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The Story begins... Hybrid's Tale!


Memories in the Rain
OOC: Sorry... I misunderstood. You can use your translator, Bawooga.

BTW, you guys can start gathering now.


<Wonder why the others hasn't arrived yet?> asked Lucied.

"I dunno... maybe they're stuck or sommat..." I tailed off, contiuning to stare at the magnolia clouds in the sky.

<Fire!> exclaimed Thunder, pointing towards a pillar of black smoke in the sky.

Fire! That would be hazardous to the pokemon! I quickly got up and ran towards the pillar. However, when I reached there...

"Good job" A said a girl's, smiling "You put out the fire." The Zigzagoon beside her jumped with joy.

<That's no Zigzagoon... that Z47825!> exclaimed Lucied.

I walked up to the girl. "Hi!" I introduced myself. "I'm Lucifer, and this is Lucied," Pointing to the Umbreon/Mightyena beside me. "What's your's?" I asked the girl.


Ski > You


Finally arriving in New Bark Town without further incident, Kelly started to look around for the other hybrids, albeit a little half-heartedly, but he still looked irregardless and one could certainly not say that it was his fault that he did not find anything.

"Erm... So, now what?"
<I guess we wait.>
<What Fenrir said.>
<Me, Borealis, and everyone else seconds that.>

Deciding to take a seat on the ground, Kelly looked at his six Pokemon, and sighed, it was going to be a long day.
A very, very long day. Especially with the advent of random strangers and the like. It was not something he particularly relished.
Not something he liked, and not something he ever would. Besides, friends made for dangerous obligations, and six were already enough for him to have around at any one time. What with the inherent dangers of this particular quest and all.

Watching the human traffic as he waited, Kelly felt his eyelids grow heavier and heavier, possibly a mix of the heat and the boredom, but whatever it was, he was sleepy, and tired. Not sleeping for the past two days would do that.
Feeling his head droop, he simply let himself loose into the embrace of his Charizard Hepheastus, who was just sitting beside him.
Thankfully, he did not snore.


Fire and Ice Combo

Crystal happily turned to the new person who appear and introduced himself. He had a cute little Mightyena looking pokemon at his side with a golden Umbreon symbol in the center of his forehead.

"Hello my name is Crystal I see you have a hybrid too. He's adorable" She added after her introduction. She bends down and rub him on the head gently still hold her small Pichu in her hand. Halyn excitedly ran over the hybrid happy that she not the only hybrid around.

<Hey um... 61590... or was it 45048... 29456 no... 61597... did I all ready said that?... Halyn began to confuse herself as continued to talk. <Well, anyway it good see you again. Weren't you taller or was that in my mind? Hmm... nevermind that your new name Lickhin, Lopchin, Lippined...> The Zigzagoon hybrid paused and began thinking which only seem to make her even more lost.

"Halyn always seems to be confused when it comes to remembering things" Crystal said with a giggle, "But I like her just the same" She pet the rough fur of the Zigzagoon and Vibrava mixed pokemon and her eyes wander to the other two pokemon still KOed under the tree. She's just wanted to see if they are both still there.

"You wouldn't happen to know whose pokemon are those" She asked Lucifer pointing to the pokemon by the solo tree with the most cheerful attitude he probably ever seen.

OOC: Oh just so you know Crystal doesn't full understand the pokemon language she get bit and piece of it but mostly depend on there action and how there voices sound.


Help me find myself
OoC: It's partly my fault, because I worded it wrongly.


The trio were ontop a hill overlooking New Bark Town, overlooking the place to get an idea of what the place looked like for navigation, they also were interested in what the place looked like. What can I say? New Bark Town looked like a town. This was a major dissapointment to them, but they really didn't expect much. As they were looking, they saw a distant smear of gey and orange, a few seconds later, the orange dissolved.

"Bonfire," Mia frowningly indicated, pointing towards the dark smudge in the distance.

<Bonfire? Really? Can- May we go? Please? I wont talk for-> Bouyan whined inquireringly.

"No," Mia interupted, before Tsuka, "That's probably a private one, I don't think that you would be quite for any amount of time other than a second, and besides, it's already done, see?" She pointed to the dark smidge in the distance, saying how there had been some orange, but now there was only grey.

<I don't think that's a bonfire...> Tsuka pointed out, <There's a lot of birds coming this direction, and fires burn down slowly If there were a->

<Well Birds Pidgey out> Bouyan cut off, <get it? Pidgey out?>

"Get what? Those are Spearow," Mia pointed out.

<Ugh, you're both hopeless> Tsuka groaned.

"We are not!! Apologize and explain this reason of insultation at once!!" There was silence for a while.

<Well... We could be getting food and shelter right now.. But instead you're talking about birds> Tsuka hesitatedly replied, <and you could be finding others of you're> pointing Bouyan <kind.>After Mia considered it for a while, she finally announced, "Well, I guess you're right. Come, let us go over to the meeting spot, and maybe if no one is there, set up a spot." They did this fora while, and would have been quite content, if they didn't see peaces of burn't wood on the ground.

<I told you> Tsuka affirmed, <but you didn't hear me did you.>

"Well it's too late now," Mia announced, "besides, it's already out, so there is no need to worry. Let us just stay here and wait." Not suprisingly, Bouyan and tsuka went to sleep very quickly, although Mia was awake. they were both by her side, and Mia wondered why they went to sleep so much when they weren't even battling or looking for food.
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Felix Feral Fezirix

Densetsu no Pikachu!

<SUM*****!!> A yellow creature hollered as it chased after a green creature the same size as it, which wasn't very big.

<I'll kick ya in your nards!> The reply came back.

<Stop. It.> A very human voice spoke to each pokemon and they froze. Inertia pulled them forward and they crashed into each other, rolling up into a ball and rolling across a sleeping CHarizard and trainer, at which a huge flaming tail came out and burnt the two pokemon.

The trainer immediately sat up, alert.

A black-haired girl ran towards the trainer, panting. "Sorry for any trouble." SHe detected a weird thought coming from one of his pokeballs. "Say, do you happen to have any hybrids?"


Help me find myself

Mia was still sitting with Bouyan, and Tsuka, who were sleeping. Muttering under her breath, she thought, “I need to change their excercise schedule to a more healthy one.” Although she was a bit worried, she soon diverted back to wondering about the fire. It couldn’t have been a bonfire. That would have been controlled. She was still muttering to herself when she noticed two pokemon, a Manetric and a Meowth. The Meowth looked okay with a few spots on it’s coat, maybe a fire-type had accidently caused this fire by a battle? It was possible. But then how to explain the Manetric? He looked fine and had no spots on his coat, so what could have happened to it? She decided to wake up her Pokemon. If they could tell something that she didn’t, then maybe it might brighten the light.

“Tsuka, Bouyan, wake up from your dreams,” Mia told them while poking them on their tummies.

<Jus’ one more minu…> Bouyan protested rolling onto his stomach, <there… are.. a lo… of good thing..s.. abou… sleeping… I mean.. there…> As the Batasaur trailed off into distant sleep. She gave up and started poking Tsuka. That was no luck either, he transformed into a Houndour to ward her off and then back into a Ditto. She was just about to give up and sit down by the fire when Bouyan jumped up.

<It might be just me, but I think they’re here!> Bouyan recited happily, <I feel them! I do!> The little bat-like pokemon was jumping up and down on top of the ground he had been recently sleeping on. <I know it! I do! They’re somewhere here!> Bouyan started running around, pausing for a second, and then dashing towards the two unconscious Pokemon. Mia grabbed Tsuka by the paw, much to his complaint, and raced after Bouyan.

<Bouyan! Wait up! You know I’m out of shape!> Tsuka panted, as he was tugged along.

<They’re here! They’re here!> Bouyan cried out in ecstasy.

<Who is they?> Tsuka inquired. Panting heavily as they emerged from the shrub, they came upon two humans, one with tanned skin and flaming red hair, and another with blue hair, long hair that reached the top of her shoulder, she also had bangs. There were also two Pokemon similar to Bouyan in the fact that they were hybrids.

“Hi!” the girl said, “My name’s Crystal.”

<My name’s Bouyan! Although I could think of a better one and it really doesn’t suit me at-> Bouyan bubbled out.

“-My name is Mia, this is Tsuka, and this is Bouyan. You can see why I nicknamed him that,” Mia interrupted. “Do you know what caused the fire?”


Fire and Ice Combo

"Nice to meet you Mia" Crystal responded with joy, "I don't know how the fire was started but I was glad that I was able to stop it before it spread" She walked up the the bat hybrid and pet him on the head and then went to the ditto and did the same thing. "Your pokemon are so cute" she began drifting off topic of the fire.

<I remember something that happen before the fire... um there... was...um... a sound> that was all that Halyn could get out..., <By the way hi um..... I don't remember your name... how has it been going?> she asked her old acquittance eagerly waiting for an answer.


Help me find myself

Crystal walked over towards Tsuka and Bouyan patting them both sweetly on the head. Bouyan didn't seem to notice but Tsuka narrowed his eyes and drew away.

"Your pokemon are so cute," Crystal informed Mia, dawdleing off into a different subject.

<I remember something that happen before the fire... um there... was...um... a sound> Z47825 confusedly explained, somewhat, <By the way hi um..... I don't remember your name... how has it been going?> Z47825 waited expectingly and eagerly for an answer.

<Do you really not remember my name?> Bouyan questioned, <Oh well, names aren't important, I like nicknames better. My nickname is Bouyan although I think I could come up with something better. Your name's Z47825 right? Do you have a nickname? Or do you not? If you do, can->

"-May," Mia cut off.

<-May> Bouyan continued, <I know you're nickname if you have one? I mean nicknames are so useful and I'd hate to be called T17964 all my life. That's not a name, that's a jumble of letters and numbers, well actually just one letter and a->

<-Err, yes? No- I mean, it is... or is it?.. What was the first question again> Z47825 confusedly asked.

<Don't bother asking, he'll just go off into a chitter chatter of jambled words> Tsuka replied to Z47825. <By the way, what's your nickname?>

<Halyn> Halyn confirmed to them.

<Oh! How could we have forgotten you? What's your nickname?> Bouyan looked inquiringly towards Lucied, hoping for an answer and wanting to continue conversing.


OOC: Yay! This is not dead! I'm so glad. *Does her insane dance of happiness* Um, sorry for not posting in a long time...

By the way, Knightblazer, you never told me was it okay for SugarPaw (The Meowth) Rose (The Dragonair) and Vortex (The Golduck) to speak human. If not, well then... Er, I'll Edit?

Anyway, Pokémon talk with < > and talk that human can understand in " "


Meowth opened its eyes slowly, but instantly shut them again as the bright sun scorched them. He turned to his side, curling up in a ball, wanting to sleep a bit more. Just then, he heard speaking from a bit further away. That was enought to get him get up. Within a second, the cat was up on its two legs, looking around its surroundings.

The route seemed familiar. After all, he had ran there for the last few hours, trying his best to get away from the Manectric wanting to roast him alive. That thought brought him to look down and see the Manectric there, laying o the ground. It seemed that she too, had been knocked out by something, but in time, the condition of faint had turned into a normal sleep.

SugarPaw, forgetting about the humans, Pokémon and hybrids nearby, walked closer to the sleeping hound and grinned. He coughed few times to clear his throat, before getting down on Shock's level on the grass, takinga deep breath and shouting; "FIRE!" from the top of his small lungs.

That word caused the poor Shock to jump in the air in a shock, fear and half of the negative feelings this world holds, before smashing painfully on the ground, only to get up and start running in a circle, howling out of fear.

"Haahhaa! I can't believe you fell for that again! Thaaahaaahaha", Sugarpaw shouted to Shock and kept on laughing, holding his stomach. Shock, in the other hand, didn't seem to be enjoying the situation at all; she was still running, but slowly, the realization hit her mind, and she furiously turned to the Meowth.

< YOU! > she screamed in the Pokémon language, not caring that the three humans, a Ditto, Pichu, and few hybrids had all began to stare at the two. < I will kill you!>

"Hah, just like you did last time? Haahaa, it seems that I'm still here. Why, I don't know, but I bet you saw match and fainted! Thaahaahaa! And guess what? You'd better stay away from me. You see, I'm hot! Haaahaahaa!" the Meowth answered, bursting to laughter every now and then. He didn't notice that at the every word he said, the Manectric turned more redder.

< I'll tear you to pieces! > Shock growled and leaped towards the cat, who was too busy laughing to notice. And so, he was soon attacked by a Rabid-Looking Manectric.

"Stop! Stop that at once!" came a voice from the road behind them, that lead to the city (Shouldn't it be town?) of Cherrygrove. And soon, in their sight came a blue, duck like creature. Its skin's color was deeper blue than usual Golduck's. It's face, though he shouting, beared the expression of everlasting calmness. It was Vortex.

Shock lifted her head from biting the Meowth's neck, but still kept the cat down with her paws. < Stay out of this, Vortex! I'm in the middle of a revenge here! > Shock shouted, but her voice trembled a little. She did have a slight respect towards the old duck and his powers.

The old duck didn't seem to be willing to leave it at that, and soon, his eyes got a weird, purple glow. Second after, Shock's body got surrounded by a matching colored glow, and she was lift in the air, only to be put down fet feet away from SugarPaw, who instantly got up and backed away a bit, walking closer to Vortex in the hopes of protection. Still, his arrogant face had a weird, sly grin, indicating that Mewoth cnsidered himself as the winner.

"You should be ashamed. Both of you. Our goal is to reach the Town of New Bark, and yet, you two fight all the time. We are here to help Ember, not kill each other. Bear that in mind, both of you", Vortex spoke, and just then, he realized that there were people watching. A small drop of sweat rose to the back of his head. "Erm, excuse me. I apoligize on behalf of these two. I believe they have been troubling you", he gave aglare to both of them before walking closer to the humans, their Pokémon and the hybrids.

Just then, a blue dragon-like creature came into view. It was moving quite fast, considering the heat and the fact that it had no feet. It's face had a exited expression. It was Rose, doing her best to reach the sea near New Bark. Soon after her came a boy, with a white creature with blades as its tail and ear walking behind him, showing no signs of exchaustion or ay other feelings at the moment. The boy, however, looked extremely exchausted as he tried his best to talk to Rose.

"W-wait up! I... I can't run that fast and... its... too... Oh", he stopped his sentence as he saw the other humans. He instantly straightened his walking position as he saw that they were all still looking towards the route he had came from. "Uh, Hi. What are you looking a-" his sentence was once again cut off, as he saw Sugarpaw and Shock, bombing each others with death glares.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry if they have caused trouble or something to you. Which I believe they have"

"Nope, I caused no trouble. That mut in the other hand-" SugarPaw was cut off as Terry lifted him up. Terry looked nervous, but then, he noticed the unusal Pokémon with the humans.

"Hybrids? Finally! Ember, Ember, come take a look at your friends", Terry cheered. Soon, the bag on his back opened, and out jumped an orange creature with a burning tail tip, geggo-like head with a fin, and a really timid expression. "What's the matter? Go say hi to them", Ray adviced, nodding towards the others, but Ember just hid behind Terry's leg.


Help me find myself
OoC: Not to be annoying, but could someone post (particularly Innerflame or Knightblazer)? I know that I might sound impatient but I really want to continue but I just posted two posts ago and only one person has posted in between, so I would feel out of sort like posting two times in a row.


Fire and Ice Combo
OOC: Sorry about that I just thinking about want I should post. Um... here's my post now.



"Hello there, I'm Crystal" she greeted waving to him, "Is that your Hybrid? Its adorable! And your other pokemon are cool as well." Crystal become increasingly excited when a new arrival appeared. She would have when over to pet the guy's pokemon but she saw how frighten the little hybrid was so she stay where she was. Halyn on the other hand when up to greet her old comrade.

<Hello um... Femper is what he called you? It me B56832 I think that is what I was called... Are these your new friends? I got new friends and a new name it Halyn> the Zigzagoon hybrid struggle to start a conversion with the orange hybrid who continue to hide behind the person it chose.

"Zap your awake" Crystal noticed that the little yellow mouse had come too, "Look we found some of Halyn hybrid pals isn't that great?" She cheerfully spoke to the Pichu. Zap examine the area spotting all the new people and pokemon in the area and was even more interested in all the hybrid that were now here.

<Great... now we have a freak convention> the Pichu mumbled under her breath and shook her head in dislike.

"Don't worry I'm sure that you make some new friend too" she responded to the Pichu rubbing it on the head. "Maybe I'll make some new friend too." Crystal widely smile feeling really peachy about being around new people and pokemon.


Help me find myself
Yays! *wishes she owned a cookie to give to you*
Edit: I know I sound really annoying, but I get impatient and I was wondering if someone would post? Really sorry.

Now with a company of four hybrids, a few pokemon were feeling, well, rather nervous, or maybe it was jealous, yes, they felt jealous. It wasn't excitement for sure. Zap would have growled at Halyn a long time ago if it weren't for the other three of his kind. But this has nothing to do with Mia and Tsuka and Bouyan. They had met all but Terry and her pokemon, and they were getting comfortable. They were all confused about this, though, especially Mia.

"But, I thought that that was the meeting place. Wasn't it, Bouyan?" Mia frowned, looking at a map of around New Bark Town, "Why is this the meeting place? Although it was approximate, I was off!" Whe continued fussing about her mistake until Bouyan finally bothered to inform her that it was that he had smelt two other hybrids and that was why they were here, not there.

<Actually, I smelt my friends! They had to be through that bush, but I think you were right about the meeting place. I mean there was the smell of something else> Bouyan paused sniffing the air <But there was also the smell of my friend, who seems to now be Lucied. Although he didn't tell us, him> pointing to Lucifer <just called to him and I heard Lucied.>

<Lucied? Sounds a lot like Lucifer...> Tsuka commented. Bouyan did not care about this and walked off to talk to Ember, hoping to converse about what had happened, a few other things, and nickanems.
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