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The Space Jam

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Darkrai00, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Darkrai00

    Darkrai00 .*.*.*.*.

    I decided to start a new team about a week ago. I spent a lot of time looking through the pages of smogon including the most recent issue of The Smog. Here I found a quite nice article about lead synergy. This gave me the idea for my lead. The Starmie and Metagross combo looked awesome so I figured I'd try it. It truly is an awesome combination and I love it. The combo has a good answer for practically every of todays top leads. The team there after was based pretty much around the leads. Metagross usually hopes to come out early to get rocks up, and then stick back for later when he can deal with weakened Pokemon and sponge up pathetic attempts to attack it. Starmie usually hopes to stay alive for later, as late game it can be a great asset. It's a great thing to deal with some weakened Pokemon, and can deal with some slower guys hoping to try and tank through the team. Well thats my introduction on how the team started and a little view into the scheme of things, now why don't we get really started?


    Starmie @ life orb

    Ability: Natural Cure

    Nature: Timid

    EV's: 252 spA/252 spe/4 HP

    - Hydro Pump - Thunderbolt

    - Ice Beam - Rapid Spin

    Starmie here functions as a dual lead. It is able to deal with many top threats in the lead posistion. It almost acts as an anti-lead if you would with its ability to strike down most other leads without taking too much if any damage. The EV's max out special attack and speed allowing me to outspeed every non-choice lead out there bar aerodactyl and well ninjask. The max special attack allows Starmie to hit very hard. Starmie forces many leads to make a tough choice. They have to decide either to set up rocks and end up being KO'd by Starmie without doing damage, then Starmie will be able to just spin those rocks away at a later time, or damage Starmie and not get rocks up. I'm not positive on what I should do about the nature. Timid gives me great speed, but there really aren't that many leads out there that Starmie will have trouble outspeeding without the + nature, so I'm thinking that Modest would be better. The power boost is a huge assistance and can allow certain KO's that timid just wouldn't be able to score. Starmie as stated earlier functions as a dual lead with Metagross, and has the option to switch to gross if it is in trouble or faces a mis-match lead.


    Metagross @ Lum Berry

    Ability: Clear Body

    Nature: Adamant

    EV's: 252 HP/240 atk/16 spe

    - Stealth Rocks - Bullet Punch

    - Earthquake - Meteor Mash

    As stated Metagross functions along with Starmie for a dual lead. Metagross is my way of getting Stealth Rocks up and faces off better against certain leads that Starmie doesn't. The EV's allow for Metagross to be very bulky, most substantially and the physical side, yet have great power. I chose Meteor Mash over Explosion as I like to keep metagross alive, and the power of Meteor Mash I just couldn't pass up. Earthquake gives me good coverage and I have found it to be very useful against certain types of magnezone that try to trap and KO me. Bullet punch will allow me to pick off focus sashed leads, and take down weak pokemon that are faster than Metagross. Metagross truly is an amazing tank, and this I feel helps him greatly. After Rocks are up I like Metagross to stick back if possible and come later for late game when the opponent is weakened and Metagross can pick them off with a STAB priority coming off a + natured, 135 base power, 252 EV'd attack stat. It is also very useful when the oppent gets down to some only physical pokemon that won't even be able to scratch Metagross.

    For Threat List of Top Leads:

    (Taken Directly from the page)



    Swampet @ Leftovers

    Ability: Torrent

    Nature: Relaxed

    EV's: 252 HP/252 def/4 atk

    - Earthquake - Roar

    - Ice Beam - Protect

    Swampert is a good Pokemon, and fits better than Snorlax. I'm thinking that Swampert might be of more benefit being more offensive. But for right now I just took the mixpert set, which is usually a lead, so it might be better off more offensive. The only problem is I don't know any Swampert spreads that are more offensive while still utilizing roar :p So if anyone knows an offensive, roaring Swampert set that would be grrrreeeaaaatttt. The quote was from Piccolo, and made good sense, Thanks Piccolo!


    Rotom-H @ Choice Scarf

    Ability: Levitate

    Nature: Modest

    EV's: 252 spA/252 spe/4 spD

    - Thunderbolt - Shadow Ball

    -Overheat - Trick

    Rotom-H is a great pokemon. It can act as a great revenge killer. It has the ability to effectively revenge kill Gyarados and Lucario. Trick screws with special walls such as Snorlax and Blissey, and just causes general havok on slow pokemon, and ones that are setting up. Shadow ball is a reliable STAB. Overheat is my best move against steels such as Scizor, and Metagross. Overheat also is another reason that Rotom can deal with Scizor and not be destroyed by Pursuit. I have to be wary of most pursuit users though as they will straight up ruin Rotom. I would keep Rotom hidden til he is really needed, so I don't have those pesky pursuiters waiting to prey on Rotom. Rotom has big trouble with a few Pokemon. One big one is Swampert. Breloom helps to deal with Swampert with Seed Bomb. If anyone has a better idea of a Rotom set here I would appreciate it as I'm not sure how useful this one will be. I do think though he should be just fine Revenge Killing.


    Heatran @ Leftovers

    Ability: Flash Fire

    Nature: Naive

    EV's: 252 spA/252 spe/4 spD

    - Earth Power - Fire Blast

    - Substitute - Explosion

    Heatran... Ahhh Heatran, he is truly a great. This particular set, the SubTran, can be very dangerous for people that mispredict. In most cases people are going to think it is choice scarfed, as most are these days. While the opponent switches out expecting an easy switch in on a move like Fire Blast, bringing in something like a heatran of their own, I will use Substitute. Then when I'm safely behind a substitute I am free to attack without worrying about being hit. Explosion I actually decided to use on this set, as going out with a BOOM with him is much better team wise then using toxic. Earth power will allow me to deal with other Heatran and pokemon resisting fire. The EV's allow for max spe and spA to hit hard. With the positive nature for speed I can outspeed positive natured speed breloom and metagross, neutral speed gyarados, heracross, and dragonite, as well as some defensive base 100 speeds. I'm not sure on just how effective this will be in the long run. I'm thinking that if someone has a better Heatran set, or even Pokemon, if you really sell your point I would switch this. If anyone thinks that maybe the burn heatran would be better I'm also considering that.


    Breloom @ Toxic Orb

    Ability: Poison Heal

    Nature: Adamant

    EV's: 12 HP / 252 Atk / 244 Spe

    - Spore - Focus Punch

    - Seed Bomb -Substitute

    Breloom is a beast. He doesn't need team help to crush, though it is useful. With Spore he cripples the opponent. Then I'll use substitute, giving me a free turn, and something to hide behind. Focus punch will just destroy everything. Seed Bomb gives more coverage and something to ghosts.

    !!! If anyone knows a better EV spread to make Breloom more bulky I'd love that. Or if anyone thinks I'd be better off with a sweeper in Swords Dance Breloom that I am also considering.

    thanks smogon for the images ~​
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2010
  2. Fried Rhys

    Fried Rhys Banned

    Hi. Solid team you've got here. The first thing that jumps out at me is the lack of a good Scizor switch-in. It can U-turn on you all day while the only thing you have to take it is Dragonite who takes 25% from Stealth Rock and another 20-25 % from the U-turn. Additionally, Swords Dance Lucario, and Swords Dance Scizor both pose huge problems. Spiritomb is setup fodder for both(although they can still setup by forcing out). I realize you will generally Trick as soon as you bring Spiritomb out, but there will be times where you will not be able to. Spiritomb does seem like dead weight here. I would replace it with Scarf Rotom-H. This gives you a surefire counter to both SD Lucario and SD Scizor as well as a good switch-in to Choice Band Scizor's U-turn. It checks the same things Spiritomb was such as Gengar, who can be a menace to this team if it gets a sub up. A bulkier set is definitely needed to tank these hits. 24 SAtk nets all the KOs you'll need so the rest can go in HP.

    Rotom-H @ Choice Scarf
    Timid | 232 HP / 24 SAtk / 252 Speed
    Overheat / Shadow Ball / Thunderbolt / Trick

    I'm not quite sure why you have max Defense on Snorlax and not Special Defense. You really need the SDef in order tank hits from the likes of Choice Specs Heatran and LO Starmie as Snorlax is you're only safe switch-in to both. Max Special Defense definitely. If you opt for Rotom-H, Celebi won't need as much Defense since Gyarados will be handily countered. I would like to see you run a more offensive set on Celebi. Snorlax, Metagross, and Dragonite are already Spikes fodder enough, and Celebi's HP Fire currently isn't even 3HKOing the new standard Specially Defensive Skarmory. A variation of the standard Tinkerbell set could work here. Life Orb would give you so much more power, and wouldn't slow your team down as much as the standard defensive Celebi. A spread of 110 HP | 220 Sp atk | 180 Spe with Life Orb would do well I think. Leaf Storm > Grass Knot if you opt to do this. The 180 Speed EVs allow you to outrun Adamant Lucario, in case Rotom-H gets Pursuited. All I have to add for now, but I may look at the team again later. If you have any questions ask. gl.
  3. Darkrai00

    Darkrai00 .*.*.*.*.

    Awesome, thanks. Next time I get on the computer I'll edit things up. The only problem I see is that I was planning on this to be a wifi team and rotom can't be used right?
  4. Fried Rhys

    Fried Rhys Banned

    Eh not without an Action Replay, but if you have it, most of the good players on Serebii are fine with using it to get Rotom-H on WiFi.
  5. Darkrai00

    Darkrai00 .*.*.*.*.


    There has been major changes and I would like more rates.

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