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The Soul Society [OU RMT]

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The team that I am about to present has been one of my more successful teams as of date. Overall it has been extremely enjoyable to use, surprisingly managed to beat most of the threats in today's metagame, and was very well built. This team's main theme is to be based around the very effective and deadly strategy of abusing toxic spikes, which in today's metagame can be easy to abuse since the most prominent steel types have taken a "fall of grace" so to speak and now many teams consist of a simple fire/water/grass core. The abuse of toxic spikes come at a pretty underrated threat in today's metagame, as many of the pokemon in the common cores such as Celebi, Vaporeon, and Suicune are practically crippled just by switching into toxic spikes. This team is also based around one of my favorite anime series of all time, Bleach. Each of the pokemon on the team will be named after a character from the anime as well as the RMT basically being themed around the it. With the right support, abusing toxic spikes is one of the most effective strategies out there right now.

I have seen a few different teams that have been based around abusing Toxic Spikes, but so far it is a strategy that really hasn't been recognized due to the metagame previously being ruled by steel types. Now I feel that this strategy will take to the stage as Toxic Spikes is beginning to gain more viability today because of the aforementioned fire/water/grass cores that have been popping up all over the place due to Salamence being banned. I haven't really laddered with this team much up until now because I have yet to work out the few kinks and bugs that I think are still prominent in it. Overall in testing though, this team isn't defeated very easily and has only lost to the occasional hax ridden match.

Since this team has much of the right synergy and support to function correctly, it has turned out to work extremely well in testing. Many of the pokemon that can give this team trouble are played around for the most part. Since the banning of Salamence has occurred and practically a new metagame resulting for this, I really had to think about the new and uprising threats such as Heatran and Shaymin that have taken the limelight today.

After a first draft of this team was completed, I just had to modify the team so that it checked many of the threats in the overused metagame. Therefore, I will go on to state how I built this team and how I started to check threats that I hadn't realized were there before.

At first, when I decided that I needed a new team to adapt to the new threats in the metagame, I was thinking to myself what are the biggest threats that have resulted from the Salamence ban. The first thing that came to mind was that with Heatran being 37% in usage it was definitely going to be a threat to contend with. Then I thought about Infernape and Shaymin giving the metagame a whole new look. I had then decided that I would use Calm Mind Jirachi, as even in a metagame in which Heatran roams on almost every team, Calm Mind Jirachi could still check major threats such as Gyarados and Suicune. Then I had realized that Toxic Spikes greatly benefits Calm Mind Jirachi since it allows to it stall out many pokemon. Finally it came upon me that a lot more of the metagame is effected by Toxic Spikes, so this strategy turned out to be perfect.

During a discussion with my friend, Fried Rhys, on how I should abuse toxic spikes in this team, he helped me make a rough draft of this team. I started to build the team with the common core of Tyranitar / Vaporeon / Gliscor, then I noticed some of the holes that were very prominent in those three pokemon, including Anti Lead Machamp and Offensive Suicune, to an extent. To fix my problem with Anti-Lead Machamp, a very common lead today, I added Rest Talk Gyarados over Vaporeon. Gyarados, with the particular rest talk set is able to switch into stealth rocks five times and it also checks Heatran and Infernape, bar Swords Dance Infernapes with Stone Edge, and is able to phaze and abuse entry hazards as well. The only bad thing about this is that I lose a very good check to Gyarados, besides Jirachi, and I also lose a bit of synergy; however the offensive synergy between Tyranitar and Gyarados, and Gyarados and Jirachi made up for it. Now I noticed since I had a lot of entry hazards as the primary strategy for this team I would need a spin blocker, and what better spin blocker is there besides Rotom? I decided that this Rotom would be a substitute charge beam Rotom because it is an excellent spin blocker, can abuse toxic spikes, and further break stall which is very helpful. I had noticed that I lacked something very important, an actual pokemon that can lay up Toxic Spikes. I thought about using Forry in the mix however I realized that Roserade would fit much better as for this team, having Toxic Spikes up right from the beginning of the match, in most cases was much better than midgame setup. After I put Roserade on this team I noticed I lacked a few crucial elements in this team, Stealth Rocks which was very important to check the new threat, Dragon Dance Dragonite, and a good switch in to Tyranitar. Fitting in this role very nicely was Swampert over the original Gliscor due to the fact that Swampert supports Roserade in some leads that it has trouble getting Toxic Spikes up against such as Jirachi and Infernape. After adding Swampert the team was Roserade / Swampert / Tyranitar / Rotom / Gyarados / Jirachi.

At first I had debated whether or not to use a Choice Scarfed Tyranitar or a more Specially Defensive Tyranitar. Choiced Scarf Tyranitar gave me at least once choiced revenge killer, albeit being a bit slow, and could check huge threats such as Gengar, Azelf, Rotom, Infernape, Heatran, and many more. When Scarfed Tyranitar was very popular when Latias was still overused, I had always enjoyed using it because it was a very easy fix to special sweepers and gave me nice sandstorm support, which happens to fit very nicely on this team.

The main playstyle of this team is mainly "stall based balance" or semi-stall which is really my favorite style of play and has served me well in many of my matches. You need to be able to predict decently to beat some major threats, as well as use a nice balance of stall in your team which I always liked. This is mostly a slow paced team, with two phazers, a set up sweeper, a slower revenge killer, and a spin blocker. The entry hazards that are being utilized help this team immensely when setting up for an end game sweep with Calm Mind Jirachi, especially when its checks like Heatran are gone. This is the reason why I enjoy stall elements in normal teams, because they seem to just work very well.​


- Team fully supports Jirachi for making sweeping as easy as possible.

- Uses a playstyle of "stall based balance" or "semi-stall."

- Handles most of the threats in the Mence-less metagame.


Change Log

~ Substitute Charge Beam Rotom > "Standard" Rotom




In Depth


Focus Sash |

Timid (+ Spe, - Atk)
4HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Natural Cure
- Sleep Powder
- Toxic Spikes
- Leaf Storm
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Byakuya is the one of the heads of the noble familes in the Soul Society. His character may seem very humble and serene on the outside, but inside he is at war with his inner thoughts and feelings. Roserade leads off the team very successfully and her appearance looks similar to that of Byadkuya's, always seeming to be deeply conflicted and very quiet. On this team, I don't view Roserade as a suicide lead whatsoever. I usually can get up at least one layer of toxic spikes, which is usually all that is needed, and precede to bring in Swampert to lay up Stealth Rocks or Tyranitar to get the sandstorm started. Roserade provides this team with some nice resistances such as electric; however since its defense is pretty pitiful it usually can't abuse those to the fullest. Obviously, my main routine is just to sleep the opposing lead right off the bat and try to get as many layers of toxic spikes as I can early in the game. I usually try to stash this Roserade for later in the game, whether it be at full health or at a one hit point it is usually nice for midgame sleeping or just firing off a powerful leaf storm. Roserade at only one hit point makes for useful fodder since I can send it in on stealth rocks and scout of what the opponent may switch in. Most of the time, Roserade ensures one layer of Toxic Spikes which is really nice for late game and allows Jirachi to set up much easier. The EV's on the spread are really self explanatory, maximum speed which lets Roserade hit 306 speed, outrunning a lot of other common leads like Heatran and Metagross, despite the fact that most carry lum berry. Hidden Power Ice is really what I run on my Roserade nowadays, since most Heatran carry shuca berry there is no point wearing down Roserade to try and beat that. Forry and Scizor are handled easily by the rest of the team so Hidden Power Fire wasn't needed. Hidden Power Ice OHKOs Gliscor and Dragonite since most won't expect it they try to stay in and taunt or extreemespeed respectively. Sleep Powder is a staple of this set allowing Roserade to most likely cripple something the first turn of the game, and it has great late game use if Roserade happens to last that long. Leaf Storm is just for STAB and hitting Taunting leads like Azelf very hard.

Roserade fits the description of Byakuya mainly in appearance as Byakuya is very quiet and serene as Roserade appears to be; however both of these characters are ready to fight whenever the time is right, which is why Roserade fits this description very nicely. Roserade's resistances are really nice in this metagame. Electric and Water resistances are just about the best any pokemon could ask for, despite the fact that Roserade doesn't get to take advantage of them much, it is still nice to have an extra resistances to those common attacking types in the team.

As previously stated, Roserade has excellent synergy with most of the team. Roserade works nicely with Swampert and Gyarados because it resists the types that each other are weak to and vice versa making switching in much easier for the members on my team. During team building, Roserade was the second choice because I knew that Calm Mind Jirachi would have to have a pokemon to abuse Toxic Spikes and Roserade was clearly the best choice for these reasons.

This is how Roserade pairs up with the top 10 leads as of July 2010, blue means that the lead is no problem, orange means that the lead is somewhat of a problem for roserade, and red means that roserade loses to that lead a lot of the time.​

Azelf - Tricky, I usually just Leaf Storm predicting the Taunt or Stealth Rocks and then switch out to Swampert, to try to bait it into explosion then switch to Rotom.

Machamp - Overall just a really annoying lead, it is one of the reason why Gyarados is here, sometimes I will try to get a layer of TS up then switch to Gyara but usually I just switch to it first turn.

Aeordactyl - Pretty easy to deal with, if I feel like predicting I will lay up Toxic Spikes on turn one but usually I just hit it with Leaf Storm then switch to pert.

Metagross - Set up a layer of Toxic Spikes and get out of there.

Swampert - I love seeing these, Roserade puts it to sleep and gets up 1 to 2 layers of toxic spikes easily.

- Jirachi I usually switch out, to swampert or Rotom as I have a less than a 40% chance to get a sleep powder off.

Infernape - I lose no matter what so go to Rotom to take the fakeout and then switch to Swampert and get Stealth Rocks up.

Roserade - Kind of annoying, just go to Gyarados to take the sleep, then back to Tyranitar to KO it, I can use Roserade later to absorb Toxic Spikes and set some of my own up.

Ninjask - Get a layer of Toxic Spikes up, switch to Swampert and then phaze it.

Heatran - Sleep it then set up Toxic Spikes, very easy to deal with.



Leftovers |

Relaxed (+ Def, -Spe)
6Atk / 252HP / 252Def
- Stealth Rocks
- Earthquake
- Ice Beam
- Roar

Chad, the character in Bleach that seems to be misunderstood because of his appearance. Most of the kids at the school are afraid of him because of his appearnce, towering over the other kids. Contrary to popular belief, Chad is one of the humble characters on Bleach and won't fight unless his freinds are in need. Swampert fits this description because he is the support role of the team, as is Chad in the series. Swampert is my main check to Tyranitar which can be a definite threat to this team if it is a Dragon Dancing or Choice Banded set. Swampert gives me an amazing electric immune which helps out a lot against threats like Jolteon and Zapados which are always a pain to deal with. Swampert is also the support pokemon on this team as it sets up stealth rocks and beats annoying threats such as Flygon and Dragon Dance Dragonite. Swampert is the first phazer on this team and probably the one that is most commonly phazing because pokemon such as Ninjask can be easily set up on and phazed by Swampert in the early game lead matchup. Swampert is a really nice counter to Dragon Dance Dragonite, which is one of the biggest threats in the Mence-less metagame, as it does the same in switching into most Flygon whose constant U-turning is always a problem. Also, Swampert also compliments Roserade amazingly in the lead matchup being able to take many leads which Roserade can't, such as Infernape, Jirachi, and Metagross.

Stealth Rock is there for obvious reasons and helps me check major threats such as Dragonite and Gyarados. Earthquake is Swampert's main STAB move being able to hit most of the pokemon in the metagame for respectable damage such as Starmie and Metagross. Swampert usually isn't set up bait for very many pokemon in the metagame due to its amazing move, roar. Roar allows me to shuffle the opponents around and therefore further abuse toxic spikes, and also scout the opponent's switch in to an extent.

Swampert can stop some major threats that beat Jirachi as well, including Tyranitar and Heatran. Earthquake will soften up or KO both of them so that Jirachi has a much easier time sweeping with Toxic Spikes support later in the match. Swampert is seen in this team, as it is in most teams, as the supporting role, which is what Chad usually does in the Bleach series, meaning that the roles in both of their teams fit perfectly together.​



Choice Scarf |

Jolly (+Spe , - SpA)
4HP / 252Atk / 252Spe
- Crunch
- Stone Edge
- Pursuit
- Superpower

Ichigo, the main protagonist in Bleach, is originally a freshman in high school and wants to be a substitute soul reaper after discovering that he has supernatural powers. The way he acts towards his job doesn't make him a good fit for it at first; however he comes to realize the powers of being a Soul Reaper give him. Ichigo wields powers of darkness, which is mainly why he is related to Tyranitar in nature. This Tyranitar is perhaps the most important member of this team, being able to check huge threats such as Azelf, Starmie, Gengar, Infernape, and even some other Tyranitar. Tyranitar also has the amazing ability, sandstream, which helps this team out in so many ways as well as Tyranitar itself. With sandstorm negating leftovers, stealth rock and toxic spikes being on the field, Tyranitar helps to stall out most pokemon, which is great for Jirachi to set up for a sweep mid or late game. Tyranitar takes out some big counters to Jirachi to this team, including Heatran, Infernape, and other high powered attackers that give Jirachi some major problems setting up. One of the biggest selling points to Tyranitar in my opinion is its ability to take out the ever annoying Jolteon, which a lot of my teams happen to be weak to. Even though Jolteon outspeeds Tyranitar, with Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rocks, and Sandstorm, Jolteon will be worn down very quickly.

Stone Edge and Crunch give Tyranitar that STAB combination that we all know it for. Pursuit is the main selling point of this set as it KOs threats like Gengar and Azelf after just a little bit of residual damage, guaranteeing the KO even if they decide not to switch out. Superpower is for revenge killing Heatran, Infernape, and some forms of Tyranitar; however revenging those threats proves to be challenging at times due to Infernape having priority and Heatran possibly being behind a substitute.

The EVs on this set are very standard, 252 Speed EVs are for outrunning Starmie, Gengar, Azelf, Infernape and other fast threats. The attack EVs are obvious and just there to damage anything as much as possible since Scarfed Tyranitar is fairly weak as it is. The rest of the EVs are filler and give Tyranitar one more point in HP, although it doesn't really make much of a difference.


Leftovers |

Bold (+Def , -SpA)
252HP / 220Def / 36Spe
Serene Grace
-Calm Mind

Wow, this Jirachi set is probably my favorite set since I have started playing competitive pokemon. It just sets up so easily on so many threats in the metagame that it is unbelievable. Jirachi is the prime abuser of Toxic Spikes on this team and it does an extremely good job at this role. Toxic Spikes and sandstorm, provided by Tyranitar, allows Jirachi to outstall many pokemon. Jirachi makes a really nice check to threats like Life Orb Gyarados, only taking ~72% from Life Orbed Earthquake and can easily OHKO back with Thunderbolt after Stealth Rocks. Wish Support really works nicely on this team as it allows Swampert to stay around longer, due to the fact that it has no access to reliable recovery. Noba is a very quiet and humbly character in the series, most of his characteristics are similar to that of Jirachi. Noba is very shy and hiding his face from most everyone, and he has the power to teleport himself to locations of others. He has the power to redirect physical and special based energies back at the enemy, which is what relates him to Jirachi.

Psychic and Thunderbolt have almost perfect coverage and the things that they don't hit, such as Tyranitar are easily taken out by the rest of the team. Wish is run over substitute because it allows Jirachi to act as a pseudo cleric, restoring the health of his team mates when they are in trouble; however Wish + Calm Mind Jirachi has become the standard Calm Mind Jirachi over the substitute set. One of the best parts about this Jirachi is that common status effects such as Toxic don't effect it. Paralysis doesn't really hurt this Jirachi that much and burn really doesn't make a difference whatsoever.

The EVs on this set are to give Jirachi maximum physical bulk so that it can set up on the special side easily. 252 HP EVs allow Jirachi to take 4 seismic tosses from Blissey meaning that this set can even set up and defeat the best special wall in the game, with toxic spikes support of course. The speed allows me to outrun Jolly Tyranitar and 184 Speed Gyarados, while the rest is invested in defense so that Jirachi can take hits such as +1 Life Orb Gyarados' earthquake. Jirachi's checks have a hard time with this Jirachi as they have no way to really 2HKO it meaning I can even set up on Gliscor and Swampert to an extent, and with one or two Calm Minds I can severly damage both for late game sweeping later in the match.​



Leftovers |

Impish (+ Def , - SpA)
248HP / 144Def / 116SpD
- Rest
- Sleep Talk
- Waterfall
- Roar

Rest Talk Gyarados is a very important member of this team. First of all it has amazing offensive synergy with Tyranitar and Jirachi due to Jirachi passing wishes and getting rid of annoying stealth rock damage. Tyranitar removes many of Gyarados' counters, such as Rotom, very easily. Rest Talk Gyarados is my main check to huge threats like Heatran and Infernape which have rose a lot in usage after Salamence left the overused tier. Rest Talk Gyarados also acts as an amazing status absorber making it a very nice check to Breloom and Roserade in early game. Gyarados also gives me another excellent immune to ground which is why it has such great synergy with Jirachi, defensively and offensively. Another example of this synergy is the fact that Gyarados provides a nice fighting resist to the team, which helps against the annoying lead machamp, the first switch into that from Roserade everytme. Gyarados also performs and extremely important job of being my secondary phazer of this team, and like swampert, it is a very good way to both abuse toxic spikes and not let threats like substitute Gengar, Nasty Plot and Swords Dance Infernape set up.

Waterfall is the only attacking move on this set, but that is all that is really needed as it dents most of the pokemon that Gyarados is designed to check, such as Heatran. Rest is mainly used for status absorbing and starting the amazing Rest + Sleep Talk combination which allows Gyarados to phaze while it is sleeping or do good damage to threats like Lucario, which Gyarados checks perfectly. Rest and Gyarados' amazing ability, intimidate is what allows it to beat the annoying threat, Breloom because both of Breloom's STAB moves won't do that much to Gyarados. The same logic is applied to Machamp and even stone edge from Machamp won't 2HKO thanks to Intimidate. The EV spread for this Gyarados allows me to switch into stealth rocks 5 times as well as hitting a jump point in defense, which helps me majorly in checking threats such as Infernape and Heatran.

The character that Gyarados is being related with in the Bleach series is Uryū. In the series, he is a decedent of arch hunters and has a grudge against all Soul Reapers, due Gyarados' pure expression in his sprite, I felt that this comparison was appropriate. Uryū comes to look at Ichigo differently as the series moves along and they start to become friends but the burning passion of rivalry still lives inside both of them. This is how Gyarados is compared to Tyranitar because both of them play a very important role on the team and work together to make this team successful.​



Leftovers |

Bold (+Def , -Atk)
128HP / 168SpA / 212Spe
- Substitute
- Charge Beam
- Shadow Ball
- Hidden Power [Fighting]

Ulquiorra, the coldest character of the whole series makes the final member of my team, Rotom-C. It is portrayed that Ulquiorra doesn't believe in human emotions or feelings and that he stays calm in most of the scary situations that occur in the show. He is highly perceptive, cunning, and not predictable at all. Rotom relates to this character because Ulquiorra is practically not human, and Rotom is a soul that has passed from the dead, therefore they relate almost perfectly. Also, the appearance of each character is similar in that they have green somewhere on their bodies. Rotom gives me more great resistances including another earth immune and an electric resist which is always really nice to this team. It also provides a second sweeper, a secondary check to Life Orbed Gyarados and can further help me beat opposing stall teams. The most important reason this Rotom is here however; is because it is the spin blocker on the team, which stops Foretress and Starmie from spinning away my Toxic Spikes. Life Orbed Rapid Spin Starmie may give me a bit of trouble but it is taken care of by Jirachi and Tyranitar, especially.

Charge Beam and Shadow Ball are for STAB purposes and boosting Rotom's Special Attack so that it can sweep through stall, plus the fact that they hit Gyarados, which makes Rotom my main check to it. Shadow Ball hits Starmie and Gengar hard, if I feel like predicting and staying in. Substitute is Rotom's method for blocking status and setting up further abusing Toxic Spikes. Unfortunately, Rotom doesn't really have a good way to recover hit points at all. Thankfully with Jirachi packing Wish, this can be made up for to an extent. Hidden Power Fighting is mainly to cripple Tyranitar that can otherwise easily switch into this Rotom and pursuit it to death.

The EVs on this set are once again pretty standard. The Speed EVs are for allowing Rotom to reach a jump point in speed. The Special Attack EVs allow Rotom to 2HKO Calm Blissey after six boosts of Special attack. The rest of the EV's let me take attacks from Blissey behind the substitute which greatly helps me set up and destroy stall teams.​


Threat List:

Threats in blue are easy to handle.
Threats in orange are moderately threatening.
Threats in red can be very annoying to this team.

Defensive Threats

~Wish Bliss- Toxic Spikes really screws it up, then Tyranitar can come into revenge it, while Calm Mind Jirachi precedes to come in and clean up.
~Cleric- Slightly harder to deal with since it breaks through the poison with a cleric move, but Tyranitar basically beats it and Jirachi can still set up decently.

~Standard Wall- Rotom makes a nice switchin and can fire off shadow balls or cripple it with Will-o-Wisp so that Jirachi can set up.
~Trick Zong- Roserade makes a nice absorber of Trick midgame, then Rotom can deal with it easily enough.
~Sceener- It can be annoying if it sets up, but Rotom can just Will-o-Wisp it and Gyarados can wear it down or Jirachi can set up on it.

~Defensive- Toxic Spikes and Choiced Scarfed Tyranitar basically handle this with ease.
~Cleric- Rotom can just spam shadow ball and Tyranitar can revenge kill it if need be.
~Perish Song- Toxic Spikes just damages it and Tyranitar can switch in and pursuit it before it switches out.
~Sub Seed- Just phaze it and switch to the appropriate pokemon.

~Physically Defensive- Rotom makes a really good switch into this, damaging it with Thunderbolt.
~Specially Defensive- Jirachi just sets up and Rotom can wear it down although I have to dispose of it quickly so it can't set up too many layers of spikes.

~Stallbreaker- Gyarados just spams waterfall against it, Jirachi can set up and, Roserade can HP Ice it.

~Toxic Spiker- Toxic Spikes don't do that much damage to this team and Roserade absorbs it.

~Tank- Not really that common, but Tyranitar can handle it and Jirachi can easily set up on it.

~Rest Talk Gyara- Jirachi and Rotom basically destroy this.

~Standard Physical Wall- Toxic Spikes really screws this up. Otherwise Swampert does a decent job wearing this down.

~Wish Support- Swampert does a really nice job at stopping this.
~Dual Screen- Swampert once again comes to the rescue and Rotom can do quite nicely.

~Standard- Jirachi sets up on it, and Scarfed Tyranitar really screws it up if I play it correctly.
~Rest Talk- Jirachi completely sets up on this and Rotom does nicely as well.

~Physically Defensive- Rotom destroys it, and Jirachi can zap it with a thunderbolt.
~Specially Defensive- Same as above, Rotom still does a nice job against it as does Jirachi.
~Taunt Skarm- Yet, same as above, Rotom and Jirachi beat it.

~Curse Lax- Toxic Spikes screws it up, Tyranitar beats it, and Jirachi sets up on it. Swampert and Gyarados phaze it out as well.
~Rest Talk- Tyranitar beats it and Jirachi sets up on it.
~Choice Band- Tyranitar, once again revenge kills it, and Toxic Spikes screws it up.

~Crocune- The easier version of suicune to handle, Jirachi checks it completely.
~Offensive Cune- Toxic Spikes ruins it and Jirachi does decently against it.


~Standard Mixpert- Yeah, Toxic Spikes ruins it, Jirachi can win against it to an extent.
~Curse Pert- Toxic Spikes still destroys it and Rotom can finish it off.
~Rest+Sleep Talk- Jirachi sets up on it all day and my Swampert and Gyarados phaze it.
~Choice Band- This could be a bit more annoying but Toxic Spikes really screws it up.

~Curse Tar- Superpower from my Tyranitar beats it up. Swampert can phaze it away as well.

~Standard Wish Support- Toxic Spikes wins again, and Jirachi sets up all over it.

~Physically Defensive- Tyranitar kinda destroys it, Swampert beats those carrying HP Ice
~Specially Defensive- Same as above, except Tyranitar has an even easier time.

Offensive Threats

~Lead- Roserade leaf storms it down to its sash then I can switch to Swampert and bait it into and explosion.
~Nasty Plot- Tyranitar basically destroys it
~Life Orb Sweeper- Same as above, Tyranitar comes to the rescue one again.
~Colbur Azelf Lead- Roserade can Leaf Storm for a lot of damage then Tyranitar picks it off from there.

~Spore Puncher- Rest Talk Gyarados makes a nice check to this and it can't set up on Jirachi either.
~Sub Seed- Same as above except that Rotom walls it easier
~Swords Dance + 3 attacks- Kinda slow, although it packs a lot of power, Rest Talk Gyarados helps once again.

~Standard LO Gar- Tyranitar beats it easily, I just can't switch into Focus Blast.
~Choiced- I really never see these, but Tyranitar beats it easier than the Life Orbed form.
~Sub Gar- This can be somewhat of a nuisance, but Swampert can phaze it and Tyranitar can still beat it.
~MYSTICgar- Tyranitar pretty much beats it easily.
~Sub+Painsplit- Once again a minor nuisance, but Swampert can phaze it and then Tyranitar can revenge kill it.

~Offensive Dragon Dance- Jirachi and Rotom win against this, as annoying as it can be at times.
~Bulky Dragon Dance- Same as above, except it is even easier for Jirachi to win.

~Choice Scarf- Gyarados does really nicely against this, and Tyranitar can do some damage as well.
~SR Lead- Same as above, I just have to watch out for explosion.
~Substitute+Status Heatran- Gyarados absorbs all status and phazes it away, Tyranitar can precede to revenge later.
~Life Orb- This can be a problem at times, but Gyarados generally handles it due to its extra Special Defense and Tyranitar can still revenge kill it.

~MixNite- Swampert generally wins and stealth rock damage also helps.
~Bulky DD- Same as above, but I just have to watch out for roost which can be annoying.
~Anti-lead- Roserade uses HP Ice for an easy KO.
~Offensive DD- Swampert wins pretty easily again.

~Lead- Roserade pretty much destroys it with leaf storm then I can switch ti swampert.

~NP Mixape- Gyarados is pretty much my best check to this, but it wins most of the time.
~Specially Based Mixape- Gyarados once again, and Tyranitar can revenge kill it.
~Physically Based Mixape- Same as above, but Tyranitar has a hard time in general.
~Lead Ape- Switch to Rotom to take the fakeout then Swampert to set up stealth rocks.

~Specs- ok this can be annoying, but Toxic Spikes is basically a counter, and Tyranitar can win against it with all the residual damage.
~Sub Passer- Really isn't that much of a threat, as it is ruined by Toxic Spikes and Tyanitar
~Life Orb Sweeper- Possibly the biggest threat to this team, but Toxic Spikes ruins it once again and all the residual damage helps.

~Baton Passer- Swampert sets up stealth rocks and phazes it away.


~Spiker Lead- Roserade wins against this easily.
~Belly Pass- I can absorb the sleep with Gyarados and then phaze with swampert.
~Ingrain Pass- absorb the sleep with Gyarados, then switch to Tyranitar and destroy it.

~Choiced- Gyarados checks it pretty well, Rotom scares it away.
~Swords Dance Sweeper- Same as above except it could be a bit more threatening.

~Sub DD- Toxic Spikes really messes with it and Jirachi can set up on it to some extent.
~Dragon Dance + 3 Attacks- Even easier than the previous Kingdra. Toxic Spikes says good game and Jirachi can win easily.
~Rain Dance Mixed- Tyranitar stops the rain and if Jirachi has some Calm Minds it can just kill it off.

~Swords Dance Lucario- The combination of Gyarados and Tyranitar beat this completely.
~Agility Lucario- Swampert can take it on pretty nicely, as can Gyarados.

~Rest Talk- Gyarados does a very nice job, and Jirachi does decently.
~Sub + 3 Attacks- Gyarados comes in once again and wins especially with Toxic Spikes.
~Anti-Lead- Gyarados completely wins against this even if it has stone edge.

~Steel Killer- Jirachi actually sets up on this and Tyranitar also wins against it.
~Choice Scarf- Once again Jirachi sets up on it, and Tyranitar beats it.

~Banded/Life Orb Attacker- Rotom basically wins against this almost all the time.
~Lead Mamo- Set up a layer of Toxic Spikes with Roserade then go to Rotom.

~Agiligross- Rotom basically wins against this all of the time, as does Swampert.
~Lead Gross- Set up a layer of Toxic Spikes then go to Rotom.
~Choiced- Rotom still wins against this as does Swampert.

~Mixed Attacker- Tyranitar basically takes care of it easily, as does Swampert.
~Physical Attacker- The same as above, although this one isn't really common.

~Choiced- Swampert does very nicely against this, as does Rotom.

~Nasty Plot Kiss- Rotom handles this very nicely, Thunderbolt will do a lot of damage with it.
~Flincher- Rotom once again wins against this easily and Tyranitar does nicely.
~Choiced- Rotom wins against this one again, and depending what it locks itself into I can even get a free Will-o-Wisp off.

~Revenge Killer- Jirachi wins against this easily and Rotom can win depending on what it is locked into.
~SD Weavile- Swampert and Jirachi win once again and Gyarados can intimidate it.
~Anti-lead- Switch to Swampert and get up rocks to win.

~Standard CB Scizor- Rotom destroys it pretty easily as does Gyarados.
~SD Scizor- Same as above, but it can be a little more annoying to deal with.

~Choiced Tar- Swampert wins mainly against choiced Scarf, then Tyranitar revenges Banded versions.
~Dragon Dance- Gyarados and intimidate can handle it to an extent because of intimidate. Swampert can also win quite easily.
~Tyraniboah- Swampert wins again, and Tyranitar can revenge kill it.
~Mixed Tar- Tyranitar comes to the rescue with Superpower again, and Swampert can still win.

~Rapid Spinner- Tyranitar easily checks this, but Rotom does a better job to prevent from spinning.
~LO Star- Can be a bit annoying but Tyranitar destroys it easily.

~Offensive LO- Tyranitar wins very easily against this, but thankfully it is relatively rare.

~Scarfed- obviously really easy, just go into pert and wall it out.
~Calm Mind- Swampert does well here again, and Tyranitar beats versions lacking Flash Cannon
~Superachi- Ok this can cause me some problems, Gyarados beats Tboltless Jirachi but Psychic is still doing a lot, I think I can play around it though.
~Substitute + Thunder Wave- Always annoying, but Swampert pretty much counters it.
~Expert Belt Jirachi- Could be a problem but Gyarados beats versions that lack Tbolt and Swampert that lack Grass Knot.

~Substitute + Petaya Berry - Jirachi just comes in and spams Calm Mind and it can't do anything about it.
~Agility + 3 Attacks - Biggest threat of the team, it can set up on Tyranitar locked into 3 of its moves and Jirachi can somewhat beat it.
~Lead Empoleon - Just sleep it [hopefully it won't pack lum] and get up layers of Toxic Spikes.

***Please let me know if there is anything missing from the threat list so that I can add it.


Overall, this team has worked amazingly in its testing phaze and I hope to improve it by people giving me rates. This is one of my favorite teams so enjoy reading the RMT I wrote and please

Rate My Team.​
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Note: Roserade does not resist ground.

Only thing I am overly worried about is the stall weakness. Skarmory Spikes quite easily against 4 members of your team and if you don't get Toxic Spikes down to wear out Swampert and Hippowdon so Jirachi can sweep, you pretty much lose as a simple combination of Swampert + Rotom + Blissey will wear you down quite easily.

I think the best option is to run a SubCharge Rotom >> your current one. It means Skarmory Spikes easier, but they should flee anyway. With Substitute / Charge Beam / HP Fighting and Shadow Ball you should do fairly well against stall and provided you run a bit of SpAtk, TS + Charge Beam + HP Fighting will KO Tyranitar.

You could probably replace Swampert with Hippowdon if you wanted, I am not fussed really.


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Note: Roserade does not resist ground.

Only thing I am overly worried about is the stall weakness. Skarmory Spikes quite easily against 4 members of your team and if you don't get Toxic Spikes down to wear out Swampert and Hippowdon so Jirachi can sweep, you pretty much lose as a simple combination of Swampert + Rotom + Blissey will wear you down quite easily.

I think the best option is to run a SubCharge Rotom >> your current one. It means Skarmory Spikes easier, but they should flee anyway. With Substitute / Charge Beam / HP Fighting and Shadow Ball you should do fairly well against stall and provided you run a bit of SpAtk, TS + Charge Beam + HP Fighting will KO Tyranitar.

You could probably replace Swampert with Hippowdon if you wanted, I am not fussed really.

Lol, at me saying Rade resists ground, thank you for pointing that out, and yeah I see the stall weakness you are talking about so I will try that Sub Charge Rotom. I guess I shouldn't rely on Jirachi to check it that easily especially since I don't have a Rapin Spinner, stall will be giving me a hard time. Thank you for the rate.

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Awesome theme. Lol @ Ttar as Ichigo, because he always wins in the end.

Anyway, the team looks good, although you have five Pokemon weak to Physically-based MixApe, you can still handle it pretty well provided you predict it properly.

Not much else to add b/c the team is nearly perfect as-is.


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Awesome theme. Lol @ Ttar as Ichigo, because he always wins in the end.

Anyway, the team looks good, although you have five Pokemon weak to Physically-based MixApe, you can still handle it pretty well provided you predict it properly.

Not much else to add b/c the team is nearly perfect as-is.

Thank you, but I disagree on how I am weak to that Infernape. First of all most physically based infernape carry U-turn, and U-turning in and out of Toxic Spikes will wear it down quickly. The only versions of that Infernape that I could possibly fear are the ones that pack Stone Edge since Gyarados takes a lot of damage with my investment. On the bright side if it packs stone edge it won't be packing Mach Punch meaning Tyranitar can win against it. Swampert isn't 2HKOed by Close Combat meaning that it makes a fairly decent check against it as well. As a last ditch effort Jirachi at +1 can take overheat and OHKO with Psychic. So overall that Infernape is pretty much checked =/

EDIT: I fixed up my Gyarados EV spread so that it hits a jump point in defense.
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I think you are running way to much Special Defense on Gyarados. I assume its mainly there to take hits from LO Tran/Nasty Plot Infernape, but between Tyranitar and Swampert, you have those checked quite well. A good spread that maintains a good amount of special bulk is 248 HP / 144 Def / 116 SDef with an Impish nature. It can still check Infernape and take weaker special moves quite well, while doing better against stronger physical mons that trouble you. Kingdra, and Machamp are examples. I'll add more later


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I think you are running way to much Special Defense on Gyarados. I assume its mainly there to take hits from LO Tran/Nasty Plot Infernape, but between Tyranitar and Swampert, you have those checked quite well. A good spread that maintains a good amount of special bulk is 248 HP / 144 Def / 116 SDef with an Impish nature. It can still check Infernape and take weaker special moves quite well, while doing better against stronger physical mons that trouble you. Kingdra, and Machamp are examples. I'll add more later

Yeah, it was there to take boosted Grass Knots and Fire Blasts from Infernape and Heatran but that spread gives me more defensive potential so I switched to that, and I edited my post above as well as the OP thank you for the rate.
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Agility LO Empoleon does 61.88% - 73.02% to your Jirachi with no CM's, and then 41.58% - 49.01% on the second Hydro Pump. Jirachi does 44.01% - 52.43% with one, unboosted Thunderbolt. This means Empoleon will be left with 22% minimum after Thunderbolt, Life Orb, and Stealth rock damage. This means Jirachi can't counter it.

Gyarados takes 37.91% - 44.78% from a LO Empoleons Grass Knot, meaning after one Grass Knot, Gyarados will have taken 62%. Anything above absolute minimum, and you will be 2HKO'ed by the Grass Knot, while Gyarados can only retaliate with Roar or Grass Knot.

All of your other Pokemon are either OHKO'ed by Hydro Pump or Grass Knot.

The only possible suggestion as a surefire check I can give would be to run EQ > Roar on Gyarados, however, Empoleon finds it hard to set up against your team, since it can only come in safely on TTars Stone Edge / dark moves, and those will probably bring it into KO range from Rachi. If it comes into anyone else, it runs the risk of being heavily damaged as it agilities / roared. Still, I thought this is something you could mention in your threats list, and something which should probably be brought to your attention.


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Yeah, I edited my threat list and mentioned it. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Crunch or Stone Edge to about 30% to Empoleon and with Jirachi doing about 50% with Tbolt that brings it down into Torrent range for Hydro Pump, so after LO recoil it will be left at about 10% meaning it can really only attack a few times, if everything goes well; however yes it is a huge threat to this team and I will have to look out for it if I ever see one. Thankfully, it is rare.
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Just finished reading this. I think you are weak to electric attackers like Jolteon and Electivire. 6/10
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