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The Sonic Thread

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Slick, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Slick

    Slick Banned


    Here it is folks. The thread to end all threads, the victorious thread, etc. etc.

    More seriously, we have had enough Sonic threads. The sheer amount that we have right now is downright stupid, so in order to combat that, this general thread is being made. All Sonic discussion will take place in this thread. Questions regarding the games, conversation about new games, all that jazz. It'll all be here because you all talk about Sonic so frequently that this thread simply shouldn't die.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you may begin.​
  2. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    Why would you create this horrible thread.

    I like Tails.
  3. Slick

    Slick Banned

    Because I got the all clear from Chris, plus I'm sick of seeing poorly constructed Sonic threads everywhere. Though I won't be surprised if the 3D Sonic fans **** up this thread as well, but at least it'll all be here.

    I like Knuckles.
  4. Abstinence Pistols

    Abstinence Pistols Fahrvergnugen


    I like Tails as well.
  5. Mariya Shidou

    Mariya Shidou Banned

    Tails is pretty cool. I like playing Tails Only during Sonic 3. Tough in a few parts, but.
  6. Calamity™

    Calamity™ aka Lamia

    Tails is cool but Cream be my favourite! Lover her in Sonic Advance 2.
  7. ~Spacial_Rendation~

    ~Spacial_Rendation~ De Ibwis Twigga!

    Not all the 3D games are bad. I found Generations and Colours to be quite fun and enjoyable.

    I like Eggman/Robotnik.
  8. Slick

    Slick Banned

    I'm talking those who have almost no knowledge about the classic 2D games. Also SA2 babby's. It's normally worse when they say SA2B as well.
  9. metagrody6

    metagrody6 COMO UN JEFE

    I like 'Sonic Says'.
  10. Blazios

    Blazios Well-Known Member

    I like Ike.

    Really should play past the second Zone of CD now that I've picked it up.
  11. Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness Eternal Evil

    The Orbot and Cubot duo are pretty good, in my opinion.

    I really like Eggman and Shadow, though.
  12. blaze boy

    blaze boy Aka SamuraiDon

    Don't forget the ones who thinks that Sonic 06 is a good game.

    Anyway since some concept art for Sonic 4 episode has be unveiled. They seem to suggest that there might be a snowy level and a marble garden type zone in the game.
  13. ~Spacial_Rendation~

    ~Spacial_Rendation~ De Ibwis Twigga!

    That lot is delusional.

    Marble Garden? :DDDDD
  14. Angeltripper

    Angeltripper ♥ Ace ♥

    oh great...a main sonic thread. I dont like sonic much, but my faves are blaze and chaos
  15. ~Spacial_Rendation~

    ~Spacial_Rendation~ De Ibwis Twigga!

    At least all the inbreds are contained to one thread now.
  16. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's better than a million threads about irrelevant things.
  17. Slick

    Slick Banned

    The problem with that lot is that they hide behind "I enjoyed it, therefore don't bash it" but will get offended when you tell them how downright horrible that game was.
  18. ~Spacial_Rendation~

    ~Spacial_Rendation~ De Ibwis Twigga!

    The only thing one can enjoy about 06 are the Glitches.

    But that's like saying that Big Rigs is a good game because of the glitches.
  19. Night Shadow

    Night Shadow BRRAAP BRRAAP

  20. MonkeyX

    MonkeyX Well-Known Member

    Colors was the first good console Sonic game in quite some time. The gameplay was solid and the Wisp powers kept things interesting, I really enjoyed it, voice acting aside.

    Generations wasn't quite as good, still pretty fun but it just didn't seem quite as fun as Colors, and it brought back crap like Rouge and and Silver, I know the point was to remember the history of the series but all those lame characters need to stay out in the future.
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