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The Student Lounge Thread.


Self explanatory.
It never snows enough in MA to have a snowday, which is a shame because the extra time would be nice for research in science.
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The Queen
I have nothing to say about snow (it's been a warm winter here on LI, NY) but I could say something about my favorite class this semester, Marine Apex Predators.

This past Monday we had a speaker come in tell us of his shark attack experience and the work he's done speaking up for shark conservation. The awesome part about it? Discovery Channel came in and filmed it, so I might be on TV later in the year during Shark Week. ;D Best class ever, and it's only been 2 weeks. XD


Combat Specialist
I only been in college for 2 weeks now, and it has been 4-5 years since I last went to school. Which was high school.

I spent 1 years being lazy. Another year going to work. 4 months out of state dealing with something I cannot stand. 2 years oversea regretting of what I have done. 1 year back in state happy as a clam. Now I'm spending my time in school with all new sorts of thing.


El Psy Congroo
Well, we didn't have a snow day but we got to go home about ten minutes early so we didn't clash with snow plows. Now, off to do some maths homework!

General Nonsense

Star Glider
I have so much homework to do this week it isn't even funny. I've got something rather big due almost every day this week plus a test. Why am I even online when I have so much homework to do?


Sic Transit Gloria
Just got done with a big government test. It was piss easy, but my hand hurts like a ***** after answering 8 essay questions.

Squirel Princess

Goldenrod City
i got a c on a history test. stupid teacher.
i have my much needed break from homework!!!! no homework! now im bored... :p good bored but still bored


aka Lamia
Got a new assignment to start! I'm actually in the working mood so I'll hopefully get most of it done by tomorrow, and then finish it the day after. Needs to be handed in by the end of the month I think.


Mes amis
These OChem pre-labs are impossible to complete without one-on-one guidance from a TA, so to hell with this, I'll do it tomorrow :/ I've got other work to do anyway.


Sic Transit Gloria
I'm going to shoot myself tomorrow night, so on Wednesday I don't have to suffer the horror that will by my Statistics test. Whoever created this particular subject should have been killed before he could torment future generations with this garbage.


No longer posting
Helped out at a Belt Promotion testing this weekend. Got kicked in the hand five times, ouch!
Urgh, I freaking hate, and I do mean hate, my Mother Tongue teacher. She is the epiphany of being a b****! Everyday it's shouting 'shut up', pop quizes, piles of homework etc... Ask any of my classmates and they'll tell you that any teacher is better than that b****. No one can stand her, and no one dares stand up to her. Urgh, I wish we could change that freaking teacher!

Will-powered Spriter

Pokédex Complete!
Lucky! We were never allowed to have any. Our School was ridiculously strict on them rules. One snowball thrown and the whole class would be in an hours detention. We do however have snowball fights at Uni, and we're supposed to be adults here. :)
Hah, my school has long given up on that. They've attempted to enforce a rule that snowball's may only be thrown on the fields away from the main quad, but no one listens to them.