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The Six-Word Story Exercise

I'm pretty sure you've all heard of a particular six-word story that is claimed to be written by the famous Ernest Hemingway. It goes a little like this:

"For Sale: Baby's shoes, never worn."

Six words, but it is a story in itself. It relies on the understanding of the reader for it to actually develop into a story, and while this particular example is simple to understand, it still calls for the reader to "get" the implications.

I was assigned to do something similar for an activity in one of my classes, which is pretty much the reason why I'm posting this right now. A lot of the six-word stories made by my classmates were very..."inspirational". It's a great way to find story ideas or plothole patch-ups should you need it.

That's why I invite you to post a six-word story of your own. Who knows, you might just be helping someone figure out the main conflict of their plot, or you could be inspired by your own six-word story to write half a chapter in one sitting. 8D

[tl;dr - Post your own six-word story! It could be about anything - all I ask is the precise length.]

So, uhh, yeah. XD
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In a Quandary

As the Title Says...
Heh, funny that you should mention this. The Pokemon story I'm currently planning can be summed up in precisely six words:

The anthropomorphic creature's dilemma? Insufficient humanity.


Backstreet's back
Their Dumpster's disguised as a castle.

The basic setting of my webcomic. [nodnod]


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"A playboy who doesn't know it"

Haha as they would say for the Skittles comercial-
"It's a contradiction!"

Dragonite Ernston

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Let me summarize Generation 2021 in six words:

Female supremacy, a Lugia, Pokemon adventures.

That failed miserably. Let me try again:

Two trainers fight against naive villain.

Argh, these are reading more like headlines. Wait, the first one sounds like a haiku:

Rachel, Lugia; feminine supremacy; Pokemon journey.
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Never let go of your (Poké)balls.

Had my main character followed this rule, she'd still be lazing about at home. Sadly, there wouldn't be a story then :3...

Yes, it's a very lame one, I know > >

- Blitzy


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This is a crappy six-word story.
You have no idea how much that just helped me there. I've been needing to get a conclusion to something I'm about to set up in my fic about a certain character basically feeling crappy about themselves and thus can't perform on the battle field. I sort of came to a resolution but the occurence still lingers with them and I thought the best way for them to accept it is to note that things are 'crappy' and not always the best but although certain people don't like people growing and blossoming it's natural! Thank You


How about

Read my fanfic or be killed

Okay, and actual story, how about

Potatoes shall fall on your face. or Marshmallows sing to penguins while dancing.

...I'm better off writing 6-word stories about my fanfic...

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Hundred acre Woods
It never ends!
Did it begin?