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The Soul Calibur Club

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Welcome to the Soul Calibur Club! Here, we discuss all things from the series, from the original Soul Edge to the upcoming Soul Calibur 4.

What do we do?

We discuss all things about and related to Soul Calibur, offer advice and tips to other players, and other things of that sort. But besides that, upong the release of SC4 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, we will host various tournaments via online.

The Rules

1. All the main forum rules.

2. Only members and people wanting to join may post here. I will report any posts that don't abide to this rule.

3. When you register, don't keep asking when you'll get approved. I'll get to it eventually. I get on here most days, so it will be approved soon enough.

4. Any member can start topics. We can discuss things besides SC, but try not to overflow the thread with random posts.

5. DON'T FLAME. This falls under the "All the main rules" category, but this is one that requires double enforcement.

6. Be active. I reserve the right to remove inactive members from the list at any time.

7. No pointless posts/One-liners. If you have something to say, say it. But if it's just "I agree," or "Yeah, *insert character here* is pretty cool," then don't post it. Make sure your post has something to add to the conversation.

8. No multi posting. If it's an accident, fine. Go back and delete them. But if you are deliberately posting multiple times, you will recieve a warning.

9. Don't ask to become a co-owner. I'll decide who gets what title, and that's that.

10. When you register, you must put, "Porkchop Sandwiches" at the top of your post to prove that you have read the rules.

11. Have fun. Although quite honestly, I don't see why you'd register if you weren't having fun here :)


Upon registration, please include your SC main and reason for joining, as well as the secret phrase.


Links are MANDATORY. Sigs are optional. But you must have some sort of reference to us somewhere.

If you have any banners or userbars you would like to share with the club for advertising, it will be greatly appreciated. Credit will be given.

Bans and Warnings

One Violation: A warning
Three Violations: 1-week Ban
5 Violations: 1-month Ban
7 Violations: Perma-Ban

Members List

Main is listed next to name.

Regular=Normal Member

Commander Blitzkrieg- Yoshimitsu
Deoxys2124- Kilik
TheCookieCutter- Siegfried
GiratinaShaymin<3- Ivy
theanime-dialgamazter- Zasalamel


Absolutely none. Yet. All artwork is appreciated.

And that be it! So register away!
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Approved! Start registering!


<~Yeah its wierd
Porkchop Sandwiches

Hi im Dexoys2124 you can call me Dex.My favorite caracter is Kilik and i joined because i like Soul Calibur Games.
Porkchop Sandwiches

Hi im Dexoys2124 you can call me Dex.My favorite caracter is Kilik and i joined because i like Soul Calibur Games.

Approved. Welcome to the club.


с нами Бог
Porkchop Sandwhiches

Hey I am TheCookieCutter and My main is Siegfried. I wish to join because soul calibur is one awesome series.
Alright, I'll add you to the OP. But first, we need to make our first topic:

Which version of SC4 are you getting?
I'm going to get the 360 version, even though I don't have a 360, I'm going to buy one for this game, among others. Besides, Yoda is awesome.


с нами Бог
Since I don't have a PS3, I guess It is the game for the 360. I also can't wait to try using yoda. Thats gotta be fun.
I think Yoda might wind up being broken, since he's really short and high attacks can't hit him.


с нами Бог
I also wonder how good Darth Vader will be. I think he might have good attacks.
Porkchop sandwhiches?

Hi Im GiratinaShaymin<3 And my favorite charecter is Ivy. I think yoda will be broken and the system i will be getting SC4 Is none. i do not have a PS3/360
Approved and added to the OP.


<~Yeah its wierd
Which version of SC4 are you getting?

I really wish i could get i but i dont have ps3/xbox360 yet...

anyways if they would make a pc version like they are doing for the new street fighter i would get it.

Apparently, SC4 is shipping early in certain states, as some people already have it. A few pics to prove legitimacy:


As you can see, Yun-Seong, Talim, and Mina are now unlockable, and according to another one who got it, we'll be getting video footage soon. Keep looking here for more info as it comes:


You can also find me here, under my same name and sig.


с нами Бог
sweet! I love mina. I can't wait to play it.
It's odd that she's an unlockable, though, isn't it? She was a starter in SC3.


с нами Бог
That is pretty odd. I was kind of hoping she would be a starter character.
I never play Mina anyway, so I don't really care :p

btw, we need advertising. Badly. Could you toss something in your sig to attract members?


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Thread Revive. I will see if I can get a userbar made maybe. We should all advertise.


с нами Бог
^You got that right:)^ Sweet vid by the way.
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