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The StarFox Thread!


Golden Sun 4?
This is the place to discuss the StarFox series! What is your favourite game?

I am really hoping for a Wii U StarFox with Online Mutliplayer, imagine swerving around asteroids in HD! It is what the Wii U was meant to do!

However my personal favourite so far is StarFox 64 3D, albeit rather easy to complete!

Excitable Boy

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Of the ones I've played (64, Assault, and Command), 64 was the only one I can really say I liked, which probably results from it being the only one of those actually developed by EAD, and the only one that really sticks to the core Star Fox gameplay. I'm thinking about getting the SNES Star Fox, though.

Hopefully, we'll see a Wii U Star Fox game in the style of 64; 4v4 Star Fox vs. Star Wolf fights would be beast with a GamePad and big screen.


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Unfortunately there aren't really enough characters in the (canon) Starfox series to warrant this, but it could've been interesting to see a sort of Marvel v. Capcom style Starfox game. Fox vs. Gen. Scales, anyone?

Avenger Angel

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Easily hands-down, Star Fox 64, although I liked playing it on the N64 way more than the 3Ds. The multiplayer was eh, but the main game was fantastic and offered plenty of replay value. Would be great if they made another like that in the same spirit and form as the N64 version without being a total rehash.

Primal Crusader V

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I've always loved the Starfox series, yet I see that it has so much potential to go in so many ways. My favorite, hands-down, would have to be the original for the SNES. SF64 was amazing too, but I'll have to give credit for the original as I enjoyed it's soundtrack, gameplay, and overall atmosphere, which was pretty badass for an SNES. If anything, I'm wanting to see a Wii U revival of it just to reenact the Space Armada stage.


Golden Sun 4?
Please don't get your hopes up, but Retro (Makers of previous StarFox games btw) CEO Michael Kelbaugh has said the group has been working on a new project (Not the new DK) for a few months now, which could mean a new StarFox MAY be in the works...

However this is not confirmed as of the time of writing!


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which could mean a new StarFox MAY be in the works...

However this is not confirmed as of the time of writing!

This is jumping to an exceedingly far flung conclusion, don't you think? Even speculatively associating Star Fox with whatever Retro is working on, despite a hundred other equally realistic possibilities? Temper your expectations a ton, is all I'm saying.