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The Story begins... Hybrid's Tale!


Memories in the Rain
Currently, there are 14 of us. I am accepting a fifteenth, but he or she MUST PM me the sign-up and if it is accepcted, I will PM you back with the fusion you are gonna take with and some special rules for you. So let this tale begin!

Please type your character's name in before posting.

You can use first person, thrid person or whatever point of view you guys wanna write.


<Are we there yet?> grumbled a Pikachu as he trotted alongside a young boy.

Despite his height of 1.7, he was only 13. (Suprised, eh?) He looked rather thin, though, suggesting that he hadn't really eaten well. His flaming red hair could catch any pokemon of humans attention- it was really are to see one with such, err... hair. His eyes, too, were also bright red. His jacket- black with yellow linings- was tied around his waist, showing a bright red T-shirt. His pokeballs were worn like a braclet on his right wrist. He had tanned skin, since he stayed for long hours under the sun, and because he didn't have a home to go to, and usually slept under the inky (Cooling and perhaps stormy) night sky. His jeans were currently rolled up, revealing a pair of grey sandals with straps and black stripes instead of his usual white and red running shoes that was always accompained with a pair of white socks. He also wore a pair of black biker's gloves.

<Are we there yet, Lucied?> grumbled the Pikachu once again.

<When will you ever learn to keep quiet, Thunder?> asked another pokemon beside the boy. This pokemon was unlike any one had ever seen. It had the body of a small Mightyena, but there were rings on its legs that belonged to and Umbreon. Its fur was jet black, but a lot lesser from the usual MIghtyena. Its head, however, was compeletely different. The head was an Umbreon's- exepct that it had a snout, and had a pair of Mightyena's ears. Most could tell that this was a fusion, now feared for destroying many homes- and lives.

<You're a fusion, not a ordinary pokemon like the rest of us. How would you know?> Thunder the Pikachu shot back in reply.

"Now, now... you two better stop arguing..." the boy said, hopefully trying to cool the duo.

<Why do you always side with that fusion, Lucifer?> complained Thunder.

The boy named Lucifer sighed and picked up he hot-tempered Pikachu in reply. "Because we're here to help him, right?"


"Now let's go. We're reaching New Bark soon," he added, putting down the yellow mouse.

<I think before that, we need to rest up> came a voice from the sky. The trio looked up, to see a big bird with brown feathers, reddish-pink colored tail feathers spreaded like a fan, a fading yellow underside, and a crown comprised with the reddish-pink and a yellow color wedged in the middle.

<You think so too, dad?> asked Thunder. It was a nickname they'd invented, due to the fact that the Male Pidgeot does treat them like his own children. (Besides learning how to fly).

<Yes, I think we need a break> replied the Pidgeot as he lowered hmself.

"We can rest when we reached the place Lucied told us," counted Lucifer, gesturing to the Umbreon/Mightyena hybrid.

<All right> said the Pidgeot as he landed right beside us.

<Hop on>

They all compiled, Thunder leaping up to Lucifer's shoulder and Lucied sitting very Mightyena-ishly on the Pidgeot's head.

<Off we go, Skywing> exclaimed Lucied, as the Pidgeot flapped his wings and soared to the great blue yonder.
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Fire and Ice Combo
I'm glad its finally started I was scared that it started while I was too busy playing We love Katamari. I've played it everyday after I got it on my Birthday on Nov. 28. It very addicting game well at least to me ^_^


The sun shined down and the sky clear blue almost completely free of clouds. The grass swayed in the gentle breeze and so did Crystal long blue hair. The 14 years old girl simple smile as she walked on toward her destination with two pokemon at her side. One a small yellow Pichu that stood about one foot high with black marking on his tail, ears and around its neck. The mouse clutched Crystal pants as she walk and gave the other pokemon walking next to she trainer a glare, an angry glare.

The second pokemon was surely one of a kind, it was a little bit taller than the Pichu and looked like the raccoon pokemon Zigzagoon with some alterations. Instead of the normal brown fur and short tail its had green fur and a long tail. There were also a pair of diamond shaped wings sprouting from its back. The pokemon also quietly walked beside its new trainer looking over to receive a glare for the mouse. It returned the glare with one of her own.

"Isn't such a beautiful day" Crystal spoke change the creature attention to herself, "I mean it is a perfect day to have a picnic or just relax" she close her eyes and just let the sun warm her face.

<It's wonderful!> The Zigzagoon quickly answered the question and looking up at the lightly tanned face of the girl and lifted tail up with glee.

<I was going to said that!> Sparks began to cracked as the mouse looked at the unusual pokemon. She made eye contact with the Zigzagoon and the creature release a low pitch growl at the angry little electric mouse as if getting ready to go on a full on battle with her.

"Zap..." the girl bend down and pet the Pichu on the head, "Halyn... come on is a gorgeous day there no need to fight were almost to New Bark Town outskirts." The smile on she face didn't leave when she said that. Crystal gave Halyn a gentle rub too before standing up and continuing walking. "Today is just a beautiful day." She mused to herself with a bigger smile planted on she face.


Metallic fighter
Sal decided that now was a good time to take a break before continuing his journey to New Bark Town. He found a good place to rest in a little clearing that had a small pond in the forest he was in. He let out all of his pokemon so that they could have a drink and stretch their legs.

When Apollo appeared out of his pokeball, he pulled a full-length mirror out of nowhere and started to flex his muscles in front of it. Sal was used to this action because he had had Apollo since he was a Machop. The one thing Sal could never figure out was where in the world the mirror appeared from because Apollo had nowhere to hide it.

Venus withered her way into the pond so she could remoisten her scales. Neptune, Mercury, and Ares were very weary as they approached the water. One reason is because they are not very fond of the water because of their being fire types. The other reason was because whenever they came upon a body of water and Sal released Venus in it, it would be only a matter of time before she would start splashing them with the water. This was especially true for Neptune because Venus loved to splash him more than anyone else. This was because she thought of him as a freak and loved to torture him. And today was no exception. Just when the three fire pokemon thought it was safe to drink, Venus popped her head out of the water and started to splash all of them and making sure Neptune got the brunt of it.

<“What did you do that for you stupid fish”> roared Ares who was making sure that water had not touched his tail.

<“Jeez you are so uptight sometimes you know that. I thought you should relax some. Sorry,”> Venus said in a sarcastic voice.

Mercury shot Venus a dirty look and simply walked off to dry herself off. Where as Neptune retreated into his shell to avoid to water. He had a dilemma on his hand he was in love with Venus but at the same time he was angry at her for splashing him. After a while of inner thought Neptune decided to use an ice beam against Venus to teach her a lesson for picking on him and the other fire pokemon. So he poked his head out of his shell to charge up an ice beam directed at Venus who was now arguing with Ares. He thought that this was perfect he could take out two birds with one stone.

While all of this was happening both Sal and Jupiter, who upon being released floated next to Sal and sat next to him, were laughing their butts off. They both knew that there was a love triangle in front of them. Venus loved Ares and hated Neptune, Neptune loved Venus but hated Ares and Ares hated both of them, but of course Ares didn’t like a lot of people. When Sal stopped laughing so he could catch his breath, he noticed Neptune charging up an Ice Beam aimed straight at both Ares and Venus, who were still arguing. Sal nudged Jupiter and pointed at Neptune and Jupiter knew exactly what to do. He got up and let out a loud roar that could be heard from miles away. In front of the dragon appeared a twister that picked up Venus, Ares, and Neptune and sent them flying up in the air and letting them fall on the ground with a loud thud.

“When are you guys going to get along,” asked Sal as the three pokemon recovered from the shock of falling.

<“When he gets the stick out of his butt and when he leaves,”> replied Venus pointing to both Ares and Neptune in that order.

<“Will you get over yourself miss prissy pants,”> snickered Ares when Venus said this.

<“Aren’t I just beautiful? I mean look at me.”> Apollo said as he was flexing his muscles, oblivious about what had just transpired.

At that point everyone sweat dropped and Sal just pointed at Apollo and all the other pokemon unleashed their most powerful attacks on him. When the smoke cleared, Apollo looked liked a four-armed burnt chicken. Everyone but Apollo started to laugh. Sal thought to himself that it was just another day with this band of misfits that he called his family.

OoC: Hey I just realized this but when this rpg is over I will have two Charizards. So instead of Blastogon becoming a Charizard, can it become a Blastoise
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Help me find myself

The sun shined lazily down on the dusty road. There were three figures, one that would have be believed to be a Bulbasour, if not for with wings of blue and green. Another that looked like an ordinairy glop of pink jello, that would be known as a ditto. The last was a human. The human was named Mia and simply wore a white T-shirt, on this day of hot, baggy, comfortable pants, Devon corp. running shoes, and a satchel or bag, which contained various items like a prototype of a pokeblock, and a poketalk translator that was on.

<What a bore, it's hot and sunny and perfect for swimming, yet we aren't,> the ditto comented in exasperation.

<Well I think it's absolutely scrumdidily-umptious! I mean just look at the sun! It's so big, and look at the clouds!> babbled the bat-like creature known as Bouyan, <They're so wide! Look, I see one that looks like a lamb! Oh what abou->

<-Ugh, shut up will you? you're making me more miserable by the second,> the ditto interjected, <I mean look at the heat! By the time we're at pallet town I'll be a cake->

<-And a rather pink one,> Bouyan added, <but it would be nice to go swimming.>

"Meh..." Mia replied, "meh..." She didn't notice her pokemon's stares, she was thinking of a better design for pokeballs. Ones that were luxurious instead of just a title named that. starting with a heater and air conditioning. The heat was inflicting her choice.

<Meh?! What kind of thing to say is that?> Inquired Bouyan, <Well? What kind of answer is it?> He stared at the girl for a while waiting for an answer, but soon reverted back to thinking of clouds when he actually got one.
It was like this:

"That 'thing to say', as you put it, was a nonverbal answer of thought out of the positional question and theory of possible inventions of the future which could lead to more sophisticated answers to comfort and interest of species alike," Mia dictated, in an answer.

<So in other words, she were daydreaming about pokeball upgrades,> the ditto interpreted.

<Ditto?> Bouyan questioned, <Can->

"May," Mia interupted.

<-May, I call you toot?> Bouyan finished. The ditto moaned, <No.>






<No- wait, that actually sounds a bit nice- I mean no.>

<Oh, humbug, what can->

"May," Mia corrected.

<-May I call me then?" The Ditto sighed, "Just call me Tsuka, just stop your complaints.> Mia simply complained about the heat while 'Tsuka' oozed around his pokeball grumbling something along the lines of: <If she complains about heat one more time...>
OOC: Was that to long? (I'm new at RPGing) If it is, I'll try to shorten it to a smaller amount.
Edit: I had a computer translator I designed and typed about in how I met the my fusion. I guess that It wasn't wanted, so I edited it so that I didn't use it in this.
Edit: Yay!
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Memories in the Rain
Tis fine... Although I maut stress one point.


Its not human conservation.

If you want to make Pokemon talk, use <> this, so that its easier to distugish.


<ARE WE THERE YET?!> screamed Thunder in agony.

<SHUT UP!> Lucied yelled back in retaliation.

Lucifer could only sigh and roll his eyes as the two began to bicker and argue. Those two always seem to be at loggerheads with each other.

<You two better shut your traps, before I toss you away> warned Skywing.

<Yes, dad> replied the ever-sarcastic Thunder.

Lucied and Lucifer rolled their eyes at the Pikachu as SkyWing chucked lightly.

<We'll be there soon, guys> informed the Pidgeot as Lucifer looked at the small town beneath them.

"So this is New Bark..." Lucifer muttered to himself.

<Honestly... Lucied, why can't it be Littleroot? Or Pallet?> questioned Thunder.

<First: Jotho is the centre of all three regions, so travelling is easier for all. Second: Its rather big for a town, so we can hide easily, and Third: I decided on that, cos' I'm the leader of our little band> replied Lucied as he glared at the Pikachu.

The other two could not find any answer to that explaiation.

After a few miniutes of slience...

<We're here> said SkyWing as he landed with a soft 'thud' on the ground.

<Finally...> muttered Thunder in an undertone.

Lucifer immediately laid on the grass, looking at the sky. Beautiful... the boy thought to himself.

Just beautiful.


Help me find myself
OOC: Should I not use a translator for talking, or just use the <> for when pokemon are talking?


Memories in the Rain
If you understand (I mean the character can truly understand Poketalk, and have a good reason, mine's in the SU) Poketalk.

I mean, humans can't understand Poketalk, right? Lucifer can, cos' he trained. While you guys can't- unless you mention it in the SU, which you didn't, if memory serves me right. SO you can't know what the Pokemon is saying.

If you do know, then if the pokemon is talking, then use <> to easily distintguish between normal and poke conservation.

Felix Feral Fezirix

Densetsu no Pikachu!
Let's get it on.


"Sooooooo... Where are we going?" the giant Pikachu with wings, a giant tail and an attitude said.

"I dunno. Ask my trainer." There was another Pikachu with an even bigger attitude, spinning a bamboo rod around for training, using it to boost himself, attack, defend, and possibly maim an imaginary opponent.

"Looks like fun." The bigger Pikachu commented.

"Get your own." the smaller one said.

"What's wrong with yours?" The weird one asked.

"Compare our height. You need a much bigger rod you baka." the much more intelligent one replied.

"I am NOT dumb!" the bigger one howled, towering over the small guy.

"Bigger they are, harder they fall." the smaller one quipped as he tripped the much larger counterpart with the pole, making him fall flat on his back.

"Why you..."

"Wanna fight?"

"You scared?"

"Noooo way."

"**** j00-"

"STOP IT!" the brown-haired girl walking in front yelled, irritated. Then she buried her face in her hands and ran off.

"What's with her?" asked the big Pikachu.

"Depression." the smaller one replied miserably.

"What's wrong?"

"She's not giving me enough Pikachu blend Pokechow to fill my stomach."

"Sheesh. Aren't you going to go after her or something?"

"Don't bother. She'll come back. She has other pokemon."

"Ookay..." The big Pikachu looked back in the direction where the girl had ran, while his much smaller in size counterpart led the way back to New Bark Town.

Xeno Metal Knuckles

OOC: Technically Shedninja could talk telepathically so Tyler only understands Shedninja.

<Are we going to get going or what....I really want to go to the forest...you said we would go> my Shedninja as it looked at me with its usual blank expression..

"Fine we will go...." I said as I jumped off of the rock I was sitting on...we headed towards the gates to Petalburg Woods..I really hated when Shedninja bothered me like this about going to the Woods everyday. I know it was his natural enviorment but he had to get a grip.

I took one of my pokeballs out of my backpack and threw it. My Fusion Pokemon Abshrew came out and started to sniff the air....I really never understood any of my pokemon except for Shedninja.

<Something is wrong...LOOK!!!!> Sheninja said in panic as he started moving to towards a tree. I ran after him holding Abshrew...we stopped at the tree where Shednija lead me and found an Injured Silcoon. I got a Full Restore out of my backpack and started healing the Silcoon....

OOC: I know its short...but I have stuff to do.


Bug Pokémon Fanatic
I sat beneath a tree, playing on her harmonica. My shiny Dragonair lay curled up beside me, resting from a long day of training.

<Jenna?> She asked me telepathically.


<Have you ever wondered about Latimoth?>

"What about him?"

<He seems... foreign. I know that he's a fusion, but he still seems stranger than we can see, I guess. Not in a bad way, just... in a different way.>

"Yeah, I know what you mean," I said as I sent out Latimoth. He ruffled his wings and looked at me.

"Latimoth," I said, "Why did you choose me as your trainer? You didn't have to save me from those Beedrill a while back. So, why did you?"

He stared at me for a few more seconds, and replied, <You are a chosen one. I didn't choose you, we were destined to be partners...>

Dragonair looked at me again. <If he is telling the truth, and because he said 'a' chosen one instead of 'the' chosen one, there may be more hybrid Pokemon out there like him. And, possibly, more 'chosen ones...'>

I glanced around, as if expecting a swarm of hybrids to come out any second. I saw nothing, however.

"Ah, well..." I sighed as I returned Latimoth. "Let's go and see if we can find any more of these Chosen Ones..."

I climbed on top of Dragonair's back, and with a great effort, she sailed up into the sky, heading off again.


Draco yawned, "So, you're definetly sure its this way?" he asked the strange Poke'mon behind him, it looked like an manetric with Umbreon features, its name was Umbretric and it was guiding Draco to new Bark Town where apparently there will be other mixed Poke'mon and they were to discuss some important matter, but Draco was too tired to think about it right now, covered in mud he finally stumbled out of the woods into a field, a beach was visible down a small cliff.

<Not long now> said Umbretric and they started running up a hill, it turned out to be more of a cliff with more forests on it. "Down there! Is that New bark?" Draco said pointing to a Village with houses and people like any other. <No, its local but its not the right place, New Bark is further on-wards, we should avoid this place untill we're with the other chosen people, you don't seem like a very clever person and would probably give out some dangerous information.> So they continued to run, Draco blinked "Was that an insult?" <It doesn't matter.>

After around an hour the cliff started to sink down-wards like another hill, unfortunatly it was wet and muddy, Draco slipped and went rolling down the hill, Umbretric chasing him down, when he reached the bottom he just rubbed his head and started moving "Happens all the time." Umbretric laughed.

<Hitmontop, Nuzleaf and Poliwag want to come out> Umbretric said suddenly. <I've been talking to them> "They're the ones who wanted to go in!" Draco complained and reached into a pocket and pulled out 3 red and white balls, after pressing the buttons on each one, 3 rays of light shot out and changed into the Poke'mon that were concealed inside, the Nuzleaf got up and started running around, the Hitmontop picked up the Poliwag and stared at Draco, "we want to get there before tonight. How far is it Umbretric?" <About a mile.> Umbretric replied, "Well, thats not too bad, lets go." so they continued walking to New Bark Town...

IC: being special and all, can Umbretric talk into Draco's mind?
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OOC: Uh, I was about to write a post at Friday, but due to my headache I had to leave. Anyways, about the talking thing, uh, I was thinking that the Meowth Terry grew up with would have learned how to speak human. And, uh, the Golduck has some psychic powers, plus he knows a lot of things due to his old age and I was thinking he could speak human as well... And I remember reading that Dragonair are very inteligent. Um, is that alright? Meowth, Dragonair and Golduck being able to speak human? If not I´ll just edit this post, okay?

The "Pokétalk" is with < > while the talk which people can understand is " "

So, now to the post...

EDIT: I read all the posts now. Eh, I just noticed that one of you had a Poliwag. Eh, whan I say that none of them would be on land in my post, I only said it because I remember some Pokedex entry saying that they have to be wet so that their skin is slipåery in order to sirvive on dry lands. Or was it Poliwag?... I feel unsure now... Anyways...


The day was beautiful, and the sun shimmering. The day was perfect to be spent outside, if, of course, one was able to tolerate high temperatures. Though beautiful, the sun and its scorching heat were dangerous to some Pokémon, who were desperately trying to get in a shadow of a tree, cave, or some other place. Most water Pokémon preferred being underwater, and no Poliwags were jumping on the land today.

However, a group of seven was walking in that heat, their steps heading to southeast, towards the town of New Bark, where they were supposed to meet Ember´s fusion friends. Two of the seven characters were further ahead on the road, while the rest were trying their best not to drown themselves on their own swet.

Among those five ones walking behind was a young boy. He had a blue cap protecting him from the sun, but still his black jacket and the shirt under it were all swetty. He hated that feeling, but he still had a smile on his face. But, under that smile was a worried boy, who was afraid of what the day would bring. It was such an unusual one. Still, he was ready to do everything in his power to help Ember, a fusion whom had asked for his help, claiming that he was a chosen.

The two who walked ahead consisted of two Pokémon. A cream colored cat, walking on two legs, leaning on his paws behind his head. He had a coin on his forehead, a tail which was curled up on the end, and long whiskers. He was accompanied by a a yellow hound with a blue, crown like mane on his head, and a small tail. The hound looked around continously, looking for something that she could use to cool herself, as well as checking was there any enemies about. What she hoped to find on a place such as this was a mystery, for there surely would´t be any lake nor ice cream bar nearby. The cat, however, looked bored.

"I´m bored..." the cat informed out loud.

No answer came.

"Man, I´m so damn bored!" he continued, looking frustrated.

Nobody cared.

"BOOOOORING!" the Meowth shouted from top of his lungs as it saw nobody was paying attention to him.

<Sheesh, will you just shut up? No one cares if you´re bored or not!> came an annoyed voce from his right side. The hound had had enough. Its face was covered with swet, but now the look of tiredness was changed into a look of anger.

"Hey, no one asked your opinion, you neurotic, unfireproof pup!" the Meowth shot back. The Meowth turned his face to the road again, leaning to his two paws he kept behind his head.

<Unfireproof? What is that supposed to mean? You expect me to be somekind of fireproof suit or wall to you?!> Shock, the Manectric growled, small sparks cracling around her, making her even more tired as she already was.

"Heh, be careful. You get too angry and you´ll be set on fire!" the Meowth fell down on his stomach, laughing like crazy, apparently thinking he had made a good joke there. He pounded the ground with one of his paws, but unlike other Meowth´s, his paws were completely white.

The Manectric, whom had a terrible fear of fire was now completely surrounded by a an elcectrical aura, as it got ready to scorch the annoying kitten.

"SugarPaw, Shock, that is enough already", a deep, calm voice announced from behind the two. A Pokémon resembling a big, blue duck walked up to the two. Its body was shining in the light provided by the sun as it crossed his arms to wait for the two to apologize each other.

<Whatever...> Shock muttered and began to walk again, leaving the Golduck to glare at the Meowth whom was apparently about to choke from laughter. Soon, the two were caught up by three other Pokémon and a young boy. The boy walked up to them first, holding a small Pokémon that looked like a Treecko, but it was orange and had the tail of a Charmander, as well as the head fin of a Mudkip. It looked scared as it watched the two Pokémon before it.

After the boy came a beautiful, blue, snake like Pokémon. It blinked its black eyes as it saw the Meowth. After the Dragonair, came a dark, furry Pokémon with extremely big claws. Its tail and head blades shone as the light touched them and its eyes were empty as it stared at the others. Shock, the Manectric, however, was already far further on the road leading to Cherrygrove, the closest town to New Bark.

"SugarPaw..." the boy said sighing as it picked the hysterical Pokémon up, putting down the fusion called Ember who instantly hid behind his leg. "You know that you aren´t supposed to... SugarPaw! Are you listening?!" the boy asked a bit annoyed, as the Pokémon struggled on his arms and soon jumped on the ground, giving an impish look to Ember, which caused him to get a glare from Rose.

"I am listening. That mutt over there was the one who started this!" SugarPaw defended, pointing at the back of Shock´s.

"Look, I-" the boy was about to say, but got interruped by the Meowth as it had noticed that it got everyone´s attention now, and decided to use the opportunity to complain. The very other thing he was really good at. Or bad, it depends how you look at it...

"I´m so bored! We have walked for... hours without resting! And its hot too! Look at my beautiful fur! Its ruined! Its in mess! And I´m hungry! So hungry that I could eat that mutt if it wouldn´t taste like unroasted chicken!"

Rose rolled her eyes and began picking up the mistakes SugarPaw had made. Oh, she just loved doing that.

"First of all, we have walked for 45 minutes without resting, not a hour. Secondly, sun has nothing to do with your messy fur. Its because you never clean yourself. You´re too busy in picking up on someone. (At this point, she gave a dangerous glare to him) and thirdly, we are as hungry as you, and I thought you liked unroasted chicken." a smile formed on Rose´s tired, swetty face as she had once again beat SugarPaw.

"Look you blue little worm, I-" but before he was able to finish his sentence, a loud howl filled the air. Everyone turned to face the direction it had come from, and soon they saw Shock running back towards them on the route,
in a, well, shock.

<Aaaah! Forest fire! Forest fire!> she screamed as she ran towards them. Her face was flooding over with tears and swet, and the poor thing´s begs of help were nothing but mere growls to the boy, who was unable to understand a word of it.

"What is she saying?" Terry asked while trying to calm her down. Which was completely futile, as the hound just jumped up and down, eyes widened, running in a circle as well as howling, spilling tears and swet everywhere.

"Nothing important. She probably just happened to find a match somewhere and is now thinking its- holy crap!" the Meowth couldn´t but shout as it saw flames closing in from the direction Shock had been walking. In other words, from the direction of Cherrygrove City and New Bark Town.

"And thought it was holycrap?" Vortex asked calmly from the cat, like he wouldn´t be seeing the flames at all. Or not caring about them.

"Stop babbling and do something!" SugarPaw growled to the duck, pointing at the flames which were closing in on them. Vortex had his eyebrows lifted, looking at the cat like someone with very low intelliqence.

"Um, what are you all talking about?" Terry asked dumbfounded, still trying to make the Manectric to calm down. Rose blinked to the question and then to the cat. It seemed she had no idea either.

<We are going to burn! Burn! BURN I say! Waaah!> the Manectric shouted, unable to keep herself together.

"This is ridiculous. We should keep going", Vortex said and walked in the flames which were only few feets away from the rest of them.

"Agh! He´s nuts! You all are! Do something!" SugarPaw screamed as the flames were inches away from his face. "Mommyyyy!" he whined as the flames finally engulfed him. "I promise to be nice! I- eh... its not... hot? How in the-?"

Just then, the flames vanished, leavig nothing but two laughing Ghastly on their place.

"Y-you!" the Meowth said angrily to the two laughing ghost types. "You were behind this?! ... I knew that. Hah. Hehehehee. But that mutt got scared good! Hah, what a wimp", SugarPaw finished, smiling as his heart finally began to gain its normal beating rhythm.

Shock had finally stopped, her tear-filled eyes widened, and her whole body shaking as she eyed Sugarpaw and the Ghastly, still not quite getting it. Vortex was further on the road, and turned to look what took so long. He had apparently known the truth of the "forestfire", but didn´t see it to be worth telling to the ones who didn´t know. Go figure.

Blade, who had stood still on the back the whole time was now watching the two ghosts with interest. What she saw was two victims to test her blades on. A glint appeared in her empty eyes and she took a careful step closer to them, causing the two to fly off terrified, leaving Blade there, staring after them, dissapointed.

Rose was confused of the whole situation. It seemed that she had been unable to see the flames, just like her trainer. It seemed she either lacked something the other Pokémon had, or had something the other´s didn´t. Another go figure situation.

Ember, he... was fainted. The always so timid thing must have gotten it as he saw the flames. Or heard the cry of the terrified Manectric. At any rate, the silent, timid fusion wouldn´t be walking for a while now.

Terry had no idea what had just happened, and was at least as confused as Rose. He shrugged it off and picked up Ember, unaware that it was fainted. It seemed that Ember´s actions didn´t depend much of whetre he was fainted or not. Either way he was still and silent.

Everyone just stood there for a while, before SugarPaw decided to break the silence. "Are we going or what?" he asked, and as he turned around, he saw Shock standing there, her wet face inches away from his. Her eyes were glowing and she growled deebly.

<You... how... dare you?! I will...> she was simply furious. A vein was pounding on her head, and sparks flying around her. SugarPaw sweatdropped, his face having a smile again. But not a smile of hapiness. No way. That smile was something he always tried to put up as he was scared. His face twitched and he lifted his snow white paws to calm down the angry "mutt" like he called her.

"Heehee, it was... a joke", he said, taking few steps backwards. "A joke, that´s all. Though you have to admit, it was kinda wimpish to scream like a female. And it took you kinda long to even get what I said. You must´ve been in a kinda bad shock. Heh, Shock in a shock!" the Meowth began laughing, seeming like he would care very little of his life, as the Manectric began shaking again. But this time with pure anger.

"Err, Meowth, Shock IS a female..." Rose decided to correct, just in the case the Meowth would actually live to remember it. Judging by the looks of things, he wouldn´t, though.

<You... Are... DEAD!> the Manectric shouted, and within seconds, SugarPaw was running from his very life, passing Vortex on the road as he was chased by a murderous hound.

Vortex just kept walking on the road, looking at the two creatures running far away in the horizon. A clouds of dust filled the air after them.

Terry sighed and after making sure Blade was still with them, he began walking along the road. Rose flew beside her, Blade walked few steps behind them as usual, Ember was still fainted on Terry´s arms, Vortex was glancing upon the skies, and Shock and SugarPaw had most likely reached New Bark already on their run. Slowly, Terry, too, turned to face the clear sky, smiling.
This seemed to become a regular day after all.
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OOC: The Poliwag is mine, i guess it can just keep spraying itself.

IC: Morning came and Draco, Umbretric,Hitmontop, Nuzleaf and Poliwag finally arrived in Little Root Town "I guess now we just wait untill we find another Fusion" Draco said yawning "Split up and search." SO they all did. Nuzleaf and Poliwag found a newly built fountain and kept searching around that area, Hitmontop went to the Market area and Umbretric hid behing some buildings keeping an eye out, "Where should i look" Draco thought...

OOC: Sorry its short, not much to post while waiting.

8:30 A.M.

"Go Droagonite! Use Dragonbreath!" Yelled a trainer. He looked about 5'7" and had a scar on his left eye. It was crimson instead of black like the other. His name was Jay.

<Alright get a taste of this!> yellow the Dragonite. As it's name implied, it was a large yellow dragon with strong, medium sized wings.

The dragonite shot a glowing green flame toward the opposing pokemon, which is a scyther.

The big green flying bug dodged and ran into a yellow glowing beam. It was a Hyper Beam attack.

"Good job, Dragonite." said Jay heartlessly.

<You could be more compassionate, you know.> said a pokemon from behind. It was like none ever seen before, with the long beefy body of a Gyarados, it was orange rather than blue, and had four large wings, looking as if from a Charizard.

<Yeah, Jay, Gyaramander's right.> replied Dragonite as he landed.

The Gyaramander got angered by this, his head vein pulsing. <I told you my name is flame now, PUNK!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!> Yelled Gyaram-I mean Flame.

As Flame chased Dragonite around in the air, Jay sat on the ground ignoring them both.


Help me find myself
OoC: Actually I think I worded my reply to your stress wrong. I meant that I made a translator in the RPG and I used it to communicate in the RPG, not outside of it... Oh well, I edited it so that it's different. Anyways, just tell me if you missunderstood me and thought I meant a translator for outside the RPG, and I was being n00bish (in which case I shall edit my posts so that I have my inside the RPG translator, that translates poke-talk for my character), or that you understood me correctly and wanted me to not have a technology thingy, because you thought that then it would seem like a rip-off because then everyone (in RPG) would have one in the RPG (which isn't true because it's a custom), or that you hae a different reason like only special bonds make you understand pokemon (in which case could you tell me what it is?). So, could you respond and say which and if you want me to use my, inside the RPG, translator I made, inside the RPG?

<I thought she said that we would be there soon> Bouyan whined, <it's been nearly a whole week!>

<Well what did you expect? That we would jump on some fancy cruise and be there in a flash?> The Ditto responded, <Oh no, you're just lucky you aren't a ditto. She made me morph into a lapras and then carry you both in the water all the way to Johto, from Hoen. She even refused to return you to your pokeball. Which reminds me, you need to loose weight.>

The company of three were in Goldenrod city. They wouldn't have stopped if it weren't for the fact that Ditto had found a broken bike in the dump and insisted for it to be fixed. Mia hadn't had any of the proper tools to fix it, so they had come to have it fixed in hopes of a faster progress.

"Ai yai yai, and you expect me to know how to do this?" the owner of the bike shop asked, "I don't make the bikes, I sell them."

"Alright, alright. Just give the parts and tools for fixing it and I'll pay you and be off," Mia grumbled.

"I can't do that, I have to fix bikes!" He replied. Standing for a second she sat there, "But, then, why can't you do it?" She softly Inquired.

"Well I can, but let's face it. Who knows how to install a pokeball carier, air conditioning, and ten gears?" Sighing Mia decided that the owner was hopeless. Pulling out about money that would count as about sixty-eight US dollars, she held it for a while, but soon put it back wondering why she couldn't bring herself to do it. Angry because she was so shy.

"Let's go," she muttered stomping off, not neccessarily mad at the Bike shop owner.

<Sheesh, what's up with her?> Bouyan inquired, suprising Tsuka with the lacking of Gaiety.

<She's like that alot when talking to others,> Tsuka replied, <She seems to hate herself when she's shy.>

<Oh, well... I'm glad that we'll be arriving soon, It shouldn't take long now since we're in Johto!>

"Well now that we're away from that annoyingly dissagreeable man, let's get going. Starting with you and Ditto," Mia announced. Taking out two apricorn pokeballs, she like the woody feeling, she continued, "Into your pokeballs, We'll pick up more speed if I can use my running shoes and not have to wait for you both." And with that they grudgingly did so. walking a little ways off, to the alleyway where no one could get in the way, Mia bent down, fiddled with one shoe, and started running.
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Felix Feral Fezirix

Densetsu no Pikachu!


A brown-haired girl looked out of the window, her blue eyes gazing emotionlessly at the backyard of the Pokemon Center, where her pokemon were busy causing mayhem.

"DIE!" An ordinary Pikachu was busy chasing a oddly-coloured Larvitar with a bamboo pole, smashing it over his head with every single oppotunity. The mayhem. They dashed everywhere around the backyard, and any unlucky female wearing a skirt would have what was underneath yelled out as the two pokemon zoomed under their legs.

<This is bloody fun!> The Larvitar exulted, having been the culprit of anoying the girls.

Just then a giant rectangle came from the sky and blacked him out.

The Pikachu stowed his signboard away and growled, <Now stay there!> as he began to practice using his bamboo pole again.

A short distance away, an odd, gigantic Pikachu and an Combusken resumed their training, the Combusken giggling away and the Pikagon looking very unhappy as they parried each other's blows.

Rinoa smiled. They were getting along just fine.

She turned and collapsed into a bed, falling asleep immediately.

The door flew open, and a bloodied Larvitar, an angry Pikachu, a Combusken with many marks on her body where a bamboo pole had hit her and the weird Pikachu with many footprints on his body trumped into the room, where they each collapsed into a bed and fell asleep. In the case of the Larvitar and the Pikachu, in the same bed.

It was lucky the door could swing shut by itself, as all of them fell asleep immediately.


The sun was still shining brightly, showing no signs of getting itself shrouded behind any clouds. Not that there would even be any clouds on the sky. The group that few hours ago had composed of seven members, was now reduced in numbers as only five remained.

Terry, the only human in the group was still looking at the sky, lowering his head every now and then as the sun´s shine was too much for his eyes to bear. He would have given almost anything for a mere glass of water. Water... that word brought thoughts of beautiful, ever flowing rivers in his mind, as well as images of the beautiful blue sea, the sun shimmering on the Wingull´s snow white wings, and-

"WATER!" Came a loud voice, breaking all the precious images of water in Terry´s mind as he got startled and turned his face back to the road. But to his surprise, the route had ended, and he was standing on an entrance of a small town. He looked around to see who was the one yelling water, and soon got his answers as he saw his four comrades on the lake at the edge of the city.

"Water, water! Precious WATER!" Rose cheered as she dove in the shimering waters, only to emerge seconds after. Vortex was leaning on one of the rocks sticking out of the water´s pristine surface, while Blade had curled to rest under one of the trees, as she preferred being in shadows more than in the bright light of the sun. Ember, however, wasn´t exactly enjoying the situation. He was sitting on the ground, few feets away from the water´s edge. Yes, he was afraid of water too.

"Come on, Ember, its fun!" Rose cheered, as she emerged from under the water again.

"T- thanks, b- but I´ll... p- pass, th- thank you..." Ember replied, hating himself for what he just said. He was supposed to show Rose that he can fight on his own. That he can be brave too. That he can... help her...

"Oh come on, its so much fun!" Rose announced as she made a graceful leap from the water and flew in a circle with the small wings on her head, before splashing down again. She was like a different person when she got into water. Same applied for flying. Escpecially for flying. Everyone knew that. Way too well...

"Enough Rose. If he doesn´t want to, he doesn´t have to", Terry said strickly as he sat next to the small fusion. Ember looked up in his chosen´s eyes, but soon looked elsewhere, as to be sorry for being daring enough to stare.

Vortex, nor Blade were paying any attention to the situation. Vortex was too busy pondering about the fate of the world, while Blade simply didn´t care, nor understand that others had feelings. Plus, she preferred to plan different ways of killing a Pidgey that had made its nest in a nearby tree. It was a miracle that the Pidgey hadn´t already been murdered by the Absol, though. Maybe she thought that planning the murder first was fun, or maybe she just wanted to stretch her brains by putting them to work. Who knows. Either way, the Pidgey flew away.

Terry hoped that the small fusin would get some courage to battle, or at least meet other Pokémon. The ones he had seen so far were Terry´s team. And though most of them (Read; Everyone but Blade and SugarPaw) were nice to him, he was still afraid to meet new people and Pokémon, and even possible new fusions. Terry didn´t know had Ember seen him when he was working with the team that was responsable for all the horros Ember had experienced, but Terry surely hoped that he didn´t. After all, that wasn´t a past he would want anyone to know of. Except that Vortex, Blade, Shock and of course SugarPaw already knew. It was a true miracle that SugarPaw had been able to keep his mouth shut for this long. It shows how much the arogant cat apriciates his trainer. It was heart-warming to Terry.

Which brought to his mind; where were SugarPaw and Shock anyway? The fact that he hadn´t seen any scrorched pile of fur along the three hour walk indicated, that SugarPaw had survived, at least for this far. But where were the two now? Terry´s guess was that they were already at New Bark, SugarPaw standing on top of one of the buildings and shouting insults to Shock, before painfully remembering that electricty can strike far, even on rooftops. The idea of Shock maniacly scorching people´s house didn´t sound too nice to him though, so Terry decided that they should keep going.

"Everyone, we´re leaving! ´Cmon already!" he shouted to his Pokémon as he stood up and picked Ember who had covered its head as Terry had moved. "Its okay, Ember, its just me", Terry told to the fusion, trying to calm him down. Ember smiled weakly. Terry, holding Ember on his arms, turned to face the others again and repeated his order. Rose acted like she wouldn´t have heard, but got dragged out of the water by Vortex. Blade had no objections of leaving either. Though it seemed that she didn´t have any objections in any suggestion or decision Terry made. It was because of Team Fusion.

"Okay, so are we all ready to go?" Terry asked as he placed Ember in his backbag from his reguest. "Yes? Good, then-"

"Why do we have to leave? It´s nice in here. I love Cherryrove!" Rose anounced, flapping her wings and slowly rising from the ground, before Vortex grabbed her tail and pulled her back to the ground. Literally.

"Rose, there is water in New Bark too! You don´t want to be the last one arriving, now do you?" Terry asked tiredly. After that, he turned his back and left walking, Blade following close behind, scaring poor Ember who instantly pulled his head back in the bag. Vortex gave his usual calm look to the Dragonair, who rushed to Terry´s side and began asking about the size of the waterpool in New Bark. Vortex walked beside Blade, who glared at him with her crimson eyes but received only Vortex´s cool, calm smile in return.

With that, the group was on move again, Terry deeply hoping that the town would still be in one piece when they finally get there.
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Ski > You
|OoC| Sorry about taking so long to reply, but I was stuck at work. Anyway...
Red speech is Mjolnir the Charizard.
Yellow speech is Armads the Dragonite.
Blue is Borealis the Feraligatr.
Sienna is Heimdall the Machop.
Gray is Fenrir the Zanviper.
Default is Kelly. Best viewed in Dark Type Scheme, hopefully does not clash with any other.

"No, I said no fifty times now."
"No you may not beat up on your fellow Pokemon, especially not outside of battle and when they have done nothing to deserve it. Therefore, Mjolnir, you may not attempt to burn the entirety of Fenrir into the ground, no matter how tempting it may be."
<Ha. Now get away from me you freakish Charizard you.>
<Can't you guys EVER shut up?>
<Yes, Borealis, we know you are the only female in this group, but that does not give you any special authoratative powers.>
<Aw, shush up Heimdall you fool. You only just joined us.>
<Damn it, SHUT UP!>
<Yeah yeah, mighty dragon Armads.>
"Alright, let me say it then. Shut the ****ing hell up."

A deathly silence fell over the entire group as the followed their trainer who was walking at a quickening pace towards New Bark Town.
So rarely had their trainer been so eager to make them silent, it was not fear or respect that forced them to do so, it was shock. Utter, complete, and indescribable shock. Either way, it made no sense for a group of five Pokemon and one human to remain noiseless for long periods of time, and the chatter begun once more, albeit much more quietly than before and much less violent as well.

<What's eating him...>
<I don't know, and if anyone should know, you should. After all, you are his first Pokemon.>
"It's nothing all right? Nothing at all."
<Stress, definately stress.>
<Stressed about?>
<The only logical explanation would be you.>
"I already said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me."
<There are a thousand Kelly, but you simply will not show even three of them.>
"Showing problems is a sign of weakness, you should know that by now. The beasts will swarm upon you like moths to a light bulb."
<But there are no beasts, only us.>
"Maybe later. When we get to New Bark."

The rest of the walk lightened up quite a bit, although feet and wings never stopped moving or even slowed down, but they seemed to make little progress no matter how much they tried. Perhaps it was because of a new weight on their hearts, that, or perhaps they were looking forward to reaching town so much that it just would not happen.
After all, this was not the first time things like that occured. The things one wanted most seemed the furthest away.

About... Me?


Help me find myself
OoC: My, this hasn't been posted in for a long time... And I'm going to PM you about the question...
The sun was shining and it was a nice time to go sitting in the lake but that wasn't what was on anyones mind right now. Tsuka and Bouyan were sitting together, shivering inside a blanket, while Bouyan complained to Tsuka that he could transform into a fire-type anytime and warm them up. Mia was fixing a broken pokeball.

"Stupid water! All we wanted to do was some swimming," Mia muttered under her breath, "Why didn't I install a water-proof case over the balls?"

<Because the stupid bycicle person wouldn't give you any parts and you left the broken bike in his shop> Tsuka responded to her rhetoricle question, in a dry tone.

<That's a rhetorical question, you sillly> Bouyan announced, <besides, I'm the one that's supposed to talk allot.>

<Well, I've nothing to do, and it's better than watching you complain to me about not turning into a fire-type to warm us up.>Tsuka stared at Bouyan coldly, but soon relaxed into the blanket again, shivering, and eventually fell asleep. Mia took the fixed Pokeball, and was about to call them in, but saw their resting posture and decided against it.

"Ah, two soldiers at rest," She commented, and sat down to watch the two huddled Pokemon, sleeping in the lazy afternoon.
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Fire and Ice Combo

Crystal happily hummed as she continued toward New Bark Town. The two pokemon kept quiet but that didn't mean that they excepted each other. They still gave each other furious glares. The 14 years old girl seem to be enjoying the weather too much to notice this happening. Deep inside she wished that something exciting would occur to rid her of her boredom. A loud crackle sound send several flying pokemon soaring away granted her wish.

"What was that" the words escape from Crystal mouth as she turn to see what it that might be. Halyn and Zap took an interest in the racket the had broke the peace of the forest/plain at the outskirts of New Bark Town. Black smoke raised for an area close to the trio and the knew on thing.

<Fire!!> the Pichu and the hybrid both shouted out forgetting their little feud. They seem in a daze as the watched the black matter rise. Several wild pokemon scrambled as far as possible from the place. Most small brown creature know as Sentret but there were also purple rats and much, much more.

"Let's hurry over there" She said concern and hastily rush off the spot where smoke first began to appear. It was luck that Crystal happen to be close by because the flame hadn't had the time to spread through the plain. She looked down at the small pokemon at her feet and an idea come to her mind.

"Halyn try a gust attack" She asked the green Zigzagoon hybrid which planted a shocked look on her face.

<I don't if I can do that... I mean I know how... I think... but then again... I'm not sure...> The pokemon paused after nervously speaking unsure if she remember how to do a gust attack, she took a deep breath. A determine look came across her face and she began to flap her Vibrava wings.

A gentle breeze was all that escaped at first but she began beating her wings harder and faster and it become stronger. The wind started to collect the loose dirt, sand and small rocks. Halyn attempt to do gust turn into a sandstorm that cover the surrounding area in a cloud of dirt and dust.

"Halyn, that enough" Crystal shouted so the pokemon would hear her. She shaded her eyes with her hand as she try to find herself and her two pokemon in this storm of dust. The Zigzagoon obviously hearing her trainer stopped the flapping of her wings. The fog of dust settled down and sluggishly flowed back down. Crystal dusted off she dirt cover clothes missing a dirt spot on the back of her hat.

<I'm sorry... I couldn't do gust> the pokemon sadly weep looking down in disgrace. She tried her best but it just wasn't good enough.

"Good job" A smile came to the girl's face "You put out the fire." The hybrid quickly look to see that the fire was gone and happily jumped with joy. Crystal chuckled seeing her friend so proud of herself. Her mind wandered to Zap the tiny Pichu who had completely slipped her mind when all of this happened. Searching for her she spotted her at her side out cold. As kneeled down to check the pokemon she remember what she learned about Vibrava. They can flap there wing so swiftly that they send out ultrasonic waves at that what happen to the small mouse.

Crystal spotted two pokemon also out cold by a lone tree in the clear. Picking up Zap she went to lone tree to see if they had any fatal injured. The Manectric was just fine and the Meowth a several dark spots on his fur but all were in different places as if he was in a fight with a fire pokemon or something close. She went into her bag and spray a little burn heal potion on the burn wound.

"These pokemon must belong to someone" She said looking around the area, "these pokemon don't live around here. I guess we'll wait here until their trainer comes." Crystal happily commented almost jumping with joy herself. Even if the pokemon trainer don't come she was certain that someone will come when they see the smoke of the smolder fire rising from here. She simple sat down under the tree and Halyn laid down next to her pretty exhausted after that adventure.