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The Spriting Club!

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by Codey, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. Codey

    Codey The Splicer. ^_^


    Here, we do anything to do with sprites!

    Even if you don't know how to sprite, ask me or anyone who does and I can teach you! We also talk about anything! But mostly spriting. ^_^

    [b]Two sprites you have edited/made (If you have made any):[/b]
    [b]Do you want the FREE cookie?:[/b]
    1) All main Forum rules apply
    2) All main Club rules apply.
    3) Keep the swearing to a minimum. Don't swear more than once every 2 posts.
    4) Do NOT steal ANY sprites. We will get you!
    Club Leader #1 - Codey
    Club Leader #2 - derekkoch

    Co-Owner #1 - Dylan 101
    Co-Owner #2 - WhiteWind

    SPOTW Judge #1 -
    SPOTW Judge #2 -
    SPOTW Judge #3 -

    All other accepted members.
    [*URL="http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=401050"][*IMG]http://i43.*******.com/2lbp7v8.jpg[/IMG][/URL] (Delete the *)
    None yet.
    I hope you enjoy your stay! ;D​
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2009
  2. Codey

    Codey The Splicer. ^_^

    Well, bump & Im posting my application :D

    Username/Name: Codey
    Two sprites you have edited/made (If you have made any): I can't be bothered posting. D:
    Do you want the FREE cookie?: Yea!
    Really?: Yea!
    Sure?: Yea!
    Fine: YIPPEE!
  3. derekkoch

    derekkoch Ich bin der Kapitän

    Derek's Mini-Challenge page

    my sign up is gone to free space up here

    this might be used for something later
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
  4. Sparkleplex

    Sparkleplex <-My current Cosplay

    Sparkleplex's Ripped Sprites

    I'm currently ripping sprites from PMD for the Gameboy Advance.

    ~In Progress~



    Let me know if there are any specific pokemon you would like me to rip.

    I can rip sprites from any game for the GBA. Just let me know.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
  5. Codey

    Codey The Splicer. ^_^

    derekkoch, since we have been PMing, you're definitely co-owner. ^_^

    Sparkleplex, you're definitely in!


    Ok, derekkoch, SPOTW is sort of like a contest. I say a theme, if you have already made something to do with the theme than you can post that. Or make a completely new one. ^_^
  6. Sparkleplex

    Sparkleplex <-My current Cosplay

    Yay! I'm in! And an experienced spriter none the less.
  7. Codey

    Codey The Splicer. ^_^

    Man, we need more members to do the SPOTW. =P

    Can anyone advertise?? =P

    Im creating a splice right now. ^_^
  8. Virtuos

    Virtuos Female Wobbuffet???

    Username/Name: Virtuos
    Two sprites you have edited/made (If you have made any):
    Do you want the FREE cookie?: maybe, maybe not
    Really?: yarly
    Sure?: nope
    Fine: BOUYAH!
  9. Codey

    Codey The Splicer. ^_^

    Virtuos, your accepted. ^_^

    You look like an experienced spriter. ^_^
  10. Sparkleplex

    Sparkleplex <-My current Cosplay

    May I point out something? (I wouldn't mind being here to critique things)
  11. Codey

    Codey The Splicer. ^_^

    you sure can point out something. ^_^ I guess..?
  12. Sparkleplex

    Sparkleplex <-My current Cosplay

    First one is simply a splice of Bellossom, Roselia, and Sunflora.
    Second and third ones are basic recolors. Virtuous, you should try something a bit harder, such as fusing two completely different pokemon, instead of three very similar pokemon. Also, the head and hands on the Sunflora/Bellossom/Roselia fusion don't seem to fuse well. Don't be afraid to scratch a bit to make things flow better.
    Sorry If I was tough, but thats how you get better.
  13. JIMMAH!!!!

    JIMMAH!!!! Pickin' a winner

    Username/Name: JIMMAH!!!!
    Two sprites you have edited/made: [​IMG]
    Do you want the FREE cookie?: Hells Yeah!
    Really?: Jah!
    Sure?: Uh Huh!
    Fine: Hmmmm... yes...

    And hey, virtuos, I didn't know you were a spriter!
  14. MidnightTheMightyena

    MidnightTheMightyena Money for nothing

    Username/Name: Midnight
    Two sprites you have edited/made (If you have made any): [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I made the pokemon sprites in there, it's something I have in progress
    Do you want the FREE cookie?: Sure
    Really?: Yep
    Sure?: Ummmhmmm
    Fine: Win :3
  15. Codey

    Codey The Splicer. ^_^

    lol you two, they look awesome. You'se are definitely in. ^_^

    Ok, this threads gettin some members. I will start a SPOTW contest. ^_^

    [spoiler='Metaperior (Metagross + Rhyperior')][​IMG]

    These are some splices that i've done. ;D
  16. JIMMAH!!!!

    JIMMAH!!!! Pickin' a winner

    Is there a theme for the SPOTW?
  17. Codey

    Codey The Splicer. ^_^

    Not yet. ;D
  18. Virtuos

    Virtuos Female Wobbuffet???

    AI AI CAP'N *works*

    i have a monferno-moltres fusion, but it was on my other account and i deleted it o.o"
  19. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Super cute shiny hunter Staff Member Moderator

    Username/Name: shaymin_girl or shay
    Two sprites you have edited/made (If you have made any): Im on a computer where none are saved >.<
    Do you want the FREE cookie?: SURE!
    Really?: Yea!
    Sure?: HELL YES!
    Fine: Yay!
  20. Sparkleplex

    Sparkleplex <-My current Cosplay

    I expect great things from you. (AII, y'all could be my aprentice...)
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