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The Star Wars Fan Club

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I'm only like halfway done with Labyrinth of Evil, I have a short attention span when it comes to reading books. I might start reading the books from the beginning, but I dunno. I need to educate myself with the era that The Old Republic takes place in. I don't know ANYTHING about it.

Oh and welcome, LordVader2719!

Deity Dialga

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I will join. Here is my Star Wars Empire at War Username: {NOMERCY} DarthNikru. I also have a story based on a struggle during multiplayer.
Ok I'll add you thanks for joining Deity Dialga.
Who is your alltime favorite Star Wars character and why?

My favorite Star Wars character would have to be a tie with Luke and Leia they are a cute brother and sister couple.


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Oops, forgot to answer it lol.

Who is your alltime favorite Star Wars character and why?
General Grievous. I absolutely loved him in the first Clone Wars series, he kicked so much butt. In Episode III he was meh, but I guess they had to make him like that since he was dying.

By the way, I'm planning to attend the Star Wars Fan Days convention in Plano, Texas in October. I've already been once and loved it, so yeah. Just thought I'd throw that in there.


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Hey! May I please join I'm a really big Star Wars fan.
I really enjoyed the Knights of The Old Republic games. Two of the best games ever.


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We need to save this club. All members, advertise by putting a link in your sig! Better yet, how about a banner?

If no one makes it, I will. An animated one looks nice.


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Who is your alltime favorite Star Wars character and why?

This may be weird, but I've always liked R2-D2. For such a seemingly weak droid he always seems to make it through pretty much anything, and he's saved everyone else's lives plenty of times too.

darth maul

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I am a huge star wars fan too!
may I join please?
look, I asked for a banner:)
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megacharizard king
can i join i love starwars
i would have joined earlier but i never saw this club before
Who is your alltime favorite Star Wars character and why?
it would have to be yoda hes tiny but powerful
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A Star Wars club? AWESOME! Can I join?
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