it for Ash.
    Paul vs Nando: Magmortar wins it for Paul, single-handedly.
    Barry vs random: Showcase of Barry's Snorlax.
    Conway vs Legendary Trainer (/Buck): (if it's Buck, expect Baltoy to evolve into Claydol)

    Ash, Paul, Barry and Legendary Trainer move on to Top 4. Full Battles.

    Ash vs Paul:

    We can expect no change in Ash's team, so likely to be Pikachu, Toterra, Infernape, Staraptor, Buizel and Gible. Maybe Gible will evolve into Gabite.
    Paul's team will be Torterra, Electivire, Magmortar, Rhyperior, Gyarados and Aerodactyl. (the latter 3 are randoms I thought would suit his personality)
    Barry will be watching this battle to support Paul (-by the end he realizes he's not what he thought he was)

    Barry vs Legendary Trainer (/Buck):
    Barry's default team will be Empoleon, Staraptor, Heracross, Roserade, Snorlax and Rapidash.
    (if the Legendary Trainer is Buck,) then his team would be Claydol, Shuckle, Umbreon, Dusknoir, Torkoal and Heatran.

    Ash beats Paul and Legendary Trainer beats Barry.

    The finals is between Ash and Legendary Trainer Buck. Ash loses.

    PAKEPAKE Well-Known Member

    Pokemon DP finishes it as 192 episode.
    A Sinnoh league finishes from DP183 episode to DP189 episode.
    Last edited: May 22, 2010
  10. Aquadon

    Aquadon TCG Trainer

    I would like Ash and Paul to be the Final 2, with Ash going up against Buck and Conway (maybe the Conway episode be semi-Pearlshippy, although I'm much for Conway/Dawn). I would like a full on Ash/Barry, but I feel like the Barry/Paul thing needs to happen so Barry can throw his support behind Ash to take on Paul. No matter what though, Ash/Paul should mirror Zoey/Dawn in a sense (although I'd prefer Ash to come out on top this time).
  11. streetlightdsb

    streetlightdsb Uni hiatus

    Dawn losing to Zoey is making me think that Ash will get top 2 as well. It would really go with all the Ash/Dawn parallels they've been making this series. I think Ash will beat Paul in the top 4, but lose to Nando in the finals.

    Nando doing contests and battles is pretty much leading to a great success in one of the two career paths, and seeing as he didn't win the GF, I think he'll probably win the league, albeit closely.

    Ash Vs Legendary trainer (not Buck please) would be in the top 8. I'm pretty sure that Ash will beat the legendary, as that would be his "big success" of this series. Plus it would just be such a convenient DEM loss if he lost to a legendary.

    That would make the Barry battle top 16, and Conway top 32. COTD's for the preliminaries and (maybe) doubles.

    If, as I've speculated in the past, Conway is the one with the legendary (with Entei ftw :D) then Conway would be in the top 8 and a COTD like Katie would take his place in the top 32.
  12. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    Discounting the usual League Torch episode, right?

    Anyways; I think Nando will fight against Ash. There would be no other reson to keep him around in GF, and make him comment about his Gyms future in the end of DP177. I don't know about Barry and Conway. As many people said before me, I think Barry may fight against Paul. Then again, Conway is jsut there for Dawn to get some minor focus during the league with a subplot of her own(basically, Conway stalking Dawn). I really don't know. Both Conway and Barry can defeated booted early by not Ash.

    As for winning the league, I love if that happenned, but Dawn losing the GF just says that writers still won't make any main character win a huge competiton during their run/unless it is a filler arc major competition( like Orange League or Kanto Battle Frontier).
  13. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    I think this is how it should be like:

    DP182: Ash gets the league and meets his rivals
    DP183: Preliminary Rounds - all the rivals and Ash advances through this stage
    DP184: Double battles - Barry and Paul advance through this stage
    DP185: Double battles - Ash beats Conway, Nando advances through this stage
    DP186: Double battle #2 - Ash, Paul, Nando and Barry are getting through this stage
    DP187: Top 32 - 6 vs 6 - Ash beat a random trainer
    DP188: Top 16 - Ash beats Nando, Paul beats Barry
    DP189: Top 8 - Ash beats Paul
    DP190: Top 4 - Ash loses to the trainer with the legendary pokemon
  14. KGB13

    KGB13 Man of Mystery

    I think Ash is going to do really good this time around and finish in the Top 2. I would love to see him win it and face the E4, but it doesn't seem like there will be enough time for that with BW quickly approaching. Or maybe he will win it and lose to either Cynthia or one of the other E4 members immediately after.
  15. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    I have to eat lunch so I'll predict later, but just gonna say that imo Ash vs. Paul will be the finals, meaning Ash will beat the Legendary trainer, and that Ash vs. Paul will be a draw.
  16. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    No it wont. The Sinnoh League is starting in July and should be 8- 10 episodes. You don't have source because you are dumber than sack of bricks. I'll believe what I want until someone who is not dumber than a sack of bricks can confirm for me.
  17. the1stpkmnfan

    the1stpkmnfan Your Big Buff Bro

    Im still hoping Ash will eventually challenge Conway, Nando, Barry AND Paul. Yeah it may look crazy, but I honestly would love to see a full battle between Ash and Conway.
  18. theforgottensoldier

    theforgottensoldier divide and conquer!

    I’m basing most of my prediction on what I think may be going through the evil minds of the writers. I think the Sinnoh league will be 8 episodes long.

    1. Everyone arrives at the Sinnoh league and the new league rival is introduced.
    2. Opening ceremony and the start of the qualifying rounds.
    3. League preliminaries- Ash, Paul, Barry, Nando, and the league rival advance. Conway loses here.
    4. Ash vs. Nando and Barry vs. Paul. The league rival advances off screen.
    5. Ash vs. Paul part 1
    6. Ash vs. Paul part 2
    7. Ash vs. league rival
    8. Ash vs. league rival part 2 and Sinnoh league coming to a close.
  19. KingMinun

    KingMinun Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!

    Here's my predictions!
    I'm hoping for a 11 episode league thing. Including the Torch ceremony.
    Then you get 2 preliminary round in the first 2 episodes
    These preliminaries would be Double battles.
    Ash uses Totodile and Donphan in the first one and Totodile evolves. And he wins
    His second one he uses Noctowl and Glalie and moves onto the next round
    The next round features 3 episodes of 3 Vs 3 battles.
    Ash uses in his first one Torkoal, Bayleef and Muk
    Second one he uses Pikachu, Corphish and Gible
    Third one against Conway and is a battle for Dawn, he uses Cyndaquil, Torterra and Snorlax, Conway uses Slowking, Herracross and Aggron
    Ash moves onto the next round which is 6 Vs 6 Battles. These are top 16
    His first one is against a random trainer/Alan. He uses Snorlax, Croconaw (who evolves again), Staraptor, Glalie, Torkoal and Muk.
    Ash moves into Top 8 against another random trainer. He uses Donphan, Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Feraligatr, Noctowl and Pikachu.
    Then he moves onto top 4 and battles Nando, using Infernape, Glalie, Staraptor, Buizel, Gible and Snorlax. Nando uses Kricketot, Altaria, Sunflora, Roserade, Lopunny and Bronzong. The final battle is Gible Vs Altaria and Gible beats him using Draco Meteor.
    Paul fights Barry and they have an episode for their own battle.
    Paul defeats Barry, but Barry does manage to take down at least 2 of Paul's pokemon.
    In the finals is Ash Vs Paul.
    Ash uses his Sinnoh team and recalls Gliscor back for the battle. Paul uses his team from the last battle with Ash.
    It is a really close battle. But Ash only just loses, but his inspiration and willpower stuns Paul, and he sees how hard Infernape fights for Ash and realizes that he should care for his pokemon.
    Ta Dah. I'm going by the fact that this Legendary trainer is just a very tough trainer. Not one who uses Legendaries.
  20. Shneak

    Shneak this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨

    I just think that Ash vs. Paul will be the top 8, Ash wins, and loses to the legendary trainer in the top 4, who goes on to win.

    Paul beats Barry in the top 16. Ash beats Conway in the top 16. Nando is somewhere in the top 4.

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