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The Sinnoh League Predictions Thread

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Torpoleon, May 21, 2010.

  1. theforgottensoldier

    theforgottensoldier divide and conquer!

    I wonder when we will get a definite date for the games release. It would make guessing how long the league will last a lot easier. I'd say we have somewhere around 20 episodes give or take which should leave enough space for a great sinnoh league arc.
  2. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    I think it would make sense for Barry to battle Paul so Ash doesn't battle every one of his rivals and so Barry can lose to his fan. It would be better for each of the main battles to get its own episode so it is not rushed like Dawn VS Jessie in DP176. I'm not good with figuring out new Pokemon, so I'll skip Ash VS Nando & Ash VS Conway. Here is Ash VS Paul Part 1:

    Ash VS Paul- The Top 4 Sinnoh League Battle- Part 1

    Buizel VS Torterra
    Buizel uses Ice Punch on Torterra which hits head on. Torterra quickly counters with Giga Drain, giving it some of its HP back. Torterra is recalled.

    Buizel VS Magmortar
    Buizel hits first with Water Pulse followed by Aqua Jet and then is hit hard by Thunderbolt. Buizel is very shaky now and then when Buizel uses Aqua Jet, Magmortar uses Sunny Day. Aqua Jet weaker and then Buizel faints from Thunderbolt again. Magmortar is recalled.

    Torterra VS Honchkrow
    Right away, Torterra swallows Energy Ball, getting a power up and hits with a new move, Stone Edge! Torterra then uses Leaf Storm to stop Sky Attack and goes in for Rock Climb. Honchkrow counters with Aerial Ace causing a big explosion. Honchkrow faints.

    Torterra VS Weavile
    Weavile starts off with Swords Dance and then hits with Metal Claw. Torterra shakes it off and counters Ice Shard with Stone Edge and then Ice Beam with Razor Leaf and then Leaf Storm with Blizzard. Weavile goes in for another Blizzard and knocks out Torterra.

    Gible VS Weavile
    Weavile starts off with Ice Beam, hitting Gible hard. Gible struggles to stand up and then uses Dig to dodge Blizzard. Gible comes up and then uses Dragon Pulse on Weavile. Weavile breaks Dragon Pulse with Metal Claw and uses Swords Dance again and hits Gible with Metal Claw. Gible tumbles backwards and struggles to get up. Poor Gible can barely stand, but motivation for Ash helps as it counters Ice Beam with Dragon Pulse. Gible then tries to use Draco Meteor.

    End of Part 1. Ash lost Torterra & Buizel with Gible, Staraptor, Pikachu & Infernape left. Paul lost Honchkrow with Weavile, Magmortar, Electivire, Torterra & Ursaring left.
  3. talala

    talala Well-Known Member

    not gonna waste time with preliminaries, everyone makes it through those...

    top 32 - Ash vs. Conway - Ash wins
    top 16 - Ash vs. Nando - Ash wins
    top 8 - Ash vs. Barry - Ash wins
    top 4 - Ash vs legendary pokemon trainer - Ash wins
    top 2 - Ash vs. Paul - Ash wins

    i say this for ash and paul because

    edit 2 - Ash vs. Aaron, Ash loses and every Sinnoh Elite 4 member has defeated Ash's Pokemon (because Buizel is his now)

    edit -
    too bad people can't realize Barry's Snorlax was showcased in the slideshow from "Challenging a Towering Figure", look at every single pokemon in the slideshow, none of them could be Barry's unless the writers aren't using his exact game team... more proof is that Ash's pokemon was in the last slide and Snorlax was in the first and they're on opposite ends of the bracket :\
    Last edited: May 22, 2010
  4. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    I think that you misinterpret that quite from PK0082... It can be taken two ways.

    A) This is the main battle, which will mean whether Ash will become champion or not.

    B) Whether Ash becomes a champion or not, the main story in the league will revolve around Ash and Paul's battle. Not that Ash's championship will depend on this battle, as in it being the final battle.
  5. talala

    talala Well-Known Member

    well i have a fifty fifty chance of being right here so :S
  6. Kdude146

    Kdude146 Well-Known Member

    top 32 - Ash vs. Nando - Ash wins 3 on 3 battle
    top 16 - Paul vs. Barry - Paul wins 3 on 3 battle
    top 16 - Ash vs. Conway - Ash wins 3 on 3 battle
    top 8 - Ash vs. Holly - Ash wins 6 on 6 dubble battle
    top 4 - Ash vs. Paul - Ash wins 6 on 6 dubble battle
    top 2 - Ash vs. legendary pokemon trainer - legendary pokemon trainer wins 6 on 6 dubble battle
  7. ESPNfanatic35

    ESPNfanatic35 Catcher of Ubers

    Top 32 Ash vs. Conway- Ends with Pikachu beating Slowking
    Top 16 Ash vs. Nando- Ends with Torterra beating Roserade
    Top 8 Ash vs. Legendary Trainer- Not sure how that would end
    Top 4 Ash vs. Barry- Ends with Charizard beating Empoleon (Seismic Toss)
    Final Ash vs. Paul- Ends with Pikachu beating Electivire
  8. TikiMOB

    TikiMOB Member

    here is my prediction:

    Ash will recall some of his old team, realizing he lost in Ever Grande because he was too stubborn to use his more powerful pokemon. But they'll only be used in the early stages and preliminary rounds.

    Top 16 - Ash beats Nando, Paul beats Conway
    Top 8 - Ash beats Barry, Paul beats a random trainer
    Top 4 - Ash vs Paul, Ash wins by the skin of his teeth (analysis below)
    Top 2 - Ash vs. Buck, Ash wins
    Ash vs. Aaron, doesn't beat one of his pokemon.
    Ash reunion in Pallet town

    Ash vs. Paul battle scenario!!!

    1) Pikachu vs. Ursaring: Pikachu uses speed on Ursaring to confuse it, with a few thunderbolts, before getting slammed a bit, but finished off with a Volt tackle. Pikachu Wins.

    2) Buizel vs. Magmortar: With Pikachu tired, its recalled when Paul calls out Magmortar, Ash responds with the type advantage in Buizel. Buizel scores a few hits with Aqua Jet and Water Gun, before Magmortar hits it with a Thunderpunch. Magmortar Wins.

    3) Staraptor vs. Weavile: Starts with a close combat from Staraptor, followed by Brave Bird, almost beating Weavile, before using Blizzard, freezing Staraptor, disqualifying it from the battle. Weavile wins.

    4) Gible vs. Weavile: Uses dig, and quickly beats the already weakened Weavile. Gible Wins.

    5) Torterra vs. Honchkrow: Torterra swallows an energy ball powering it up. As Honchkrow nears, it uses Crunch causing great damage. Following which, Honchkrow scores a few direct aerial aces on Torterra, before the match ends with a leafstorm. Torterra Wins.

    Break called with Paul losing 3 pokemon.

    Ash is left with: Pikachu (weakened), Torterra (weakened) Gible (used), and Infernape.
    Paul is left with: Magmortar (weakened) Electivire, and Torterra

    6) Gible vs. Magmortar: Gible returns giving Torterra a break. Is hit with a flamethrower or two, before successfully launching a draco meteor. Gible wins.

    7) Gible vs. Electivire: Launches an earthquake to startle Gible, then comes in and hits it with a Brick Break. Electivire Wins.

    8) Pikachu vs. Electivire: Both use massive electric attacks on each other. Electivire uses earthquake, Pikachu returns with Iron tail. Both are then severely weakened. Electivire uses Brick Break, Pikachu uses Iron tail again. Both Pokemon faint. Tie.

    9) Torterra vs. Torterra: Ash has two Pokemon left, to Paul's one. They both call upon their Torterra. And the battle begins. Both use Leaf Storm, followed by Solarbeam, followed by earthquake. Ash's Torterra is tired, and is hit by another earthquake and then a Stone Edge. Paul's Torterra is the winner.

    10) Infernape vs. Torterra: With the type advantage, Ash feel safe. This is quickly disproved with another earthquake from Torterra that severely hurts Infernape. Infernape moves in for a flare blitz, but as it closes in, Paul uses another Stone Edge. Realizing that despite its Speed, Torterra is a better defender, Ash begins using Infernape's speed to beat Torterra. Using agility and double-team, Infernape uses flamethrower, which begins creating an Inferno around Torterra, burning out the oxygen. Torterra breaks free of the vortex using solarbeam, but is very weak. Infernape finishes off the battle with a Blast Burn, focusing its Blaze ability, it breaks through Paul's last attempt to stave off Infernape with a protect.

    Battle over. Ash heads to the championship round.
  9. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    Episode 1:
    After completing his training, Ash and co. arrive at the location of the League. Torch running is completed quickly. After some confrontation, Ash notices some familiar faces. Leona, Allan, and Sho. The preliminaries (1 on 1 battles) begin.
    - Ash vs Allan (Full battle shown, Ash wins after a hard fought battle)
    - Barry vs Leona (Full battle shown, Barry wins)
    - Paul vs Sho (Full battle, Paul wins easily)
    - Conway vs COTD (Stillscreen, Conway)
    - Nando vs COTD (Stillscreen, Nando)
    - Legendary trainer vs COTD (Full battle,LT wins...instantaneously)

    Episode 2:
    Three on three battles begin
    - Ash vs Nando (Full battle, Ash wins)
    - Paul vs COTD (Tail-end of battle shown, Paul wins 3-0)
    - Barry, Conway, and LT all win their battles (Stillscreen)

    Episode 3:
    - Ash, Paul, Barry,Conway and LT all win a second 3 on 3 battle (stillscreen)
    Double battles begin
    - Ash vs COTD (Full battle, Ash)
    - Paul vs COTD (Full battle, Paul)
    - Barry, Conway, and LT all win their battle (stillscreen)
    Top 16 (Full battles)
    - Ash begins his battle against a female, League-only rival

    Episode 4:
    Full battles
    - Ash defeats his first opponent
    Top 8
    - Ash vs Conway begins

    Episode 5:
    - Ash defeats Conway
    Top 4
    Paul vs Barry begins

    Episode 6:
    - Paul defeats Barry
    - Ash vs LT begins

    Episode 7:
    - Ash defeats LT
    Intermission before finals

    Episode 8:
    - Ash vs Paul begins

    Episode 9:
    - Ash vs Paul concludes (Ash wins.)

    Episode 10:
    Paul's and Barry's departure.
    - Ash loses to Aaron (Tail-end of battle shown)

    That's how I want it to happen anyway...)
  10. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    Well I imagine if Ash made it to the Elite Four, he would at least be able to beat, wait, I dunno, Aaron's team don't look all that tough to beat, in the games I mean, but Games =/= Anime, I know that, but in all honesty, Drapion looks like his toughest Pokemon, followed by Vespiquen.... For all we know, could be his Beautifly that KOs Ash in the end...

    Also, seeing as we SAW the episode he was reunited with the Wurmple, now a Beautifly, we would safely assume that he has his D/P team.

    I'd imagine, (hypothetically), IF Ash was making it to Flint, (obviously he won't, but that's why I said "hypothetically") they would take the Platinum route they did with Volkner and have NOT have his D/P team, so would instead be Houndoom, Infernape (seen already!), Rapidash/Magmortar (possibly not the latter one, as Paul is seen to own one, then again...)

    Sorry if I was off-topic there~

    Anyway, with rivals, I expect to see it begin with Top 64, or they could make it huge by saying Top 128, and have Ash and his rivals battle randoms before Top 32 begins, but we can be hoping to see Ash make it to the FINAL match this time, so he would earn a victory against Paul in Top 4, THEN battle Legendary Trainer.

    But I have to ask, could it be that Nando/Conway, not really RIVALS, but in the opening to SHOW that they will be competing? A rivalry with Nando was NEVER shown, and Conway is there to impress Dawn, even though she doesn't really give a damn if he wants to beat Ash just because he views him as an obstacle. For some reason, Barry, we pretty much know who he is by now, that blond kid who took too many sugar packs, fan-boy, will be expected to NOT battle Ash AT ALL, and get his soul crushed by Paul, possibly his Honchkrow/Ursaring/Electivire or Torterra, Ima be guessing not the latter 2.
  11. ESPNfanatic35

    ESPNfanatic35 Catcher of Ubers

    There's definitely a good chance Ash will make it to the Elite Four. I believe that's why they bothered to put all four members plus Cynthia in the anime (something they had never done.) I agree, though, that he will get his butt handed to him either by Aaron or Bertha.
  12. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    Just because Aaron uses Bug types, I wouldn't say he's weak.

    They might upgrade each Elite 4 battle to 6 on 6 by combining the DP and Platinum teams.

    If that's the case, I imagine his team would look something like this:


    He might be able to defeat three of Aaron's lesser pokemon (Yanmega, Heracross, and Scizor) and maybe even one of his "powerhouses" like Vespiquen/Drapion. At that point he'd probably be on his final pokemon though... I couldn't see him going any further than that..
  13. Spacialrend

    Spacialrend Gallade owns

    Torterra needs to learn Earthpower to take on Dapion, it looks like a bug, but its not. If we look at it, Poison/Dark, Ground is the only thing that's Super Effective against it, like Infernape and Staraptor can handle BUG types, Infernape can handle DARK types (I wish he would learn more Fighting moves, like Croagunk teaching it Brick Break, or somehow learning Focus Punch), but neutral when combined with Poison. Then again, Infernape always has Dig, which so does Gible, but what would Gible be able to do? Spam DM?
  14. streetlightdsb

    streetlightdsb Uni hiatus

    @Spacialrend-type isn't everything, as this show proves to us time and time again.
  15. ~-Overheat-~

    ~-Overheat-~ Black/White!

    My predictions(getting straight to top 32)

    Ash is using his reserves, but mostly his Sinnoh team with one or two reserves maximum for each battle.

    Top 32: Ash vs. Conway(Ash wins, Star: Staraptor/Totodile)
    Top 16: Ash vs. Nando(Ash wins, Star: Gible with mastered Draco Meteor)
    Top 8: Ash vs. Barry(Ash wins with Buizel/Torterra starring)

    Top 4: Ash vs. Legendary Trainer

    Brief summary(will only mention battle with legendary):

    It heads down to a fairly comfortable(but realistic) battle for Ash. Ash still has three pokemon left. Snorlax just defeated one of Legendary Trainer's pokemon and he's down to his last. Paul comes in and begins to watch Ash's battle after finishing his semi final match rather quickly. Paul has never seen Ash's reserves and seeing Snorlax, he looks interested. Ash wants to give Paul a surprise of his life and sends out Charizard, his pride and joy(who had already beaten one of LT's pokemon with ease and starred in the preliminaries)! Paul is surprised and checks Charizard's strength in his Pokedex, and after that, we can see he's in a sweat. Ash is desperate to make Paul witness the power of his Charizard! Then Legendary Trainer grins and sends out........Entei! Everyone is shocked and stunned(Dawn checks Pokedex, Brock explains etc) Suddenly Entei jumps and crushes Charizard's neck in similar fashion in Movie 3. Ash is stunned. Paul smirks, calls Charizard and Ash pathetic and walks away.
    Ash sends out Snorlax and after a quick fight, Snorlax is down aswell. Ash is down to Pikachu, and after an epic battle, Pikachu is the eventual winner!

    Finals: Ash vs. Paul

    to be continued!

    SUPERSTARZZ The Cool Pip!

    - What's up with the Legendary Pokemon Trainer thing? Oh well, I guess Ash won't win the Sinnoh League .....
  17. Torpoleon

    Torpoleon Well-Known Member

    In the thread DP To End This Year, it was stated by TV Tokyo that Ash is supposed to challenge someone who has a Legendary Pokemon in the Sinnoh League. But, Ash VS Paul is still the battle to watch. Anyways:

    Ash VS Paul- The Top 4 Sinnoh League Battle Part 2

    Gible VS Weavile
    Gible manages to use Draco Meteor, hitting Weavile hard. Gible tries another one and it works! The move knocks out Weavile. Gible has also perfected Draco Meteor(or at least where Gible can use it 90% of the time).

    Gible VS Ursaring
    Gible tries another Draco Meteor, but fails, and is knocked out by Ursaring's Focus Blast.

    INTERMISSION! Ash has lost Buizel, Torterra & Gible with Pikachu, Infernape & Staraptor left. Paul has lost Honchkrow & Weavile with Ursaring Magmortar, Electivire & Torterra left.

    Staraptor VS Ursaring
    Staraptor uses Quick Attack to dodge Focus Blast and lands a good Close Combat. Staraptor uses Aerial Ace to try and break an oncoming Focus Blast, but fails. Staraptor does the same method, but this time with Brave Bird and prevails and hits Ursaring. Ursaring uses Bulk Up and then uses Hammer Arm to almost knock out Staraptor. Staraptor goes in for Brave Bird, but Ursaring dodges it and knocks out Staraptor with Slash.

    Pikachu VS Ursaring
    Pikachu starts off with Quick Attack and then jumps up with Iron Tail on Ursaring's Hammer Arm. Pikachu then uses Thunderbolt and uses Iron Tail on Ursaring's head to get higher. Pikachu spins and uses a Volt Tackle-Iron Tail Combination to beat Ursaring.

    End of Part 2. Ash has lost Buizel, Torterra, Gible & Staraptor with Pikachu & Infernape left. Paul has lost Honchkrow, Weavile & Ursaring with Electivire, Magmortar & Torterra left.
    Last edited: May 26, 2010
  18. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    I think Ash will only fight against Conway and Paul.

    Top 16
    Ash vs Conway (Ash)
    Barry vs RT (Barry)
    Paul vs RT (Paul)
    LT vs RT (LT)
    The rest: RT vs RT

    Top 8
    Ash vs RT (Ash)
    Barry vs Paul (Paul)
    Nando vs. RT (Nando)
    LT vs RT (LT)

    Top 4
    Paul vs Ash (Ash)
    Nando vs LT (LT)

    Ash vs LT (LT barely wins)
  19. thunderblade12

    thunderblade12 Well-Known Member

    I'm bored, it's my day off work, my girlfriend is home sick, and all of my friends are busy, so guess what? You guys get bothered with an oddly specific post. Suck it (/Kidding):

    This is how I'd write it.


    Ash vs COTD - Pikachu vs Garchomp
    Yes, it says Garchomp. For a few reasons. I want a Garchomp to be defeated in the anime instead of built up as some unstoppable pokemon. It's no better than Dragonite or Tyranitar. The former was one-shotted by Paul's Honchkrow this saga and the latter belonged to some random kid in Twinleaf Town and coordinator in a contest that JAMES won. Pikachu could use some impressive wins this saga, and sense there isn't any time for quanity, let's shoot for quality.

    Paul vs Sho - Electivire vs Raichu
    Because I think Paul interacting with Sho would be a nice combination. Paul would take him down a notch or two though.

    Barry vs Leona - Empoleon vs Mamoswine
    Battle of Twinleaf

    Legendary Trainer vs Allan - Cresselia vs Probopass

    Nando - Roserade
    Conway - Slowking

    3 on 3 - Round 1
    -From this point on, main/starring pokemon is in bold.-

    Ash vs Nando:
    Ash - Totodile, Staraptor, Pikachu
    Nando - Roserade, Lopunny, Altaria

    Barry - Empoleon stars(Battle unshown = BUS)
    Paul - Torterra stars(BUS)
    Conway - Typhlosion stars(BUS)
    LT - Froslass stars(BUS)

    3 on 3 - Round 2

    Ash vs CoTD:
    Ash: Gible, Infernape, Buizel
    CoTD: Ampharos, Crobat, Politoed

    Barry - Snorlax stars (BUS)
    Conway - Tangrowth stars(BUS)
    LT - Flygon stars (BUS)

    Paul vs COTD:
    Paul: Magmortar, Hariyama, third pokemon not shown
    COTD: Salamence, Espeon, Toxicroak

    Double Battles - Round 1
    Ash vs COTD - Bayleef and Cyndaquil vs Hitmonchan and Hitmontop

    Paul - Skarmory and Weavile star(BUS)
    Barry - Rapidash and Heracross star (BUS)
    Conway - Magnezone and Dusknoir star (BUS)
    LT - Riolu and Vaporeon star (BUS)

    Double Battles - Round 2

    Ash vs COTD - Noctowl and Staraptor vs Swellow and Pidgeot

    Paul - Ursaring and Feraligatr star (BUS)
    Barry - Empoleon and Heracross star (BUS)
    Conway - Slowking and Aggron star (BUS)
    LT - Meganium and Riolu star (BUS)

    Top 16 (Full battles)

    Ash vs CoTD:
    Ash: Staraptor, Corphish, Glalie, Muk, Pikachu, Gible
    CoTD: Drapion, Absol, Scizor, Houndoom, Jolteon, Gardevoir

    Top 8

    Ash vs Conway:
    Ash: Torterra, Torkoal, Buizel, Staraptor, Gible, Snorlax
    Conway: Slowking, Typhlosion, Magnezone, Tangrowth, Aggron, Dusknoir

    Top 4

    Paul vs Barry:
    Paul: Torterra, Weavile, Ursaring, Feraligatr, Skarmory, Nidoking
    Barry: Empoleon, Heracross, Snorlax, Roserade, Staraptor, Rapidash

    Ash vs LT:
    Ash: Pikachu, Totodile, Bayleef, Cyndaquil, Noctowl, Donphan
    LT: Cresselia, Meganium, Flygon, Froslass, Riolu, Vaporeon

    Top 2

    Ash vs Paul:
    Ash: Infernape, Staraptor, Gible, Pikachu, Buizel, Torterra
    Paul: Electivire, Torterra, Magmortar, Feraligatr, Tyranitar, Honchkrow

    Ash vs Aaron
    Ash: Charizard, Swellow, Infernape, Kingler, Staraptor, Pikachu
    Aaron: Vespiquen, Drapion, Yanmega, Scizor, Heracross, Beautifly

    It comes down to Charizard vs Vespiquen. Vespiquen defenses itself with Defend Order and proceeds to heal itself. Aaron seems like a nearly unstoppable force. All six of his pokemon are incredibly difficult to take down. Vespiquen ends the battle by nailing Charizard with a Power Gem.
  20. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    Here are my thoughts for the Sinnoh League:

    Round 1 (1 vs. 1)
    Ash vs. RT
    Pikachu vs. Meganium (Pikachu)

    Paul vs. RT
    Electivire vs. Typhlosion (Electivire)

    Barry vs. RT
    Empoleon vs. Feraligatr (Empoleon)

    Nando and Conway get still-frame victories

    Round 2 (Double Battle)
    Ash vs. Alan
    Bayleef and Corphish vs. Probopass and Magnezone (Corphish and Magnezone draw)
    Bayleef vs. Probopass (Bayleef)

    Paul, Barry, Nando, and Conway get still-frame victories

    Round 3 (Double Battle)
    Ash vs. Conway
    Cyndaquil and Totodile vs. Slowking and Dusknoir (Cyndaquil and Totodile)

    Paul, Barry, and Nando get still-frame victories

    Round 4 (6 vs. 6)
    Ash vs. Nando
    Pikachu vs. Roserade (Pikachu)
    Pikachu vs. Sunflora (Sunflora)
    Noctowl vs. Sunflora (Noctowl)
    Noctowl vs. Lopunny (Lopunny)
    Infernape vs. Lopunny (Infernape)
    Donphan vs. Ninetales (Draw)
    Infernape vs. Altaria (Altaria easily wins)
    Glalie vs. Altaria (Glalie)
    Glalie vs. Kricketune (Kricketune easily wins)
    Buizel vs. Kricketune (Buizel)

    Paul and Barry get still-frame victories

    Round 5 (6 vs. 6)
    Ash vs. Barry
    Gible vs. Heracross (Heracross is recalled)
    Gible vs. Staraptor (Torkoal is recalled)
    Staraptor vs. Staraptor (Ash's)
    Staraptor vs. Rapidash (Rapidash)
    Torterra vs. Rapidash (Torterra)
    Torterra vs. Heracross (Torterra is recalled)
    Torkoal vs. Heracross (Torkoal)
    Torterra vs. Snorlax (Snorlax easily wins)
    Snorlax vs. Snorlax (Ash's barely wins)
    Snorlax vs. Roserade (Roserade easily wins)
    Muk vs. Roserade (Muk)
    Muk vs. Empoleon (Empoleon easily wins)
    Torkoal vs. Empoleon (Empoleon)
    Gible vs. Empoleon (Gible barely wins)

    Paul gets a still-frame victory

    Round 6 (6 vs. 6)
    Ash vs. Paul
    Infernape vs. Electivire (Electivire is recalled)
    Infernape vs. Honchkrow (Infernape is recalled)
    Torterra vs. Honchkrow (Torterra)
    Torterra vs. Magmortar (Torterra is recalled)
    Gible vs. Magmortar (Magmortar is recalled)
    Gible vs. Weavile (Weavile)
    Buizel vs. Weavile (Buizel)
    Buizel vs. Ursaring (Ursaring)
    Staraptor vs. Ursaring (Ursaring)
    Pikachu vs. Magmortar (Pikachu)
    Pikachu vs. Ursaring (Pikachu is recalled)
    Infernape vs. Ursaring (Infernape and recalled)
    Torterra vs. Torterra (Paul's)
    Pikachu vs. Torterra (Pikachu barely wins)
    Pikachu vs. Electivire (Electivire easily wins)
    Infernape vs. Electivire (Infernape barely wins)

    Round 7 (6 vs. 6)
    Ash vs. Legendary Trainer
    Gible vs. Hitmontop (Draw)
    Buizel vs. Vaporeon (Buizel)
    Buizel vs. Scizor (Scizor)
    Infernape vs. Scizor (Infernape)
    Staraptor vs. Pelipper (Staraptor)
    Staraptor vs. Nidoqueen (Nidoqueen)
    Torterra vs. Nidoqueen (Torterra barely wins)
    Torterra vs. Moltres/Raikou/Entei/Lati@s/Darkrai (Legendary easily wins)
    Infernape vs. Moltres/Raikou/Entei/Lati@s/Darkrai (Legendary wins)
    Pikachu vs. Moltres/Raikou/Entei/Lati@s/Darkrai (Legendary barely wins)

    Legendary Trainer wins the Pokemon League

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