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The Spell of the Unown! (M03)

Discussion in 'Pokémon The Movies' started by Serebii, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Spell of the Unown!

    When Molly, a young girl looses her father in an expedition in search of the Pokémon Unown, she makes a wish and using her fathers reasearch the Unown appear and grant her her wish. She believes her father is Entei so they create a perfect world where its just her and Entei, but when she has the need for a mother, Entei brainwashes Ash's mother causing Ash to need to fight Entei with an old friend to stop Molly before she ruins the planet.

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  2. Blue,Too?

    Blue,Too? Guest

    This is my 2nd favorite of the pokemon movies. It has one of the best plots of a pokemon movie, and it has one of the best endings in a pokemon movie (the ending made me and my mom cry a little). It was cool how they made the Unknowns omni potent god-like like creatures, and I liked how in the end Entei helped the gang escape the tower (even after him and Charizard had that badass fight). I'm going to watch this again soon to experience the magic all over again :).

    I give The Spell of the Unknown a 10.... out of 10
  3. Freedom

    Freedom Pokeman

    I loved this movie. It's my favourite Pokemon movie so far. A very colourful, fairytale Pokemon movie. There were lots of awesome Pokemon battles such as the one between Misty and Molly underwater. I liked all of the music, it was used very effectively. The ending was really sad when she had to leave Entei.

    I also give this movie ten out of ten.
  4. EXP:282

    EXP:282 Is Back!!! For now.

    i enjoyed this movie. Though i only saw it once but i loved it.
    i give it 9/10
  5. Hales

    Hales Guest

    I liked this movie because Ash well he's wonderful as always, but also because Delia and Prof. Oak are in it (there two of my favourite characters on the show that aren't actually always there).

    I really like Entei, I didn't like the Unown at first but they grew on me. But I was thrilled to see Charizard again!
  6. Gigi

    Gigi Guest

    Liked it because Hanako played a major role and got the attention she deserves and also because Ookido-hakase and Kenji played minor roles. :3 Didn't like the fact that there was so much battling that the story dragged on and on. But other than that the story was nice and unique. The characters were also nicely designed. (Mii is so cute!)
  7. Horn Drill

    Horn Drill ヘタリア!

    The best part was watching that Aipom eating all of the Pokemon food... You miss the grand finale if you skip through the credits. I was so happy that they finally recovered Mrs. Hale. It was also interesting seeing how Entei and the Unown were depicted in different cultures. The song playing at the end was great.
  8. This was a good movie. I started to cry when I found out that Molly had to leave Entei. Then I thought what it would be like for me if I had to abandon my own Entei. It would be so hard to do back when we only had RBYGSC. Now, I'd have no trouble doing it, since I've traded three of them from Colosseum to my Ruby version. Unfortunately, none of them got decent IVs...

    I thought Entei's speed wasn't properly depicted. I think they made Entei look more agile than it really is. When Entei was actually running, I thought it was a little slow. Now don't get me wrong, it was running FAST, but Entei is faster than that.
  9. Ryusuke Hikari

    Ryusuke Hikari Rurouni Kenshin

    It's another ne of these great movies, yet again. It's very dramatic. A lot of good parts, like Charizard vs Entei.

    10 out of 10
  10. Yellow

    Yellow Banned

    I liked this movie a lot. It had an awesome story to it and the battle with Misty and Molly underwater was wicked cool.
  11. Mr.Hahn

    Mr.Hahn Guest

    I loved this movie. It's my 3rd favorite one. I really loved the battle between charizard and entei. Pretty cool. 9 out of 10.
  12. Hales

    Hales Guest

    I love how Charizard helped Ash, he saw his trainer in trouble on the television screen and flew all the way over to stop his trainer from plummeting to his death... that is very sweet especially considering the relationship they had in the first two regions.
  13. AscendingLatios

    AscendingLatios Volcano Trainer

    Musical score replaced?

    Was the musical score for Pokemon 3 replaced for the English release? Most of the film's score sounds like it was recorded on a cheap synthesizer instead of the full orchestra the movies usually get. There is one orchestral piece that sounds more like the usual Pokemon incidental music that I like, however, that plays during the end credits.

    The opening credits list Ralph Schuckett as the composer but all of the other films had the usual composer of both the series and movies, Shinji Miyazaki. The one piece of music I did like sounds very much like Miyazaki's work, but he's listed nowhere in the credits.

    Anyone who has seen the Japanese release care to enlighten me? Thanks!
  14. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    I don't know if any of the music was kept (I haven't watched the English release in years), but I do know that most if not all was replaced.
  15. Chris

    Chris Old Coot

    The whole soundtrack was redone for the third movie.
  16. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    One thing that they never got into in the movie that I seriously wanted answered--

    In Molly's book, every page that has Entei has a woman with long blue hair who is apparently commanding him. Who *IS* she?! And was she meant to mirror Molly? Because if so, they never got into it.

    Anyway, did this movie remind anyone else of some psycho cross between Labyrinth and NeverEnding Story?
  17. Juputoru

    Juputoru M-m-m-m-onobear?!

    I love this movie.
    -It seemed to focus more on plot than on battling
    -There was no moral being shoved down our throats
    -Charizard! >_> <_<
    -There was a bit more that we were left to figure out on our own(like the blue-haired women in the book that Gabbiani mentioned)
    -It just...felt better. Maybe it was the dubbing, maybe it was the pacing, I'm not sure.
    -Ash isn't out to save the world, for once. He just wanted to save his mother. Although one must wonder what would have happened had the crystalization caused by the Unown had gone unchecked...
    -The art seemed better than in the past 2 movies
    -The CGI worked out well for the Unown - it seemed fitting that beings from another dimension would look different from everything else in the "normal" dimension.

    I give this movie a 10/10. Best Pokemon movie yet, IMO.

    Hmm...does anyone else remember the dub of this being called "Lord of the Unown Tower"(which is pretty much its JP title) in the earliest promos?
  18. I have this on DVD, I watched it last night (and I'm going to watch it later in ^_^).

    I really really REALLY liked the battle between Ash and Lisa, although it was one of those rushed battles which was annoying. The artwork was great for it!

    I really liked the Molly's battles with Brock and Misty aswell, Staryu put up a great battle when against Mantine (and the music was great!).
  19. Kasumi

    Kasumi Boulder Trainer

    It's one of my favourite movie. I only watched four movies. I love it. The best in tfis film is that Hanako has the one of main role. Furthermore the battle between Kasumi and Mii was the best! It had wanderfull music! And I saw in it beautifule grate Charizard :) I love him :>
  20. Houndoom

    Houndoom Guest

    I thouhgt this movie had a great stroy line with a lot of drama. It was an awesome movie with a lot of good battle scenes. It was another great Pokemon movie.

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