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The Spyro Club

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The Spyro The Dragon Club

This club is for all you Spyro fans

Spyro is in Purple because he is a purple dragon, incase you have not realised

feel free to talk about the new and old games, which ones you have completed, your favourite games, whether you found them hard, characters associated with Spyro
(Even though he is mentioned this does not include Crash Bandicoot)
I will come up with new topics to talk about every once in a while


If you would like to join, post asking and please say why

I will try to update members lists and information as soon as possible

Owner: Ceecee-Typhlosion

Members List:
Flaming Ruby
Yonowaru in chaos
~*Opal Totodile*~

1. No double, triple etc posting (even if it is an accident, go back and delete it, no one wants to read the same thing 3 times)
2. Do not spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages)
3. Do not use swear words or say anything that other people may find offensive
4. Discuss Spyro only (ideas written above in purple)
5. Obey the Rules
6. All Serebii Rules also apply
7. Do not discuss cheats that help you in the game in any way (however if you like changing Spyro from Purple to Yellow then feel free to discuss that)
8. Do not join and then go inactive, if you join make sure you contribute as much as possible
9. Do not mini own (if someone else breaks a rule do not posts saying they have broken a rule, this is the owners job only)
10. If you take pictures or Art from this club please give it credit

If you break the rules 3 times, you will be banned from the club for one week
you will be issued warnings via PM and you will have your username written in this post with how many warnings you have had
Warnings will be given out in the nicest way possible, they are also not given out infairly


It is quite simple, if you don't like Spyro, then don't join, or do not bother commenting if you don't like it
What's not to like though, a dragon who rides a skateboard is pretty awesome

club art
credit Ceecee-typhlosion

If you would like to design userbars, or drawings please comment saying so
however, first in first served there will be a limited amount of people who will be allowed to do that

Photobucket- for the images of Spyro
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The magic of Pokemon
Count me in! I've loved the Spyro series, but it's gone downhill a little with the new games. I will, however, boast that I have a 100% file of every game of the original trilogy.

As for which ones I own:

The original trilogy
Season of Ice
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
I loved the games too :) i still do now
welcome to the club FlamingRuby

I own
Spyro the dragon *
Spyro Gateway to Glimmer *
Spyro Year of the Dragon *
Spyro Enter the Dragonfly
Spyro a hero's tail
The Legend of Spyro a new beginning
Spyro Season of Ice
Spyro Season of Flame
Spyro Fusion

* is next to the ones that i have completed

With Spyro a hero's tail, i finished 1 game up to 93% but forgot stuff and you cannot verse red again, so i had to start again, so i got back up to 85% without even getting near red, then my memory card corrupted and all the files were deleted :(

I even have an inflatable Spyro doll
i think that the first 3 games were the best, they were the ones you could actually finish
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Ice Type Master
Can i join? I used to love the old Spyro games, i hate the new ones but i still play the Ps1 games today. (until my original Spyro 1 disc i had for 10 years finally stopped working a few weeks ago :()

Spyro 2 has a few problems but it still works okay and i'm taking very good care of it.

Spyro 3 has some problems too, infact yesterday i was playing this game, i tried to go into an evening lake world (can't remember the name) but it saved going in there and got stuck. I reset and the level won't load and it saved going in there, so i can't use that save file anymore. :eek:uch:

To sum it up here's what i own:

Spyro the Dragon (ps1) - Absolutely loved it until it died
Spyro 2 Gateway to Glimmer (ps1) - Had it for 10 years, this one i think is on the way out too, i can't get out of Colossus
Spyro Year of the Dragon (ps1) - As i said above, got stuck but i love it
Spyro Enter the Dragonfly (ps2) - Not as good as the first 3
Spyro a Hero's Tale (ps2) - Better than ETD, but not as good as the originals
Spyro: Season of Flame (GBA) Absolutely crap, worst game ever because of the GBA's crap graphics
Legend of Spyro: Enternal Night: Okay, but not for me, like the old ones WAY better.

And yeah, i don't like the Legend of Spyro series, so i might try and get another used copy of the old games instead of the new ones.
Sure you can join
welcome to the club GT4GTR
lets try to get some more members so the club can be successful :)


The magic of Pokemon
I loved the skateboarding minigame in Year of the Dragon--I often go to Enchanted Towers and wile away hours just trying to beat scores.
Me too
i just sit there for hours, playing the skateboard minigame
i love all the complicated tricks, like Gnasty Gnorc, but i just button bash, so i really don't know what i actually do to achieve that..

i really don't see how jumping far (half pipe leap or whatever)
and triple towers are worth 1000 points
their not really.. hard

ill be making a banner soon to get some club art, so look out for it :)


Clefairy Dance?!
i loved the original 3 spyro games. The first game on ps2 the first game to not have insomniac developing it, hence the immense crapness.

I remember getting spyro 2 as it was my first ever ps1 game <3 <3

Spyro enter the Dragonfly was my first PS2 game. I was severely disappointed. He couldnt even turn properly. And when he hits a wall he screams and takse 4 hrs to get back up >_>

there was a fun glitch in spyro 2 wher u could swim through the air. i think it was mystic marsh or something. if you caught one of those squirrel things under water and it was yor last squirrel to catch, when u were transported to the guy that gives u the orb, u'll still be swimming, even tho ur out of water......

i had so much fun with that, except i swam to high into the sky and spyro died somehow 0.0#

anywhos.. GO RETRO SPYRO :D


The magic of Pokemon
My younger sister can do a very good Agent 9 impression--which we both discovered quite by accident when we started Agent 9's home stage. She started saying Agent 9's lines along with the game, in the exact voice, no practice whatsoever.


Vintage much?
I own the First 3 but since Spyro was sold it went

Downhill from there.. I loved the Graphics of Spyro the Dragon (Orginial). I remember IGN gave it I think a 9.1/10

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
oh Spyro!!!!

Spyro the Dragon was my first ever video game and I actually spent as least 4 years stuck on Peace Keepers believe it or not. The thieves were near impossible to catch and I was never skillful enough to glide across ledges without drowning. Well...most of the 4 years I spent not playing my Playstation, anyway...

Anyway, I've only ever liked the original trilogy, I've played Enter the Dragonfly and a Hero's Tail, but I've had enough of them, the first was MASSIVELY GLITCHED, and lacked originality, a Hero's Tail was pretty good, but lacked much difficulty. Also, those two also made one massive mistake:

PORTALS! How could they forget portals, the essence of Spyro games?

Anyway, there's my rant. Spyro has always been an integral part to my growth as a gamer, the original three were masterpieces, and it is unfortunate that Insomniac sold its rights to less-able companies, though it wasn't as bad as I thought, since I also like Insomniac's Ratchet & Clank series. All three had its own unique style and the good thing was, that the three games got more difficult as the trilogy progressed, I mean I still haven't finished 'Year of the Dragon'! (yeah...getting all 149 eggs to unlock the fifth world is that hard...).

In fact, after typing this, I should start playing Insomniac Spyro again. I own the original trilogy, by the way. No plans to sell or throw them away. I just love that little dragon...


The magic of Pokemon
I'm hanging onto my copies too, and I will agree the series has gone downhill since the PS1 days. I will give the GBA series props for trying to recreate the magic, but the fiddly controls spoil the experience for me.
i am guessing you all would like to join, so i will add you all to the members list for the time being

the first 3 spyro games were by far the best, and to me Spyro a hero's tail wasn't too bad either, but the with the others i kind of lost interest, and the gba games i spent most of my time buying collector cards (spyro fusion)


Ice Type Master
Man, i think Spyro 2 was one of my first ever ps1 games (along with Croc and Crash Bandicoot 2), i've had it for almost 11 years, since i was 4. The disc is just starting to show some wear now after all this time though, please don't leave me. :(
i finally thought of a topic...

Who is your favourite Spyro character?
I love Sgt. Byrd, i love how he aims missiles at Moneybags in Spyro 3 because moneybags keeps him in a cage

Bentley is also cool too, with that ice hammer thing

if anyone else has a topic to add feel free to add it...

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
i finally thought of a topic...

Who is your favourite Spyro character?
I love Sgt. Byrd, i love how he aims missiles at Moneybags in Spyro 3 because moneybags keeps him in a cage

Bentley is also cool too, with that ice hammer thing

if anyone else has a topic to add feel free to add it...

Oh I love Sgt. Byrd, he's my favourite playable characters in Spyro III, its good they didn't exactly ruin him in A Hero's Tail, but I might have missed out on some details, so its likely that they DID ruin him...but he'll always be my favourite flying penguin.

My favourite character all round would be the egg thief, one of THE most classic Spyro characters, that infamous taunt, that godspeed of his, his dance, and his death animation! What's not to love? Well...it is freaky that sometimes you can hear him behind walls... Too bad they generally took the egg-thief idea away, or replaced him, or put him in a different costume. That sky blue cape will ALWAYS be its trademark.


The magic of Pokemon
--Spyro, of course
--Agent 9
--Hunter (if only because he always manages to run afoul of alien farm animals)
some of the minigames that you play controlling Agent 9 are hard though, like the one where you shoot Rhynocs at the fireworks factory, the camera view is really bad.. all you can see are the Rhynocs shooting at you..

the minigame against the Yeti in Frozen Altars i find quite hard too, Bentleys brother is really annoying...

the good old egg thieves na na na na na..hehehe ill never forget those words and the sky blue cape running around annoying you..

What levels in any of the Spyro games did you find hard?

Yonowaru in Chaos

gaspard de la nuit
^^Its also the funny little dance it does how it waves at you saying 'na na na nana' and then 'hehehehehe' in the fingers held close position. Oh...its so hard to describe, but it just looks so funny.

And yeah, I haven't beat an Agent 9 mission yet, except for in Agent 9's lab (if that counts) and I panic everytime the rhynocs swarm around me. At least Spyro can do a roundhouse flamethrower to free him, but Agent 9 can't rapid fire so thats a problem.

What levels in any of the Spyro games did you find hard?

Spyro 1: Tree Tops and Haunted Towers. High Caves is pretty hard too, but the fairies save you everytime you fall so its not exactly difficult.
Spyro 2: None really, but catching the thieves in Shady Oasis is pretty annoying.
Spyro 3: Agent 9 missions, Haunted Tomb, Lost Fleet Skateboard Race
Spyro ETD: Cloud 9 was pretty hard, because of all the glitches.
Spryo AHT: Nothing really...the glacier was pretty hard, but I've forgotten the name...its the one where its Hunter-only and he thinks Spyro was killed by the mammoth.
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Vintage much?
Levels Let see

Spyro 1: I hate you Treetops
Spyro 2: None Really
Spyro 3: I really don't know

That is all
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