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The Start of a New Beginning (Advance shipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Necroexodia, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Necroexodia

    Necroexodia Active Member

    Hey everyone, this is my first Advance shipping fanfic, so I hope you like it.
    Rating: PG13 for romance
    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.
    A/N: This fanfic starts in Sinnoh.

    PM List
    Ames Don, The PokeGenius

    Chapter 1: Beggining

    It was a beautiful day in Sinnoh and Ash, Brock and Dawn stop for a lunch break in field near a lake.
    “So Brock, what’s for dinner?” asked Ash.
    “My famous stew is for dinner today,” replied Brock.
    “So, where’s our next stop anyway?” Dawn asked.
    “Erm… not sure,” was Ash’s reply.
    Then Ash, Brock and Dawn heard a rustling in the bushes. “Who’s there?” Ash asked as he stood.
    Then a mysterious person wearing a cape and hat to cover his face appeared out of the bushes and said, “Ash Ketchum, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!”
    “Think I’ll pass thanks.”
    “You’ll pass?” the mysterious person said kinda shocked.
    “Yes, I’m not in the mood for battling right now.”
    “And why not?”
    “Cus I’m hungry.”
    “Hey, why don’t you join us for dinner and battle with Ash after?” Brock asked.
    “Sure, if you don’t mind of cause.”
    “Nah, we don’t mind at all,” Brock said.
    “Ok, then thanks.” The mysterious person replied. “Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my name’s Jim.”
    “Hi, I’m Ash”
    “My name’s Dawn.”
    “And I’m Brock, nice to meet ya.”
    “And this is my buddy, Pikachu,” Ash said.
    Pikapi (hello).
    “Nice to meet you all,” said Jim. “So Ash, is a 1V1 pokemon battle ok with you?”
    A few minutes later
    “Dinner is ready,” Brock shouted.
    “Great!” everyone else shouted.
    During Lunch
    “WOW! Brock, you sure are a great cook!” shouted Jim.
    “Thank you.”
    After Lunch
    “So Ash, how about our battle?”
    “I’ll serve as referee,” said Brock, “everyone ready? Then call out your pokemon!”
    Dawn and Pikachu sat on a nearby log.
    “Great, Glaceon! Let’s go!” shouted Jim.
    “A Glaceon huh? Then Staravia! I CHOOSE YOU!”
    “huh? But flying types are weak against ice types” shouted Dawn.
    Pika (That’s right)
    “Oh? I totally forgot.” Was Ash’s reply.
    “BEGIN!” yelled Brock.
    “Ok, we’ll start, Glaceon, use Icy wind!”
    “Staravia, dodge!” Staravia dodged the attack. “Now use Aerial Ace!”
    “Glaceon dodge it!” but it was too late, Glaceon got hit.
    “Yes, now use Tackle Staravia.”
    “Perfect, use Icy Wind!” Staravia got blown back by the Icy Wind. “Now use Ice Fang!”
    “Staravia, dodge it!” Staravia still weakened from the Icy Wind, couldn’t do anything to prevent the Ice Fang.
    “Staravia is unable to battle, Glaceon wins, the victory goes to Jim!”
    “Way to go Glaceon! You were great! You deserve a rest” said Jim returning his pokemon.
    “Staravia, you were great too, return.”
    “Nice battle Ash.”
    “Yeah, congratulations.”
    They then Shook hands.
    “Well, I guess I should get going now, see ya later everyone!” Jim shouted as he ran off.
    “Bye! See ya soon!” Ash, Brock and Dawn shouted to him while waving.
    Pika! (Bye!)
    6 hours later
    “Well… there’s a pokemon centre just up ahead, we should go rest there for tonight.” Brock told everyone.
    “Alright! Let’s go guys!” shouted Dawn while running off to the pokemon centre.
    “Let’s go,” was Ash’s reply.
    They arrived at the pokemon centre and… I think you know what happens next Brock ran to Nure Joy , “Nurse Joy! Maybe later we could…” but then he was stopped with a Poison Jab from his Croagunk, and he pulled him away, while Ash and Dawn was laughing slightly.
    “We’d like a room for 3 please,” Dawn asked Nurse Joy.
    “Of course, your room is number 27, here is your key, it’s on the third floor up the elevator and to the right.”
    “Thank you” Ash and Dawn said at once.
    3 hours later (10:00pm) everyone was asleep, except…
    “Why can’t I win anymore?” Ash asked himself quietly so he wouldn’t wake the others. “It’s not like I’m not trying, it’s just that…” he then walked over to the balcony.
    Meanwhile, in Johto that day at 8:37pm, May just lost another contest…
    “Listen to me May, you gotta snap out of it.” Drew shouted at her.
    “I can’t.”
    “You have to! Ash is gone, forget about him, he doesn’t like you, he hates you, why else would he leave you like this when you need him most? Why isn’t he hear if he truly likes you? You have to forget about him and concentrate on the present, not staying in the past, you have to train, you’re a lot better than…”
    “Shut up!” was all May could say as she ran off to her room at the pokemon centre and locked the door crying her eyes out.
    “Wow, you’ve really done it now.” Harley said to Drew.
    “Yeah, well what do you know?”
    “Don’t give me that attitude!”
    “What will you do about it?”
    10 minutes later (9:49pm)
    “We should stop arguing,” Harley said to Drew.
    “Yeah, let’s stop.”
    Another 10 minutes later
    May has stopped crying and is walking over to the balcony…
    “I will see you again…” Ash and May said as they pulled out the half-ribbon they have.

    Well? What do you think?
    Brock: Can’t you let me get at least one girl?
    Erm… I’ll think about it.
    Brock: Ok, Review please!
    Chapter 2 should be up tomorrow

    Edit: added Rating
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2007
  2. kawaii serebii

    kawaii serebii PokeSpe Collector

    Hi. You should add another spacing between dialogues and add more details to create paragraphs. Otherwise, not too bad. Havent seen a fic of yours before though.

    Another chapter tomorrow? I can only read it on Monday. *sigh*

    Looking forward to it.
  3. Necroexodia

    Necroexodia Active Member

    yeah, that's because this is my first fanfic on here
  4. Necroexodia

    Necroexodia Active Member

    Ok, here’s the next chapter, thanks for the reviews.

    Chapter 2: Ash’s Decision

    The next morning Dawn is doing her hair in the Pokemon center, while Ash is under a tree just outside the Pokemon Centre drooling; “Ash, you’re drooling on me again,” said an irritated Brock. “Breakfast will be ready soon, so instead of drooling, could you go get Dawn?”

    “Ok, just don’t start eating without me.”
    “I won’t.”

    Ash then went into the Pokemon Center and up to the room he, Dawn and Brock was sleeping last night; “hey Dawn, come down, breakfast is gonna be ready in a minute,” Ash told her while he opened the door.

    “Just give me a sec,” Dawn replied while blowing her wet hair with her Hairdryer.

    “Ok, just hurry up.”

    Ash then went back outside to where Brock was, and saw his Pikachu sleeping in the shade of the tree. He smiled for a moment then woke his Pokemon up; “hey Pikachu, wake up, Breakfast is about to be ready,” he said while he gently shook his partner.

    Pikachu (I’m sure am hungry).

    Brock then saw Nurse Joy walking out the Pokemon Centre for some fresh air here we go again “Nurse Joy, how beautiful you are today, how would you to join…” Then Croagunk once again poison jabbed Brock and dragged him away.

    A few minutes later when Brock was recovered and Breakfast was ready, Dawn is walking through the door of the Pokemon Center looking for her friends, and spotted them under a tree, cooking up breakfast. Then she was walking over to join her friends in the shade as she saw a giant hand grab Pikachu and drag him away.


    “It’s Team Rocket!” Ash, Dawn and Brock shouted. “Give me back my Pikachu!” Ash Commanded.

    “Listen, is that a voice I hear?”
    “It’s speaking to me, loud and clear.”
    “On the Wind.”
    “Past the stars”
    “In your ear”
    “Bringing chaos at a brake neck pace.”
    “Dashing hope, putting fear in its place.”
    “A rose by any other name’s just as sweet.”
    “When everything’s worse out work is complete.”
    “And James.”
    “Meowth’s the name.”
    “Putting the Do-gooders in their place.”
    “We’re Team Rocket.”
    “In your face.”
    “Mime mime.”

    “Give back Pikachu!” Ash commanded again. “Pikachu, use Thunder!”

    Pikachu then charged up a massive force of electricity and fired, and it was negated. “HAHAHA!” Team Rocket said in Unison. “When will you ever learn?” Meowth asked the ‘twerps’.

    “Fine then! Staravia, I CHOOSE YOU!” Ash shouted, throwing his pokeball as a red beam of light, appearing from it, was his bird Pokemon. “Staravia, use Aerial ace!” Staravia went at a blinding fast speed and attacked into the mechanical hand, and destroyed it, releasing Pikachu. Staravia flew down and Pikachu landed on it’s back, and they were flying towards the Meowth balloon. “Pikachu, use Thunder Bolt!” Pikachu jumped off Staravia and charged up another amount of power and fired the electricity towards Team Rocket.

    Staravia, while landing, started to glow a bright white and change it’s appearance.

    “It’s evolving!” Brock said. “Into a Starapter.”

    There, Starapter stood, in front of his trainer.

    “Wow, Starapter, you evolved? Awesome!”

    “Congratulations.” Was what Dawn said, congratulating her friend.

    “Thanks Dawn.”

    “Why do we always fail?” Jesse complained.

    “Who knows?” was James’ reply.

    “Ask the writer, maybe he’ll let us win next time.” Meowth answered.

    “Looks like we’re blasting off again!”

    “Alright! We did it! Way to go guys.” Ash said, praising his Pokemon. “You were great, Starapter, return.”

    The next morning, Ash, Brock and Dawn woke up, but Ash didn’t seem like his usual self today.


    “Yeah, what is it Ash?” Brock asked.

    “You ok? You seem to be different today.” Dawn said.

    “Yeah, I’m ok, I just need to tell you guys something.”

    “Like what?” Brock asked his friend.

    “Well… I’m thinking about leaving Sinnoh and going back home to Kanto.”

    Brock and Dawn then looked at each other shocked for a moment, then they turned to their friend; “WHAT!?”

    Chu? Pikapi? (Ash? Why you leaving)

    That’s it for this chapter, hoped you like it.

    Meowth: Hold on a minute.


    Meowth: That’s right, now why can’t you let us capture Pikachu?

    Cus you’re the bad guys…

    Meowth: So what? You make it seem like we suck.

    Well… have you ever thought about becoming good?

    Meowth: Are you insane? Me, member of Team Rocket, good? That’s a new one.

    Speaking of Team Rocket, where are they?

    Meowth: They had to go somewhere


    Meowth: Make sure you review or team rocket will be coming after you next!

    Yep, review please.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2007
  5. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Please add a rating to the first post. Thx.
  6. Necroexodia

    Necroexodia Active Member

    Hey guys, here’s chapter 3, hope you enjoy.
    Chapter 3: Ash’s feelings

    In Johto, May is still really upset about what Drew had said to her the other day, when Solidad heard what was going on, she decided to go to talk to May.

    Solidad was knocking on May’s door. “Who is it?” May said. By the tone of her voice, Solidad could tell she was really upset and possibly crying.

    Solidad answered; “It’s me, Solidad.”

    “Oh… come in,” may replied.

    As Solidad was about to open May’s door, Drew came walking by. “What are you doing at May’s room?” he asked her.

    “I’m here to try to cheer her up.” She replied.

    “Well, can I apologize to May first?

    “Go away Drew,” was what he heard through the wall, he could also tell that she was upset still.

    “Maybe you should go away Drew, I’ll talk to her.”

    “What ever you say.”

    Solidad then made her way into Mays room, closing the door behind her, and then locking it so there wouldn’t be any intruders. What she didn’t know, is that Drew was eavesdropping from the over side of the wall.

    “What’s wrong May?” she asked the young coordinator.

    May started to stop crying so she could talk to her friend. “Drew was saying some very mean stuff to me that made me get really upset.”

    “I see, what were these comments, if you don’t mind me asking,” she replied.

    “Well, he said that Ash hates me, that that he doesn’t care about me.”

    “That wasn’t very nice at all; do you have feelings for Ash?”

    “Well… I guess so,” she replied with a slight blush.

    “I see,” she then saw the half-ribbon in her hands. “Tell me, why is that ribbon been cut in half?”

    “Well, you see, me and Ash entered a contest and we both won so we decided to have half each,” she told her coordinator friend. “And I’m glad that we did,” she said in a quieter tone.

    “Tell me May, what do you think Ash is doing right now?”

    “I dunno, winning gym battles I guess.”

    “Do you think he’s still got his half of the ribbon?”

    “I hope he has, it would mean so much to me.”

    “I see, well are you going to be ok?”

    “Yes, thank you for talking to me Solidad.” She said while smiling, she didn’t seem to be as upset as she used to be.

    “Don’t mention it, I’d best be off now though, cya later May.”


    When Drew heard the Door open, he hit behind the corner of the corridor, and went off back to his room.

    Now over to Ash.

    “You see, I don’t seem to be able to win any Pokemon battles anymore, and I don’t know why, I also have a weird feeling that I need to go back, it’s hard to explain.”

    “What are these feelings about Ash?” Dawn asked her friend.

    “Are it about May?” asked Brock teasing him.


    “It was?”

    “I dunno.”

    “What you mean, you dunno?” asked Brock.

    “Who’s May?” Dawn asked.

    “She’s a coordinator that we used to travel around with; I think Ash has a crush on her.”

    “Oh… ok.”

    “I’ve just been having strange feelings lately, like I feel empty inside.”

    “Oh...” Dawn said.

    “It’s kinda hard to explain.” He told his companions. “Anyway, I’m gonna go have breakfast.

    “This is confusing,” Dawn replied.

    “Yeah, kinda is,” Brock said. “Maybe he’s psychic.”

    They then both started to laugh.

    “Think we should go with him?” Dawn asked Brock.

    “Nah, he’ll be fine, besides, you need to finish getting enough ribbons to enter the Grand Festival, and Ash would say the same thing.”

    “I guess, but…”

    “Don’t worry about it, he’ll be fine, we’ll go visit after the Grand Festival, ok?”


    Gary comes walking into the Pokemon Centre. “Hey nurse joy, could you look after my Pokemon for me please?”

    “Of course.”

    “Thank you.” He then sees Brock with some girl he’s never met before and goes over to see his friend again. “Hey Brock.”

    “Hey Gary, what are you doing here?”

    “Just been training so I’m leaving my Pokemon with Nurse Joy, who’s your friend?”

    “Oh, this is Dawn; she’s a Pokemon Coordinator that’s trying to enter the Grand Festival.”

    “Nice to meet you Gary.”

    “Hi Dawn, nice to meet you too, anyway, where’s Ash? Isn’t he usually with you?”

    “Yeah, but he went off for Breakfast after saying something about going back to Kanto.” Brock told him.

    “That’s not like him, speaking of; he did seem different when he came back after winning the Battle Frontier…”

    “Well, he said he was going back because he’s having weird feelings that’s telling him to back, but he doesn’t know what these feelings are, he said that he feels like he’s empty.”

    “I see, he misses his girlfriend, anywayz, I’d best be off, my Gramps is counting on me to get the information on a rare Pokemon not far from here, I’ll just go get breakfast first then be heading off.”

    “Ok, cya.” Brock said.

    “Bye Gary.” Dawn said.

    “Cya guys, nice meeting you Dawn.”

    Back in Johto, Drew is looking for Harley to ask him something.

    Eventually, he find him in his room, and opens the door. “Hey Harley.”

    “Hi Drew, what you doing here?”

    “I’m here to ask for a favor.”

    “What kind of favor?”

    “Well… May likes Ash, but I like May, and I want May to like me.”

    “Tell me, why should I help you?”

    “Because we’re friends…” Harley suddenly started laughing like a maniac. “What’s so funny?” He then instantly stops laughing.


    “So you gonna help me?”

    “I guess I might aswell, I’ve got my 5 ribbons anyway,” he said while getting his 5 Johto ribbons out. “So I guess I’ve got nothing better to do.”

    That’s the end of this chapter, hope you liked it.
    Gary: R&R please.
    Yep, I’m going on holiday, so this’ll probably be my last update for 3 weeks, sorry, I’ll update ASAP when I get back though
    Gary: Can’t I go on Vacation?
    Maybe another day…
    Gary: Ok, hope Ash gets his girlfriend back.
  7. RobSp1derp1g

    RobSp1derp1g On my way...

    very good fanfic
    i'm lovin' it!
    can you add me in your PM list, please, if you have one?
  8. Necroexodia

    Necroexodia Active Member

    Thanks, i'd add you, if i knew what a PM list is?
  9. RobSp1derp1g

    RobSp1derp1g On my way...

    a PM list is a list of users to which you send a Private Message upon posting each chapter.

    if you didn't understand me, please send me a Private Message.
  10. Ames Don - The PokeGenius

    Ames Don - The PokeGenius Blazing Champion

    Finally, some PG-13 rated advanceshipping fics to read. This is great, but I wonder if Ash know that his friends already know he has a crush on May? lol
    Oh, and add me to your pm list
  11. Necroexodia

    Necroexodia Active Member

    Ok, i'm back, i'll probably update the next chapter in the next couple of days, i also added you to PM list, if i did it right, if i didn't please correct me in a PM

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