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The Starter Deck Rate series: InfernoZone


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Hello Everybody!!! This is my second starter deck rate in my series. Thanks to SkittyonWailord for changing the name. Seriously. I like it better now! =]

Anyways, today we are tackling the INFERNOZONE!!!!!! This is the DP Infernape deck that is fire/fighting. It is slightly better than the average starter deck (which is saying a lot) since infernape is a nice strong hitter. Beginner's may consider buying this deck, but it doesn't have a lot of "needed" competitive cards in it

But of course we can make it better.
3-2-2-2 Infernape X
3-1-2-1 Rhyperior X
3-1-1-1 Machamp X

2 Rare Candy
2 Premier Ball
1 Luxury ball
3 Expert Belt
4 Roseannes
4 Bebe's
4 Palmers
1 Felicities

Energy (17)
10 Fire
7 Ground

I was thinking of adding more felicities so that you could discard more fire energies to power up flare up. You decide

Here are the deck rate rules. I made a change to them:

Pokemon cards can only come from the same exansion pack that the starter deck is from EXCEPT lvX since many LvX are not in conjunction with the pokemon they have for the series
Any trainer/energy card may be used


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Why so many Stage 2s?


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because. There's no other real good cards from the series.

Glad you're still around in may, nidoprince!!!!


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What about Weavile? Skuntank? Medicham? The colorless stuff?


2nd Gen Trainer
I don't get it...