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The Student Lounge Thread.

Do you need to vent about a bad day in school. Need to tell about a good day? Well step right up, and hang out here on SPPF with your friends and here about school all over the world.


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My second day of school was decent tomorrow I have my first full day so we'll see how that turns out... the only problem is I have a really cute girl in my English class I hope I don't get distracted.


Prince of Darkness
Just wait until you get to college. I am overwhelmed with HW right now. Plus work, and my children.


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As I've said in that back to school thread, I recently moved to America from New Zealand and sarted school two days ago. Found out today that I won't have to come in at 7:30 in the morning tomorrow, due to me have a "free" period in my schedule on Thursdays, so quarter to 9 instead. Was pretty stoked about this until I was informed that at 8:00 I have a doctors appointment to get all the vacanations schools in Connecticut require you to have, so no sleep in tomorrow :(


Spring is Coming!
I just got home from class, it wasn't bad. But in my Health class, oh dear God ... someone had the worst BO in the world, and it filled up the entire classroom. Not fun when college courses are a minimum of an hour and a half.

I was literally gagging. It was the type of BO that burns your nostrils and throat and you can't even try breathing through your shirt because the smell goes through. Ugh.


take a byte
Seventh Grade is okay, I guess, but 5th and 6th were way better xD.

My English teacher BORES ME TO DEATH. half his class is sleeping the whole time, and he doesn't notice. I never listen, anyway. That's when I play around with my iPad

My Science teacher freaks me out. The rest of my class is scared of her, too. Don't make me tell you guise how >.<


Mes amis
An iPad!? How did he not notice haha? Wait till you get to 8th grade, it's the bomb. College was decent today I guess, it's been 2 weeks already.


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I started High School I think this is the 3rd week. I'm failing only one class and thats Health. I have 33% lol! But thats because everyrthings online and idk how to show him [the teacher] my homework lol


take a byte
An iPad!? How did he not notice haha? Wait till you get to 8th grade, it's the bomb. College was decent today I guess, it's been 2 weeks already.

it's amazing how much tech you can hide in a binder

Mr. Garrison never notices anything. I could start singing 'Like a G6' out loud and he wouldn't notice -.-


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I'm in my last year of Uni and still taking a biology 101 course since I transferred in and we're required to take 2 sciences and a lab. Needless to say my class is mostly made up of freshman and sophomores. I also have the pleasure of having the same bio period as a few bible-huggers who feel the need to argue against evolution not even 2 full weeks into the course. Too bad our teacher is really friendly so I don't get the pleasure of hearing him laying the smack down.


peepee ding dong
Third day of 10th today. Looks pretty laid-back to me. AP classes are nice, you don't have to do all those stupid projects and work with cardboard paper and glue. I have band 1st hour and we have to march for half an hour in the cold. Only thing I can complain about is that I have 4th hour lunch (which is freshman lunch) because my schedule is full. Since I'm in 10th, I can walk home or whatever for lunch, which is awesome since I live fairly close.


i can show you how
5th day back, alright, French was a piss about.

"wheres your book?"
"I forgot it Miss"
"I forgot it"
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTT?!!!!!!!!!!" Lolz.


Elite Beat Agent
I'm going to post what I posted in the "Are you ready to go back to school" thread.

Day 1:
Just got back from school. It was the most boring day ever, what with all of this orientation crap. Twice as many rules then before too. And at the end of the day I already have homework. Sigh.
Day 2:
Came home from day 2, better than yesterday, at least. But now I have 3 homework assignments total, two from today and one from yesterday. Time to do my work. :(

I'll probably post what goes on tomorrow too.


take a byte
5th day back, alright, French was a piss about.

"wheres your book?"
"I forgot it Miss"
"I forgot it"
"WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTT?!!!!!!!!!!" Lolz.

I do that at least once a week.
the teachers get all pissed at you xD

Tomorrow's gonna suck for me. I have Music class. the teacher makes us take a ton of notes and learn about old compiosers like Hildegard von Bingen or whatever. it's as boring as English -.-


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So far i'm in my 3rd week of my Junior year. IB Euro puts me to sleep while in U.S. history, I watched a movie, ate pizza, and found $20 inside a desk. Best. Day. Ever.


not actually psychic
My year is meh so far.

My classes are insanely boring, but I don't get homework. I guess I just have to pull through the day then do whatever I want when I get home. It's probably better that way.

PKMN Trainer Rex

~'3'~ Swalot face
My year is ok, so far. I'm retaking some courses to get better grade for the RN program. I have friends from previous semesters in them. The only thing bad is that I can man up and ask this cute girl I sit next to in speech for her number.