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The Stalk and the Farfetch'd

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Sparky Jolteons(:
The stalk is green onion. But the weed idea certainly does fit Farfetch'd's profile right at this moment
What the f*ck are you people talking about!!!
F*cking sick!!!! You people are weird, wtf!!!! Omg, wtf is wrong with you!!!
Just get the f*ck out of these forums!!!... I mean sh*t...!


Ray Tracer
Yet, nothing happens when you remove Farfetchd's Stick in the games X) No Farfetch'd has ever been angry at me for that xD


Well-Known Member
If the last post in the topic is over 30 days old then DO NOT POST IN IT. Especially with a post like THAT.

All this thread is now belong to Sneasels. AKA closed. ;215;
Not open for further replies.