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The SPPF Fan Fiction Discord Server


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Welcome to the Serebii FanFiction Discord!


The Discord is for real-time conversations, talking to fellow authors, and getting quick feedback about something specific related to your writing. However, discussing your fics and in-depth writing discussions remain a forum-side area.


1. All forum rules apply in the chat. Furthermore, rules that apply to the official Serebii Discord also apply here.

2. The Serebii Fan Fiction Discord server is not a replacement for the forum. Longer discussions belong in the Authors’ Café subsection. If something interesting comes up in the writing channel, please make a forum thread on the subject.

3. The topic of each channel (shown next to each channel name) will explain what each channel is about. Please be sure you're messaging the right channel when you go about your business. If you're confused about where to post, ask in #general or tap a mod.

4. Treat others with respect. Don’t exclude others from conversation, nor prop up your friends or your own works outside of advertising channels needlessly. Please refrain from excessive swearing.

5. There is an official Serebii Discord server. Detailed discussion about the Pokémon games, as well as organising battles and trades, belongs there.

Note that some channels may have specific rules; check the pinned messages for individual channels.


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Welcome to the new SPPF Fan Fiction Discord. This post is to detail changes enforced with the Fan Fiction Discord being made open again, motivated by discussion in this thread. Note that we may experiment with other changes further down the track.
  • We have archived multiple channels: #pokemon-gaming, #fic-love and #m-and-over channels.
  • The #shameless-advertising channel will be kept for the time being, but is being considered for removal pending how it goes with the rest of the changes. We have adjusted the first rule here too (and now you have a reason to check its rules!)
  • Extra focus will be placed on the writing channel, in that a forum thread version of discussion topics is created either by members or forum staff, and discussions remain on-topic.
We shall look at organising some simple events that better fit the discord over the forums, such as writing wars. If this reboot does not work out despite the changes, we'll simply close it down, so play nice please!

Feedback and ideas on the above changes are welcome!
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