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The SPPF Graphic's Tutorial Thread v2

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by Lil Crickee, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    welcome to the official SPPF graphic tutorial thread! I got permission from Skiyomi and Azure Wolf, the original creator of this thread to remake it.
    as you can see, the old one needed some revamping since many of the tutorials didn’t work.

    you will find tutorials on how to make banners, icons, image manipulation, and pretty much anything related to digital media here.
    i will divide the tutorials into categories such as banner tuts, icon tuts, etc.
    feel free to post your own tutorials as well! they will be added to the first post whenever I get the chance. :)

    this is for posting tutorials and asking for help on a certain tutorial.
    if you want to post your results and get criticism, please make a separate thread.
    now onto the tutorials!

    Banner Tutorials
    Fractal Grunge Signature Tutorial - by Hoenir

    Signature Tutorial using C4D - by Hoenir

    Asuka Tag Tutorial - by Nagashi

    Simple Banner Tutorial - by Umi Mizuno

    Full Smudge Tutorial - by Fallen Guardian

    Transparency Tutorial - by Jakotsu

    Smudge Lighting Tutorial Part 1 and Part 2 - by Fallen Guardian

    Animated Rain Tutorial - by Umi Mizuno

    Full Signature Tutorial - by Magne 2000lbs

    Mixed Signature Tutorial - by K-os

    Night Shade Signature Tutorial - by Fallen Guardian

    The CharliePace Tag Tutorial - by Nagashi

    Banner Tutorial - by RXS

    Banner Tutorial - by Frozen

    Gimp Banner Tutorial - by kyogreblue3

    Icon Tutorials
    Icon Tutorial - by RXS

    Icon Tutorial - by Interstellas

    Icon Tutorial - by Warfare

    Other Tutorials
    Wallpaper Tutorial - by Skiyomi

    Creating a Grunge Background by RaZoR LeAf

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2011
  2. kyogreblue3

    kyogreblue3 san junipero

    here. A GIMP tutorial. First on SPPf, I think xD

    That was my first uploaded tut. Sorry if it's crappy, hard-to-read, poor quality, or all the above >.<
    I'm up for some making tuts tips, though xD


    Might not be the best banner in the thread, but it will certainly help the new GIMP users, I hope.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2011
  3. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    added to the first post. there are almost never any GIMP tutorials which is a shame, because people can make so many nice things with GIMP. i'm sure your tutorial will help a lot of people.
  4. Cassiopeia

    Cassiopeia No more massacres.

  5. Lil Crickee

    Lil Crickee Banned

    i never see them get posted on sppf is where i was getting at, derp
  6. Bhatman

    Bhatman Chilled Hottie

    If anyone would like to have a tutorial of anything from my thread, do mention. I just need an incentive to write a tutorial.
  7. Cassiopeia

    Cassiopeia No more massacres.

    This or this would be awesome :)
  8. Kelz

    Kelz ____________

  9. Wolf Prince

    Wolf Prince Lycan Seraph

  10. Brutaka

    Brutaka Ignition

    Well I made a video tutorial on how to make tech banners the way i do. People keep asking my about it, so ya. Anyways, its a flawed video, but it gets the info across.

    How to Make Tech Banners

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